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March 11, 2024Editor

Integrated Energy Therapy Reviews

Energy healing is founded on the belief that vital life energy energises you and flows throughout your body. Energy healers use simple yet gentle hands-on techniques to channel this vital life force and remove blockages in order to restore balance and wellbeing in individuals.

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), is one of the next-generation energy healing systems designed to alleviate physical ailments by tapping directly into 12 Strand Spiritual DNA for self-healing at all levels. IET uses painless methods to awaken core cellular memory while imprinting feelings of safety, ease, forgiveness, love humility and innocence into one’s energetic anatomy.


Integrated Energy Therapy uses gentle hands-on techniques to clear away energy blockages in the human energy field, typically associated with physical & emotional trauma, fear and self-limiting beliefs. Cynthia Higgins MD is a Master Level Instructor of IET; this therapy uses light therapeutic touch applied directly to areas known as “cellular memory”, thus discharging any energetic correlates associated with emotional or physical distress at DNA level and providing relief without having to relive an experience again and again.

IET provides you with the means to open and utilize vital life energy, helping to empower and balance both your life and health. Furthermore, this technique may allow you to release old limiting patterns from the past so you can move into the future with greater confidence and purpose.

IET can also assist in deepening your relationship with angels. It may be used in tandem with traditional or holistic healing therapies, though not as a replacement. By speeding the healing process and increasing its efficacy, it may speed recovery more quickly and enhance overall effectiveness of healing interventions.

Energy blockages can often result from unresolved trauma and negative emotions that remain trapped within our cells, leading to pain, stress and illness. Integrated Energy Therapy(r) offers an easy and safe method of clearing away these imprints from our energy fields while replacing them with positive ones like kindness or forgiveness.

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy course aims to teach you how to clear energy blockages in the human energy field using special cellular memory mapping and IET “pink bubble” technique. Furthermore, it helps identify any karmic, mental or emotional imprints which might be hindering progress towards your life goals.

Advanced classes provide an excellent opportunity to explore more deeply the energetic anatomy of the human energy system as well as discuss ethical considerations surrounding energy healing techniques such as IET. Furthermore, this class serves as an excellent basis for becoming an IET Master Instructor and passing this healing method onto others.


Integrated Energy Therapy is a healing technique used to alleviate physical tension. Practitioners employ gentle touch to clear and balance nine energy centers located throughout your body that store memories related to physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences. As these stored emotions are released during an integrated energy therapy session, you may feel deep relaxation or short bursts of emotion; similar to Reiki practice it offers holistic experience for optimal wellness.

At a session, you lie fully clothed on a plinth with soft music playing in the background, while your practitioner places their hands on key energy points connected to your body’s innate intelligence. They will then gently massage these points to release any suppressed emotions or trauma stored in your energetic system – this allows it to rebalance itself so your body can heal itself more quickly and naturally. Often practitioners also utilize guided meditation sessions in order to connect you to your inner wisdom.

Integrative Energy Therapy can be extremely useful to anyone feeling stuck in life. It helps individuals move beyond limiting beliefs and fears to live a more satisfying existence, aligning more closely with their soul’s purpose, and manifest desires more easily. Practitioners trained in this healing modality recognize energetic patterns which cause discomfort or imbalance, helping clients break them.

IET is one of the next-generation hands-on power energy therapy systems designed to extract issues from tissues for good. Conceived at the Center of Being, this system utilizes violet angelic energy ray to directly work with 12-Strand Spiritual DNA strands – relieving past patterns without creating new ones; strengthening and balancing life in the present; and inspiring you to reach for stars as you advance further in life.

Energy healing techniques such as Reiki are highly relaxing and easy to learn, making them accessible to anyone. Furthermore, when combined with other holistic practices like massage or therapeutic touch, they provide an integrated energy healing experience.


Integrated Energy Therapy employs gentle touch to alleviate emotional tension from the body and assist clients in moving forward with their lives. It has also proven helpful for people suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety and other conditions. Energy healing sessions provide people with tools for dealing with their past pain while supporting transformation of their future – working well alongside traditional treatments like hypnotherapy.

