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Frequency Therapy Devices

Frequency therapy devices utilize a mild electrical current that transmits frequencies throughout your body. These frequencies stimulate cells to heal themselves and reduce pain.

Your frequency therapy device offers numerous programs designed to ease pain, promote skin health and achieve bioenergetic balance.

What is Frequency Therapy?

Frequency therapy delivers microcurrents of very low electric current to damaged tissue, stimulating its ability to heal itself naturally. Studies have proven its efficacy against various clinical conditions including nerve and muscle pain, inflammation and scar tissue formation issues; improved circulation; and even decreased symptoms related to fibromyalgia.

FSM involves using a small device that administers low electric current, known as microcurrent, directly onto the skin. The amount is so inconsequential that clients rarely feel it; rather, it acts like an additional source of electrical current in each cell of their body itself.

Programming of frequencies into a machine and administering them at specific areas of the body helps treat various conditions and imbalances within it, with practitioners being able to deliver specific frequencies at specific times and places to restore normal vibrational levels.

Frequencies from FSM penetrate cells, stimulating their natural healing capacity while not curing specific illnesses or injuries. One mechanism behind FSM is increased energy production in cells by up to 500%; this allows more communication among them and speeds up body’s natural healing abilities.

Studies have demonstrated that certain frequencies can help reset the brain, brain stem and spinal cord to alter communication links that transmit pain signals throughout the body. This is especially effective against fibromyalgia which often follows spinal trauma and is difficult to treat effectively with painkillers alone. FSM sessions utilize frequencies designed to target root causes of the condition for greater quality of life in many patients.

FSM protocols developed for shoulder pain addressed the muscles, tendons, bursa and discs of the shoulder to improve range of motion, mobility and function for patients. A similar approach has also been used successfully with patients experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), yielding positive results that were extremely impressive.

How Does Frequency Therapy Work?

FSM treatment utilizes a microcurrent device that produces very mild electrical current (one millionth of an ampere). Once applied by a professional – usually a chiropractor – to the body, FSM becomes noninvasive and painless as electrical currents so low most clients cannot even feel them.

There are various frequencies that can be utilized to treat various systems in the body, depending on which tissue needs healing and pain relief. Sometimes a combination of frequencies are employed that is thought to address the source of any issue by balancing energy levels in that region and aiding immune response more effectively.

Frequencies work by raising the body’s vibration closer to that of its natural operating frequency; when this level is attained, more healing occurs and resistance against toxins increases significantly.

Numerous frequency combinations have proven particularly helpful for treating specific conditions. One such frequency, known as “healing frequency”, may help relieve muscle spasms, reduce neck and shoulder tension, improve concentration and enhance feelings of safety and wellbeing. Another powerful frequency, the Solfeggio frequencies (417Hz), may bring balance and harmony to sacral chakras.

Not only do frequencies address physical conditions, but there have been studies proving their efficacy against parasites and viruses – specifically helping in the fight against shingles, oral herpes and genital herpes.

FSM (frequency-specific microcurrent) therapy has been shown to significantly boost cellular energy and encourage the body’s natural healing abilities, making it a useful addition to other treatments, like acupuncture, for treating pain management or muscle-skeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Notably, FSM should not be applied on acute infections or recent injuries (within six weeks). Certain frequencies have been demonstrated to dissolve scar tissue which may exacerbate some conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Frequency Therapy?

Frequency therapy works by applying frequencies that mimic the natural electrical frequencies of healthy tissues and organs to restore balance and encourage natural healing in specific parts of your body. By applying such frequencies directly onto specific areas, frequency therapy restores cellular balance and function and encourages natural healing processes.

FSM treatments involve practitioners applying mild electrical currents directly to your body – similar to what your nerves produce and 1,000x less intense than TENS units – in order to reduce cellular electrical resistance, enhance oxygenation and repair processes, as well as decrease cell electrical resistance. This current penetrates deep into cells for maximum cell oxygenation and repair benefits.

Frequency therapy offers more than pain management; it can also aid detoxification by restoring the body’s natural frequencies and even alleviate anxiety. Certain frequencies may even help address viral and bacterial infections and alleviate anxiety symptoms.

FSM may not provide an immediate cure for injury, pain or chronic conditions, but studies have demonstrated its remarkable ability to enhance other therapies when employed alongside them. For example, studies found it particularly effective at relieving symptoms and improving outcomes when combined with acupuncture therapy.

FSM has become increasingly popular and adopted by acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners, such as chiropractors. A common application of FSM is using its 174 Hz frequency to address stress reduction, concentration enhancement and healing enhancement – hence why this frequency has come to be known as the “healing frequency.”

Frequency Synchronized Medicine (FSM) frequency 396 Hz has long been recognized for its use in treating mental and emotional distress, such as feelings of guilt, fear and grief. Furthermore, this frequency is believed to help eliminate toxins from your body as well as enhance circulation within it.

FSM frequency therapy can also be used to provide joint and muscle spasm relief and alleviate inflammation, while numerous frequencies have also been utilized in order to encourage healing and boost health – for instance the 270Hz frequency is known to stimulate tissue repair; also available is a two-hour frequency combination which may treat shingles by modulating activity in midbrain stress centers.

What Are the Side Effects of Frequency Therapy?

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSM) is an approach that uses frequencies and microcurrent to restore conditions and tissues back into energetic balance, alleviating both pain and function issues. FSM’s frequencies work to change vibrational patterns and increase ATP production – further increasing your body’s ability to heal itself.

FSM uses frequencies that correspond with the condition being treated and uses a frequency device to transmit them into tissue, in an entirely non-invasive and painless process. Current usage for FSM sessions is extremely low – around one millionth of an ampere; typically patients feel nothing during an FSM session except occasionally experiencing slight vibration sensation or sense of relaxation during sessions.

A typical treatment session takes approximately 30 minutes and is highly relaxing. We suggest drinking one quart of water prior to and following each appointment, while clients relax in a comfortable recliner while the practitioner places electrodes onto areas that are experiencing pain in their bodies.

Inflammation is an integral part of healing, but chronic inflammation can be detrimental to overall health. FSM treatments help decrease inflammation by stimulating anti-inflammatory molecules to release and decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines; plus it promotes nerve regeneration and enhances nerve signaling.

FSM treatments have been demonstrated to effectively relieve fibromyalgia pain by decreasing inflammation in muscles and rewiring nerves that control them, as well as alleviating symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder by balancing midbrain stress centers and decreasing sympathetic nervous system stimulation.

FSM produces often remarkable results. Scars soften, trigger points are reduced or eliminated, swelling drains away and discomfort is often relieved almost instantly and for good. While its causes remain unknown, FSM practitioners can select appropriate frequencies with great precision to deliver them directly to those tissues affected by FSM.