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Magnetic Energy Therapy

Magnets have been reported to hasten healing and aid in treating various degenerative conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Magnets also make powerful allies against stress, insomnia and allergies.

Advocates claim that the negative magnetic pole of a magnet stimulates metabolism, increases oxygen in cells and lowers acidity levels in the body – all factors believed to help relieve pain by stimulating natural endorphin production.


Magnetic therapy is a noninvasive, drug-free treatment that works at the molecular level to stimulate natural healing processes in your body and revitalize it. Magnets with either north or south poles stimulate this natural healing process while relieving pain quickly after injuries or surgery, speeding recovery time.

Energy healing has been employed for millennia, and is believed to be founded upon the principle that our central nervous system acts like a direct current circuit which produces magnetic fields through nerve impulses from neurons (positive) to their axons (negative).

Researchers have recently discovered that permanent magnets can offer relief to pain, restore immune function and enhance sleep. Furthermore, magnetic therapy has also been proven to increase circulation and aid wound healing – according to one study performed at University of Virginia by a team of researchers who demonstrated its efficacy for decreasing inflammation while speeding healing in injured tissues.

Researchers conducted experiments utilizing magnetic therapy on microcirculation in rats’ paws. An array of four magnets with alternate north and south poles stopped action potential firing within 4 minutes 30 seconds while two magnetic arrays with opposite polarities only blocked 50% within 10 minutes.

These studies concluded that when magnets were applied to paws, it reestablished cellular environment and assisted in healing processes by speeding blood flow to the area and increasing oxygen and nutrition supply to injured tissues.

When cells become inflamed, their positive charge becomes magnetically attracted to magnets, amplifying the negative energy produced naturally by these cells and thus helping reduce pain and swelling.

Magnetic energy has long been touted for its therapeutic capabilities, such as unclogging arteries and veins from deposits of cholesterol and salts, reducing cholesterol-based plaque deposits in blood vessels, as well as helping prevent scar tissue formation during wound healing. It should be noted, however, that magnetic therapy should never be administered on fresh injuries or pregnant women and should always be done under medical supervision.


Magnet therapy can be safely utilized by most individuals, though certain precautions must be taken for best results. For instance, insulin pumps and pacemakers implanted within your body must not use magnetic energy due to interference from magnetic fields from magnets affecting their operation; furthermore it’s advisable not to keep magnets near sensitive electronics such as TVs and computers as magnetic fields could potentially impact them negatively and cause irreparable damage.

Magnetic fields can be created either with a simple magnet, an electromagnet coil or both. Their strength is measured in terms of their Gauss rating – an energy measuring scale that measures how much power a magnetic field carries – with therapeutic magnets typically having between 10-10,000 Gauss rating; stronger magnets being more effective.

Magnetic therapy may relieve pain and promote healing due to magnetic fields stimulating cell ions to move around, thus balancing their pH levels and helping cells absorb more oxygen, nutrients and eliminate waste products more efficiently from blood circulation.

Studies indicate that PEMF therapy may relieve pain and inflammation, accelerate wound healing, stimulate bone growth in fractured bones and promote new blood vessel formation while increasing oxygenation of tissues – although more studies need to be completed before we can firmly establish its effectiveness for these purposes. A randomized controlled trial would be necessary in order to fully validate its effects in these instances.

Magnets can be worn as jewelry or worn alongside massage or acupuncture therapies; or used with them. Many also find PEMF therapy can help them sleep better; products available include bracelets for wrists, ankles and ankles as well as Velcro pads placed on knees, back or shoulders with Velcro closure; magnetic pillow inserts as well as pillows filled with magnets.

Some practitioners believe magnetic energy can help release trapped emotions. They advise passing a magnet three times over the Governing Meridian (the energy highway of your body) to release any negative energy that has built up inside.

Side effects

Magnet energy therapy may help realign an area’s electromagnetic field, leading to cells with normalized polarity regaining their strength and increasing healing potential. Magnets may be taped directly over an uncomfortable spot or built into products like mattresses and shoes for therapeutic effect; additionally, patients can receive external devices that transmit pulsed electromagnetic fields that stimulate certain points on the body for treatment.

The National Institutes of Health has funded some research on magnetic energy therapy, but much more research needs to be conducted on it. Researchers are trying to learn more about its workings and potential therapeutic uses across a range of disorders; recent studies suggest it reduces diabetic neuropathy pain while helping fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome patients as well. One recent study found using low-level magnetic fields increased wound healing speed significantly and boosted bone cell growth; although results differ for ligament and tendon healing.

Some individuals experience immediate relief after only minutes, while others see results gradually over several hours or weeks. Magnetic energy therapy‘s underlying theory states that magnets alter cell’s ion transport mechanisms to allow more blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients to flow to affected area while flushing away toxic wastes; they are also thought to block nerve fiber signals which contribute to pain signals.

Studies comparing magnets with acupuncture as treatments for chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis have concluded that magnets were just as effective at relieving pain as their predecessor. Furthermore, magnetic therapies proved safer than their alternatives in that no side effects occurred from using magnets for chronic pain relief.

Magnets may be controversial, yet there can be benefits associated with their use. Some practitioners believe that modern living without enough magnetism causes stress, mental disorders, headaches and arthritis among other conditions; others claim magnetic fields enhance our bodies free radical-scavenging and antioxidant systems.


Magnetic energy therapy (MET) is an alternative drug-free therapy used for treating injuries and illnesses. It works by improving circulation to the body’s tissues and eliminating inflammation, thus increasing nutrient delivery to injured areas to speed up healing time, as well as stimulating proteins necessary for cell repair and growth. Magnetic MET can be applied across a range of conditions including arthritis, muscle spasms, pain due to injury/illness/sleep disorders as well as sleep disorders.

Costing of magnetic therapy devices depends on their size, configuration and purpose; in general, permanent magnets tend to be inexpensive while PEMF equipment may be more costly. Treatment costs may also reflect practitioner time and expertise costs – many veterinary practices use magnetic devices on animals in pads, wraps or harnesses.

PEMF devices have been proven to enhance bone and tissue repair by increasing cells’ ability to send electrical signals, and by helping the body reduce inflammation – both factors which reduce risk for osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases. Unfortunately, its exact effectiveness remains unknown. It should also be noted that PEMF therapy should not be performed on fresh injuries or pregnant patients who may be allergic to metals as this type of treatment should not be recommended in those instances.

EMD Medical Technologies, Iskra Medical d.o.o and Curatronic Ltd are currently dominating the PEMF market as global players with strong footprints such as EMD Medical Technologies and Curatronic Ltd. These three firms offer quality products and are expanding production capacities to keep up with an increase in consumer demand for magnetic therapy devices.

Physio Magneto’s super pulsed magnetic field therapy is 40X more potent than traditional PEMF machines, reaching deeper tissues to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. This technology triggers electromagnetic guidance at both cell and tissue levels for protein synthesis speed-up, red/white blood cell balance adjustment, stimulating angiogenesis wound healing speed up, as well as speedy wound closure time. Furthermore, it accelerates eliminating inflammation response leading to pain relief and swelling reduction.