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Quantum Healing Guided Meditation

Learn to connect with your spirit guide through guided meditation, relaxation and hypnosis techniques influenced by Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Immerse yourself in tranquillity and mindfulness at Quasar Quantum Healing‘s Himalayan Salt Cave. Relax your mind, release tensions, and restore emotional equilibrium for optimal wellness.


Meditation, as a form of mindfulness, can be an effective means for reducing stress and improving health. Furthermore, practicing meditation can assist with pain management as well as help overcome fears. Furthermore, practicing this form of mindful awareness may boost one’s self-esteem, awareness and empathy levels.

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice with roots in various world religions, yet anyone can participate. Studies have demonstrated the numerous health benefits associated with meditation such as decreasing pain and stress levels, improving sleep patterns, strengthening immunity systems, connecting to your higher self or guides as well as more.

Meditation doesn’t just have to mean sitting quietly on a chair; there are multiple methods of practicing this ancient art form. Walking, biking and paddling while focusing on breathing are among the many different approaches you can take, or repetitive tasks such as knitting or kneading bread dough can all serve as effective forms of mediation. Visualization techniques also can be helpful. Although no single meditation technique has proven itself as being successful for everyone, finding one that suits your specific needs and lifestyle is crucial for true relaxation.

One study concluded that combining different meditation practices was more effective than any single one, according to researchers. Furthermore, they noted the necessity of having a place without distractions when practicing meditation – although this may be difficult in today’s fast-paced society; nevertheless it’s still possible to meditate while on the go by closing your eyes and focusing on breathing or your favorite mantra.

Noting the potential negative side effects of meditation is important – such as depression and anxiety – though rare. Before beginning a new routine or instructor, speak with your physician first to ensure safety and review their qualifications as an instructor.

Complete Book of Quantum Healing is the ideal holistic healing book, combining old-world wisdom with cutting-edge science. Author Deanna Minich seamlessly combines medical expertise with accessible healing techniques anyone can implement, such as eating properly and taking nutritional supplements, emotional release techniques, replacing limiting beliefs with positive ones, working with animals or flower essences and integrating mind-body healing.


Hypnosis as a quantum healing guided meditation can offer physical, mental, and spiritual relief. Hypnosis relies on tapping into higher states of consciousness to produce results unobtainable through traditional Western medicine alone – because it addresses root cause of issues instead of just offering band-aid solutions.

Quantum healing is founded on the belief that our bodies contain an energetic life force, and any imbalance can lead to illness. Similar concepts are utilized by other energy healing modalities like Reiki and Chinese medicine. Quantum energy healing has also proven successful at treating various conditions from influenza to terminal cancer.

Chopra asserts that our minds and bodies are manifestations of an underlying consciousness that underlies physical reality, known as the quantum mechanical body. He suggests this connection connects directly with our physical bodies on a quantum level; furthermore he asserts that people’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs can have direct influences over their health.

While many associate quantum healing as a new-age practice, its principles can actually be found within modern physics. Quantum mechanics states that microscopic particles appear and disappear at random in reality – serving as building blocks of matter and the entire Universe itself. Furthermore, this theory operates on probabilities so the most likely outcome is usually what transpires.

Quantum healing sessions typically focus on life-force energy – commonly referred to in Chinese as chi or prana in Sanskrit – using body awareness techniques and breathwork exercises designed to focus it. Quantum healers then harness this energy for use in healing the individual.

As part of their treatment plans, they may utilize Quick Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), designed by Dolores Cannon – a well-known teacher and hypnotist – which enables clients to connect with their Higher Selves, subconscious, and past lives during either an in-person or online hypnosis session.

Conventional medical experts don’t generally endorse holistic healing modalities like placebo effects, yet scientific evidence proves its efficacy. Therefore, it’s wise to maintain an open mind and explore different healing modalities before dismissing them outright. Exploring oneself allows one to discover which ones work for them personally while exploring your intentions, energy and desire can produce results.


Labyrinths are ancient archetypes used for walking meditation. Comprising of one long winding path that leads into and back out from its center, labyrinths have long been recognized by cultures worldwide as symbols of their spiritual journey and today serve as effective tools for relaxation and self-awareness – some people even find them an especially potent means of healing mind, body, and soul simultaneously!

In 1986, Labyrinth introduced audiences to the concept of labyrinths again through film. Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly), an imaginative teenager with a fondness for fantasy stories is left alone with Toby (Toby Froud). When trying to calm him with stories from her imagination world of childhood fantasy realm, Sarah accidentally summons Jareth who then must be saved before midnight arrives.

Even after its initial box office failure, this film quickly rose to become a cult classic. This success can be attributed to an extraordinary cast including Jim Henson’s pre-CGI puppetry skills; Terry Jones’ writing and acting; David Bowie’s music/soundtrack; as well as Sarah herself’s journey from childish passions into adult responsibilities. The movie serves as a metaphor for Sarah as she attempts to reconcile both worlds – her childish passions as well as adult responsibilities – during her own personal journey to adulthood.

To successfully traverse a labyrinth, one must enter slowly and calm their mind. Start off by repeating a prayer or chant, focus on each step you take and how each turn feels before entering. At the center, take some time out for reflection or meditation before continuing back out again and emerge with clearer, more peaceful thoughts.

If you need some guidance in starting to walk a labyrinth, Lauren Artress’ book “Walking a Sacred Path” may provide useful instructions. She is both a psychotherapist and Episcopal priest who lectures on its benefits, while there are various online resources dedicated to labyrinth history and spiritual transformation through labyrinths; additionally there’s the World Wide Labyrinth Locator found on Veriditas’s website that you can use.


Quasar Quantum Healing provides holistic wellness services in an idyllic Himalayan Salt Cave for salt therapy sessions, and studio space for yoga and other spiritual practices. This peaceful setting can help you unwind, let go of anxiety and return your body and mind back into balance.

Quantum healing guided meditation sessions offer the chance to tap into the quantum field and manifest your intentions for a more fulfilling life. These sessions aim to guide participants through an experience of surrender and forgiveness while channeled guidance may offer healing for ancestral and genetic holding patterns, along with replacing negative attachments with more powerful positive ones.

Meditation with sound, light, and color uses sound waves, light spectrums, and colors to bring about deeper states of self-awareness. Research has proven it can reduce inflammation, improve respiratory function and alleviate symptoms associated with depression or anxiety.

Deepak Chopra is a pioneer of alternative medicine and an award-winning New York Times best-selling author renowned for his writing on metaphysics, spirituality and the link between mind and body. In his latest book he examines mindfulness’s transformative power in daily life.

As part of a quantum healing guided meditation session, you’ll experience a relaxing visualisation that encourages thoughts to calm and breathing to steady. Next comes an absorption conscious level of intuitive imagination which bypasses your ego-mind to allow for Higher Self and Super Consciousness co-therapy; an experience which provides problem-solving breakthroughs, emotional balance restoration and physical recovery as well as providing profound meaning in your life.

Quasar Quantum Healing‘s Himalayan Salt Cave provides an idyllic atmosphere to promote detoxification and respiratory wellness, using pink Himalayan salt as a therapeutic agent to regulate blood pressure, prevent muscle cramps, ease migraines, strengthen bone mass, enhance sleep quality and increase oxygen uptake. Furthermore, Himalayan salt also has anti-ageing properties while acting as a natural antihistamine.