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March 14, 2024Editor

Low Energy Shock Wave Therapy For Hip Bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis is a type of hip pain caused by friction between tendons and your greater trochanter bone in your hip, leading to inflammation that leads to painful symptoms during activity such as running or walking.

Shockwave therapy uses pressure waves to activate your body’s healing processes. According to recent research findings, researchers discovered that using ESWT with a focused machine improved VAS scores at two months more effectively than its control group counterpart.

Increased Blood Flow

Like flowers that wilt from lack of water, injured hip tissue requires plenty of blood flow to heal quickly and avoid future injury and recurrence. Blood provides healing nutrients and oxygen while simultaneously flushing away waste products that clog the lymphatic system. Without adequate blood flow, your tissue won’t heal fast and may remain susceptible to further injury and recurrence.

Hip bursitis can arise for various reasons. Injury, such as falling on your hip or being hit hard in athletic activity, can damage the bursa sac. Rheumatoid arthritis or spine disease such as scoliosis may also contribute to hip discomfort; finally leg length differences that make one side heavier than another may also impact it negatively.

Hip Bursitis can cause your muscles and tendons to tighten up and restrict, placing pressure on the bursa sac and leading to irritation, inflammation and pain. Applying a TShellz Wrap(r) on the area in question may relax these tissues while taking pressure off of it and helping it heal itself more quickly.

If your hip pain persists, your doctor may suggest extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). ESWT is a noninvasive procedure that uses impulse pressure waves sent through skin by device emitting focused or radial shockwaves; unlike higher energy shockwaves, low energy impulses provide safe and effective solutions for treating hip bursitis.

Researchers conducted a recent clinical trial and discovered that focused shockwave therapy has an immediate success rate of 83.3% when treating trochanteric hip bursitis, and results can last at least two months after initial treatments are finished. Furthermore, combining focused shockwave therapy sessions with exercise proved particularly effective at improving outcomes among those patients who did not respond to either modality alone.

Stimulates Tissue Healing

ESWT utilizes pressure to produce mechanical forces that stimulate tissue regeneration, including breaking down scar tissue and calcification. This therapy may prove especially helpful in tendon injuries which typically do not receive sufficient blood supply and thus heal more slowly than other tissues.

As part of treatment, you may experience some discomfort; the intensity will depend on each person as the shock waves target the injured site and will only cause pain if they hit scar tissue or calcification. Also, where we treat you can make a difference – areas with less muscle and bone such as hips may be more sensitive than areas like calves.

ESWT can be an effective means of breaking down scar tissue and increasing circulation, as well as strengthening muscles around a joint that have been injured, to assist your body’s healing process and return you back to regular functioning faster.

Trochanteric bursitis is pain on the outside of either hip or thigh caused by inflammation in the greater trochanter bursa, a fluid-filled sac located over a bony prominence (such as on top of pelvic bone) that assists muscles and tendons move smoothly. Repetitive activities that compress or pinch this sac such as walking on uneven surfaces, stairs or running can aggravate it; other potential sources include hip replacement surgery, arthritis or an autoimmune condition such as rheumatoid arthritis.

At Complete, we offer FDA-cleared shockwave therapy using SoftWave’s unfocused shock waves for therapy of hip bursitis. Clinical studies have shown that patients treated with SoftWave saw significant relief of symptoms and an improvement of Roles and Maudsley scores from 0 (excellent result) to 4 (identical or worse than before treatment).

Reduces Pain

Hip bursitis treatments aim to decrease inflammation and pain associated with it. There are over 150 bursae in the body; fluid-filled sacs that function like sliding sheets to absorb points of friction in order to avoid injury. The greater trochanteric bursa is most frequently affected in hip bursitis cases but may also be affected by excessive friction or compression; other methods include rest, ice packs, cryotherapy, biophysical therapy, kinesitherapy as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication or physical injections.

Hip bursitis pain can be intense and disruptive to sleep. Its sharp and achy sensation may become most unbearable when sitting or lying on the affected leg; it may also manifest when getting out of bed in the morning and moving about throughout the day.

Studies have confirmed ESWT to be an effective and safe treatment option for hip bursitis, often without needing imaging or altering activities. Patients can often begin treatment without delay and typically only require to make some minor lifestyle modifications during therapy sessions.

