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Rife Cancer Therapy

Rife therapy uses low-energy electromagnetic frequencies to heal the body. It consists of a control panel, display screen, and two electrodes attached to a user’s hands or feet for use during therapy sessions.

In 1934, it was discovered that various organisms and disease-causing microorganisms have specific resonant frequencies which could be used to kill them. This technology resembles PEMF therapy which has also proven itself effective at relieving pain and inflammation.

Why is rife therapy effective?

Royal Raymond Rife invented revolutionary microscopes during the 1920s and 1930s that enabled him to see living microorganisms too small to be detected by any existing technology of his time. Rife discovered that these organisms were responsible for disease-causing infections like tuberculosis, typhoid fever and leprosy. Furthermore, Rife discovered that each organism or particle resonated at its own unique frequency; Rife could match it with frequencies which would destroy these organisms and thus eliminate disease caused by them.

At a rife therapy session, an individual relaxes comfortably in an ergonomic position while electromagnetic frequencies are transmitted to their body from a rife machine. These frequencies include those necessary to destroy pathogens within their system as well as those which resonate with healthy organs and tissues within. It is believed that this matching of frequencies reawakens dormant cells in the body to promote healing processes and hasten recovery.

Rife machines have long been touted as effective treatments for treating chronic pain, parasitic infections, viruses and even some forms of cancer. Rife therapy provides a non-invasive alternative to surgeries or medical treatments with possible harmful or side-effects-prone side effects; furthermore it has even been suggested as part of chemotherapy to stop new cancerous cells arising and stop their spread.

Studies on nanoparticles have demonstrated their ability to target specific unhealthy cells or disease-causing microbes more effectively than surgery or radiation alone, without harming healthy tissues in the process and speeding up healing time. Nanoparticle-based treatments could even speed up healing time.

At The Apathecary Natural Health Center, we utilize a true rife machine which delivers frequencies needed to neutralize pathogens and support natural healing processes within the body. For maximum effect, multiple sessions back-to-back or daily if possible are recommended; it may also be combined with other natural healing therapies to increase effectiveness of treatment programs.

What is a rife machine?

A rife machine is a device that emits low-energy electromagnetic waves, with supporters of this therapy claiming that exposure to these waves relieves pain, promotes healing and even fights diseases such as cancer. Yet these claims have been met with considerable skepticism despite having existed for nearly a century; there remains no scientific proof that rife therapy can cure cancer or any other illness.

Royal Raymond Rife created the original Rife machine in 1920 based on his theory that unhealthy cells emit specific radio frequencies which can be detected and selectively destroyed with electromagnetic radiation – known as bioresonance. Although most medical professionals discredit Rife’s technology today, his supporters remain committed to his technology.

Rife discovered through his experiments that certain micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus and parasites resonant at certain frequencies; by tuning into them at this frequency he could destroy these microorganisms without impacting healthy cells – similar to how an opera singer can shatter crystal glasses by vibrating it at its resonant frequency.

Rife discovered that certain frequencies could also activate dormant cells within the body to help regenerate and heal itself, helping regeneration to occur faster and healing to occur faster. Rife Frequency therapy can also be used to treat various chronic infections, autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Rife machines have been around for well over 100 years, yet have not received as much scientific scrutiny as other medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. This may be in part due to patentability concerns related to this alternative medicine form not being patentable and thus less incentive from pharmaceutical industry for conducting thorough studies.

Contrary to PEMF (pulsed electromagnetism) therapies, Rife sessions employ sympathetic resonance to physically vibrate offending pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites in order to cause them to break apart and die while leaving healthy cells unaffected. Furthermore, it does not emit any radiation which means there are no side effects from treatment.

How does rife therapy work?

Royal Raymond Rife made an impactful contribution to science during the 1920s and 1930s with his revolutionary microscopes that enabled him to see living microorganisms otherwise undetectable by any technology. Rife believed these microorganisms caused numerous diseases including cancer. Rife theorized that by finding their specific electromagnetic frequencies you could destroy them and even shrink cancerous tumors using them as therapy.

Rife therapy uses low-energy electromagnetic sound waves to treat various medical conditions. Sessions usually don’t require special sedatives or anesthetics; each session lasts just minutes and you can have as many sessions as necessary until you feel better. At the Apathecary Natural Health Center we specialize in Rife therapy to address cancer, chronic illness, and muscle/skeletal pain relief.

The Rife machine works by transmitting electromagnetic waves through your body to detect disease-causing microorganisms. Once it finds the appropriate frequency, the machine sends pulses designed to eliminate pathogens while stimulating healing processes in your body.

The Rife machine provides healing in another way by matching the resonant frequency of healthy organs and tissues in the body, awakening their cells so they function normally again; in some cases this may help ease symptoms associated with Lyme Disease.

Though rife machines aren’t approved by the FDA, they have become popular treatments in certain countries to alleviate side effects from cancer treatments and speed recovery and increase survival chances. Combining conventional cancer therapies with rife therapy may speed recovery times further while increasing chance of survival.

If you’re interested in exploring Rife therapy as a potential way of combatting cancer or another medical issue, reach out to Apathecary Natural Health Center immediately. We can arrange professional rife sessions either at our clinic or your home and also offer Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy as a treatment option to ease pain, inflammation and other health conditions.

Can rife therapy cure cancer?

Rife therapy is an alternative approach that relies on scientific theory rather than proven results to treat cancer, rather than definitive cures. While not a panacea, Royal Raymond Rife created his rife machine which emits low-energy electromagnetic waves imperceptible to humans that penetrate deep within the body where cancerous cells exist and target areas where these waves hit home – such as target organs where microbes or diseased cells emit specific modulation frequencies and by matching an electromagnetic wave pattern against these frequency patterns it destroys or destroys them completely.

Although rife machines remain popular, they have yet to gain acceptance by mainstream medicine, due in large part to inadequate clinical trials. Many who use rife machines report positive benefits that helped heal from cancer or other illnesses.

Dr. Apa utilizes the Spooky2 Rife machine to apply appropriate frequencies into his patient’s body in order to eliminate harmful cells and organisms, including viruses, bacteria and molds. Everything within our universe operates at vibrating frequencies; Rife machines can detect them as well as raise them so harmful bacteria and viruses cannot survive without harming other cells or organisms.

Resonance frequency treatment has proven its efficacy at eliminating Borrelia bacteria associated with Lyme disease and helping improve various symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and shingles.

Rife therapy has not been scientifically examined or approved by the American Cancer Society; this shouldn’t stop patients from trying it. If you decide to give it a go, make sure that if working with a licensed practitioner can give an accurate diagnosis and tailor a personalized treatment plan just for you. For more information on rife therapy and its potential to help get well contact Immunity Therapy Center now.