Energy healing is a safe, non-invasive form of energy medicine that can benefit adults and children alike. Practitioners specialize in clearing away blocks in energy flow that cause physical or emotional discomfort to enable individuals to reach their full potential and realize their full potential. Energy healing therapy not only releases emotional tension, but it can also decrease symptoms associated with stress relief and increase vitality levels.

Hallie is certified as a Master Level Integrative Energy Therapy instructor. She possesses extensive experience in holistic approaches to healthcare and is passionate about helping others find healing through holistic practices. As such, she is in great demand as a speaker and teacher in her field, offering lectures and classes to educate people on its benefits.

An IET training class offers students an intensive day of self-healing and energy rejuvenation. Students attune themselves to one of nine angelic energy rays that activate 12-strand spiritual DNA; learn which Healing Angel of the Energy Field correlates to which body area; as well as learn to Heartlink with each angel’s energy in order to use it for healing.

The course covers several topics, such as ethics and professionalism of energy healers; teaching basic principles of IET; applying these to your own life and receiving a fully illustrated manual with certificate; as well as being completed.

Integrative energy therapy works to dismantle past energy patterns that bind you, empower and balance your life in the present, and pave the way towards an extraordinary future. It does this by infusing feelings of safety, ease, love, forgiveness, humility and innocence into your energetic structure.


Integrated energy therapy utilizes the angelic forces to clear away energy blockages in your body. Negative emotions, thoughts and memories that bind these energies can lead to physical imbalances or diseases; by freeing these blocks through integrated energy therapy you can heal yourself of illness without revisiting or reliving events that caused these blockages. It provides gentle healing without needing to revisit events from which they came.

After receiving energy healing sessions, its positive effects will continue to ripple out for several months or longer. Many also report emotional and spiritual growth from this treatment. Furthermore, energy healing helps you connect to your soul’s mission and bring dreams into reality; making it an excellent addition to other energy healing modalities like Reiki.

At an IET class, participants learn to clear harmful energy from cellular memory and replace it with positive emotions and attributes such as forgiveness and feelings of safety – for instance forgiveness will replace anger while fears will give way to feelings of safety. You’ll also receive an empowerment imprint containing angelic energy to use to assist themselves and others alike. IET classes typically run from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM on one day.

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What is Bio Resonance Treatment?

Bio resonance treatment is founded on the belief that your body produces electromagnetic frequencies, which can be measured to detect imbalances in your health and use corrective frequencies to restore natural frequencies, thus encouraging healing.

This method has quickly gained in popularity for its holistic approach to wellness, taking into account underlying biological imbalances that often contribute to disease. Furthermore, it is non-invasive and painless.


BioScan is a noninvasive bio resonance testing system that utilizes bioresonance to help you identify imbalances in your body. During a test, an electrode is attached to the center of your palm, and a low electrical current passes from finger to hand causing your body to respond by reacting and sending signals back through. Once these reactions have been analyzed by computer analysis software, which analyzes what stressors may be contributing to symptoms; BioScan then offers solutions for alleviating them so you can better balance and support healing your healing journey.

BioResonance Therapy can identify what imbalances and stressors are hindering your health and wellness, such as food sensitivities, toxins, emotions, chemicals, dental stressors, meridian blockages and more. An FDA cleared device combining the disciplines of acupuncture, biofeedback and homeopathy – the BioScan MSA – scans your meridians to measure energy flow through your body before pinpointing areas with imbalances by sending specific frequencies that help balance them out.

Bio Scan testing is a safe, painless and non-invasive way of getting answers about what’s going on with your body’s energy flow, providing answers without invading its privacy or being intrusive. We advise getting at least one Bio Scan every year in order to identify areas which need additional balance or support from its treatments.

All materials, from foods to environmental factors, emit an energy signal or “energetic fingerprint.” The BioScan SRT utilizes this signature signal to scan its database and identify potential stressors. It can also find various products and frequencies to help balance stress in your body – herbal supplements, vitamins/minerals, diet changes, tinctures, essential oils – that could help relieve your symptoms. It will then recommend appropriate remedies and treatments in order to restore balance – including organs meridians body systems treatment plans on its initial visit!