ESWT utilizes shockwaves to increase blood flow and tissue healing. These waves can also create focal responses within tissues, acting as anti-inflammatories against hip bursitis symptoms. While discomfort varies among individuals, typically it is minimal compared to other orthopedic treatments like tendon calcification or plantar fasciitis associated with heel spurs.

Hip pain may have various causes. It is crucial that an accurate diagnosis be made in order to provide effective treatments. When dealing with hip pain on the outside, a doctor will perform a full physical exam as well as order an X-ray or MRI scan in order to rule out other causes and ensure a timely recovery process.


Shockwaves sent through your body by an external device can promote healing at a cellular level, improve blood flow and stimulate your natural healing processes. Furthermore, these waves may break up calcifications, alleviate knotted muscles and relieve scar tissue adhesions that contribute to pain relief – all noninvasively without injections or surgery being required.

Shockwave therapy should be understood to cause some pain both during and after your session, due to how your body reacts. As part of patient education efforts, take extra steps in explaining its risks as well as any uncertainty of its success for specific situations.

Furia JP, Rompe JD and Maffulli N published research in 2018 which demonstrated the efficacy of radial ESWT as an effective treatment for greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS). GTPS involves inflammation of the bursa located over the greater trochanter on either side of your hip bone resulting from repetitive or overuse activities like running, sitting for too long periods or exercising – these activities often contribute to its painful symptoms.

Untreated GTPS can lead to hip fractures, osteoarthritis and sciatica if left untreated, while Shockwave therapy may help alleviate all three conditions – but especially so for athletes or anyone engaging in repetitive tasks regularly. We invite you to contact our office now to find out if shockwave therapy could provide relief from your hip pain; take advantage of our new patient special today to start treatment!

No Surgery

At the core of treating hip bursitis is understanding its source, often through physical examination and imaging technology like X-rays or MRI scans. Once identified, treatment typically aims at relieving pain and inflammation while improving mobility and preventing future flare-ups; shockwave therapy may even be utilized alongside traditional remedies in order to maximize patient results.

Physical therapy may help strengthen quadriceps and gluteal muscles as well as stretch iliotibial band (IT band), helping runners prevent future flare-ups of hip bursitis. Other treatments might include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections – these injections may reduce swelling, ease pain, and decrease inflammation – making it an excellent solution when suffering from hip bursitis flare-up.

An alternative treatment option for hip bursitis patients may include minimally invasive surgery called arthroscopic removal of the bursa, which typically offers less discomfort and requires a shorter recovery period than traditional hip surgeries. Studies have proven its efficacy when combined with other forms of treatment.

Though its specific mechanisms remain poorly understood, research has demonstrated its ability to promote healing of injured tissues. While various shockwave therapies use different mechanisms, all use pressure pulses released through devices which focus or spread these pulses across an injury site – something particularly helpful in cases such as chronic tendinopathies such as hip bursitis which are difficult to treat with traditional methods.

March 13, 2024Editor

PEMF Energy Medicine

PEMF therapy has been FDA-approved for healing nonunion fractures and has also been shown to ease symptoms associated with osteoarthritis (OA). PEMF can be applied both human and animal medical applications – particularly veterinary medicine.

Callaghan and Goudarzi discovered that PEMF exposure can speed the time needed for wound closure in diabetic ulcers, with results likely depending on which waveform was exposed to.

Muscles and Joints

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMFs, are an effective solution for injuries and pain in muscles, joints, and bones. By stimulating natural healing processes in the body, PEMF treatments promote less pain while increasing mobility – ideal for patients suffering musculoskeletal issues or chronic discomfort. PEMFs penetrate deeply into all body tissues including bone and muscle; without generating heat they alter cell-signalling pathways to promote growth, regeneration, wound healing or tissue growth.

Researchers have demonstrated that PEMFs are capable of activating genes and proteins responsible for bone and muscle development, repair, and turnover – making them an invaluable adjunct therapy option in treating many musculoskeletal conditions and diseases. PEMFs can increase concentrations of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase while stimulating formation of new osteoblasts as well as decreasing levels of bone resorption/degeneration; furthermore they’ve been shown to enhance resistance training effectiveness as well as speed recovery time in injured athletes.

