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Metatron – A Non-Invasive Diagnostic Medical Device

Metatron is a non-invasive diagnostic device designed to rapidly scan organs of your body for function changes and provide detailed results with high levels of accuracy. Easily used, Metatron delivers results quickly.

The METATRON NLS Scan allows patients to play an active role in their healthcare journey by identifying energetic imbalances or disturbances that could impact health, and providing healthcare professionals with this insight for developing tailored treatment approaches and monitoring progress.

Frequency Analysis

This system examines the body at a cellular level to ascertain the causes for any given condition, by following its gradual development in tissue, cells, chromosome sets or DNA helixes and organs (even presymptomatically). It determines causes for any imbalances (even at presymptomatic stages).

Institute of Practical Psychophysics has designed an innovative medical diagnostic device, the IPP BodyScan. Equipped with world-class software that allows it to quickly scan an individual’s entire body in minutes, this diagnostic device provides valuable insight about clients within minutes. Furthermore, this device can identify any existing pathological processes as well as susceptibilities towards certain illnesses in minutes.

HSS Metatron is the world’s only patented torsion-based health assessment and therapy device. Its software detects frequencies associated with each organ being examined to facilitate health assessment and therapy.

Once biofield frequencies have been identified, they allow to trace pathological processes back to their source and then provide remedies that balance body cells’ frequencies for normalization allowing your body to heal itself and return back to its optimal functioning state.

Furthermore, this software can quickly identify the precise origins of hereditary conditions and tumors as well as an individual’s resistance to modern antimicrobial and antiparasitic treatments – essential information given the spread of pandemic strains of microorganisms resistant to all existing antibiotics.

The software also records allergies and sensitivities to food, domestic animals, as well as industrial substances – helping to identify causes for symptoms as well as preventing their recurrence.

This year, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics participated in one of South-Eastern Asia’s biggest healthcare exhibitions: MEDICAL FAIR ASIA. We found it extremely worthwhile and were able to make new contacts while forging business connections; our new products such as “Metatron” hardware-software systems with 3D software “Golden Dragon” and “Metapathia GR Hunter” were much appreciated by visitors at the exhibition.


Metatron is a noninvasive health assessment system that measures energy information. While not intended as a replacement for medical screening, Metatron can detect imbalances within the body by measuring brainwave frequency activity as well as organ condition through electromagnetic radiation they emit. It uses a small device attached to your head which registers frequency of brain activity while measuring their physical condition and functioning by monitoring electromagnetic emissions.

Establishes organ dysfunctions and identifies presymptomatic disease conditions before symptoms present themselves, followed by holistic therapies tailored specifically to individual conditions.

Also, bioenergetic analysis can assess the quality of a person’s life and their ability to overcome stress and its consequences by measuring “order” versus disorder (entropy) within their bodies at different levels such as cells, tissues, chromosomamals nuclei DNA helixs molecular levels etc. Additionally it can provide insight into emotional/mental well-being as well as potential biomarkers of illness or injury.

This system has the capacity to produce an in-depth report that details all identified problems and imbalances, their locations in the body, severity levels and any underlying causes that contribute to them.

This tool can be an extremely beneficial asset when searching for natural treatments to enhance health and wellbeing, or monitoring progress after receiving medical treatments.

Diagnostic imaging provides an invaluable aid for physicians, naturopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and dentists who practice alternative medicine – as well as those wanting to take an proactive approach to their health and wellbeing – by helping identify any imbalances before symptoms appear.

The system employs new technology based on scientifically established principles of resonance to amplify very subtle signals that may otherwise be difficult to distinguish against background noise from human physiology. After being amplified, these signals are then processed by a computer which decodes their information before projecting it onto a virtual organ model display screen on screen.

Pathology (conditions) Testing

Metatron is a world-class diagnostic medical device created by Institute of Practical Psychophysics that uses nonlinear analysis of vortex magnetic fields within living organisms to transmit real time information on organ tissues, individual cells and their organelles, biomolecular compounds and chromosomes – instantly decoded into specific diagnoses and recommendations.

Metatron Hunter stands out in its ability to quickly locate the source (nidus) of any pathological process, heritable diseases or tumors at early stages. Information regarding its location is then transmitted back to a computer model of organ production for display on screen with colored marks as an indicator. This allows physicians to easily pinpoint where disease comes from–at its origin in genes themselves through histology cuts, cytological cuttings and so forth until reaching fragments of DNA helix fragmentation.

In order to treat a disorder, this equipment automatically detects a corrector field for transfer into the body using a transmission matrix. This corrector field restores electromagnetic behavior of sick tissue back towards normal; ultimately leading to improved quality of life and health while decreasing complications caused by disordered areas of tissue.

The Metatron 4025 Hunter detects abnormalities on eight levels: molecular, tissue, cellular, nucleus, chromosome and DNA helix. Once it identifies a disorder of any kind and its severity, this device also determines an effective treatment which may include META Therapy, Phytotherapy Crystal Therapy or Acupuncture Therapy on its equipment.

The Metatron 4025 Hunter is designed for physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, dietitians, licensed nutritionists and herbalists; massage therapists; wellness and fitness centers, cosmetic salons and health spas. As a torsion-based biofeedback device that combines diagnosis and treatment into one comprehensive system with ease of use and clear user interface it produces detailed yet reliable results for treatment providers and health spas alike. It has FDA approval.

Crystal Therapy

Metatron system software enables a noninvasive way to gather health-related information via electromagnetic radiation from within an organism. Trigger sensors in the form of magnetic inductors shaped like headphones receive this data and decodes it using unique medical software before displaying a three dimensional computer model displaying organs, tissues and cells with changes and their variations onscreen in different colors; additionally this information is collected into reports which demonstrate both location and intensity of pathological processes within an organism.

This system also helps identify tumor nidus, heritable diseases, and their genetic causes at genetic level by passing through cells, tissues and DNA helixes to get closer to fragments of DNA helix. Furthermore, fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety depression allergy can all be detected along with how stress may be reduced or eliminated altogether.

By gathering data, the software assesses the efficacy of any treatment or therapy administered, directly comparing levels prior to and following treatment for any given disorder. Furthermore, this data can indicate future development patterns which could potentially prevent serious complications from arising.

This program offers several specialized functions, such as the evaluation of spectral processes and medicines (including homeopathic remedies) according to their polarity, ectoplasm level and energy frequency level. It conducts an express evaluation of microorganisms (including viruses, bacteria, fungus, helminthes and protozoa ) as well as their resistance to current antibacterial and antiparasitic preparations. It also displays the ultra structure of human anatomies, cells, tissues and organs as well as providing access to an expansive database of medical products such as herbs, food supplements and homeopathy remedies. Furthermore, Iridology and Acupuncture treatments on meridians located on hands, feet and ears is available as an add-on feature. It also registers allergens such as domestic animals, foods and industrial/environmental substances. This system was designed for various health care providers including physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and dietitians as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners (TCM/CAM).