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Biohacking – Will Biohacking Turn You Into a Superhuman?

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Serge Faguet believes implants, injections and pills will transform him into a superhuman. He spent $200,000 biohacking to become calmer, kinder, more outgoing and healthier.

But his claims regarding nutrition, exercise and sleep hygiene may be deceptive or even hazardous, while his comparison of sugar to poison has serious ramifications.

1. Optimized Sleep

Biohacking has quickly gained prominence among Silicon Valley tech bros who utilize fasting, extreme meditation and the fat-centric keto diet to increase mental and physical performance. But what exactly is biohacking, and are there any real world advantages to be gained by practicing it?

Serge Faguet is a serial entrepreneur and avid biohacker aiming to maximize energy, mood, focus, happiness, confidence, willpower and intelligence through science. To achieve his goal he optimizes sleep, nutrition and exercise; takes thousands of lab tests; meditates over 1000 times annually and has an entire medical team dedicated to supporting him on his quest.

He has founded businesses with more than US$1B in gross merchandise value (GMV) and raised over US$100M in capital, such as Ostrovok (Russia’s leading online travel agent), Mirror AI and TokBox (leading video chat PaaS co-funded by SoftBank and Sequoia). He studied at Cornell and Stanford GSB before dedicating himself to radical life extension through biomedical data monetization and new therapeutics.

2. Optimized Nutrition

Imagine taking a pill to enhance your mood, sipping butter-laced coffee for energy or having an implant injected to increase muscle mass – these are among the promises made by biohacking, an umbrella term which encompasses various practices used in improving ones life through technology and science.

Serge Faguet, CEO of Tech CEO Serge Faguet is an advocate of biohacking and spends four to five hours every day refining his body for greater health, energy, focus, confidence and willpower. To this end, he limits himself to certain foods, practices intermittent fasting and takes nootropics and supplements among other measures.

He also takes kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia used by manual laborers for centuries to increase concentration and endurance. Some consider kratom an herbal doping technique; critics argue it amounts to doping as it remains experimental, unproven, and frowned upon by medical experts; in some instances even potentially hazardous.

3. Optimized Exercise

Some biohackers take things too far and engage in dangerous practices such as gene editing or hormone injections without medical supervision, while others, like Dave Asprey (creator of Bulletproof coffee) and fecal matter transplants, focus on optimizing body processes at the molecular level to boost energy levels, build muscle mass or enhance mental clarity.

Biohacker Serge Faguet believes his pursuit of longevity using supplements, tests and prescriptions will allow him to live forever. His lifestyle and routines have made him calmer, thinner and more extroverted.

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4. Optimized Meditation

Faguet incorporates meditation as part of his biohacking regimen to strengthen stress resilience, alleviate anxiety and depression, improve sleep habits, increase productivity, create a sense of purpose and foster long-term longevity by maintaining his telomeres.

High-intensity interval training, which he believes maximizes performance, forms another part of his daily regimen. He alternates short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity activity to optimize results.

Faguet’s methods have come under scrutiny from many within the health community, particularly those concerned about his lack of scientific evidence to back some of his techniques. Particularly notable were criticisms directed towards him for consuming Bulletproof Coffee and having FMT, both practices which have yet to be proven and are generally disapproved of by medical professionals. He has also attempted cryotherapy – an increasingly popular body modification treatment method.

5. Optimized Drugs

Serge Faguet is an extreme biohacker and serial entrepreneur specializing in optimizing his body and mind for peak performance. He founded multiple businesses with >$1B GMV such as ETG (Russia’s largest B2B travel ecommerce company), Mirror AI and TokBox; these platforms were all co-funded by SoftBank and Sequoia Capital respectively. He studied at Cornell and Stanford GSB while also working at Google; additionally he holds strong beliefs in transhumanism as he believes human enhancement will lead to technological singularity.

He consumes up to 60 pills each day, some of which are used to treat illnesses he does not possess directly – such as antidepressants for mental clarity, estrogen blockers to increase testosterone and statins to protect his heart against heart disease. While his methods are sometimes frowned upon by medical regulators and some biohackers have faced legal consequences as a result of experiments involving fecal matter transplantation experiments.

