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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Dowsing and Radiesthesia Books

Radiesthesia or Dowsing, also referred to as water or mineral detection, can be used to locate water sources as well as objects or people. Furthermore, its uses extend beyond water retrieval to analysing subtle energy fields or auras of individuals.

This manual was written specifically with beginners in mind, providing methods, exercises and tips. For those already working with dowsing it can also serve as a bridge to more serious approaches to their practice.

The Science of Detection

This small book for beginners or those in need of a refresher course contains many methods, exercises and tips designed to make pendulum use simpler for any reader. Through just a few easy steps you can become proficient at using pendulum and using its data to determine what foods, drinks or objects may or may not be beneficial to oneself; additionally it describes where one can find water and minerals as well as how to identify diseases by their symptoms.

Madame Maury is an expert on radiesthesia who studied physics in Vienna. She offers insights into its workings while emphasizing its individual nature – no two dowsers possess identical abilities – by giving several examples involving water or mineral sources as well as medical diagnoses conducted using this form of energy healing.

Every matter and living body emits its own radiesthetic colour that distinguishes it, which does not always correspond with its visible hue. For instance, livers often exhibit green-tinged radiesthetic colours despite having brown skin tones. By collecting samples of objects or individuals through this means, one can gain resonance with them for purposes such as searching, diagnosing and healing etc.

To achieve successful radiesthesia treatment, it is vitally important that patients remain completely relaxed while remaining mildly curious mentally. Dowsing requires complete trust in one’s intuition and should not try to rationalise or adjust any results with external rules or techniques. Overly eager individuals, those attempting to hypnotise themselves through focused attention or by envisioning that they are conducting an experiment, tend to hinder the pendulum movements and produce inaccurate answers. Therefore, it is advisable that this book is read in an atmosphere of complete relaxation as its numerous practical experiments enable readers to comprehend the principles of radiesthesia.

The Art of Detection

Sherlock Holmes famously defined detection as the art of deciphering chaos and disordered evidence into orderly explanations, using disciplined observation, rigorous reasoning and experience as tools. This book shows you how you can do just that in forensic case studies using these practices.

The author’s unique method offers an appealing solution for dowsers looking for alternatives to mentalist or physical schools of dowsing. Utilizing pendulum as his chosen tool, he takes his student through exercises and applications with it until they feel confident about accuracy – emphasizing individuality instead of universal laws which have been put forward in the past.

Umiko Wada works at Kodaka Detective Agency in Tokyo and usually deals with office work; however, her life becomes complicated when Mrs Takenada approaches her asking about whether or not her father committed suicide during a business trip to London in 1977.

Wada must explore her past to unravel this puzzle. Doing so forces her to confront some surprising and uncomfortable truths about herself. In the end, Wada is left with an impossible choice – whether to trust herself or save someone she cares for.

John Bunker is a self-taught intuitive dowser and this manual serves as his introduction to this field of knowledge. Intended as both a guide for novice dowsers as well as those needing a refresher course, it covers basic pendulum usage as well as building intuitive abilities through practice with rods – plus examples for water, metals and body health dowsing! An important book for those wishing to use dowsing as their primary tool for better health, wealth and happiness!

The Science of Psychic Detection

Although media reports often feature psychic detectives who claim successful involvement in criminal investigations, there has been limited scientific work in this field. This lecture examines key cases of psychic assistance to police investigations from the first recorded case (Jacques Aymar solving a murder) to Dorothy Allison predicting Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt and Gerard Croiset contributing his input in homicide investigations; all the way through to Uri Geller contributing missing person cases. Unlike traditional dowsing and radiesthesia books which emphasize post-hoc analysis for making cases successful while others fail.

Original publication date 1949. Pages 194. 8vo. Wraps have browning with wrinkled and worn edges and an old bookseller’s inventory number written in red ink on first free endpaper; inside, pages remain mostly clean but darkened at edges.

An accessible introduction to radiesthetist work which ensures maximum reliability for maximum reader efficiency. This book bridges traditional dowsing and radiesthesia techniques, making learning quickly through pendulum use while developing intuition.

This book presents an innovative solution to geopathic stress: what the author refers to as a “sober reaction zone”. Dowsing with radiesthesia makes the result quasi-coloured and easier to identify; an aesthetic structure of 21 spectroids from which their complexity and systematics can be understood with clarity allows unambiguous naming of these spaces.

This first of the author’s manuals on radiesthesia based on frequency perception is an entirely unique perspective for modern dowsers. Blending together intellectual capacity (essential for formulating questions and defining dimensions) with intuitive heart (the seat of thinking in Chinese medicine), this work represents a radical departure from mentalist or physical schools of radiesthesia commonly practiced today. Specifically, this work guides its reader in learning to read energy at various locations by monitoring pendulum responses; additionally it instructs how best to apply this knowledge towards improving human health, happiness, and overall well-being.

The Science of Mental Detection

Humans possess five senses: eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. However, in addition to this physical perception, our minds also can detect electromagnetic vibrational energy fields that surround physical matter – known as radiesthesia. People may use this ability to detect hidden objects or locate someone at a distance using mental techniques; its science provides the basis of activities like water finding, map making, astronomical dowsing divination as well as geobiological counseling as well as healing practices.

Abbe Mermet has written one of the classic works on radiesthesia, packed with experimental data about dowsing methods and characteristics. He provides readers with fascinating examples that teach them how to dowse with pendulums; furthermore he describes in great detail how radiations emanating from metals, plants, and animals can be detected and classified.

Mermet also introduces mental radiesthesia, which is equally as powerful. He demonstrates how this method can detect subtle energies of any body – including people’s aura – while simultaneously building “mental samples” of objects for use in assessing their underlying energy status. Unlike an orthodox laboratory sample which only reflects conditions at the moment it was collected, mental samples continue to reflect energy over time and regardless of distance from where specimens may have been taken from.

Mental Radiesthesia allows one to detect vibrations of any text or music, identify disease causes that remain hidden from medical diagnostic tools, and find its corresponding remedy. This book leads its reader step by step through all required stages and states of mind with firm guidance – an invaluable aid for mastering the art of Dowsing!