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Vibrational Sound Therapy Near Me

Vibrational Sound Therapy uses vibrational singing bowls near or in contact with your body to create soothing sounds and vibrations, encouraging relaxation, healing, and wellness. Sessions take place one-on-one using these singing bowls that produce soothing sounds and vibrations for ultimate therapeutic benefit.

Every organ, bone and cell has their own resonant frequency that resonates within your body – aligning these to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Sound and music vibrations can have profoundly positive effects on the body, mind, and spirit. They can entrain brainwaves for relaxation and improving your ability to absorb new information; help release emotional blockages; connect you to inner essence; stimulate healthy cells; reduce anxiety levels; promote physical healing and much more!

Vibrational sound therapy can also be used to balance chakras, which are subtle energy centers within our bodies that regulate various aspects of physical and emotional wellness. When blocked or unbalanced due to negative emotions and stress, illness or dis-ease arise. Sound therapy provides an effective remedy by using frequencies and vibrations specific to each chakra – sound therapy can restore equilibrium!

Sound therapy sessions typically begin with clients relaxing comfortably on either a massage table or floor in an inviting position. Once settled in, their practitioner will then place singing bowls around them and play them with mallets to produce resonant sounds and vibrations that resonate physically and energetically – providing a gentle “sound massage” of sorts for their nervous systems. Bowls come in all sizes and shapes; many are tuned specifically to one of seven major chakras.

Depending on the purpose of a session, sound can range from deep and slow to fast and upbeat. Most often though, sounds will be soothing and will include nature sounds such as rain and songs with deep, low melodies; every person’s experience will differ accordingly.

A sound therapist will ask their patient to set an intention for their session, such as relieving stress or letting go of something troubling them, to act as the foundation of their entire sound journey. Patients should focus on this intention while breathing deeply to maximize its meditative and relaxation effects; during this time they may experience bodily sensations like tingling or warmth which should not be taken personally but simply accepted.


Sound Therapy is an effective and noninvasive tool to ease anxiety, combat depression, promote well-being and enhance clarity and calm. Sound Therapy may even support the body’s innate healing processes – making it the ideal complement to holistic practices like acupuncture, massage or yoga. People often report feeling deeply relaxed after participating in sound therapy sessions. While there are various forms of sound therapy, one of the most popular and relaxing techniques involves therapeutic singing bowls – these instruments emit soothing ambient sounds and vibrations to induce deep relaxation. You can play them around your body or listen to them at home; virtual sessions also allow for a virtual experience for added convenience.

Certified sound therapists are masters in this modality. They can guide you through relaxation, meditation and healing using special sound tools such as Himalayan singing bowls that produce tones and vibrations that unblock chakras while encouraging natural energy flow and supporting the immune system. Furthermore, sound therapy may even help with cell health as it encourages relaxation on a cellular level for improved immune support and healthy cells.

Sound therapy’s success rests upon the principle that all matter vibrates at a specific frequency; human voice for instance has an approximate frequency of 165Hz which makes viruses, bacteria and pathogens ineffective at living above this frequency. Furthermore, vibrations from sounds are absorbed into bloodstream and transported directly to tissues throughout your body for therapeutic benefit.

Vibrational sound therapy offers an immersive meditative experience, and it’s essential that you remain mindful of both your body and breath during each session. Your practitioner may encourage you to set an intention for the session – which could range from decreasing stress levels or clearing away emotional burdens – which you can share with either them or keep confidential.

Himalayan singing bowls are among the most commonly utilized instruments for vibrational sound therapy; however, other tools can also be employed in order to facilitate healing such as tuning forks, shamanic drums, chimes and bells as well as humming or singing for therapeutic effects. Furthermore, sound healing sessions may take place one-on-one as well.


Sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years as an ancient form of vibrational healing. By employing tones and powerful vibrations to produce an almost instant state of relaxation, Sound therapy can also reduce stress, anxiety and improve concentration levels.

At a sound bath session, you will lie on a massage table or mat and allow yourself to unwind as your practitioner plays various sounds and vibrations from singing bowls and other instruments for a period of time – this process is known as sound therapy and designed to induce deep meditative states while improving physical and energetic alignment.

A sound therapist may use vocal tones that have an extra soothing effect on the body. These tones are commonly used for meditation and to balance chakra energy. Furthermore, sound therapy is effective at treating insomnia, stress, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder as well as chronic pain relief.

The Vibrational Sound Association provides a professional certification program to those who wish to learn vibrational sound therapy. The course covers everything from using instruments properly and conducting sessions with clients to course textbooks, study guides and practice quizzes – making the experience accessible and affordable for everyone. The Vibrational Sound Association makes its certification course both online and in person so everyone can access this form of therapy!

Many holistic practitioners are turning to sound therapy in their practices, in conjunction with therapies such as acupuncture, yoga and energy healing. Sound waves have long been believed to penetrate physical, emotional and spiritual connections within the body – according to research published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience rhythmic auditory stimulation has been proven to reduce cortisol levels while activating our natural self-healing mechanisms.

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, is another popular sound therapy practice. Reiki involves placing your hands lightly over and off your body in a pattern similar to massage therapy; you’ll often feel an overwhelming warmth radiate through you when doing this practice. Along with sound therapy benefits, Reiki may also help relieve depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders while simultaneously helping release any limiting beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you.


Utilizing therapeutic Himalayan bowls and other instruments, this technique activates your parasympathetic nervous system to relieve stress in your body, relax you, and heal emotional wounds. Sound vibrations penetrate deep into the cells of your body to restore equilibrium through oscillation and resonance; additionally they may stimulate production of healing hormones as well as release accumulated toxins.

Bethany holds international certifications in Sound Therapy and Level One Reiki, which she uses in combination with yoga, posture movement and mantra to offer clients a unique experience. With more than 30 years of business experience and an avid interest in holistic wellness for body, mind and spirit; Bethany strives to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation while aiding clients on their path of inner healing.

This online sound healing course provides practitioners with a comprehensive training program on the use of singing bowls for vibrational sound therapy. It features basic and advanced sections covering topics like binaural beats, brain entrainment, aura energy and chakra system – including binaural beats for sleep enhancement, brain entrainment techniques and chakra systems. Participants in both novice and veteran levels will find this class suitable, with participants receiving certificates upon successful completion of each class.

McKay, an established local practitioner, offers both individual and group sound healing sessions at her home in Historic Rittenhouse Town. Her sessions focus on unblocking blockages in mind, body and soul with crystal singing bowls and tuning forks as guideposts for her sessions. In addition to sound healing services, McKay offers intuitive readings as well as Reiki treatments at variable prices.

Experienced practitioners at this company provide services ranging from vibrational sound therapy and reiki, aromatherapy products, aromatherapy sessions in person and virtual, sound healing with natural oils, vibrational sound therapy sessions for relaxation of mind and body and aromatherapy products to ensure maximum wellness benefits for their clients. They specialize in creating an experience designed to create relaxation through vibrational sounds and natural oils to ease mind and body stress; both in-person and virtual sessions are available so they can fit around clients’ busy lives.

Historic Rittenhouse Town’s wellness collective offers an eclectic combination of traditional therapies and cutting-edge innovations, such as vibrational sound therapy. Additionally, crystal singing bowls and gongs are used for guided mindfulness meditation to bring an indescribably soothing sensation that’s great for relieving depression anxiety or other health conditions. This holistic experience makes the ideal cure.