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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Benefits of Biophotonic Therapy

This natural treatment has proven highly successful at supporting the healing of digestive conditions, hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety as well as strengthening immunity systems and aiding weight loss.

A small sample of blood (around one half pint) is drawn and exposed to ultraviolet light that kills viruses and bacteria, while also rejuvenating it by stimulating vasodilation and increasing oxygen flow.

What is Biophotonic Therapy?

Biophotonic therapy utilizes both physics and advanced chemistry for its effective application. With Nobel Prize-winning Blue Light LED Diodes as an example, photons were made to carry harmonic information as a delivery system while mastery of advanced chemistry enabled 100’s of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese herbs and man-made compounds to be combined together into long lasting stable solutions that address various health conditions in the body.

Biophotonic therapy works on the principle that all living cells emit light and its quality reflects their condition as a whole. By stabilizing and harmonizing this cellular light through biophotonic therapy, an individual’s health can be restored back to a state of wellbeing.

Studies have demonstrated that any disease or condition can be traced back to disruptions in energy in our bodies. Our bodies and minds should operate as one entity, so when physical ailments appear they often manifest as mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms as well. By rebalancing and making coherent energy flows again it promotes healing from any associated mental/emotional/spiritual conditions as well.

This is done through irradiating blood with ultraviolet light, similar to what’s used for water purification and sewage treatment, such as UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation), photoluminescence or photodynamic therapy treatments.

At each session, a small portion of your blood is removed and mixed with ozone gas before being reinfused under UV light, creating molecules of singlet oxygen which attack cancer cells without radiation or chemotherapy-related side effects and helps your body accept conventional cancer therapies more readily.

An innovative procedure has been devised to reduce viral and bacterial loads during lung transplant procedures. The procedure was jointly devised by Cypel and colleagues at IFSC-USP with Dr. Bagnato at the University of Toronto and involves perfusion and biophotonic decontamination; initially similar to conventional lung transplantation but combined with biophotonic decontamination device for optimal performance. Perfusion takes place first like traditional lung transplantation but then additionally exposed to radiation via biophotonic decontamination device for extra sterilization of liquid circulation through organ while being exposed to biophotonic decontamination device radiation as part of this procedure.

What are the Benefits of Biophotonic Therapy?

Biophotonic therapy offers many advantages; it’s an excellent way to strengthen your immune system, relieve pain and promote healing in the body. Furthermore, biophotonic therapy also reduces inflammation while stimulating metabolism – making it an invaluable treatment option against cancer as well as improving cardiovascular health and sexual function.

Biophotonic therapy can also provide mental and emotional balance by helping restore energy flows that have become imbalanced within living things; biophotonic therapy restores this flow, creating harmony among mind, body, and spirit.

Biophotonic therapy can help alleviate mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, it can boost libido and relieve stress. If you are dealing with addiction issues such as drugs or food dependency, biophotonic therapy may help by eliminating cravings for certain substances or foods.

Biophotonic therapy can also aid your body’s defenses against bacteria and viruses while speeding healing wounds faster. By stimulating natural killer cells and encouraging new healthy tissue formation, this therapy may reduce side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiation treatments as well as minimize any associated discomfort.

Biophotonic therapy may assist with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate, leading to greater fat burning and caloric expenditure. Furthermore, this therapy encourages your body to metabolize toxins more effectively and detoxification processes can also benefit greatly from biophotonic treatment.

Biophotonic therapy can also assist in treating cancer and other chronic illnesses by stimulating your immune system. Biophotonic therapy works by killing cancerous cells while encouraging new ones to form. Furthermore, it increases tolerance to chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as increase tolerance levels during treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Biophotonic therapy works by passing photons through vials filled with botanical extracts. This allows them to pick up on any harmonic vibrations present and transfer these energies directly to your body for use as healing energy.

Biophotonic therapy can be an invaluable addition to other healing methods like ozone treatment and vitamin C injections, providing patients with additional relief and helping heal wounds more quickly while decreasing infection risks. For more information on biophotonic therapy‘s many advantages contact Gerald Parker, DO at Doctors Clinic in Amarillo Texas – or schedule your appointment online now!

What are the Side Effects of Biophotonic Therapy?

Biophotonic therapy is an innovative holistic healing practice that can enhance cellular energy production and foster overall wellness. This noninvasive and nontoxic modality has been scientifically demonstrated to positively impact cellular processes and strengthen immunity; leading to reduced stress levels, better sleep quality and an increase in energy.

Biophotonic therapy not only enhances the body’s natural healing ability, but it can also reduce pain and inflammation through increasing ATP (cellular energy), mitigating oxidative stress and stimulating collagen synthesis. Furthermore, this therapy may also improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which in turn help eliminate toxins from your system.

Biophotonic therapy utilizes light frequencies that stimulate biophoton production to positively impact emotional and mental well-being, including sleep quality and stress levels. Research indicates that wavelengths used in biophotonic therapy may stimulate production of melatonin – a natural hormone associated with improved sleep quality and decreased stress. Furthermore, light frequencies used during biophotonic treatment help alleviate pain by stimulating production of nitric oxide which opens blood vessels more effectively.

Furthermore, light energy can also be utilized to support a healthier digestive tract and strengthen immunity. Research shows it increases absorption of nutrients by the intestines as well as secretion of bile for effective bile secretion; helping alleviate symptoms associated with digestive disorders such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea or gas.

Biophotonic therapy can also be utilized to treat skin conditions such as rosacea, an inflammatory condition characterized by redness, flushing and sensitivity. According to one study conducted on this treatment option, researchers discovered that biophotonic therapy significantly improves symptoms associated with rosacea such as facial redness and flushing.

Biophotonic therapy may provide relief for conditions including fibromyalgia, psoriasis, herpes, multiple sclerosis allergies whiplash and hormonal imbalances. Furthermore, research suggests it has the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses, including antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA. If you would like more information on its benefits please reach out to The Cancer Center for Healing immediately and schedule an appointment!

How Can Biophotonic Therapy Help Me?

Biophotonic therapy has proven useful in the treatment of cancer as well as chronic and inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, pain reduction and skin health improvement through collagen synthesis promotion. Furthermore, this form of therapy increases production of ATP (the body’s primary source of energy) which stimulates tissue repair while decreasing inflammation levels in patients.

Biophotonic treatments use LED technology developed for NASA manned space flight experiments and do not produce UV radiation, making the treatment extremely low risk when used according to directions. The light emits a soft blue-green hue that penetrates body tissues without harming them.

Healthy cells give off an unison and harmonious light. When they become diseased or disrupted by harmful organisms, however, the radiant light disharmonously changes and becomes chaotic or dissonant. Biophotonic therapy restores this harmony so as to optimize bodily functions.

Biophotonic therapy can also be an effective way of calming an overactive immune system when reacting to harmless bacteria or viruses, helping it avoid an immune response against noncancerous substances like bacteria and viruses that could trigger an autoimmune response, like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Biophotonic therapy is an invaluable addition to ozone therapy and can be combined with other holistic modalities for an all-inclusive healing plan. The Cancer Center for Healing takes an integrative approach to patient care, understanding that each person has unique requirements during and post cancer journey. Our team is committed to empowering patients by helping them understand their treatment plans and encouraging them to participate actively in their healing processes. Contact us to discover how biophotonic therapy, combined with other holistic modalities, can assist in your cancer journey. Together we’ll develop an individualized treatment program tailored specifically to meet your individual needs and goals. Call or email us now to set up a consultation, we look forward to speaking with you!