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Hulda Clark and Zappers

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Hulda Clark was an alternative health practitioner who claimed she could treat multiple diseases using an electronic circuit called the Zapper. The Zapper generates low-voltage pulses – usually dual polarity 5V square waves at 30kHz frequency – that are then applied directly to the body for treatment.

What is a Zapper?

An insect electrocutor trap (aka bug zapper or electric insect killer) is an outdoor electrical appliance designed to kill flying insects like mosquitoes and gnats using ultraviolet lights to attract them into a trap where they are electrocuted when touching two wires with high voltage between them. This method has become popular with homeowners as it does not rely on toxic pesticides which could harm people or pets and does not require special bait in order to work – making it much more effective than many traditional insecticides.

Most zappers are enclosed in protective cages to safeguard people and larger animals from coming in contact with its high voltage grid. Within each enclosure is typically a fluorescent light tube which emits both visible and ultraviolet light to attract insects to be captured in traps where they will then be zapped by a bare metal wire grid zapper grid zapper grids – making zappers ideal for use outdoors to rid yourself or others of pesky bugs that bother people, pets or livestock.

Some zappers feature a removable tray to collect dead insects, decreasing risk of infection and contamination. If this tray remains in place and high voltage arcs between its grid and plastic or metal objects, there is the potential for fire risk and campylobacter jejuni, staphylococci, enterococci and serratia marcescens bacteria – commonly carried by flies – are released into the environment via its operation.

For severe pest infestations, specialized bug zappers equipped with an insulated trapping grid may be purchased to safeguard indoor spaces and food preparation areas. While these more expensive models are effective at eliminating mosquitoes and other insects from indoor spaces and food prep areas, they do not emit heat or harmful chemicals that could endanger both people and pets alike.

Some gardeners use natural methods of killing flying insects, such as repellents and landscaping to keep bugs away from their homes. Although this approach is less effective than using a zapper, it doesn’t involve chemicals or toxic substances – plus, it can even be combined with it for maximum effect!

How to Use

Dr Clark’s books and protocols contain guidelines and protocols that will assist you in using a zapper to eliminate parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast and other microbes that could be contributing to health issues. It operates off a 9v battery and emits low frequency waves that cannot be felt but penetrate the skin, stimulating white blood cells while killing parasites such as parasites by switching their positive polarity polarity negative; additionally it may remove worms. A minimum of three treatments are usually necessary before it completely eliminates all parasites and parasites from your system – using it is safe as it won’t interfere with natural electromagnetic fields given off by your body nor interfere with medications taken or affect them negatively either way.

After your initial 7-10 minutes of zapping, take a 20-30 minute break before repeating twice more. Your body needs time to heal from being exposed to parasites and disease organisms during these breaks between sessions; be sure to drink plenty of water and follow a balanced diet after every zapping session.

The AutoZap 5 is an enhanced device, significantly faster and using far less power than its predecessor designed by Dr Hulda Clark. Plus, its user-friendly presets facilitate food zapping, body zapping and an ON cycle – perfect for busy users!

As part of an overall healthy diet that includes fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as raw food sources, zapper use should only be done in conjunction with such diet. Processed food products, canned goods and refined sugar are known to contain parasites and heavy metals which could prove fatal for your health.

Use of a zapper should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease. A zapper is simply an electrical device which emits an inaudible signal which parasites, bacteria and viruses can detect but humans cannot. For proper diagnosis and treatment you will require consulting with a physician who specializes in herbal medicine as well as Dr Clark Protocol treatment plans.


Hulda Clark was an alternative health practitioner who made headlines when she claimed the Zapper could help cure many diseases. This small electronic device emits low frequency waves from its 9 volt battery and features two copper handles or electrodes which the user holds or positions across different areas of their body to send an electrical current that kills parasites and other disease-causing organisms in their bloodstreams.

The Zapper can also help relieve symptoms of chronic stress. Studies have revealed that stress damages the immune system, leading to physical and mental problems. Restoring balance and improving overall well-being is something the zapper can assist with, while it’s also used for digestive issues treatment and to increase energy levels among users.

Hulda Clark made numerous claims during her lifetime concerning her ability to heal people from various illnesses, particularly HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases with a device she called her Zapper. Unfortunately, however, independent studies have disproved many of these claims.

While zappers can help improve some health issues, they should never replace medical treatment. Before embarking on any new health regimen or trying out the zapper alone, always consult a healthcare professional first and see what options might work for you. Furthermore, this method may work better when combined with full body detox programs for maximum efficiency.