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Hulda Clark Zapper Kit

Dr Hulda Clark utilized zapping technology to kill parasites, virii and harmful bacteria; according to her claims it can also dissolve cancerous cells.

This Zapper Kit provides the components to build an original device designed by Hulda Clark of Cellular Biology at Tulane University. This circuit uses a 555 CMOS integrated circuit.

The programmable design allows you to access all the frequencies on Clark and Rife’s frequency lists.

How it works

The Hulda Clark Zapper employs low current to effectively kill pathogenic organisms responsible for disease, parasites and infections without harming the body or producing any side effects. Based on research by Royal Rife who discovered that bacteria, viruses and other pathogens all possess their own specific natural frequencies that can be transmitted with frequency generators to effectively destroy organisms that contain pathogenic microbes.

This device was designed to produce 30 kHz square waves with positive offset, which transform continuous electrical current into a harmless pulsed waveform that is non-invasive for humans. It consists of two copper electrodes connected via switch that are held against wrists by patients for 7 minute sessions followed by 20-minute breaks – this process is repeated three times for optimal results.

In addition to the basic zapper, this kit also contains Program Driver cards with frequencies pre-programmed by Dr. Clark based on her work and research; you can then program the zapper to automatically deliver these frequencies.

When turned on, copper electrodes emit a weak electric current which travels throughout the body to destroy parasites and pathogens. You can adjust its frequency to meet that of an organism; alternatively a frequency generator can transmit its natural frequency directly. Furthermore, the zapper can also help eliminate heavy metals or toxic substances that accumulate.

Many symptoms experienced by patients can be traced to parasites and pathogens; by using a zapper to remove parasites and pathogens from the body, people can start experiencing improvements in symptoms like weight loss, gastrointestinal issues and IBS. Furthermore, using the zapper may help treat other conditions like allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue and muscle aches as well as some forms of cancer.


Hulda Clark developed her device, known as Pulse Therapy, which generates low-voltage pulses at 30kHz using a 9V battery and two copper handles that users hold or place over various parts of their body to direct the energy pulses through. These pulses pass through an internal circuit before going through two external copper handles a person can hold in their hands to direct pulses on various areas such as their hands or various parts of their body for use against bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites as well as cleanse intestines liver gallbladder or cleanse intestines liver gallbladder and gallbladder while others claim it can even destroy parasites trapped deep within their bodies as fungi or abscesses!

Hulda Clark used her zapper to treat cancer and other diseases. While many of her claims had limited scientific support, many were neither rigorously researched nor disproved by independent studies. Clark was a controversial alternative health practitioner who claimed her zapper could cure diseases by killing parasites and toxins – an idea supported by her herbal treatment program which included Oil of Oregano and Eden Extract as ingredients in treatment products.

Her zapper was one of a kind, enabling her to use frequencies far removed from those harmful to humans. Zappers are designed to selectively electrocute parasitic organisms by using their unique resonant frequencies – when one parasite hears another parasite’s resonance frequency it will resonate and cause both of them to burst.

The VariGamma 2.0 is the latest edition of Huda Clark zappers and offers numerous upgrades over its predecessors. It boasts more accurate frequency precision between 0.1 Hz and 1 MHz and allows programming with any frequency from Dr. Clark’s frequency list. Furthermore, this device features a rechargeable internal battery with automatic alert message when power levels drop to below 15%.

The Hula Clark Zapper Kit is an affordable and effective way to rid your body of parasites and other toxins. Featuring an intuitive user interface and comprehensive instructions manual, the device can be purchased both directly from the manufacturer as well as through distributors; additionally pre-programmed frequency cards may also be purchased to use with it.


The zapper can act as an additional defense for your immune system, with low-level pulses dissolving pathogens that have already infiltrated and stopping them from penetrating further. Furthermore, it helps your body discover any hidden infections which are contributing to illness, as well as potentially helping prevent future outbreaks of similar issues.

Traditional zappers produce low-level DC pulse signals ranging in frequency from 30kHz to 20kHz. They’re powered by 9v batteries and connected to two copper handles you hold in your hands; their pulses are safe for healthy bacteria but lethal against viruses, parasites, mould and yeast.

Hulda Clark proposed that each form of life could be identified with specific frequencies, and lethal effects were obtained through her device known as the Zapper. Although Hulda Clark’s claims have yet to be independently verified, they can be easily made at home using instructions available from various copyrighted sources and often made without supervision from amateur experimenters.

An innovative device combines all the essential features of a basic zapper with many extras: Audio Programmed Zapper with wide frequency range options; guaranteed 10V output at all times; sensor LED showing current being delivered to handholds (shown on panel of photo below) so you can verify all connections are correct and no reverse battery condition exists; automatic message alerting if battery level falls too low before starting programs; rechargeable battery that runs up to 500 hours (ten times more than most zappers); built-in rechargeable rechargeable battery that lasts 500 hours before starting programs; built-in rechargeable battery lasts ten times longer.

The VariZapper features three standard programs (three 7-minute sessions with 20-minute rest periods between), but can also accept pre-programmed frequencies from Program Driver Cards that contain sequences of targeted frequency patterns based on Dr. Clark’s protocol and can be purchased and downloaded directly into the VariZapper without needing to go through programming steps.


No matter if it’s chronic health conditions or just overall wellness that you seek to enhance, the Hulda Clark Zapper can assist. By sending mild pulses of safe electric current through the body to kill or disrupt biological activities of viruses, bacteria and parasites such as parasites which cause symptoms to improve while simultaneously strengthening immunity – it’s an invaluable way to boost both.

Dr. Hulda Clark created The Zapper as an electronic device to treat various conditions with alternative medicine. Using safe electrical pulses and frequency waves, this device helps eliminate pathogens from your body.

Hulda’s work built upon Raymond Royal Rife’s research, who identified the natural frequencies of many bacteria, viruses and parasites. According to Clark’s law of frequencies for pathogens, the higher their frequency is, the more primitive its species is likely.

Clark utilized Rife’s frequency spectrum to design her first zapper to target pathogen frequencies and kill existing infections while simultaneously stopping their reproduction and growth. Zappers can not only kill existing pathogens but can also prevent their reproduction and spread.

The Huda Clark Zapper is a portable electronic device that produces square waves at 30kHz to kill viruses, bacteria and parasites in the body. This simple yet effective device relies on a 9V battery power source as well as two copper handles or electrodes which users hold or place anywhere they feel necessary on various parts of their bodies for maximum effectiveness.

The new VariZapper 2.0 is an innovative frequency device. Featuring several improvements over its predecessor, while still being true to Dr. Hulda Clark’s holistic protocol it supports, it makes its debut. The primary improvement was the implementation of a fully programmable frequency generator that allows access to any of Dr. Clark’s frequency lists, with improved frequency precision from 0.1 Hz up to 1 million Hz and no need for disposable batteries. Built-in internal rechargeable battery and an automated message will notify you if battery levels drop before starting programs. For added flexibility and programming speed, additional frequency programs can also be purchased separately through Program Driver Cards.