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Life Energy Massage Therapy

Massage can be an incredible way to relax and re-energize, but why stop there? Life energy massage therapy takes things one step further by combining traditional massage techniques with energy healing to promote physical and emotional balance.

Human energy fields are thought to contain various forms of energies which may cause stress or pain.


Massage can help alleviate stress, improve sleep quality and boost energy levels. Furthermore, massage stimulates lymph flow – your body’s natural defense system against toxic invaders – which decreases pain while increasing range of motion in people living with arthritis or fibromyalgia. Regular massage sessions for seniors may ease breathing problems while improving quality of sleep and helping reduce any signs associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Energy healing in massage therapy entails combining traditional massage techniques with intentional energy work. Mary Ellen, a licensed massage therapist who has integrated various energy modalities with conventional techniques to develop her unique blend of healing methods. In her sessions, Mary Ellen intuitively senses blocked energy and uses massage to release it; additionally, she holds certifications in Quantum Touch and Polarity which both work effectively at restoring balance to one’s energetic system.

With her unique blend of therapies, she provides clients with an experience that is both physical and spiritual. For instance, she helps clients connect to their heart center and intuitive wisdom in order to promote emotional, physical and mental healing. Furthermore, she promotes self-care practices such as meditation and yoga among her clients.

Energy massage provides a safe environment to relieve trauma-related stress. Trauma may result from surgery, injury, illness, emotional shock, abuse or neglect and these events often trigger fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses in our nervous systems, which in turn causes our bodies to remain stuck in an unhelpful, or traumatized, state.

Energies healing modalities typically employed during sessions include Reiki, which utilizes life force energy to promote the recipient’s own natural self-healing processes and aid their own body’s self-healing ability. Practitioners act as channels for this energy while using visualization to allow their bodies to receive it. During an energy healing massage session, therapists may also utilize Tai Chi techniques to unblock energy flows, restore balance to meridians and organs as well as boost their own energy level and extend their career as energy healers.


At an energy healing massage, practitioners will employ hand techniques that promote the flow of positive energies throughout a client’s body. Such methods could include Reiki (a nearly 100-year-old Japanese practice that involves placing hands in 10 to 20 specific positions on or near their bodies in order to improve energy flow) and acupressure – these are both methods which help clients relax, reduce stress and ease pain.

Massage not only brings physical changes to your body, but it can also bring mental and emotional balance. Massage can increase focus, ease tension and anxiety relief, alleviate insomnia symptoms and more; experts estimate that up to 90 percent of diseases are stress related.

By combining traditional massage therapy with energy healing, holistic approaches are provided that unlock your body’s own innate healing capabilities. Through techniques from reflexology, acupressure and Swedish massage techniques the therapist is able to identify areas where stagnant energy may be causing tension or pain; once identified they can unlock it using stimulating massage techniques designed to bring harmony between body and mind.

Many individuals who seek energy healing massage are looking for more integrative methods of healing both their bodies and minds. Energy healing techniques offer new insight into the connection between body and spirit as well as helping create more profound self-care practices that will sustain results of the session.

Energy healing massage modalities such as Therapeutic Touch, Zero Balancing and Quantum Touch all take different approaches to moving energy in our bodies and aligning it with its energetic field. Mary Ellen is a licensed massage therapist who has added energy work into her massage repertoire; she holds certifications in Quantum Touch and Polarity massage techniques.

Her practice draws its energy from both nature and from each client’s natural ability for healing, enabling her to work holistically with each individual and help them release what needs to be released while welcoming what new possibilities await them in their lives.


Studies demonstrate the positive benefits of massage, but there are a few precautions you should be mindful of before opting for it. It is best to avoid massage if you have certain medical conditions or medications that could worsen these issues; pressure on the body may exacerbate any existing conditions further. You should inform your massage therapist of any recent surgery or skin conditions which could worsen with massage therapy.

Energy healing massage is a type of bodywork designed to manipulate natural energies within the body in order to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Energy healing massage stimulates energy flow throughout the body by clearing away blockages or strengthening immunity systems; making it beneficial for people suffering from stress, exhaustion or insomnia.

A therapist regulates energy by using their hands to move their fingertips up and down main meridians on their client’s back, passing their fingertips over each main channel and four auxiliary meridians that target areas of tension. Once energy has been balanced, their hands transmit healing energy directly into their client.

Energy work offers more than psychological and physical advantages for clients; it can also help them overcome emotional blocks causing discomfort. When combined with massage therapy, energy therapy can provide them with relief that leads to long-term solutions.

Are You an Experienced Massage Therapist Looking to Add Energywork to Your Practice? Doing so could differentiate you from competitors while aiding clients with their healing process and adding new skills, prolonging professional longevity, and making sessions more meaningful for clients.


Our bodies and minds are intricately linked, communicating energy. At massage therapy clinic, we have developed an effective means of addressing these connections through massage. Our holistic approach is also cost effective as we offer unique pricing & promotions such as First Time Discounts, rotating Career-Based discounts, Recovery Plan sliding scale with weekly or more frequent commitment, Membership Savings on total number of services received and Financial Aid Tokens which make already affordable service prices even lower.

Our therapeutic massage services combine light to medium pressure combined with energy work for an experience designed to balance and relax all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. Perfect for anyone experiencing chronic muscle tension & tightness or sports related injuries.

This technique involves full-body treatment using acupressure point manipulation and stretching techniques to relieve muscle tightness and relax the neck, shoulders, back & hip muscles. No lotion or oil are used during this treatment session which makes it an excellent complement to deep tissue massage or physical therapy sessions.