PEMFs can enhance recovery from exercise by increasing muscle amplitude during warm-up and shortening electromechanical delays in peak force generation, while increasing activity among type-I and type-II muscle fibers normally poorly activated during light exercise. Furthermore, they may help alleviate delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

PEMFs may also prove helpful in treating rheumatic disorders and chronic inflammatory conditions, by decreasing swelling and inflammation caused by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Nitric oxide therapy can also increase production, increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to damaged tissue while simultaneously relieving pain associated with fibromyalgia, sciatica and neuropathic pain conditions. PEMFs can be particularly effective at treating muscle conditions, including tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), runner’s knee syndrome (RSK), carpal tunnel syndrome and “whiplash” injuries to the cervical spine from whiplash injuries. They may also benefit tendons and ligaments such as Achilles tendonitis bursitis calcaneal osteoarthritis flat feet as well as tendonitis Achilles tendonitis


Every cell in our bodies holds energy. Like mobile phone batteries, they need to be charged regularly in order to function optimally. Many health factors sap away this vital energy – including pain and fatigue. PEMF therapy recharges every cell so they can take in nutrients, contract muscles as needed, repair tissue effectively – this process is known as homeostasis.

PEMF therapy has been shown to enhance molecular, cellular, and tissue processes that result in faster bone healing rates following fractures or spinal fusion surgery. PEMF can assist in improving circulation, inflammation responses and scar tissue formation resulting in faster healing rates for such injuries.

PEMF therapy is an FDA-approved noninvasive solution to bone loss dating back to 1979 (used by NASA astronauts during long space flights) and recent studies have demonstrated its benefits in relieving muscle and nerve conditions as well.

Animal and cell studies have confirmed the effect of PEMF on bone density, strength, and healing. PEMF appears to achieve this by stimulating various intermediary and hormonal pathways which result in increasing osteoblast bone-building activity while attenuating osteoclastic bone breakage.

Bone fractures are one of the primary causes of morbidity and disability among patients, often necessitating hospitalization and decreased quality of life. Annually, 178 million new fractures occur with most occurring among women and senior citizens – an immense health burden. PEMF technology has been shown to significantly accelerate bone healing while decreasing healing times significantly, particularly for complex fractures with delayed union.

Although these early studies were generally positive, PEMF success rates for bone healing vary widely due to the different parameters employed in each study. A comparison study between various PEMF waveform treatments on bone healing could prove very worthwhile.

Muscle Spasms

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy enhances energy production in your body, aiding cells to function more effectively. It accelerates electrolyte movement and decreases waste produced by cells while improving blood flow to tissues and muscles, aiding healing from injuries by speeding up tissue regeneration; all with no drugs or surgery involved and very few side effects.

Muscle spasms can occur after sports injuries and are typically the result of decreased production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), an essential energy source. PEMF treatments have been found to stimulate this production and thus decrease muscle spasm intensity due to myosin phosphorylation; PEMF treatments encourage this process more efficiently by dissolving myosin phosphatation into more efficiently producing ATP than before. Furthermore, PEMF helps alleviate soreness by dissolving lactic acid which builds up in muscle tissue which then relieve soreness or stiffness caused by building up tension within these tissues.

PEMF therapy also benefits by passing through cell walls without disturbing them, increasing oxygen uptake and therefore the amount of energy available to cells – providing greater circulation, decreased muscle spasms, better sleep and reduced stress/depression/fatigue which allows individuals to be more productive throughout the day.

PEMFs have been proven to be extremely effective at alleviating pain associated with fibromyalgia, chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. These results come from multiple randomized controlled trials that compared PEMFs against placebos among individuals suffering from such discomfort.

Studies pertaining to these trials used various frequencies and pulse characteristics associated with PEMF therapy, such as repetition frequencies, amplitudes, signal gradients/symmetries/exposure durations etc. One such trial employed a system consisting of 3Hz with an amplitude of 2.3mT that showed reduction of pain for those in the treatment group versus no decrease for those in control groups.

PEMF systems utilize electromagnetic frequencies and pulsing patterns that have been scientifically demonstrated to affect each cell tissue differently, making PEMF therapy so successful. Different frequencies and pulse rates provide benefits such as faster muscle recovery, pain relief, detoxification, immune stimulation stimulation and better sleep for your body.

Side Effects

Contrary to ultrasound and shock wave therapies which generate thermal energy through mechanical vibration, PEMF therapy does not cause direct thermal effects. Instead, electromagnetic energy causes a slight rise in cell membrane permeability, which allows more ions into cells for gene expression as well as stimulating second messenger activation, stimulating cell growth factor production, leading to improved cellular function and tissue regeneration.

