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Spooky2 Scalar Videos

Scalar waves are highly effective and draw energy directly from the atmosphere, without losing power over distance like electromagnetic waves do. Spooky2 offers three scalar healing modes; pure, molecular and Rife.

Simply tune Spooky2 and sit or lie between its transmitter and receiver; alternatively you can place an item onto its input coil.

Pure Scalar

Pure scalar energy can be used as an effective healing modality, helping restore intercellular signal transmission and chemical exchange pathways in your body for energy replenishment and improved health. Furthermore, pure scalar may assist in healing from illness as well as helping prevent new ones. Energy from pure scalar fields is an easy and effective way to achieve a more positive mental state and expand spiritual awareness. Simply tune Spooky2 Scalar before lying between its transmitter and receiver for maximum effect. Place substances on an input coil to imprint them with information. For instance, water or vitamins could be placed there to imbue them with healing frequencies; while crystals or other objects could also be placed to activate their energies.

Scalar waves differ from electromagnetic waves in that they do not travel in any particular direction and can be carried for long distances without losing energy. Furthermore, these scalar waves can also be used to transfer information using quantum entanglement properties within your DNA sample to send this message throughout your body.

Spooky2 Scalar transmitter creates a scalar field between itself and the receiver that does not fade over time, unlike electromagnetic fields which have limited lifespan and can be interrupted by electrical devices. This is because scalar fields result from our universe’s aether medium.

Spooky2 Scalar utilizes three unique ways of transmitting healing scalar waves: Rife modulation combines Royal Rife’s discoveries with Nikola Tesla to allow its generator to accept any frequency and transmit it as healing scalar waves; another method is pure scalar which sends healing scalar that can treat diseases and enhance overall health;

Scalar harmonic therapy offers another form of help by transmitting healing scalars that create an electromagnetic field to relieve illness and promote healing. It’s effective against stress, inflammation, pain, as well as improving immunity and speeding the healing process.

Molecular Scalar

Scalar waves are an energy source found throughout space. Though their frequency or direction of propagation are invariant, they still interact with matter – also known as zero-point energy or vacuum energy, and forming part of the fabric of our universe. While invisible to human sight, spectrograph instruments can detect these waves which provide information about atoms and molecules’ structures.

Spooky2 Scalar device was created to transmit healing scalar waves in three distinct modes, pure, molecular, and Rife scalar waves. Each mode offers its own advantages; and each can be used for various purposes. Pure scalar can help restore intercellular communication networks as well as increase metabolism and circulation while molecular can imprint frequencies into drinking water while Rife can kill viruses, bacteria and parasites.

To use pure scalar therapy, simply tune your device and sit or lie between transmitter and receiver coils. The scalar field will quickly restore intercellular signal transmission pathways as well as chemical exchange pathways within your body – helping recharge its energy stores and heal itself. Input coils also allow drugs, crystals, essential oils or any substances you wish to send a message through while sending information through DNA data transmission via etheric pathways.

Another unique characteristic of the Spooky2 Scalar device is that it can be combined with other devices, including Rife machines and generators X. A remote emits waves which energize both coils of the device; two opposing waves meet and cancel out, creating a scalar field which DNA samples can pick up on due to quantum entanglement properties, sharing its information throughout your body.

Rife Scalar

Spooky2 Scalar comes equipped with three healing modes – pure, molecular and Rife scalar frequencies can improve intercellular signal transmission and chemical exchange pathways to assist your body’s ability to recharge energy faster and heal more rapidly. Scalar fields also transmit information; simply place medications, crystals or essential oils onto its input coil post tuning and Spooky2 will transfer their properties onto your body through its output coil.

Rife’s scalar mode works similarly to its counterparts: once activated by using frequency, transmitter and receiver connect with each other via radio waves sent out from transmitter; these waves then resonate with receiving unit, prompting it to emit reflecting frequency waves of its own that ultimately create a scalar field.

Scalar fields can penetrate the body and heal it from within, as well as scanning for pathogens and identifying frequencies that will destroy them.

Rife scalars offer another great feature in that they apply frequency without needing amplifiers – this makes them much more portable and effective treatment devices, perfect for treating cancer and chronic diseases, parasites, bacteria and viruses as well as improving immunity and balancing hormones.

Scalar Harmony

Spooky2 Scalar Harmony is an innovative new accessory that provides an innovative new way of receiving healing audio frequencies. Combining the benefits of scalar energy with soothing musical tones and meditative beats, Rife treatment frequencies may stimulate cells for improved health and stimulate other forms of media playback; additionally it’s compatible with most types of audio formats – you can purchase this accessory on Frequency Heals website.

This accessory is simple to use and compatible with multiple media formats. It seamlessly fits into the Spooky2 scalar system for an extraordinary healing experience, providing multiple audio frequencies blending together harmoniously within its field. Furthermore, silent audio broadcast can boost energy in every cell in your body.

Scalar Harmony works by creating an energy field full of pure scalar energy and channeling it directly into your body, improving both moods and health. It is particularly useful in aiding better sleep, regulating fluids circulation within the body and amplifying essential oil effects. To use it effectively, tune Spooky2 with Spoar energy between transmitter and receiver and sit or lie between them to restore intercellular signal transmission pathways and chemical exchange routes to help you recharge energy stores faster while healing faster.

Enhance the scalar signal further by placing a substance on its input coil. Medications, crystals or essential oils with healing properties can all be put in the input coil so they can transmit their healing information directly into your cells for healing and regeneration.

If this is your first time using a Spooky2 device, it is recommended that a training course be attended prior to applying scalar frequency. These courses have been specifically created for new customers of Spooky2, helping them understand how the device operates while teaching how to perform a Spooky2 Scalar biofeedback scan.