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Is Bioresonance Therapy Right For You?

Bioresonance therapy is a holistic healing modality that employs noninvasive testing and homeopathy remedies to address various conditions. It has been successfully employed against various ailments, from cancer to chronic illnesses; and can even serve as a powerful means for disease prevention and overall improvement of overall health.

The equipment works by identifying any imbalances in communication among body cells. Once identified, it inverts unhealthy frequency patterns while encouraging healthier ones to appear.


Bioresonance therapy takes an integrative approach that seeks to address and eliminate the causes of disease rather than simply treating its symptoms. It can be used for a wide variety of ailments such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic pain as well as cancer detection and treatment – making it a fantastic alternative to pharmaceutical medications which often produce unwanted side effects.

Bioresonance therapy uses cutting-edge technology to monitor electromagnetic wave patterns within the body, which are generated naturally but disrupted by toxins or allergens. This noninvasive therapy produces results quickly; often visible within only one session! Some individuals may experience brief worsening of symptoms post session; this usually passes within several hours.

Bioresonance therapy sessions typically start off with an interview to gather details about your medical history and lifestyle, so your practitioner can determine the frequencies necessary to balance your body and help it heal itself. Once connected to your body, the device then sends frequency signals through your skin into various organs of the body for healing – it is painless, noninvasive and has no side effects whatsoever.

Bioresonance therapy devices measure electromagnetic frequencies of organs and tissues to identify imbalances, and then find energy frequencies that correct them. This treatment can help you feel more energetic while improving overall health; it may even be helpful in treating depression by sending electromagnetic impulses through electromagnetic impulses to impact limbic system of brain responsible for emotions; therefore calming Hippocampus/Amygdala which leads to improved mental acuity.

One benefit of alternative medicine treatments such as chiropractic is that they are safe for pregnant women and children, and may even be combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapies for optimal effectiveness. As always, be sure to consult your physician prior to undertaking any form of alternative therapy.

As an alternative to conventional medicine, massage therapy is quickly growing in popularity as an alternative treatment method. Not only can it alleviate various ailments, it may also be useful in breaking addictions or quitting smoking altogether. Furthermore, it has been known to ease arthritis, fibromyalgia and digestive disorders symptoms, along with alleviating depression symptoms.


This device utilizes electrodes attached to your body and connected to a computer, to monitor any unhealthy frequencies your body emits and adjust them so they vibrate at their natural frequencies, effectively treating illness. It provides a great alternative to prescription drugs which may have serious side effects as well as being less costly than many treatments, making this an attractive option for those on limited budgets.

Asthma and allergies can benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Multiple studies found chiropractic to be more effective than placebo for these conditions, while some people even use it to help quit smoking – all while remaining safe, non-invasive, and without side effects.

Communication among your body’s cells is essential to maintaining good health. When this communication breaks down, imbalances form that lead to illness. Bioresonance therapy uses an energy frequency test to identify imbalances within your cells and invert any unhealthy frequencies – encouraging your body to break down toxins more effectively and heal itself naturally.

Another advantage of this therapy is that it can alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms, including stomach bloating and gas. Furthermore, this form of treatment may assist with allergies and immune system issues such as rheumatoid arthritis; however it should be remembered that chronic disorders do not have cures and so this form of therapy should not replace medications or traditional therapies as treatments.

Bioresonance therapy can also assist in relieving physical, mental, or emotional stressors by returning frequencies back to their original frequency state and correcting disorder while eliminating its cause.

Biophotonic scanning technology draws upon both Chinese medicine and quantum mechanics for treatment, using acupuncture points to achieve balance within the body and biophotonic scanning to locate unstable points that need stabilizing through homeopathy prescription.


Bioresonance therapy does not treat diseases; however, it can help balance your health and improve mood. Furthermore, it identifies and corrects any underlying imbalances; typically combined with other treatment approaches.

This device works by measuring electromagnetic vibration in your cells and tissues, then analyzing this data on a computer screen. This reveals which frequencies are blocked or altered due to disease versus which ones are healthy; then the therapist selects an organ-specific frequency which corresponds with that organ, sending an signal back through to correct any dysfunction; they may also employ additional frequencies for healing purposes.

Bioresonance Therapy can assist with numerous ailments, from fibromyalgia and chronic sinusitis to leaky gut syndrome – where food particles or toxic waste escape the small intestine into the bloodstream causing symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation diarrhea or weight loss issues.

Bioresonance Therapy differs from traditional medicine in that it tailors its approach to each person individually. Based on the principle that every living being has an energy field that heals their body and boosts immunity to illness. A balanced energy system may even strengthen immunity.

Treatment begins with an examination of your body. A physical therapist will then formulate a program tailored specifically to addressing imbalances within it – whether that be cancer or arthritis-related, overall function issues or targeting limbic system of the brain in order to alleviate depression symptoms.

Many patients remain skeptical of bioresonance therapy’s efficacy; however, some studies have revealed positive outcomes. A 2016 article published in Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology demonstrated how bioresonance therapy combined with manual massage techniques was found to successfully relieve muscle pain for those diagnosed with fibromyalgia; bioresonance helped restore antioxidant activity in cells to counteract cellular damage caused by free radicals.


Bioresonance therapy costs can differ depending on your practitioner, making it essential to know exactly how much this alternative treatment will cost before making your decision about whether or not to undergo it. Doing so will allow you to determine whether it suits your lifestyle – though accurate calculations of costs can be challenging due to numerous variables involved.

All human cells produce electromagnetic vibrations. If these vibrations become disharmonious, this can result in disease or illness. A BICOM machine can read these frequencies and transmit complementary electromagnetic vibrations in order to restore harmony. Furthermore, energy diagnosis allows BICOM machines to determine which therapies are necessary for specific symptoms, organs or meridians.

Bioresonance therapy is a noninvasive form of energy medicine used to treat health conditions without resorting to traditional drugs, including pain, allergies and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, this therapy offers patients an all-natural treatment with no known side effects that is effective and free from side effects.

The BICOM device features special detectors which measure electromagnetic fields and frequency fluctuations, recording them using integrated software, then analyzing their results with precision to help doctors diagnose disease patterns or disorders with high precision and pinpoint their locations in the body. Furthermore, pathogenic agents like bacteria, viruses, parasites or allergens can be identified along with their impact on physiological processes.

Though bioresonance therapy is used by many veterinarians, it does not fall under conventional medicine’s purview and must be paid for separately from other treatments. Still, it would be worth asking your vet about using BICOM therapy with your dog; some health insurers do cover some costs related to this form of therapy.

Bioresonance therapy can also be an excellent tool for curing dogs when traditional approaches fail, and many pet owners find this an invaluable option when other treatment methods don’t. One terminally ill retriever was restored to health following seven sessions of bioresonance treatment.