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What is the SCIO Device?

scio device

The SCIO biofeedback device is a biofeedback system that enhances your body’s amazing self-healing capability and promotes energy flow by clearing any blockages in its path. It is safe and noninvasive; providing painless healing.

Food, chemicals, inhalants, herbs, toxins, viruses, bacteria and parasites as well as hormones emotions vitamins minerals fatty acids amino acids cellular energy and chakras can all be tested using this technology to detect imbalances or excesses in a range of categories including foods, chemicals inhalants herbs toxins viruses bacteria parasites hormones emotions vitamins minerals fatty acids amino acids cellular energy chakras are all monitored using this system.

It is a biofeedback device

The SCIO device is an advanced evoked potential biofeedback technology that scans your body’s electrical system to reduce electro-stress. Utilizing transcutaneous voltametric evoked potential technology – comprising both hardware and software components – it connects digitally with computers via cables connected directly to wrist electrodes, ankle electrodes, and 8 electrodes on forehead (12 total points of contact) connected by cord. Software programs then focus on your energetic body in order to reduce electro-stress as well as offer lifestyle advice.

At each session, SCIO interacts with your limbs and head via bands and a headset for an extensive bio-energetic field evaluation. Resonating with thousands of tissues, organs, toxins, nutrients and allergens for one hundredth of a second each, the test takes approximately three minutes to complete and provides insight into potential needs, weaknesses and dysfunctions as well as where your energy should be focused.

SCIO utilizes an expansive library of 9000 test substances that it compares your body’s response to, before applying frequencies that help correct or neutralize destructive wave patterns, add frequencies where necessary or release blockages – helping improve cell level function of the body while reinvigorating natural self-healing mechanisms.

Each cell in your body has a natural frequency. As stress, poor diet and overwork cause wear-and-tear on body tissue it can alter this frequency; when this frequency shifts away due to stress or overload it can lose it completely – in this instance the scio device detects this change and restores it using electric impulses.

Scio device helps correct various imbalances such as allergies, weak spots and food sensitivities without needing any invasive or dangerous medical procedures – it works without needles to detect nutrition deficiencies, emotional issues and toxic loads on our bodies – it even measures vibrational frequencies of our DNA to find any imbalances so they can be addressed more easily – all this without needle-free acupuncture! In fact it has even been used successfully against anxiety, fatigue, hormone imbalances and migraines!

It is a non-invasive therapy

SCIO is an advanced Evoked Potential Biofeedback Device created for stress management. Conceived and developed by Professor William Nelson, SCIO uses cutting edge technology to eavesdrop on your body’s electrical communication pathways to read response pulses from your response organs and detect what causes stress to your system. From here it applies healing frequencies in order to correct imbalances.

This device uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify areas in both mind and body which are experiencing high amounts of stress – be it physical, emotional, or mental. Once identified, the stressors are eliminated to improve mood and energy levels as well as reduce symptoms while speeding up natural homeostasis processes within your body. In addition, this device stimulates immune function while detoxifying your system.

At each session, you lay comfortably on a couch and connect to the device through electrode straps placed around your ankles and wrists; these link to a headband which transmits and receives electromagnetic signals from your body. A computer then analyses this data – quickly scanning your entire body against 9000 chemicals stored electronically to identify those causing stress.

After prioritizing your results, they are prioritized to highlight the most critical imbalances within your system – these could include nutritional advice, food sensitivities, emotional stresses or digestive or elimination issues. Once this list has been determined, your practitioner selects and programs the device accordingly to address those imbalances most directly affecting you.

Each organ in your body resonates with certain frequencies that form part of its energetic system. If these frequencies become disrupted due to pathogens, toxins or parasites, optimal functioning cannot occur – therefore necessitating healing frequencies that resonate through vibrational healing devices like SCIO.

This device also analyzes the frequency levels of body tissues and organs to detect any energy imbalances that might indicate stressors being stored in your system, and to see which organs are operating at optimal capacity – information that will then be used to create a tailored wellness program specifically tailored for you.

It is a painless therapy

The SCIO biofeedback device utilizes electromagnetic waves to scan your body in a painless and noninvasive way, and read energy imbalances throughout your entire system in order to help correct them and relieve stress, increase well-being and reduce stress levels. It does this by measuring resonance pulse of both body and mind – recording reactions taking place within your biological speed limit of one hundredth of a second – which are then interpreted by Educor 64 medical program and relayed back to you therapist in terms of current state of your body as well as recommended applications to aid healing and stress reduction.

The device also detects stresses within your body’s systems, including toxins, fatty acids, hormone levels, hydration and oxygenation levels, energy flows, emotional states, vitamins minerals enzymes fungi parasites. All these elements contribute to stress in your life – so this device identifies them and offers applications proven effective at relieving those stresses, healing traumas or improving overall wellness.

After using SCIO, you may experience many benefits including improved sleep and mental clarity. Furthermore, this device can aid in healing old injuries while decreasing pain levels – your therapist may recommend various activities during your healing process such as walking, breathing exercises and drinking plenty of water and herbal teas.

This non-invasive and painless technology is founded on the idea that all diseases begin at a cellular level. This device can identify your entire body’s resonance patterns and send back frequencies to adjust or neutralize destructive wave patterns; additionally, new frequencies may also be added and released depending on your individual needs.

The SCIO is an effective stress reduction technique and has been utilized by various athletes such as tennis superstar Novac Djokovic. Many clients have reported seeing significant change after regular SCIO sessions; one mother reports her son was initially diagnosed with ADHD but after his first SCIIO treatment saw significant changes in his behavior and was able to wean him off medication altogether.

It is a non-invasive test

The SCIO (Latin for I Know) device is a diagnostic and therapeutic device that communicates with the body via electromagnetic waves, to identify areas of stress, acupressure points and balance body energy to restore homeostasis and activate self-healing processes. Furthermore, this device analyses nutritional deficiencies, toxins and diseases so users may make informed decisions for treatment options.

This innovative new technology blends holistic medicine with advanced quantum technology. It scans your body like a computer and can lead you to non-invasive, pill-free healing techniques; bioresonance therapy and energy healing as well as detoxification therapies are among the many therapies it can use.

It measures the entire tri-vector of body electric (unlike single parameter probe systems such as Voll meters), providing the most comprehensive energetic medicine analysis on the market today. As it measures an individual’s entire body at once rather than just isolated areas, this gives an accurate picture of their health status and allows for enhanced treatment planning.

The SCIO machine’s sensors, located on its headband and wrist/ankle straps, send electromagnetic signals through to your body. Software then processes these signals and provides an orderly list of areas in need of attention in terms of severity. The SCIO can identify anything causing stress – from viruses and weaknesses to food sensitivities or allergies and emotional trauma – enabling it to pinpoint areas needing improvement and provide targeted care plans.

When clients arrive for sessions, the SCIO sends electromagnetic signals through electrodes in their headband, wrist and ankle straps to compare with resonant frequencies of thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins, chemicals and other substances; it then lists any reactions in order of severity before applying this information to each client’s system for analysis and application.

The SCIO can help restore balance to your body, reduce inflammation and strengthen immunity. Additionally, this device can test for and address conditions like ADHD/ADD/ADHD, asthma, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disease among others.