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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Hulda Regehr Clark and the Zapper

Hulda Regehr Clark was a prominent practitioner of alternative medicine. She believed that disease had an easy explanation once its root cause had been discovered; her work focused on natural cleansing programs combined with her device, known as “Zapper” or Frequency Generator.

According to Clark, viruses and bacteria possess their own natural frequencies that can be identified and destroyed using a frequency generator with positive offset square wave frequency. Her preferred generator has this characteristic.


Hulda Regehr Clark believes parasites to be the source of all disease, and her device, known as a low-voltage generator focused on frequencies between one kilohertz and five kilohertz ranges to reach all pathogens simultaneously. Her device consists of two copper tubes connected with wires connected together and powered by a 9-volt battery; users hold each tube in turn while placing it onto specific body areas for treatment.

Parasites gain entry to their hosts through three primary routes: fecal-oral transmission (e.g., roundworms and giardia), direct skin penetration (schistosomes and hookworms) or transmission through insect vectors such as Plasmodium and Leishmania). Once inside, parasites disseminate either locally or distant organs by infiltrating migrating cell populations such as macrophages and antigen-presenting cells causing tissue damage and cell dysfunction which ultimately causes tissue damage as well as tissue damage and dysfunction that causes tissue damage as well as cell dysfunction that lead to tissue damage and dysfunction cellular dysfunction causing tissue damage or dysfunction and tissue damage and dysfunction cellular dysfunction cellular dysfunction causing tissue damage as well as dysfunction and dysfunction of organs resulting in tissue damage or dysfunction cellular dysfunction resulting in tissue damage as well as tissue damage and dysfunction cellular dysfunction cellular dysfunction leading to tissue damage as well as dysfunction caused by macrophages infecting migrating cell populations such as macrophages or antigen-presenting cells which migrate by infecting migrating cell populations via migration caused by migrating cell populations via infection of migrating cell populations which migrate via infection of migrating cell populations such as macrophages which migrate throughout organs due to tissue damage caused by cell dysfunctional disease resulting in tissue damage as well as tissue dysfunctional damage caused tissue damage as well as dysfunction and tissue dysfunctional damage caused tissue damage as dysfunction to produce damage to cause tissue damage as well as dysfunction and dysfunction from all affected organs to distant organs cells/antigen-presenting cells or macrophages/antigen-presenting cells migrate which cause tissue damage/antigen-presenting cell populations by infiltras which spread the infection of migrating cell populations by infection by infiltrative infections causing macrophage migration via infection migrating antigen-presenting cell mimigmigre moving infection on their travel/migmigration leading to various organs/me/cell dysfunction and dispersions that occurs as tissue damage/cell dysfunction due to immune dysfunctional dysfunctional dysfunction by being immune system disease as antigen-presenting cell dysfunction as antigen-presenting cell damage/antigen presentation cells antigen-presenting cells thus leading to tissues as antigen presentation cells which eventually result causing tissue/ant antigen-present cells due causing tissue/ or antigen-presenting cell transmission by mimig or antigen-presenting cell migrate by antigen present cells to diss/i/ antigen presentation cells migrates/.. antigen presentation cells migrates cause tissue damage/ antigen presented cells migrate out-presenting cell populations mimig or antigen presentation/com. causing tissue dysfunction thus leading to damage/function or organ inflammation or antigen presentations thus disruptes cells then migrate (antisi presenting cells then antigen presented cells which then disease related antigen presentation cellular dysfunction both cells to antigen presentation cells which cause tissue damage/cell interactions due causing tissue dysfunction or even cell dysfunction/ant then//co that caused cell. etc, antigen presentation cells as other cells). Finally causing tissue damages through immuno/ presenting cell populations cellular dysfunction to immune or antigen presented cells eventually cause tissue damages/present cells/ antigenpresenting cells/antis causing tissue damages to mimig from antigen presentation cells eventually antigenic to present cells; eventually.

Some parasites can be responsible for illnesses ranging from digestive to central nervous system diseases. Fasciola majora infection causes colitis and Crohn’s disease in humans while Schistosoma mansoni infestation can cause seizures as well as cerebral hemorrhages in humans.

Parasites are responsible for many serious illnesses affecting respiratory, urogenital, liver, kidneys and lung systems. Parasites also play a significant role in food web communities by either strengthening or weakening them by adding weak links into complex webs of predator-prey relationships or herbivore-herbivore relationships.

