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Cancer and Rife Machines

Rife machines are believed to emit frequencies which resonate naturally with organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus yeast and parasites – such frequencies could potentially destroy these organisms while leaving healthy cells untouched.

Studies have demonstrated the potential effectiveness of RIFE therapy as an adjunct treatment option, though more research must be conducted to ascertain its value as an independent therapy option.


Bioresonance therapy uses frequencies to assist the body in healing itself. Additionally, this form of treatment can also serve as a preventative measure to maintain your overall wellness and vitality. Regular sessions with Bioresonance can prevent imbalance in your system from developing, while being completely safe – unlike many treatments this approach doesn’t come with side effects or contraindications.

Beginning with noninvasive bioenergetic analysis using a Rayonex PS 1000 device, your hair or saliva sample is examined noninvasively to identify stressors to your energy system that could lead to health issues, including chronic illnesses. From this data can come an appropriate treatment plan designed to restore equilibrium; bioresonance tests can then be used as progress measures or measure their efficacy over time.

All substances, living or nonliving, vibrate at different frequencies that can be detected by a bioresonance machine. Furthermore, this machine can identify any resonance matches between certain substances found in your body and their frequencies; should there be one, it can then invert them and help your body break down and remove toxic waste more efficiently.

Bioresonance therapy can be utilized for treating an array of health problems, from allergies and urogenital issues (cystitis, prostatitis and low immune defenses) to digestive conditions like colitis, gastritis and constipation. Furthermore, it has also proven successful at relieving respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis while clearing away various toxic heavy metals and pesticides from our bodies.

Bioresonance machines employ Rife technology in their search for frequencies which resonate specifically with harmful microorganisms and cells in your body, but do not interfere with healthy ones. Once found, these frequencies can then be used to kill any bacteria or viruses present without harming other cells or processes in the body; treatments also incorporate homeopathy remedies and therapies designed to strengthen immunity for maximum effectiveness of results which are readily visible after just a short time under treatment.

Electromagnetic field therapy

Electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF therapy) is a noninvasive solution that promotes healing, pain relief and inflammation management. PEMF uses frequencies that help cells in your body return to a normal electrical charge that will activate natural healing responses in your body and regulate blood pressure and balance pH levels of blood in an effective way.

At an electromagnetic field therapy session, you will sit comfortably while being administered electrodes on various parts of your body that deliver magnetic pulses to various areas. Sessions generally last 30 minutes and multiple treatments may be required before your symptoms improve; electromagnetic field therapy has no side effects whatsoever and has proven highly successful treatment option for many.

Rife machines work on the principle that diseased or unhealthy cells emit different radio frequencies than healthy ones, and using appropriate frequencies could effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses while leaving healthy ones alone – an idea known as bioresonance, though unpopular among medical practitioners, plays an integral part of its functioning.

The Rife machine uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to destroy cancerous tumors and promote healthy cell growth, and may even help treat chronic infections such as Lyme disease. But is there any concrete proof to back this claim up?

Rife machines are small devices that emit low-energy electromagnetic radio waves. Proponents of Rife machines claim they can treat various illnesses, including cancer and HIV. Although there is no scientific proof to back these claims up, Rife machines may still help relieve pain while speeding healing processes.

The Rife machine comprises of a controller box with two pads to attach to either your feet or hands, producing resonant frequencies which penetrate deep into your body to stimulate cellular activity and facilitate healing. Unlike stationary magnetic fields, therapeutic electromagnetic field radiation (PEMFs) can be delivered at much higher levels without being absorbed by your body; meaning PEMFs may be combined with traditional forms of treatment such as acupuncture to bring relief for illness.

Rife frequencies

Rife frequencies are an alternative form of medicine that purports to detect and eliminate cancerous cells through sending low amounts of electromagnetic waves through them. They have also been used successfully against viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. Although not widely accepted by mainstream medicine, Rife frequencies have many supporters among which are those living with fibromyalgia or cancer patients who consider Rife frequencies treatment options.

Royal Raymond Rife developed an electromagnetic frequency machine in the 1920s and 30s that produced extremely low-energy electromagnetic frequencies similar to radio waves but undetectable by human ears. Rife also discovered that each microorganism has its own frequency known as Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR), when amplified it can destroy it and lead to further research into frequency therapy for various ailments. His discovery inspired subsequent research on frequency therapy treatments for various ailments.

Recent research analyzed tumor-specific frequencies among patients suffering from various diseases, such as cancer. Researchers identified 1524 frequencies which corresponded with each disease type – of these 1183 were specific to tumor types – before identifying an optimal combination of frequencies to treat each condition.

The Rife Machine is an electronic device which transmits frequencies through plasma, which are then absorbed by the body to produce biophotons that convert into electric currents, killing cancer cells as they do so. Furthermore, it also reduces inflammation and detoxifies your system.

The Rife machine is an effective, noninvasive treatment option that does not alter healthy cell DNA. It can be combined with other treatments to increase their efficacy; especially useful when treating chronic illnesses like Lyme disease and autoimmune disorders.

This treatment utilizes sympathetic resonance to break apart harmful organisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites, so they can be eliminated from your body, helping it heal itself more rapidly. Many have had success using RIFe machines for treating Lyme disease, arthritis, infertility and cancer with astounding results.

Rife machines

Rife machines are an alternative medicine technique that utilizes electromagnetic waves to treat cancer. Created by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1920s, these devices use specific frequencies to target and destroy microorganisms; as well as treating cancer they have also been used to treat other conditions; unfortunately however they have never been scientifically validated, leading some researchers to doubt Rife machine proponents’ claims about effectiveness.

Rife’s experiments using his extraordinary microscopes led him to the realization that different microorganisms possess individual frequencies which could be identified using these devices and used for killing harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses without harming human beings – an insight which led him to create what became known as Rife therapy as a result.

This non-invasive treatment offers a great alternative to chemotherapy and radiation therapies. Proponents claim the RIFE machine can detect, destroy and eradicate cancerous cells; however these claims have never been scientifically tested. When diagnosed with cancer it is crucial that people seek professional medical care; although many alternative therapies have loyal followers they cannot rely on evidence supporting their claims; particularly with respect to rife therapy which uses frequencies which have yet to be proven as an effective remedy against cancer.

The Rife Machine is a device that emits resonant frequencies designed to target specific microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. This treatment effectively destroys these organisms by shattering their membranes – ultimately killing them off; additionally disrupting cell structures can kill off dormant bacteria or virus that have lain dormant for prolonged periods.

At each session, clients sit comfortably on an armchair and place their feet on plasma glass tubes connected to a machine connected to a computer which then produces specific frequencies for healing purposes. Sessions can take place multiple times weekly and last approximately 30 minutes per session.

RIFE machine shares some similarities with PEMF therapy, which uses electromagnetic pulses to promote wellness within the human body. While PEMF therapy has yet to prove itself effective against cancer, RIFE has been shown to decrease pain, inflammation and swelling within its use.