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Biophoton Therapy – Physicist Johan Boswinkel

Johan Boswinkel discovered that all living biological cells emit light or biophotons; when these biophotons are coherent they indicate health; otherwise their chaotic pattern indicates illness.

Biontology sessions involve measuring acupuncture points on hands and toes to assess which organs emitting chaotic light, then correcting this quality so as to facilitate healing for clients.


Biophotons are electromagnetic frequencies emitted by living cells. According to theory, these photons provide energy packaging for all biochemical reactions in our bodies; their quality and quantity seem to have an indirect influence on how our bodies operate – scientists even speculate that they could contribute towards emotional and mental wellbeing.

BioPhoton Therapy addresses the root cause of symptoms rather than covering them up, using electromagnetic frequencies of biophoton emissions to stimulate self-healing mechanisms in your body. BioPhoton therapy is an entirely noninvasive, holistic solution without medication or supplements required – its aim is simply to restore natural healing power within yourself using light.

Scientists assert that all living organisms emit biophotons – weak electromagnetic frequencies produced as by-products of metabolic processes and which regulate biochemical reactions within our bodies. According to them, emission rates of biophotons indicate health and wellbeing – they vary for those suffering illness or injury and vice versa.

Healthy cells emit coherent biophotons that are ordered. By comparison, unhealthy cells will emit random lights. Biophoton emission is closely correlated with Reactive Oxygen Species production and overall oxidative state in living systems.

Chiren is a special instrument designed to measure this chaotic light by measuring biophoton emission from within the body. When used during sessions, Chiren filters out chaotic light while amplifying coherent illumination from within its sensor array and sends back this coherent illumination through glass rod held by practitioner to client for delivery back through practitioner hand held rod back through client and practitioner hands and is sent back through practitioner rod to client again as filtered light, helping restore health within their system.

Practitioners employ this process by adding additional countersignals and remedies to filtered biophotons that will then be sent back to clients to help bring about balance to any underlying conditions. On average, four to twelve sessions will usually suffice in restoring coherency of biophoton emissions; however, each individual’s healing response varies significantly.

Chiren(r) 3.0

Chiren ™, designed by Johan Boswinkel, is a fibre optic biophoton light therapy instrument which enables healthcare practitioners to conduct qualitative analyses of biophoton wellness by assessing acupuncture meridians that overlap significantly with biophoton “highways”. After inverting light wave patterns associated with disease or microorganisms and reinforcing healthy coherent light back to body via these pathways, this restores communication between cells while correcting their root cause – as the Chiren doesn’t administer substances – making this instrument safe and non-invasive.

The Chiren is founded upon scientific research which has revealed that all living organisms emit weak electromagnetic signals known as photon emissions from DNA within cells; these photon emissions provide part of our energy source and allow all living things to communicate with one another through this means. This new field of biology called biophotonics forms the basis for Biontology(tm), an energy healing method based on energetic imbalances or blockages causing physical or emotional issues to surface.

Biontologist(tm) sessions begin by performing a brief interview and then testing skin resistance at various points on both hands or feet to detect whiplash or electron spin-inversion, both signs of energetic imbalance in the body. Once these imbalances have been addressed, remedies can then be administered through a glass rod held in right hand.

Chiren reads light emissions from his/her client and then filters for healthy or chaotic signals, picking up informational remedies (homeopathic frequencies) as light which are then inverted and streamed back through either left hand or foot to restore biophoton coherence, thus activating their body’s own healing ability that had previously been dormant for some time. Millions of cycles sent from Chien enable the body to finally start healing itself after all these years!


Biophoton therapy is an innovative alternative healing method using light therapy to restore balance to a body’s energy field and return it to its natural state. This therapy has proven useful for treating physical, mental and emotional components of health issues while simultaneously treating chronic illness or disorders once thought untreatable. At its core lies weak electromagnetic waves emitted by all living organisms (including humans) known as biophotons that carry vital information about life itself – they can be detected using an optical instrument known as Chiren.

Johan Boswinkel was a Dutch physicist who developed the Chiren biophoton light device over 30 years ago. This innovative device detects and analyzes light emissions emitted by human bodies to identify areas of imbalance or disruption that can then be treated using specific frequencies of therapeutic light. These biophotons can then be redirected back into their system for self-healing purposes – making this tool widely popular with alternative healing practitioners as well as individuals looking for holistic wellness solutions.

Many years ago, Boswinkel was serving as director of a travel agency in New Zealand when after an especially hectic period he found himself exhausted. On visiting an acupuncturist’s advice he decided to translate a German article from Fritz-Albert Popp’s physicist’s research proving all cells emitting extremely faint lights called biophotons into English for translation into body healing language. Boswinkel adopted biophotons and turned it into his language for healing by translating into body language the concept used for self-healing through self-healing bodies and turned it into body language to stimulate self-healing processes within himself and those around him.

Stress, diet, environmental factors and toxins all disturb biophoton emissions within the body and can send out chaotic signals which throw off coherency of biophoton emissions within an individual. Therefore it is imperative that Biontologists(tm) do not use supplements, (medical) drugs*, homeopathic remedies, crystals or energetic devices during sessions as these may obstruct natural healing mechanisms initiated by treatments thus delaying or blocking results altogether.


Biophoton light therapy, also known as Biontology, is an innocuous noninvasive light and information treatment without using pharmaceutical drugs or supplements to address health concerns. Instead, it utilizes your body’s innate healing processes by pinpointing disturbances causing health issues and correcting them through measuring light emissions from each cell of the body (biophotons) released to send informational remedies back. This allows your body to heal itself by restoring the “software” which runs its systems – helping your health problems resolve themselves with no interventions required from outside providers or pharmaceutical drugs.

All living biological organisms, including humans, produce an invisible light known as biophotons that provide vital information on the state of cells and systems within our bodies. When people are healthy, their biophotons should be coherent. If disordered they could lead to illness and disease.

Johan Boswinkel, the inventor of biophoton light therapy, has designed equipment to accurately assess the quality of body’s own biophoton emission. This is achieved with an instrument known as Starlight or Chiren that detects chaotic light by inverting it and transmitting corrected information back to cells – this allows therapists to provide appropriate counter signals or informational remedies which restore coherence and health to individual cells.

Every object in the world emits and vibrates at its own unique light frequency and vibration frequency, and these vibrations can be tracked down and corrected using an information library specific to each material or cell in your body. Furthermore, Chiren can detect presence of toxic materials within your system and help clear them away.

Biophoton therapy involves an assessment of each client by comparing the quality of light they emit with that produced by healthy people, before providing through a hand-held glass rod filtered, “informational”, remedies that correspond with any imbalance detected; millions of these correction cycles occur every second.