PEMF technology has been extensively researched over four decades of medical research. PEMF was first approved by the FDA in 1979 as a nonunion fracture healing therapy, later expanding to treat fibromyalgia symptoms, an adjunctive therapy during cervical fusion surgery procedures, and depression in those unresponsive to medication treatments.

PEMF therapy not only reduces pain and improves mobility in musculoskeletal structures, but it can also be used to ease anxiety and promote relaxation by decreasing hormones and neurotransmitters that create an exaggerated fight or flight response in the body when not needed. PEMF can even help alleviate headaches by relaxing muscles around the forehead and temples.

Researchers have discovered that low-intensity pulsed magnetic fields significantly boost alpha and theta brain activity associated with relaxation. A study on healthy women revealed that magnetic pulses applied at 10Hz alpha frequency on top of their head significantly reduced higher anxiety-associated frequencies in their EEG.

PEMF therapy has also been shown to activate neural stem cells, which help repair nerve injury and reestablish the neural circuitry – this is particularly useful for conditions such as spinal cord and nerve injuries, stroke, cerebral ischemia and multiple sclerosis. Unlike traditional medications which may cause serious side effects, PEMF therapy doesn’t produce any known side effects at all; most people feel an immediate sense of calm and relief after each PEMF session that lasts from hours to days and builds over time after multiple sessions; any fatigue afterwards will quickly fade as benefits from these sessions begin taking effect and reaping their rewards over time.

March 13, 2024Editor

Alternative Physical Therapy Toledo

Alternative physical therapy Toledo is a local, family-owned business offering holistic health services. Their therapists evaluate and develop treatment plans tailored specifically for individuals in order to reach their health goals, while offering various modalities for pain management.

This clinic’s National Provider Identifier number (NPI) is 1450625182; this 10-digit medical identifier uniquely identifies a healthcare provider.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (physiotherapy), also known as “physio,” is an increasingly popular alternative to surgery and prescription medications for treating injuries, illnesses and chronic pain. Physical therapy includes exercises like massage therapy as well as treatments using physical stimuli such as heat or cold, electrical currents etc to ease symptoms and increase mobility – it’s covered by most health insurers too! Its applications span from treating injuries, illnesses and chronic pain to improving mobility and living a healthier life overall.

Physical therapists spend much of their time one-on-one with patients, which allows for an intimate bond and trust to form between themselves and their patients. This relationship can make physical therapy sessions all the more meaningful for those suffering chronic pain. Furthermore, they educate their clients about ways they can manage pain more effectively while also preventing future issues.

Physical therapy treatment options vary according to each individual’s medical needs and severity of symptoms, with massage, heat/cold therapy and iontophoresis among the most popular approaches. Iontophoresis involves using an electric current to deliver certain drugs such as steroids to the affected area; this can reduce inflammation while relieving pain. Electrotherapy — using electric stimulation of muscular motor units for pain relief — may also provide relief while increasing muscle strength.

Holistic and alternative physical therapy treatments are becoming increasingly popular with local clinic owners, according to reports of their growth. These holistic and alternative physical therapy methods focus on treating all systems simultaneously in recognition that all systems interrelate. Restorative Concepts in Holland was one such clinic whose founders began their careers as traditional PTs until realizing that treating only one problem caused additional ones.

If a patient is experiencing back pain as the result of poor posture while sitting all day at work, their therapist may prescribe exercises and stretches designed to address their issue, while also suggesting using a standing desk or taking regular walking breaks throughout their work day – these adjustments may significantly decrease back, neck, or other health-related pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage can help loosen tight and knotted muscle and soft tissue throughout your body, which may include chronic back pain, arthritis, migraines, tension headaches and sports injuries. Massage has also been proven effective at relieving anxiety and depression while increasing circulation and flexibility – it may even boost immune system functioning! However, people suffering from cancer or another serious illness should consult their physician prior to receiving massage treatments.

Massage therapy had fallen out of fashion until its revival in the 1980s. Now one of the most widely practiced healing modalities, massage is used by both conventional and alternative doctors and covered by health insurance plans alike. Numerous well-designed studies have demonstrated its efficacy at relieving nausea and gastrointestinal symptoms, decreasing arthritis pain, increasing lung capacity in asthmatics patients and improving blood pressure and heart rate – not to mention other conditions like fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, TMJ dysfunction (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), low back and neck pain as well as sleep disturbances.

