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Donna Eden and David Feinstein – A Revolutionary Approach to Healing Relationships

Donna Eden and David Feinstein are pioneers of energy psychology, leading the field through scientific papers published and nine books written about consciousness and healing energy.

His work integrates manual stimulation of acupuncture points with established psychological interventions and has shown its success when used with those suffering from serious conditions like PTSD.

The Science

Biological systems are driven by a dynamic interaction of electrical and biochemical processes that shape our individual and collective realities. Here we review energy medicine‘s status today as it poses an increasing challenge to conventional medicine’s biochemical paradigm.

Since 1977, Donna and David Feinstein have provided hope and healing to thousands of individuals using innovative techniques that address issues at their energetic core. By combining Donna’s ability to SEE energy with David’s background as a clinical psychologist, their approach has earned nine national awards including U.S. Book News Best Psychology/Mental Health Book 2007. They are the founders of the Energy Medicine Institute and authors of several best-selling books, including “The Energies of Love”. Additionally, they serve on the faculties at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College and California School of Professional Psychology as faculty. Their work has received significant media coverage; additionally they were honored with an Outstanding Contribution Award from Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology for 2002 as well as authoring over 100 professional papers.

The Practice

Donna Eden and David Feinstein are internationally-recognized leaders in energy medicine, whose techniques allow you to address issues at their ENERGIC core. Their techniques have helped thousands overcome emotional crises as well as physical ailments like PTSD, asthma and depression; relationships have been transformed; consciousness studies expanded; books written by them about consciousness have won nine national awards including USA Book News’ Best Psychology/Mental Health Book award of 2007.

Energy medicine helps us harness our body’s energies for health and well-being. Every breath you take, every muscle movement you make and every morsel of food digested involves electrical activity. These electromagnetic fields and subtle energies serve as the basis of self-healing mechanisms and spiritual strength; through practicing energy medicine we learn to recognize these forces so they may be utilized to promote personal development while healing ourselves and others.

This 10th anniversary edition of this bestselling title includes an updated introduction and expanded sections on energy techniques to protect the body during surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and other invasive medical procedures, how to strengthen spiritual relationships as well as techniques for dealing with life’s most challenging emotions like jealousy and inappropriate anger, as well as dealing with fears irrationally. Furthermore, there is now a chapter on ethical principles as well as case-oriented guide to avoid professional errors that might harm yourself and/or clients; in 2012 this book won the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psycholgoy 2012 Outstanding Contribution Award.

The Relationships

Donna Eden and David Feinstein are internationally-recognized energy experts who offer a revolutionary approach to healing relationships. As two of the world’s foremost advocates of energy medicine, their teachings have garnered them widespread respect from practitioners around the globe and nine national awards have been bestowed upon them for their books on consciousness and energy.

David is a clinical psychologist and the national director of Energy Medicine Institute. As one of the pioneers of therapeutic approaches that focus on body’s energetic rather than physical structures, he has written nine books on this subject alone. Additionally, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), one of his signature techniques within energy psychology, has become one of the most widely utilized techniques within this rapidly expanding new field.

In this program, they use their unique understanding of energy to navigate you safely through the many pitfalls that threaten relationships and offer practical solutions to make even difficult relationships work. They will teach you to recognize both your energetic style and that of your partner before finding ways to bridge them both for greater harmony, deeper love, and an energy that serves both of you.

They will also teach you how to address common emotional challenges like jealousy, inappropriate anger and irrational fears, as well as provide you with methods you can employ at home to prevent “getting stuck” in certain patterns of behavior.

Energy Medicine is emerging as the next frontier in health care, and these authors present an approach that has several distinct advantages over conventional biochemical models: It addresses biological processes at their energetic core (reach), allows interventions on both psychological and physiological levels (efficacy), promotes whole-person wellness and healing through integration of mind and body (integrity), incorporates concepts compatible with distant healing and intention (quantum compatibility), and can easily be tailored for medical treatments or self-healing (practicality).

Not like other programs on relationship problems, this one focuses on energy as opposed to psychotherapy or communication styles – like an invisible hand helping us navigate all the ups and downs of relationships.

The Future

Energy medicine offers solutions to life’s challenges right now through techniques that focus on energetic roots of problems. Donna and David are pioneers in this revolutionary field, having created methods over their careers as practitioners and teachers of energy medicine. Together, their backgrounds and training (Donna having an incredible ability to see energy; David his doctorate in psychology) bring something unique and innovative to medicine, health and relationships.

A combination of ancient Eastern and modern Western health-care techniques creates an innovative combination that balances all body-mind systems while healing emotional and physical illness from its root source. The authors detail how to incorporate these powerful techniques into daily life for optimal health and wellbeing, making this book the ultimate practical and accessible guide to this groundbreaking field of healing. Donna won the prestigious 2009 Nautilus Gold Award with this 10th anniversary edition, featuring extensive updates and revisions based on her years of teaching these powerful techniques. David Feinstein is a clinical psychologist and national director of Energy Medicine Institute. He has written nine books and numerous professional papers; winning him and his wife Donna nine national awards for their works on consciousness and healing energy.