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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Self-Care Essentials – How to Become a Natural Healer

Learn to harness Reiki – Universal Life Force Energy – to heal yourself, friends, family members, pets and even people, animals or objects. Additionally this course offers a Chakra Clearsing Ceremony as part of Reiki Attunement Ceremony.

There are two methods available to you for getting a discounted training course: going directly through Melissa Crowhurst or via Melissa’s associate.

Self Care

As the pandemic continues and life becomes increasingly demanding, it is vitally important that individuals make steps to prioritize self-care. Self care may include activities like sleeping regularly, exercising regularly, spending time in nature, eating a nutritious diet and practicing mindfulness; setting personal boundaries or being emotionally expressive are also considered forms of self-care. Individual needs vary and tailored self-care plans should reflect this in order to feel most nourished.

Though self-care may be hard to incorporate into everyday routines, its rewards can be long term. For instance, practicing self-care can help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety over time and give energy and perspective needed to face life’s daily stresses more effectively.

Practice self-care doesn’t need to be costly or extravagant – in fact, even simple gestures such as taking five-minute breaks from computer work for stretching exercises or fresh air walks count as self-care! For those struggling to make time for their personal development activities, an action plan may help. By starting small and gradually adding activities into daily life routines.

If you need help prioritizing self-care, seeking support from a counselor or behavioral health provider can be invaluable. They can offer tips and tools for incorporating self-care into daily routines and resources to address barriers preventing progress; additionally they may refer you to natural healers who can offer emotional and spiritual comfort when necessary.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a form of therapy designed to increase the natural flow of energy within an individual, similar to spiritual, soul or quantum healing. Energy healing may provide relief for physical as well as emotional ailments; it may even assist individuals overcome negative energy caused by past traumas while providing clarity and self-awareness.

There are various energy healing modalities to choose from, including Reiki, ThetaHealing, Access Bars, Qigong, Cranial-Sacral Therapy (CST), breathwork and others. When selecting an energy healing modality and practitioner to suit you best it is important that they feel supportive rather than pushy or judgmental – that means finding one which resonates with your own personal goals and preferences.

At an energy healing session, patients typically recline on a treatment table in full clothing while their practitioner scans their energy field – either using off body touch or by dowsing in it (near but not on them). Based on what needs to be addressed, an energy healer may work towards clearing or balancing areas of imbalance.

Energy healing as part of an integrative health program can complement traditional medical therapies to address some common ailments, including stress, mood disorders and early signs of aging. It may also assist with pain management, insomnia and issues related to the nervous system.

Energy healing seeks to assist a person in breaking free of obstacles preventing them from enjoying life to its fullest. By clearing away blockages in energy flow, people can experience better health and well-being; which explains why many turn to this complementary practice as part of their wellness regime.


Crystals are solid objects with regular, repeating structures created by particles arranged in an orderly fashion in its constituent parts. Crystals come in all sorts of forms; from diamonds and precious gems, such as sapphire, to common household substances like salt or sugar crystals – or even snowflakes! Crystals are commonly used decoratively and as watch tickers; many also believe some crystals possess healing powers.

Scientists use X-rays to examine the internal structure of crystals, and can easily use this technique to identify their shape and the patterns formed when their atoms come together. Their type is determined by which elements make up each crystal; for instance, one made from table salt will exhibit completely different characteristics than one composed of sugar (for an engaging way to learn this! see Salt vs Sugar Project!).

There are seven basic crystal shapes: cubic, tetragonal, triclinic, orthorhombic, monoclinic hexagonal and hexahedral. Each can be identified by its geometric parameters of its unit cell – an arrangement of atoms throughout a crystal that gives it its distinctive shape.

Crystals form when liquid cools and the molecules start aggregating together in an orderly, regular fashion – this process is known as crystallization and can happen both naturally – for example gemstone crystals – or artificially, such as in a watch! Some crystals such as quartz can be seen with naked eyes; other microscopic versions exist as well as ones without regular arrangements such as obsidian volcanic glass.


Mudras are hand gestures used to channel energy in one direction and increase concentration and relaxation. You can use mudras during yoga, meditation and other practices – solo or with others – and practice them alone or as a group. Mudras can also enhance the experience of asana and pranayama practice.

Mudra in yoga terms is a term meaning to seal, gesture or lock. These movements are used in tandem with breath work to help activate specific energetic channels and activate meditation before an asana practice. Furthermore, mudra have long been part of Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies and rituals.

There are various mudras that can be performed, each serving their own purpose. Gyan Mudra involves connecting the thumb and index finger while leaving all other fingers straight; similarly, when middle and ring fingers join with thumb (known as Sukachanchu Mudra), this helps instill wisdom.

Mudras are hand gestures used to form an energetic circuit which balances our five elements: fire, air, water, space and earth. Achieving balance among these is paramount to overall health and wellness.

Melissa Crowhurst is the founder and lead instructor of Natural Healer, a wellness company offering massage, Reiki, tarot readings, healing sessions, yoga instruction and more. Melissa holds numerous credentials such as Usui Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner certification as well as Certified Meditation teacher status and Massage therapy certification. In addition, Melissa serves as intuitive life coach/business mentor helping her clients to be their very best self. Her dedication and passion shines through when helping clients to be the very best version of themselves!


Meditation has quickly become one of the go-to self-care techniques recommended by experts and the media, but it shouldn’t be considered “new” or trendy – it has existed for millennia across cultures, continents, religions and time zones – with proven benefits including reduced stress levels, enhanced relaxation levels and greater clarity to overall emotional well-being.

Though meditation comes in various forms, its fundamental concepts can easily be integrated into daily routines and made accessible even to beginners and skeptics. Finding an approach that feels right requires practice – if this is something new for you then try different styles each day, setting aside a specific time each day just for it and slowly increase the length of sessions over time.

Remembering you cannot force meditation is key; don’t get frustrated if your thoughts wander during practice. Thoughts will come and go during meditation; when this happens, gently bring back attention back onto the focus point (usually breath) so as to experience all its benefits without becoming disoriented by distractions.

Melissa is the founder and leader instructor of Natural Healer. She holds accreditations as both Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014) and Practitioner as well as being a Certified Meditation Teacher. In addition, Melissa teaches tarot reading, oracle card reading, crystal healing and essential oil use as spiritual support modalities. Melissa enjoys creating easy actionable ways for people to heal themselves quickly while sharing her intuitive knowledge in these modalities with the greater community.