Trained massage therapists utilize various massage techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, kneading and tapping to manipulate soft tissues of the body. Therapists then tailor pressure levels that best meet their patients’ needs – this may range from light massages all the way through to more deep ones. Massage has been used successfully in nursing homes and hospitals to foster relationships among residents and staff as well as by midwives running “baby massage” groups for new mothers.

Massage Therapy in the US is regulated by state licensing laws and training programs of 500 to 1000 hours of classroom study, typically distributed over multiple states. Some states require licensure before becoming licensed practitioners, but others don’t require this formality; before starting treatment with any practitioner it is wise to learn their charges, credentials, references from previous clients as well as what therapy type would most appropriately treat your condition. Our NPI number at this clinic is 1032465964 while legacy medical identifiers such as Medicaid PIN number or National Service Center Number or United Services Number or Upin.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy might sound like something from Grey’s Anatomy, but this treatment actually has its origins in osteopathy. Craniosacral therapy’s philosophy holds that the body possesses its own natural capacity for self-healing; physical therapists simply help facilitate this process through pressure or manipulation applied directly onto certain body parts including sacrum (tailbone), cranium and coccyx.

Craniosacral therapy is frequently utilized for relieving back and neck pain, however it has also shown great promise in helping treat other conditions, including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, tinnitus and tempromandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). A study demonstrated how craniosacral therapy helped decrease pain symptoms while improving quality of life in those suffering from fibromyalgia.

At first, a physical therapist will ask about your medical history and listen to any concerns that have been brought forward. After this evaluation process is complete, you’ll lie on your back with clothing on and the therapist will place their hands on both sacrum and cranium bones; their fingers will then use special probes to detect energy trapped between these bones through membranes or fluids; ultimately no more than 5 grams of pressure will be applied by their hands – roughly equivalent to that of one nickel.

As they gently move their hands over your body, a craniosacral therapist will carefully monitor and adjust to your reaction to each touch, which may be physically and emotionally taxing. Due to these effects, craniosacral therapy should not be considered a solution for people suffering from high anxiety or fear of physical contact.

If you’re curious to try craniosacral therapy, make sure your practitioner has completed extensive training in this modality. An ideal practitioner should have between two and three years of specialized education on skeletal system structure, fluid movement, physical imbalances and energetic disturbances as well as potential imbalances that require treatment. Many therapists incorporate craniosacral into their practices because its benefits extend both physical and emotional healing.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is an advanced massage technique used to reduce body pain, discomfort and stress through precise manual techniques that maintain relaxed and lengthened muscles. Based on the theory that muscles and nerves control movement in our bodies and damage to either of those systems can lead to painful symptoms as well as impaired posture and balance issues. Neuromuscular therapists possess expert knowledge of muscle anatomy, connective tissue work and trigger point therapy techniques.

Neuromuscular massage therapy specializes in relieving muscular and osseous (bone) dysfunction by relieving trigger points, adhesions and distorted fascial patterns caused by trauma, chronic postural patterns or repetitive movements that create pain or discomfort throughout the body. Neuromuscular therapists utilize treatment protocols for these dysfunctional patterns by loosening tight muscles while targeting stuck muscle areas that might be compensating for areas that cause primary discomfort.

Neuromuscular Therapy has been proven effective at relieving symptoms associated with numerous conditions, including chronic back and neck pain, headaches, sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. One research study also demonstrated significant decreases in pain for patients suffering from fibromyalgia or chronic tension headaches who underwent Neuromuscular Therapy treatments – researchers believe Neuromuscular Therapy addresses their root cause rather than simply masking its symptoms with medication.

Neuromuscular therapy not only relieves physical discomfort, but it can also provide help with emotional difficulties. Neuromuscular Therapy sessions may release any emotions repressed by your subconscious mind that are blocked and help treat anxiety or depression symptoms – in one case a man suffering from chronic depression found relief through Neuromuscular Therapy sessions.

Neuromuscular Therapy offers a customized approach to health care, so finding the ideal therapist for you is of utmost importance. B3 Medical can assess your suitability for this form of bodywork during an initial consultation appointment – contact us now and set one up!

March 13, 2024Editor

Biofeedback and Quantum Frequency Therapy

Every thought and emotion produces vibrational wave frequencies which serve as carriers for information.

Energy imbalances can cause many different health problems. Luckily, quantum frequency therapy can balance out your energy fields and promote healing.

We provide various quantum frequencies, each offering distinct advantages.


Biofeedback works on the principle that you can train yourself to regulate certain of your body’s physiological responses. Not only can it reduce anxiety, pain and migraines; it can also improve sleep quality and enhance performance. Sensors monitor brainwaves, heart activity and breathing patterns before relaying that data back through computer screens or other devices – this process is known as biofeedback training and includes EEG neurofeedback, thermal biofeedback and galvanic skin response training as examples of biofeedback techniques.

A therapist can show you how to use devices that measure your body’s functions and reactions, like those that measure electrical signals from muscles tensing when electrical impulses arrive at a device that converts them to something you can sense like flashing lights or sounds when this muscle contracts, enabling one to practice relaxing it to ultimately lower their heart rate or blood pressure over time.

biofeedback may bring immediate relief after only a few sessions, though for optimal results you may require multiple weekly sessions – perhaps 20 or more depending on the condition being treated.

Biofeedback sessions involve watching a graph on a computer or other device that shows information about your physiological reactions. For instance, respiratory biofeedback allows you to observe your breathing rates and patterns as they’re monitored by sensor bands around your chest and abdomen, helping you learn to slow your breath-in and out and reduce anxiety symptoms in turn.

Biofeedback therapy can also be an invaluable asset in rehabilitation programs for people recovering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, seizures or any condition causing one side of their bodies (hemiplegia) to remain paralyzed (hemiplegia). A recent study published in Acta Neurologica Belgica demonstrated this fact when biofeedback combined with traditional physiotherapy improved walking ability among hemiplegia sufferers more effectively than either therapy alone did; some insurance policies may cover its costs – it’s best to check with them first before beginning treatment.

Quantum Entrainment

Quantum Entrainment (QE) is a scientifically proven energy healing system which employs autonomic nervous system stimulation to create an environment conducive to deep healing. QE is an effortless technique suitable for anyone to practice, based on resonance and entrainment principles from Universal Principles. When we can access this life force energy and bring it into our lives and businesses, growth will occur exponentially.

Entrainment theory is an incredible and ubiquitous phenomenon found throughout nature, science, and daily life. Entrainment occurs when two objects vibrating at different speeds or frequencies start oscillating together in phase with one another – such as crickets chirping together in unison, old clocks ticking together, or women having the same menstrual cycle – all examples of resonance and entrainment.

Quantum Entrainment (QE) is an approach that employs quantum mechanics to bring about equilibrium and harmony within our bodies and minds. QE can be combined with other healing practices such as eastern forms of meditation or other methods, to amplify healing powers across body, mind, and spirit.

QE has been shown to offer numerous health advantages, including relieving back and neck pain, relieving stress levels, balancing organs and glands and improving digestion. Furthermore, QE helps with relieving anxiety, depression and emotional discord and is an excellent way to strengthen relationships, work performance and your sense of well-being.

Inner peace was once thought to be only achievable through meditation on mountaintops, following a spiritual master, self-sacrifice, and long periods of positive thinking. Recently however, chiropractor, best-selling author and Hay House speaker Frank Kinslow developed an easier path toward inner peace that he calls Eufeeling. Through seminars, webinars, writings and writings he has introduced hundreds of thousands of people to this gentle technique that activates autonomic nervous systems to heal themselves internally – something many were hoping for when seeking answers on inner peace was sought in this manner.


The Healy is an extraordinary micro-current device created to balance your energetic field and activate your body’s self-healing capacity. Boasting over 144,000 frequencies that target physical, mental and emotional wellbeing simultaneously. Furthermore, its quantum sensor uses your personal frequency readings to deliver the appropriate frequencies; making this truly remarkable device designed in Germany over 14 years.

Healy’s quantum physics-based healing system employs an intelligent algorithm that analyzes your energy fields for imbalance, then selects frequencies which will best harmonize them at that particular moment in time. Once taken up into your bioenergetic field, these frequencies will harmonize and harmonize you as a whole being.

Healy’s frequencies differ from conventional frequencies used for relaxation by carrying electricity directly into your cells and returning their voltage levels back to healthy, physiologically appropriate levels – enabling cells to restore balance and start functioning again at optimal levels.

Healy’s frequency therapy is grounded in vibrational medicine – the concept that everything vibrates at certain frequencies in nature and that when you are healthy your cells vibrate at their optimal frequency as well. His frequencies also promote protein synthesis, ATP production and cell membrane voltage within your body to stimulate cellular communication between cells in your body.

Healy offers multiple programs and non-medical applications using individual frequencies to help you balance your mind, body, and relieve stress. Gold, Holistic Health and Holistic Health Plus programs use microcurrent and frequency therapy together with additional non-medical applications to keep you balanced throughout the day or while sleeping at night – as well as additional non-medical applications available through smartphone control for bioenergization regeneration and healing. Healy represents quantum-based healing technology at its best – you’re always in control!

TimeWaver Home

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a form of quantum frequency treatment, employing precise frequencies and low-intensity currents to promote cell communication and restore bodily harmony. FSM works on the principle that every element in our bodies vibrates at specific frequencies; these vibrations play an essential part in cell communication as well as overall bodily harmony – discrepancies disrupt this harmony, leading to disease and illness.

TimeWaver technology was originally developed in Germany and now employed by over 3000 practitioners globally. Based on Nobel Prize winner Dr. Bert Sakmann and Dr. Erwin Neher’s groundbreaking research that demonstrated low voltage currents could return cells’ membrane potential back to its natural state, TimeWaver utilizes precise frequencies in its treatment principles in order to restore it back.

Harmonizing the Information Field allows life energy, also known as chi/qi and prana, to flow more smoothly – which is key for wellness and healing. TimeWaver conducted unblinded before/after surveys in controlled and randomized groups of participants who received treatment, showing their wellbeing was higher after applying it; however this has yet to be confirmed by independent studies.

TimeWaver Pro provides insight into diseases, disorders, and ailments in the body’s energy field and suggests appropriate frequencies to use. With over 150,000 frequencies assigned to various symptoms and indications, TimeWaver Pro also allows clients to set customized “Focus Intentions”, then analyzes suitable frequencies that harmonize Bioenergetic Field.

Healy with TimeWaver is a handheld device that uses individual frequency to stimulate certain areas of the body, such as the skeletal system or muscle groups, with frequencies chosen specifically by each user. This powerful tool has been shown to significantly reduce chronic pain such as that associated with fibromyalgia, headaches or migraines, stress and anxiety while helping with emotional disorders such as PTSD or phobias – it can even be used at home and makes for an excellent addition to FSM sessions in person!

March 13, 2024Editor

Silver Nature’s Natural Healer

Silver, nature’s healing solution, is an amazingly potent germicidal metal which is non-toxic to humans yet lethal against over 650 disease-causing bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites. Furthermore, its antioxidant properties help lower oxidative stress within the body while speeding healing of wounds that won’t otherwise mend themselves.

Herpes simplex and zoster outbreaks can be treated externally with silver gel or liquid, while nursing mothers experiencing cracked nipples find comfort from its application between breastfeeding sessions.


Silver ion is an effective broad spectrum antimicrobial agent and has proven its efficacy against harmful bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites and viruses. Furthermore, it works as an effective anti-inflammatory, helping reduce pain and swelling as well as being an excellent natural healing agent that speeds up tissue repair processes in the body – this makes it an excellent addition to wound care in either its topical form or as part of a saline solution to flush away toxins out of the system and help avoid infection.

As opposed to pharmaceutical antibiotics, silver does not disrupt bacteria’s delicate microbiome; therefore it remains non-toxic for our bodies but lethal against over 650 disease-causing organisms. Silver has a history of medicinal use dating back to 4000 BCE; with its first recorded usage being as an antiseptic and wound treatment during 17th century Europe when silver nitrate was widely used as an antiseptic solution [35]

Since then, multiple studies have demonstrated the efficacy of silver in killing pathogens within wounds. One such study employed silver dressings which demonstrated significant reductions in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus colonies; another employed topical silver ion gel for burn treatment while also providing anti-inflammatory benefits and killing bacteria [36, 37]. [36, 37]

Silver can serve as an effective and natural solution to pharmaceutical antibiotics when they fail or cause adverse side effects. Furthermore, it has proven itself effective against MDR infections as a tool against various resistant strains.