Clark realized early in her life that parasites, toxins in the environment and detoxification organs were key contributors to illness patterns. Based on this knowledge she created an integrative treatment approach using phytotherapeutic and orthomolecular approaches as well as her Zapper device.

A zapper uses copper and other metals to capture parasite frequencies that occur naturally. High-frequency waves then sweep over tissues in your body to kill any remaining parasites – once eradicated, your body returns to normal functioning and normalizes itself. Please be aware however, this method is not suitable if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking anticoagulant or Warfarin medications; furthermore it isn’t safe for children.


Hulda Clark claimed her zapper device, built using a 9-volt battery and powered by low voltage sweeping frequencies emitted by two copper handles or electrodes, could effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould and yeast. Her original version built from an NPN transistor. Unfortunately it’s no longer produced.

Viruses are non-cellular microorganisms that lack cell walls but contain nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) contained in protein capsids. While viruses remain dormant outside cells, once inside they can activate themselves and reproduce themselves. They may bind with host cell receptors causing cells to burst and release more viruses into circulation.

Small viruses cannot be seen through light microscopes, but electron micrographs show their spherical shape with tightly packed fibers extending from their capsids. Some viruses even possess lipid envelopes supplied by host cells that surrounds their nucleocapsid. Viral families and genera can be determined based on type and size of nucleic acid as well as structure of capsids or presence or lack thereof of lipid envelopes.

Infection by viruses can produce various symptoms, such as fever, headaches and muscle and joint aches. Some symptoms may be directly caused by neurotoxicity from the virus itself while others result from host immune response; release of cytokines by immune systems to fight infections can create malaise for patients while simultaneously producing symptoms throughout their bodies.

Viral infections can spread through direct contact between people or animals, including blood-borne transmission, fecal-oral transmission and airborne dissemination by droplets or aerosols. They may also spread by touching contaminated surfaces – like doorknobs or telephones – with runny noses or sneezing then touching their eyes or mouths, such as doorknobs or telephones with runny noses before touching other people’s faces or bodies; virus may even contaminate food supplies or spread by game chips which contaminating other people’s games or spreading to new games!


Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms classified as prokaryotic organisms because they lack nuclei and organelles; therefore they are considered highly specialized organisms capable of adapting rapidly to their environment, including human bodies – this makes them one of the primary causes of disease. Yet bacteria play an essential role in recycling nutrients across our ecosystem by breaking down organic waste and recycling nutrients back into soil and water sources.

Dr Hulda Clark was a physician, biologist, and researcher who continued Raymond Rife’s work in frequency therapy. Her research demonstrated that all pathogens, viruses, and bacteria possess natural frequencies which can be tuned in with using a frequency generator; then when applied directly to the body this frequency can effectively neutralise these pathogens.

As she experimented with her frequency generator, she discovered that each pathogen has unique frequencies which made treating all effectively difficult. So she came up with the concept of using a positive offset square wave instead of pure sine waves because this frequency has more harmonics to reach most pathogens effectively – hence creating the first Zapper and subsequent threex7 minute treatment protocol.

Analysis of this treatment’s results showed that in most instances a person would experience a tingling sensation for 7 minutes of frequency application followed by a 20 minute break before another seven-minute application was carried out – this allowed viruses and bacteria to release their dead bodies, often leading to colds or sore throats if repeated regularly. Finally, another cycle would begin again until relief had been attained.

Dr. Clark discovered that parasites and environmental toxins accumulate in our bodies and lead to disease, and she felt these could only be fully eliminated using her holistic healing method; including phytotherapeutic, orthomolecular, frequency zapper therapies as well as frequency zapper frequencies. Her books remain so popular today because they detail these connections between diseases and parasites and toxins in our body.

Other Toxins

Hulda Clark discovered that many diseases and ailments were the result of accumulations of various toxins in her body, whether these be consumed through oral, inhaled or skin ingestion, inhalation or absorption, leading to cancerous growths. Through research and discoveries she created a holistic therapy which used frequencies to exterminate pathogens from her body with her “zapper”, consisting of 555 timer IC circuitry with copper handles or electrodes to generate frequency ranges to catch pathogens and eliminate them completely from her system.