Biofeedback is a mind-body approach that uses sensors to monitor and provide real-time feedback on physiological processes in the body, such as blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature and muscle tension. Through biofeedback you can learn to control these involuntary functions – it may help reduce chronic stress as well as promote physical and mental wellbeing and alleviate conditions such as learning disorders, eating disorders, bedwetting or muscle spasms that stem from stress.

Biofeedback sessions with your therapist will teach techniques that will change sensor readings and ultimately control bodily functions, such as deep breathing or relaxation exercises. Over several biofeedback sessions, you may regain control over your physiological responses while building stronger links between mind and body.

Treatment through cognitive behavioral therapy typically occurs weekly and lasts no more than an hour. You will gain real-time insight into how thoughts impact physiological reactions such as heart rate or muscle tightening. Your therapist can identify negative beliefs contributing to symptoms and teach relaxation and breathing exercises that you can practice outside the sessions.

Studies conducted recently demonstrated that people with vestibular disorders who participated in biofeedback programs experienced significantly reduced dizziness symptoms and disability compared to those who didn’t undergo therapy. At three month follow-up, biofeedback group showed statistically significant reduction in all three subscales of Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI), including emotional, functional and physical components of DHI score.

Biofeedback therapy works best when combined with other forms of treatment. However, its results can decrease over time if you stop attending sessions or fail to practice your new relaxation and breathing techniques outside the equipment. To maximize its efficacy and obtain maximum benefits it is advised that ten to twenty biofeedback sessions be held over the duration of your plan.

Frequency Matching

Bioresonance treatment is a noninvasive electromagnetic form of health and healing that uses scans of the body for any discordant energy wavelengths that indicate imbalance, then sending electromagnetic impulses that match and harmonize these discordant energies, thus helping reverse imbalances and return organs back into a natural state of wellbeing. Plus, no side effects!

Frequency matching is a type of category matching that works by balancing out proportions between groups in terms of individuals who possess confounding variables. For instance, in case-control studies investigators often use frequency matching to ensure there are equal proportions of exposed and unexposed subjects by age group; in this way they can be sure there are no hidden factors at play when comparing data. Frequency matching may also be combined with other statistical techniques in order to increase power and precision of case-control studies.

Bioresonance systems utilize electrodes placed on your feet, hands and forehead; then a machine reads your energy wavelengths emitted by your body before manipulating these electromagnetic frequencies to encourage cells in your body to vibrate at their optimal frequencies. Bioresonance is a completely natural and painless procedure with no negative side effects – suitable for pregnant women, infants and most other health conditions.

During this process, the device will detect bio-sample or electromagnetic fields and present it graphically (Figure 4). Frequency base values that have both tonifying and sedating effects on cardiac activity are of interest for diagnosis and therapy, and are automatically harmonized using +/- bipolar function to create sets of resonant frequencies which will then be transmitted back through electrodes connected to bioresonance system to reach patient.


Electrodes are electrical conductors used for making contact between metallic parts and nonmetallic ones, usually made of copper, nickel or silver. Electrodes play an essential part in an electrochemical cell; their main functions being either passive (not reacting with solution) or active (absorbing electrons during reaction). Anodes have positive charges while cathodes carry negative ones; both types usually feature protective coatings made of organic or inorganic materials to avoid corrosion.

Electrodes are used in a machine which scans body energy patterns to assess whether they align with healthy frequencies. If an imbalance arises, the machine generates an alert signal in order to restore balance.

Bio resonance therapy draws inspiration from quantum physics, traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy. According to its theory, all matter, including humans, emits energy waves. If these are altered due to environmental or emotional stressors then health issues may develop. During each session the patient remains fully clothed while sitting or lying down comfortably while electrodes are placed strategically on different parts of their bodies.

Painless and noninvasive, with no known side effects, it stimulates your body’s natural self-healing processes and is becoming recognized by more physicians every day.

Medical ECG devices use electrodes as sensors in a straightforward fashion, using ten electrodes to provide a three-dimensional view of heart activity over time. Bio Resonance sessions often utilize electrodes placed on hands and feet as sensors.

Electrodes can also be utilized for many other applications. For instance, electrodes may be utilized for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). TENS involves sending a small current through the skin in order to block or minimize pain signals that would normally travel to the brain.

