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What is Rife Sound Therapy?

Everything in our universe vibrates at a specific vibratory rate or frequency. Just as an opera singer can break a glass with their singing, rife machines detect bacteria or viruses by their natural frequency and destroy them effectively.

Rife sound therapy has shown remarkable success for treating various issues including tinnitus, pain, GI tract issues and tremors – and best of all it’s non-invasive!

Frequency Matching

Sound frequencies can help heal your body, and Rife Therapy is an excellent tool to use in detox programs, pain control, and overall health promotion. Our team at The Apathecary Natural Health Center utilizes this therapy for various problems.

Frequency matching is an integral component of rife sound therapy, and Rife machines are well known for broadcasting frequencies to kill bacteria and other microbes. Rife machines broadcast an exact match frequency that resonates with microbes’ resonance to cause their molecular bonds to break, killing off all living things on contact.

Similar to how a singer can shatter glass with their music by vibrating certain notes, waves can also break up viruses and parasites in our bodies by altering their energy patterns.

Researchers behind this study sought to build upon previous work using single or few variables in stimulus design. Aside from applying loudness-weighting (e.g., applying a notch filter to tinnitus frequency), they also implemented modulation rates of 10Hz and an amplitude of 1octave for their two stimuli, then compared their effects on auditory acuity, pitch frequency perception and perception in overall.

Furthermore, this study focused on how different durations and frequencies affect perceptions of tinnitus perception; this research could indicate which frequencies should be prioritized when treating your tinnitus. Results demonstrated that stimuli matching your specific frequency caused tinnitus reduction with greater effect than non-matching stimuli.

Rife frequency technology has evolved steadily over time to maximize its benefits. At our center, plasma ray tubes powered by radiofrequency enable frequencies to penetrate deeply into your body without limitation from skin contact electrodes or similar methods that only contact surface areas of skin. This allows deeper reach of frequencies into cells for greater impactful therapy that boost immunity and prevent disease development.

Cellular Stimulation

Rife Sound Therapy employs frequencies to stimulate cells and improve their functioning, helping rebuild and regenerate tissues, organs, and the entire body. It can also aid detoxification, pain relief, emotional and mental stability and emotional and mental stability. Sessions utilize sound waves piggybacked on radio frequencies generated by plasma light emission machines which physical vibrate offending pathogens like cancer cells, bacteria, fungus and parasites until they disintegrate – this effect being achieved without harming tissue, immune systems or DNA.

Sound frequencies have also been found to promote healthy cellular regeneration by stimulating their natural function as well as stimulating dormant or damaged cells to reawaken and return them to function, known as cell regenerative stimulation, with impressive positive health benefits.

Body cells are programmed to respond to specific frequencies and vibrations, communicating between themselves to change their rate of function and help fight off diseases or infections while healing themselves.

Royal Raymond Rife discovered in the 1920s that viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites all exude different resonant frequencies that vibratory rate is equal to. By matching up frequencies that corresponded with those produced by these organisms he found it could destroy them more effectively. Furthermore, healthy cells had their own resonance frequencies which could help encourage healing and regeneration within the body.

An intense musical note will shatter glass because molecules in its vicinity resonate with its frequency, just as a Rife machine works.

Amplify Health & Wellness uses rife machines to produce resonant sounds that resonate with harmful organisms, disrupting their vibrational patterns and breaking them down. These vibrations may also have positive impacts on organs and tissues by altering normal functioning patterns, restoring balance to body systems, increasing immunity levels, slowing or even reversing processes that lead to disease progression, as well as decreasing inflammation, stress, and tension levels. Give Amplify a call now on their journey toward optimal wellness! Schedule an appointment now – they are here for support on your journey towards optimal wellness!

Immune System Enhancement

Rife frequency technology detects the natural frequencies of bacteria, viruses and cancer cells to create harmonic frequencies which destroy them. It works at the cellular level to eradicate pathogens while supporting your body’s own systems – safe without side effects!

Royal Rife’s experiments demonstrated that every microorganism, from bacteria to molds and parasites, has its own individual vibration rate or resonance frequency. When these frequencies were aligned to this resonance frequency of an infectious pathogen they will destroy it – disrupting its cell resonance to cause its collapse and break apart, creating plasma waves which in turn emit electromagnetic radiation with high frequencies at low voltage which is comprised of visible and infrared light, electrostatic fields, electromagnetic currents and conductivity resulting in electromagnetic flow containing visible and infrared light as well as electrostatic fields, electromagnetic fields and conductivity of electrons flowing.

Rife machines use ray tubes to deliver frequencies directly into the body for maximum penetration, broadcasting 15 different waveforms that are randomly chosen each time a session begins. While the frequencies broadcasted from these machines are much lower in intensity than ultrasound used to examine fetal babies, they remain millions of times more powerful than what Dr. Rife originally employed against pathogens through his plasma tube device.

Not only can ray tubes help destroy pathogens, but their frequencies can also match those of healthy organs and tissues to encourage them to restore themselves at a healthier pace – creating balance in the body that’s essential in any detoxification program or healing protocol.

To help deliver these frequencies to the body, various methods have been devised. One such technique uses plasma therapy, where frequencies are transmitted through a tube positioned over your body. Other machines employ contact methods like hand cylinders you hold or TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) pads on the skin in order to deliver these frequencies.

Pain Relief

The Apathecary Natural Health Center utilizes rife frequencies as part of Cymatherapy, an energy healing modality. Cymatherapy utilizes advanced technology to transmit frequencies associated with healthy tissues and organs into the body, inducing balance and harmony through these frequencies that ultimately promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Sound therapy works on the principle that every organism has an internal frequency, which when disrupted can lead to illness and disease. Exposing the body to frequencies associated with healthy tissues and organs will help restore this natural resonance frequency and aid in its recovery, ultimately leading to healing.

Rife frequencies may also help stimulate damaged cells to start functioning again, providing important protection from diseases that could otherwise spread rapidly throughout the body.

Rife frequencies may also help balance energy centers or chakras of the body, an essential aspect of many healing modalities including acupuncture and Reiki. These frequencies, called solfeggio tones, feature soothing, relaxing and balancing sounds to achieve this balance.

True Rife therapy uses sympathetic resonance to physically vibrate offending pathogens like bacteria, viruses, molds and yeast, parasites as well as parasites to allow their destruction and elimination from the body. This therapy can help eliminate toxins from our system as well as heal organs and tissues by rejuvenating cells; reduce pain; stop infections; slow or reverse degeneration processes; regulate emotions as well as more.

Rife therapy offers an effective, noninvasive alternative to conventional medical treatment. If you’re curious to discover more, reach out today and book your free consultation; we look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing!