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Quantum Bioresonance Analyzer

Quantum bioresonance analyzer is an innovative medical technology designed to detect sources of dysfunction on physical, biochemical and psycho-emotional levels. Furthermore, this tool can predict potential precursors of disease as well as help protect against chronic illnesses.

Sensors collect the weak magnetic frequency and energy of a body’s weak magnetic fields and compare this information with standard quantum resonance spectra of diseases, health indicators, nutrition or toxic indicators stored in our database.

Detection of pathogens

Pathogen detection is one of the key aspects of maintaining human health. Viral and bacterial infections can be deadly to our bodies, posing serious threats. Being able to quickly identify and isolate pathogens can prevent large outbreaks that have an enormous negative impact on healthcare systems – not to mention lives saved while minimising economic losses caused by such outbreaks.

Scientists have recently made an astounding discovery: electromagnetic waves produced by healthy cells differ significantly from those emitted by diseased ones. Armed with this knowledge, scientists developed bioresonance scanning as an evaluation technique of cell function in the body; unlike blood work it can detect abnormalities before they become visible to the naked eye.

With advancements in nanotechnology and bio- and electrochemical engineering, devices have become more sensitive than ever. New devices are capable of sensing weak magnetic fields from samples, measuring changes to electromagnetic properties and even measuring chemical compounds present within samples for molecular composition analysis compared against reference values – all within minutes! It makes these methods of analysis fast, simple and noninvasive.

Quantum bioresonance analyzers offer another distinct advantage – their ability to accurately and quickly detect various diseases and conditions. The system can detect viruses, bacteria, parasites and other contaminants present in a patient’s body and allows practitioners to create personalized treatment programs based on its results – quickly and without side effects!

Bioresonance analyzers utilize special detectors to scan for vibrations within the body. Once collected, these results are analyzed and displayed on a computer screen; analysis software then offers a clear and comprehensive report about patient’s condition that can also be printed for future review. Furthermore, this process does not involve invasive procedures; rather it can be completed right in their home environment.

Detection of toxins

As our lives become more hectic, we become exposed to numerous sources that can disturb the body’s natural equilibrium and hinder its ability to self-heal. These stressors include smartphones, Wi-Fi, electricity radiation and chemicals found in food detergents and medicines – not forgetting lack of sleep, poor diet and environmental pollution! Luckily, bio resonance can identify and treat such overloads; helping restore our electromagnetic and energetic balance as well as increasing regeneration abilities in our bodies.

Based on quantum physics, everything emits electromagnetic waves which can be detected, amplified and graphed. A bioresonance analyzer reads these frequencies to compare with standard health, disease and nutrition indicators as well as producing counter frequencies to compensate for body’s weak magnetic fields.

Bioresonance Analysis of Health provides doctors with a tool to quickly and accurately pinpoint hidden factors responsible for disease and dysfunction on all levels – physical, biochemical, psycho-emotional, spiritual. NYCIM uses it as one of several evaluation systems to assess patient health status and establish the most beneficial treatment program.

BICOM-Optima magnetic bioresonance analyzer works on the principle that all particles of matter emit electromagnetic energy that resonates between their respective particles. To measure frequency of vibrations emitted by organs or substances being tested and compare it with electromagnetic energy levels generated from their testing process; adjust frequency as necessary until frequency levels become more naturalized.

This device can detect various substances, including foods, vitamins, drugs and pesticides; heavy metals; toxins; parasites in the body as well as radiation such as gamma rays and x-rays.

The QXCI is a new, cutting-edge bioresonance device. With just minutes, this bioresonance scanner can cover your entire system and deliver valuable diagnostic results. Unlike point and probe devices like Voll Meters or Vega, which only measure single parameters like impedance voltage capacitance inductance frequency measurements; QXCI measures all 16 parameters simultaneously making it much more precise and accurate than similar systems.

Detection of radiation

Quantum bioresonance analyzers are high-tech innovations that combine medicine, bio-informatics and electrical engineering in an innovative fashion. Utilizing cutting-edge electronic equipment, these analyzers use magnetism to collect weak magnetic fields from human bodies for analysis – this allows physicians to assess health, identify key problems in life as well as offer standard prevention recommendations – all within minutes! Painlessly noninvasive yet extremely accurate; performing one is simple!

Bioresonance scanning is a holistic wellness scan and stands apart from other diagnostic systems by offering a holistic assessment of body, brain and energy levels. This allows us to discover disease’s root causes while strengthening natural healing mechanisms of the body. Furthermore, it can pinpoint sources of disfunction within an individual’s system such as stress or nutritional deficiency that require attention.

Eductor system (an advanced version of SCIO) differs from traditional bioresonance scanners in that it can detect radiation coming from various environmental sources, including x-rays and nuclear weapons, as well as whether a person may be exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) at home or work which could be contributing to illness and creating a comprehensive plan of treatment for them. This data then allows doctors to create personalized treatment programs.

The Eductor system is an effective means of detoxification, capable of eliminating toxins from the body through electroporation and detecting heavy metals, parasites and microorganisms that do not typically exist in human bodies as well as any harmful airborne pollutants like volatile organic compounds and chemical pollutants.

Bioresonance Analysis of Health is just one of the evaluation systems utilized at NYCIM. By pinpointing the root causes of an individual’s illness, we can create an effective therapy plan designed to restore their health and well-being using state-of-the-art technology. Make an appointment now with one of our physician experts; we look forward to helping you recover!

Detection of food

Each cell in our bodies emits electromagnetic waves at its own unique frequency and energy level, constantly shifting and emitting electromagnetic signals that the QXCI bio-resonance analyzer detects to identify imbalances in the body as well as food sensitivities or detect parasites and viruses in our environment. Food sensitivities can be identified using either an in-body scan or by connecting the QXCI directly to a computer for remote analysis.

Today’s world of electronics and electricity can create electromagnetic interference within our bodies, leading to electromagnetic disturbance. To combat these disturbances and restore balance to one’s electromagnetic field, the QXCI was designed. Furthermore, this device can detect radiation levels as well as levels of pollution such as smog in its environment.

High-tech innovation project that brings the best elements from medicine, bio-informatics and electrical engineering together in one device that quickly scans human bodies’ cellular resonance within one minute, providing accurate reports to help prevent diseases before they appear.

This system measures sixteen standard electrical parameters, such as impedance, current, voltage, capacitance and inductance – significantly more than what point and probe devices like Voll Meters, Vega or Mora measure. These measurements are then compared with trivector resonant frequencies of items in its database to give an indication of one’s energetic and nutritional status.

Quantum analysis can detect many things that can impact your health, such as vitamin levels, amino acids, fungi and bacteria levels, hormone levels, muscle tone and EMF sensitivity – all which could impact chronic disease development as well as uncover hidden issues such as food allergies.

The QXCI is an impressive piece of technology that can detect illnesses before they manifest, giving you time and money savings by taking preventative steps early. Furthermore, this tool can diagnose the root cause of your illness as well as provide personalized plans for its treatment – eliminating costly tests or visits to doctors altogether!