Other electrodes are utilized in wastewater treatment processes. Graphite makes an excellent material choice due to its high porosity and good discharging properties; its highly conductive nature also means it helps remove pollutants such as arsenic, mercury and lead from water sources.

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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy?

QHHT is a form of hypnotherapy which connects clients with their Higher Selves for answers about health, life purpose and spirituality – information which may help heal both physical and emotional body structures.

QHHT practitioners utilize Dolores Cannon’s somnambulism technique to access and communicate with participants’ subconscious.

QHHT is a form of hypnosis

QHHT is a form of hypnosis designed to enable individuals to tap into their subconscious. Sessions using QHHT can assist people in accessing their subconcious and resolve physical, emotional and spiritual issues as well as foster personal development and self-awareness. A QHHT session involves having one of our trained practitioners take you into what’s known as theta brainwave state; this allows the practitioner to bypass conscious mind to connect directly with subconcious or Higher Selves of clients.

The Higher Self is a part of one’s subconscious that contains wisdom and healing abilities, believed to be capable of answering questions and offering guidance in life. By communicating with their Higher Selves during QHHT sessions, individuals may ask about past lives, life purpose, healing methods for current challenges they are encountering as well as any guidance needed from this dimension of awareness.

QHHT practitioners use breathing exercises and low voice to induce deep trance in clients, and then guide them through one or more past lives that the client can explore on their own terms – including any periods prior to death in which these experiences may have taken place. The practitioner will allow clients to go wherever is most relevant for them in life as well as explore multiple periods in these past lives, up until death scene exploration.

QHHT research initially focused on past-life regression; however, many have reported being able to visit other dimensions or parallel lives as part of a session with QHHT. Their Higher Selves will answer client’s queries as well as offer healing and information during these sessions.

The QHHT technique is safe and non-invasive. Unlike traditional hypnosis, which involves mind control or leaving the body altogether, this practice allows deeper access to Higher Consciousness while not engaging mind control or leaving one’s own body. A trained hypnotherapist leads their client through a series of questions which allow their subconscious mind to respond with answers; additionally, Healing past traumas from past lifetimes is also possible through this approach.

It is a form of alternative medicine

QHHT is an alternative form of medicine combining ancient healing traditions and quantum physics. The practice operates under the principle that our conscious minds block healing; there are unlimited sources of energy available to us that we can tap to restore health to body, mind, and spirit. By quietening their conscious minds they can connect to this vast quantum field of wisdom which offers support on their healing journey.

QHH sessions typically last up to 2 hours and utilize hypnotherapy techniques to access the subconscious. Practitioners guide participants into an altered state similar to what occurs just before sleeping – somnambulism. This allows accessing of answers stored within their subconscious; furthermore, this higher guidance offers direct assistance with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing processes for their clients.

At each session, clients are encouraged to ask any question they may have and receive individualised answers which provide clarity around life goals, issues and relationships as well as understanding underlying causes for diseases, illnesses and spiritual blockages.

QHHT sessions can help people recognize and resolve unresolved issues from past lives, known as past-life regression. Through QHHT clients can relive past lives to gain insights into current problems while healing past traumas as well as uncovering life lessons or karmic connections that influence them today.

An experienced hypnotist can lead you into this state of relaxation, but it’s essential that they be certified and have extensive experience in alternative healing modalities such as QHHT. Katerina is qualified in all these areas as well as being certified in Reiki, art therapy, and psychic mediumship – among others.

Katerina has an immense passion for helping others heal their bodies, minds, and spirits. Her holistic coaching approach includes Reiki, art therapy, psychic mediumship, QHHT. Katerina uses all these modalities to identify her clients’ strengths and goals while setting clear plans to accomplish them and creating plans of action to ensure success.

It is a form of energy healing

QHHT is an energy healing method that works through deep relaxation and guided visualization to access the subconscious mind and connect directly with your higher self. This approach can be used to address emotional issues, physical pain and spiritual questions; many participants report feeling a profound shift in consciousness during sessions – leading to lasting change in their lives as a result.

Dolores Cannon was an esteemed hypnotherapist who died in 2014; she developed this technique over 45 years of her practice, using it to assist people in connecting to their higher selves and experiencing past life regression. Sessions take place in a relaxing state known as the theta brainwave state – similar to when we fall asleep at night.