Silver has many applications today for health and beauty products such as lotions, lip balms, eye masks and facial kits intended to rejuvenate skin, as well as in saline solutions used to clean wounds and promote healing. Furthermore, new wound care devices incorporate silver as it provides infection prevention properties as well as anti-ageing effects; and it has even been utilized as part of first aid kits at home or while travelling; in some instances even being used to purify drinking water!


Silver is an antioxidant which combats free radicals to combat oxidative stress that leads to premature ageing, allowing your body to use its natural stores of collagen and elastin more rapidly to heal itself more rapidly. Because of this property, silver has become a staple ingredient in numerous skin care products like lotions, serums, and facial kits for this very reason.

Silver has numerous healing properties, but it also works effectively as an antiseptic agent. It does so by eliminating germs, bacteria, yeast, and fungus; as well as helping chronic wounds to heal more rapidly.

Silver’s antiseptic properties make it a valuable topical application, ideal for open sores such as oozing eczema or abrasions as well as burns. It is widely utilized by trauma burn centres as a safe home remedy.

Silver ions penetrate bacteria cells and attach themselves to oxygen receptors on their cell walls, cutting off their access to oxygen and thus killing the bacteria cells. Silver is also an effective antiviral treatment and can be used against coronavirus infections as well as common flu viruses.

Antiviral properties make turmeric useful in treating upper respiratory infections like colds, bronchitis and flu. Furthermore, its use can also help treat shingles, herpes and genital warts.

Due to its antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties, ancient civilizations revered silver as one of nature’s greatest healing agents. Today its benefits remain evident, making silver an essential addition to every first aid kit and household.

Silver can be an effective preventive measure against many illnesses. When taken in high doses, it has even been known to aid inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Silver gel may also be safely applied topically on lips and gums for sore throats, colds, nursing mothers’ nipple-nipple nursing, burns, lips/gums and as a cooling topical application on burns – plus adding it directly into drinking water helps purify it further!


Silver is one of the world’s most effective natural antiseptic agents ever discovered, being both non-toxic to humans and lethal against more than 650 disease causing organisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites and viruses. Silver’s germicidal effect stems from its unique properties involving both oxidative and catalytic deactivation mechanisms to deliver its potency against disease-causing pathogens [1].

Silver has long been used to combat infection and as an antiseptic for wound dressings, creams, ointments and surgeries. But due to antibiotic use becoming widespread during this era, silver fell out of favor until its revival by Dr. Fox in the 1960s – when he introduced topical applications of silver nitrate and silver sulfadiazine (SSD) for treating ulcerations, infected burns and gonococcal ophthalmic infections in newborns [2][3]. [2]

Recent research demonstrates the efficacy of SSD and silver nitrate solutions to significantly decrease bacterial biofilm in wounds, with SEM verifying a reduction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and S. aureus from murine skin biofilms after only 3 days treatment.

Silver’s antiseptic and stimulating qualities make it particularly useful in healing open sores, oozing eczema and abrasions as well as scar tissue. Silver is increasingly being included in eye masks, facial kits and skin soaps as a solution against infections as well as signs of ageing such as sagging and dullness.

Colloidal silver is widely known for its powerful antibacterial and antifungal actions in internal intake, nasal care and sinus care applications. To maximize health benefits it’s recommended taking one teaspoon on an empty stomach several times each day to maintain good health. Applying silver liquid or gel to the nostrils and sinuses is an excellent way to manage allergies such as hay fever, relieve congestion, and facilitate breathing on long airplane flights. Silver has also proven effective at treating children’s ear infections by applying small doses of liquid or gel multiple times daily to the ear canal, alleviating itching, decreasing recurrences and eliminating infections that contribute to scarring. This allows their bodies to create clean healthy tissues with reduced scarring.


Silver is one of the greatest medicinal creations given to humanity by God. As a potency antimicrobial, silver has proven highly successful at killing bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites from numerous types. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated its power in speeding wound healing; even regular wounds heal twice as fast!

Silver has long been used in cosmetics, and silver-halide crystals were even the first way X-rays were ever recorded! Additionally, its use has also made silver an effective natural remedy to heal minor cuts, scrapes, skin irritations and bug bites – as well as moisturize dry and flaky skin conditions in dogs & puppies. Silver was even utilized by battlefield surgeon Ambrosie Pare to conduct battlefield surgery! Furthermore, this antifungal substance also made its first debut as the first ever recorded X-ray images!