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The Biohacking Secrets Show

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Biohacking (do-it-yourself biology) encompasses anything from diet changes to using cutting edge technology, even exploring consciousness through fasting, sleep deprivation and sensory experiences.

How To Get Started

Anthony discusses how and why the biohacking secrets show got started, his definition of biohacker and why he’s passionate about what he does to help improve people’s lives. He shares some of his favorite hacks such as hot yoga and sauna visits to optimize thermoregulation; newcomers may find exercise challenging but staying consistent in training will overcome that hurdle. Anthony shares some benefits associated with being a biohacker like increased energy, focus and performance gains.

Episode 1

In this episode we dive deep into the world of biohacking — using biology, research, and technology to enhance body and mind performance. We meet top experts from various fields who discuss cutting edge methods of increasing energy, focus, athletic performance and quality of life!

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Episode 2

Episode One opens with Mia riding with Niklas on a train, where other passengers suddenly start falling ill and she rushes to assist them, only to witness his ambulance take him off in to emergency care.

Lorenz teaches an introductory med class where she asserts synthetic biology to be the future of medicine. Mia stands out in this class; she’s pretty and carefree unlike Ole or Chen-Lu who speak at high speed.

Later, Mia pursues Jasper. He informs her of his efforts in developing a serum to erase memories and needs a volunteer test subject; Mia agrees but his investigation reveals her immune system to be rare and as soon as he was about to inject her with the serum, she jumped up on him instead, showing she’d made an agreement with Wolfgang.

Episode 3

Biohacker Jay Abraham offers his top tips for optimizing health and performance, such as reducing inflammation, sleeping well and diet, plus advancements in regenerative medicine.

Mia and Niklas board a train where several passengers begin to become sick. Mia attempts to provide aid, but is ultimately unsuccessful. Later she meets Professor Lorenz in an introductory med class who advocates synthetic biology as the future of medicine – sparking memories of when Mia participated alongside her brother in one of Lorenz’s studies as a child.

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Episode 4

Mia and Niklas are traveling by train when several passengers become sick. Mia, as a medical student, becomes alarmed at how breakthrough biohacking research results may have fallen into the wrong hands and wants to provide assistance for her fellow passengers. She attempts to reach Lorenz who runs the lab where the experiments took place but cannot reach him due to being out of reach.

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Episode 5

Dave, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur best known for his butter-in-coffee brain hacks, returns with more ways to enhance both mind and body performance. These time around he offers tools designed to help people perform better, think faster, and live longer.

This episode is brought to you by the producers of Biohacker Summit series. To discover more about how unlocking genetic potential can lead to healthier and optimized lives, click here.

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Episode 6

Biohackers leaves on an intriguing note as Mia meets Lorenz at a farm and is shot. Though Biohackers has come to an end, its viewers remain eager for new episodes of this riveting German sci-fi drama.

This episode explores ways synthetic biology and DIY health can improve human performance. Experts discuss new devices, routines, and habits which are revolutionizing human performance.

This episode also examines the science behind oat milk and fruit oils, making this podcast essential listening for anyone seeking to maximize both physical and mental potential.

Episode 7

Our podcast brings together interviews with some of the world’s foremost biohackers and experts on health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, supplements, nootropics, sleep and human performance. Perfect for anyone wanting to optimize their life through science, research and technology!

Uncommon strategies to quickly improve health and performance. Each episode features world-renowned experts from various disciplines discussing the latest research, products, routines and resources available for hacking the human body and improving quality of life.

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Episode 8

Biohacking goes far beyond simply downing a protein shake after every workout; rather, its definition encompasses all forms of experimentation with ways to tweak daily routines to shift physiology and help us think better, perform better or live longer. Biohacking may involve implanting neural interfaces or simply trying out different kinds of butter in our morning coffee.

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Episode 9

Listening to Biohacking Secrets Show, will teach you how to maximize your health, energy and performance. This podcast features interviews with experts as well as insights into human performance enhancement. Topics addressed in each show range from nutrition, exercise, nootropics and various techniques used for improving physical and mental well-being.

This podcast covers the latest science, technology and tools to help you become the best version of yourself – including sleep optimization, intermittent fasting, nootropics and peptides.

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