6. Optimized Fitness

Home fitness equipment that allows users to track their workouts and receive tailored recommendations based on individual fitness levels is now a growing trend. These systems can monitor workouts while offering custom recommendations tailored directly for you.

Biohacking is the practice of using science and technology to enhance health and performance. The goal is to take control of your body and optimize it for peak performance. Biohackers see themselves as optimizers who view the human body as an intricate machine with potential improvements available through strategic intervention.

Serge Faguet is an extreme biohacker and self-improvement enthusiast. He currently serves as CEO of Mirror AI and previously founded Ostrovok (Russia’s largest B2B travel ecommerce platform), ETG (>US$1B GMV) and TokBox, a videochat PaaS co-funded by Sequoia and SoftBank. A graduate of Cornell, Serge also worked at Google before believing optimizing both brain and body may be essential in order to surviving technological singularity.

7. Optimized Sleep Habits

Serge is a pioneering biohacker and entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for ways to increase his energy, mood, focus, confidence, willpower, health and intelligence. Over the course of many tests taken over years of optimized diet, exercise, sleep, drugs and meditation he has successfully found solutions that have changed his energy, mood, focus, confidence willpower health intelligence – which have all improved.

He takes more than 60 supplements daily, such as estrogen blockers, growth hormones and phenibut, which helps him sleep more soundly. Additionally, he opts for grass-fed beef rather than processed or salted varieties and avoids salt and alcohol which could trigger inflammation in his body.

He has made appearances on Joe Rogan Experience podcast and two articles by The Guardian. In his most recent book – entitled “The Singularity Is Near” – he describes how technology will enable us to upgrade ourselves beyond biological limitations and achieve long life, happiness and success – he even established a foundation to enable this.

8. Optimized Exercise Habits

Biohacking, or “tweaking and optimizing” of human bodies for improved health and performance, has become an emerging trend. But what risks may come with playing around with your own chemistry?

Serge Faguet of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Serge Faguet is one of the foremost biohackers. He believes his pursuit of physiological perfection will usher in technological singularity, spending over $250,000 trying to improve his body. Taking 60 pills each day including antidepressants (SSRIs) for mood enhancement and estrogen blockers to increase testosterone, Serge’s pursuit is unwavering in pursuit of physiological perfection and the advent of technological singularity.

He engages in vigorous exercises and uses a standing desk at work to reduce long periods of sedentary activity. Furthermore, he makes an effort to consume only high-quality diet items without processed ingredients; additionally he attempts to limit protein consumption as excessive protein may increase his cholesterol levels.

9. Optimized Nutrition Habits

Serge Faguet believes biohacking to be the key to prolonging his life and improving health, according to The Guardian’s fascinating article about his “system,” which involves up to 60 pills daily; some treat diseases and conditions he doesn’t even have while others (life extension mix capsules – basically an expensive bundle of vitamins) don’t actually improve heart-health.

Biohacking involves altering diet to increase energy and performance, such as following the Keto diet or supplementing with vitamins. Other people take it further by altering body chemistry beyond human limits with an aim of living forever – Serge Faguet is one such extreme biohacker and serial entrepreneur who has created several companies worth >US$1B GMV including ETG (Russia’s leading B2B travel ecommerce site), Mirror AI and TokBox (co-funded by SoftBank and Sequoia). He studied at Cornell and worked at Google among other roles.

10. Optimized Sleep Habits

Serge Faguet, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has spent $250,000 trying to live forever through biohacking, claims his biohacking has left him calmer, thinner and more outgoing. Each day he takes multiple supplements and prescription medications as well as injections into his eye to provide night vision.

Over the past year he has read 40 books and completed 8 online courses; initiated Mirror Emoji Keyboard; raised an early-stage seed round of $2M + created a product with >$1B GMV; founded companies with over $100m in revenue; traveled the world; found amazing new sex partners; averaged 8.5 hours sleep each night while keeping his health on track by focusing on six key areas; all to achieve his ultimate goal: building the perfect human body and mind to support technological singularity.