While in session, your higher self will lead you on an inner journey that could include past or present life experiences as well as journeying into other parts of the universe or dimensions.

Your Higher Self can offer insight into issues impacting you. Your higher self can also offer guidance as to how these can be resolved during this lifetime, helping you understand why certain events have happened to you and their relevance to your life purpose.

People often visit QHHT sessions when they have questions or challenges related to family, career, health or any other life challenges. Undergoing the hypnotic state allows the subconscious to answer these questions and healing can begin at its source. Clients have even reported experiencing significant breakthroughs in personal evolution after participating in this session.

QHHT is an energy healing technique that is safe, noninvasive, and does not involve drugs or surgery. To make the experience as safe and beneficial as possible for clients, a certified practitioner in QHHT should be chosen; licensed practitioners use specific questions designed to access clients’ subconscious minds as well as being experienced at leading them into a trance state state.

It is a form of past-life regression

QHHT is an innovative past-life regression technique, using deep relaxation and guided visualization to access information from past lives. QHHT helps develop greater mental and spiritual awareness for greater purposefulness – meaning you may find answers to any queries regarding past, present, or future in this unique hypnosis experience.

Dolores Cannon designed the QHHT technique, which involves entering into a theta brainwave state through visualization and entering a Theta state. By entering this relaxed state, one can access their subconscious mind and higher self – similar to when sleeping just before awakening or falling asleep.

Experienced Reiki practitioners offer safe, simple, and powerful techniques for connecting to their inner guidance and healing themselves on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Sessions may also reveal relationship or behavioral patterns that affect daily life such as unresolved traumas and issues affecting daily activities; helping break free of old beliefs that no longer serve.

Group past-life regression can provide an accessible introduction to QHHT therapy. While not as in-depth as individual sessions, group regression still puts you into a light trance state that can bring forth healing and insights. Furthermore, group past-life regression provides the perfect way to practice releasing oneself of fear, stress, anger or other negative emotions that arise within.

Past-life regression allows you to explore a variety of emotions, from pain, sorrow and happiness through loneliness and harmony. Each experience may differ depending on its circumstances, yet overall you should find that it brings greater connection between yourself and others as you explore your soul’s journey – understanding how you can live a full life full of peace joy and fulfillment.

Your QHHT session’s success depends upon your willingness to open up and participate fully. Before beginning, prepare some questions so that your Higher Guidance can provide the information and healing that you desire through what is known as “session planning.” Some individuals may encounter multiple “lives”, while others only encounter one or two during their QHHT experience.

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Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia

Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia (dowsing) is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to explore the ocean of energy that surrounds us. Republished repeatedly over time, this book continues to educate individuals who wish to gain more insight into it.

Every body emits vibrational samples that reflect its energy status over time and distance – such as silver coins connecting with copper. These vibrations reveal how our source has changed over time.


Ancient Egyptians and Chinese used radiesthetic dowsing techniques for finding water, healthy sleeping areas (houses) and natural resources; also used for pinpointing illness triggers and aiding healing; this form is known as physical radiesthesia while its more spiritual applications are known as mental radiesthesia.

A simple ‘pendular instrument’ such as a rod or pendulum amplifies an individual’s sensitivity and provides direction in which to search. Importantly, operators should avoid becoming motivated to find something; no effort should be expended in finding what they’re searching for; simply making verbal or mental note of whatever needs finding can put one into a passive state and open up suggestions from their subconscious mind.

Medical dowsing is a special branch of radiesthesia which uses simple pendulums to measure vibrational interactions between human energy systems and objects (food, pollen or animal hair) such as pollen. A trained dowser should keep his or her mental energy focused on health of his subject as they work; this allows the dowser to identify sources of disruptions within their energy systems that could cause imbalance or illness.

Many psychics, healers and mystics rely on the principle of radiesthesia in their work. Radiesthesia works on the principle that every body emits rays that connect to other similar bodies – this may include identical bodies, images or any other manifestation – for instance a gold coin hidden in a room will attract rays that link it with silver coins but not copper ones; therefore it can serve as an ‘eyewitness’ in finding hidden treasure or healing processes.


