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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Research

amino neuro frequency therapy research

Amino neuro frequency therapy is an innovative form of pain management using circular discs activated by body heat that work to align human frequencies and balance out their body.

These frequencies are recognized by the nervous system and used to kick-start an effective healing process – this explains why this treatment is so successful.

Effects of ANF

All body tissues, organs, viruses and bacteria possess their own frequencies for optimal functioning. When the nervous system picks up these frequencies and enhances transmission on a cellular level, self-healing and self-regulating begin. ANF does this through circular ANF discs placed directly onto skin which are activated by body heat to transmit various frequencies directly into neurons in the brain and other body parts to help signalize correction of errors through signalization – they can remain on for 72 hours!

ANF treatment aims to optimize and strengthen all muscle groups, vital organs, the immune system, hormone production and increase strength, endurance and mental focus in all users. Furthermore, ANF can aid in detoxification while decreasing inflammation and chronic pain for reduced effectiveness – without side effects and without being invasive!

ANF Therapy uses an innovative new technology rooted in neuroscience that employs frequency emitting wearable devices that emit frequencies to be applied directly onto the body. ANF discs, made of carbonized metal developed by NASA two decades ago and attached with double sided 3M tape, store and transmit electrical frequencies via heat activation from body heat; amplifying existing frequencies while making them even more effective.

This amplification enables the nervous system to communicate better with all body parts, as well as refocusing its priorities to those areas in need of attention. ANF discs help reduce inflammation, heal damaged tissue, and rebalance systems.

This study is the first of its kind to describe and quantify ANF therapy procedures and outcomes, which is an important step toward validating the technique and providing clinicians with a scientific perspective of results they typically observe in clinic. Results demonstrate high levels of satisfaction from both clinicians and patients as well as significant decreases in pain intensity with no side effects; which aligns well with previous research into electromagnetic fields and interferential current treatments.

Efficacy of ANF in the Treatment of CNS Tumors

Inflammation has recently received much media coverage as being the source of various diseases and auto immune issues, pain and discomfort. While visible inflammation like cuts or bruises are readily evident, much more chronic inflammation exists that remains undetected. ANF offers unique solutions to address this chronic inflammation by improving nervous system signaling directly at cellular level.

Circular ANF discs applied directly to your skin and activated by body heat can provide this therapy, transmitting frequencies that strengthen weak, unregulated or misdirected nerve signals, refocusing them while improving function and balancing hormones and systems in the body. ANF treatment has no side effects and can be worn up to 72 hours with no risk of side effects.

The ANF Therapy Method, Patented Model U202030252, ES1259974 was designed for certified ANF therapists to treat injuries and diseases holistically; chronic pain being one prominent example. When conducting our assessment process, we evaluate your body from head to foot in order to detect where nervous system signals have become misdirected; once this has been identified, appropriate ANF discs are applied in order to correct and redirect these signals back into their proper channels.

Once the signals have been corrected, your nerves will reset to their natural oscillation and speed, freeing up energy that was previously trapped inside and alleviating pain, inflammation and other related ailments.

ANF is an integrative pain and injury management approach used by chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. Each treatment plan is tailored specifically for each individual based on their individual needs.

On your initial session, we will assess your body quickly to pinpoint where its signals are misdirected and place ANF discs onto it to refocus these signals, improving function and balancing hormones/systems; this process reduces pain quickly while improving function. As treatment continues, we’ll continue working with you closely to monitor progress and adjust treatments as necessary to ensure the best possible results are obtained.

ANF in the Management of CNS Tumors

This first of its-kind study demonstrated ANF to be highly effective at decreasing pain intensity and severity with no or minimal side effects and high clinician satisfaction ratings. Furthermore, unlike frequency-based therapies that require special infrastructure or training to use effectively, ANF therapy is easily administered at the point of care without costly equipment or complex administration requirements.

ANF uses thin circular discs applied directly to the skin that emit neuro frequencies recognized by our nervous systems as our own and allow our bodies to start an efficient self-healing process. The frequencies help clear, regulate, and open communication lines within our nervous systems while also targeting chronic inflammation as a silent killer.

NASA developed carbonised metal discs over 20 years ago that are activated by heat generated from within our bodies, creating ANF discs made of this material which are then applied by ANF therapists in a tailored fashion to enhance muscle groups, vital organs and hormone production to reduce stress and strengthen immunity while at the same time refocusing the brain’s defence systems and targeting areas with leaky frequencies – thus decreasing inflammation.

This study was an ecological real-world project in which ANF therapists provided treatment as part of their regular practices at clinics. This approach removed potential biases introduced by collecting data in more controlled settings and permitted clinicians using similar techniques to compare results more directly. The ANF Academy reviewed and approved the standard protocols used by all therapists within this sample group; as a result, they were consistent across the sample population. ANCOVAS analyses conducted on various demographic and clinical characteristics (sex, age, pain duration duration location of pain) demonstrated that ANF therapy consistently led to decreased pain intensity with large effect sizes. Furthermore, its use resulted in reduced swelling and improved range of motion with clinicianian satisfaction being high throughout.

ANF in the Management of CNS Malignancies

By applying ANF Therapy, we have found that many of our CNS tumor patients experience significant pain reduction as well as other benefits, such as improved sleep, greater range of motion and less stress. This evidence supports the idea that treatments targeting pain reduction also impact neural networks involved. It would be advantageous to study ANF Therapy using randomized controlled trials with double-blind assessment and longitudinal designs.

The ANF Therapy tool consists of thin circular ANF discs applied directly to the skin. Each disc contains carbonized metal filling patented by NASA that releases and mirrors neuro frequencies produced and utilized by your nervous system for body regulation, immune response generation and resource distribution within your body.

Once on, ANF discs transmit frequencies directly into your nervous system, helping refocus priorities of both its defenses and your nervous system. This shift allows your body to target inflammation more efficiently and begin healing processes more swiftly.

ANF discs also possess the unique capability of amplifying and synchronizing these frequencies within the body, an essential aspect in creating and maintaining optimal health.

As part of the treatment, most patients will experience detox symptoms during treatment, which is an encouraging sign and indicates that their bodies are flushing away waste products associated with cancer, viruses and pathogens that have become trapped in cells. It’s therefore crucial that ANF discs be applied regularly so your body can effectively dispose of harmful substances and return to a state of optimal health.

ANF therapy is an ideal addition to any treatment protocol and we hope that it provides more options when treating cancer or any other disease. ANF offers a natural alternative to chemotherapy and radiation, with no known side effects.