Dowsing or “radiesthesia,” from Latin radius “ray,” and Greek aisthesis (“perception”) is an ancient form of divination using pendulums as tools of divination. Dowsing also plays an integral part in Psionic Medicine and Radionics diagnoses.

Radiesthesia offers many benefits to living beings, one being its ability to detect sources of energetic imbalance or disturbance within their bodies, which enables identification of any possible causative factors for illness and disease – leading to potential remedies being identified for treatment.

All matter, including our bodies, emits an electromagnetic field which interacts with objects of both living and inanimate nature. By using calibrated instruments to measure frequency of these interactions against a standard scale and decode into meaningful information. A trained radiesthesist can then interpret this data for health-related applications.

Radiesthesists use pendulums to locate energy fields of objects or individuals being examined and establish how their vibrational properties interact with that of the patient’s energy fields, in a process known as dowsing for healing. Interpretation is used to ascertain possible sources of the problem faced by each patient.

Radiesthesists can often pinpoint which part of the body is affected and provide information regarding its health status, such as whether it affects stomach, liver or kidneys. This data can then be compared with medical history data to confirm or disprove potential causes for the problem.

However, it should be remembered that radiesthesists should not be seen as doctors and should not diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Any therapies or remedies identified through radiesthesia should be discussed with a qualified health care practitioner; although sometimes radiesthesists may suggest alternative therapies for an individual situation; ultimately it’s up to each person themselves to make the best choice regarding their healthcare needs.


Radiesthesia is the study of vibrational interactions among human and animal energy fields, dowsing or “pendular” instruments, objects both living and nonliving, electromagnetic energy fields, frequency interaction vibrations emitted by living or nonliving things that resonate with each other and those which surround us, such as human energy fields. Radiesthesia emerged alongside electromagnetic energy studies as an interdisciplinary field and is founded upon the theory that all living things emit frequency interaction vibrations with other objects which emit frequency resonance with them; these vibrations can then be measured or decoded using appropriate instruments as well as knowledge of physicality’s universal polarity of plus and minus – so called Radiesthesia!

One of the most significant applications of radiesthetic technique is medical dowsing. Utilizing specialized instruments known as’syringe needle dowsers’ or “spirit rods”, patients can be tested for various infections, diseases and ailments using medical dowsing. A radiesthetist may detect parasites present on testing results as well as determine whether tuberculosis exists in their body as well as indicate how severely bones have been affected by pathogenic microbes etc.

Radiesthetists also can perform tests to assess whether an individual is allergic to certain substances and suggest appropriate homeopathic remedies, which is an invaluable feature of their technique since many patients suffer with symptoms that cannot be easily diagnosed through traditional means.

Radiesthetists can perform simple tests to ascertain and treat certain psoric conditions, and treat accordingly. For instance, if one or more of the tuberculin nosodes shows positive results in treating tubercular conditions.

Homeopaths will find that radiesthesia is an indispensable ally in their practice of homoeopathy. Indeed, it appears to be the only method by which a homoeopath can know with confidence whether a remedy is an indication for their patient even though it may not be “the simillimum”. Furthermore, when considering all of the time spent studying and prescribing symptoms individually for each patient by classical homoeopathy practitioners using classical homoeopathic methods radiesthesia makes this option far less time consuming and costly than its traditional counterpart.


Radiesthesia‘s primary instrument is a rod or pendulum. This device amplifies one’s sensitivity and can be tailored specifically for different people. A dowser must have clear focus and an objective scale with which to measure ‘frequency interactions’ with other objects; all living beings and substances emit radiation which creates vibrational fields around them; these fields may be altered by factors like gravity, sound pressure, heat energy release from chemicals used during production, cosmic and electromagnetic rays as well as disintegration processes – with humans also having control over what type of vibrational fields they produce due to thoughts or emotions play out of their minds or emotions influencing their radio waves emissions.

Dowsing was an indispensable tool for finding underground water sources (dowsing). Indeed, all the gold mines discovered by modern satellites in Sinai desert were first located using radiesthesia by ancient geologists from Pharonic Egypt using this technique. Radiesthesia also became the main method used by Jesuit missionaries pioneering herbal medicine in Europe to identify herbs and minerals found abroad – as was seen with Jesuit missionaries using it during herbal medicine pioneer Jesuit missionaries’ journey across Europe employing it too! Dowsers could locate mineral veins even at great distance while German soldiers used this type of radiesthesia called Tele-Radiesthesia by German soldiers during World Wars for mine detection efforts, with American military use making use of this technique during Vietnam conflict by American military.

Many authors on radiesthesia advise against working with dowsing rods or pendulums during stormy conditions for fear of misinterpreting what the instrument may be telling them as it’s likely feeling different, while this perception could simply be misinterpretation since sensitivity remains unchanged on calm days.

Medical radioesthetists working along homoeopathic principles will combine their radioesthetic tests with knowledge of Homoeopathic Materia Medica to diagnose infections, various disease states, nerve and glandular problems as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When selecting remedies that will go some distance towards relieving symptoms he or she must use great skill when selecting remedies that could potentially work on clearing out cases – perhaps not exactly what was needed but still beneficial enough.

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What is Quantum Radionic Therapy?

Radionics is a noninvasive complementary alternative therapy method that operates on the principle of quantum entanglement. It’s safe for both humans, animals, and plants alike.

Radionics uses specific rates to detect and interpret human energy fields, energy balance/imbalance through quantum radionic rates and vibration. This information is then relayed back to the user for healing purposes.

What is Quantum Radionic Therapy?

Quantum Radionic Therapy is an energy medicine system that blends modern quantum physics, ancient healing traditions, esoteric psychology and new age thinking into an effective holistic healing modality. Based on the principle that everything is energy, this holistic healing modality works on the belief that humans and illnesses alike are vibrations of information tied to physical reality; symptoms can then be traced back to their origin in either mind or spirit – and non-invasive treatment doesn’t involve drugs or manipulating physical components either! No medical diagnosis or prescription conflicts either!

Radionics involves performing an examination on any individual, animal or plant using a pendulum to identify imbalances and their root causes, then devises an action plan for sending vibrational patterns directly to them to correct any deficiencies in health. Radionics is an extremely subtle form of healing without relying on external power sources for its success.

The Radionic Board of the Sacred Flame is an updated and improved version of a classic Radionics Board, designed with modern quantum principles in mind. Capable of analyzing and transmitting frequencies that address all aspects of human health — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and subtle bodies alike. Extremely versatile tool suitable for treating people, animals, plants, houses, cars etc; allows distance treatment as well as broadcasting services.

A key benefit of the new radionics board is its capability of transmitting frequencies based on information in the etheric field (dimensions 7 and 8 according to Heim and Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields), making it particularly helpful in diagnosing issues that might not be easily detected through traditional analyses or treatments.

TimeWaver, developed in Germany, uses this same technology to analyze and harmonize forces that influence our energy flow and balance. It does so using an algorithm that compares oscillation patterns of all database entries against vibrational signatures of individual homes or objects to identify any deviations in information fields before making adjustments accordingly.

How Does Quantum Radionic Therapy Work?

Radionics as a form of energy medicine acknowledges that illness results from imbalances within an individual’s energetic or information field, when these imbalances are corrected they result in overall wellness for sufferers, no matter the name given to their clinical symptoms.

Radionic practitioners utilize quantum rates and vibration to analyze human energy fields (called fields ), in order to locate areas needing balance or healing in their bodies. To do this, a device which the practitioner interfaces with his/her consciousness via dowsing functions connects directly with his or her instrument and intention directly.

Practitioners also understand that all matter, including their bodies, is composed of subtle energies with individual frequencies and vibrations. This concept has long been established; modern physics has demonstrated this phenomenon when two objects in an entangled relationship can affect each other instantly over great distances even without directly touching each other.

Radionic sessions begin by connecting to the Radionic Board of the Sacred Flame – an advanced group of energy healers working at all levels and dimensions – before conducting a 12-dimensional search to identify any negative spirits attached to clients and what damage they might be doing to them.

At the same time, therapists conduct a detailed analysis of each client’s problem to ascertain its root causes. Depending on its severity and nature, various factors could contribute to its development or recurrence; the goal should be to isolate those most responsible and address them accordingly – this process is commonly referred to as “balancing” patients and may include working on various aspects of life which might have contributed to it in any way.

Therapists conduct extensive searches for remedies which could assist their client in solving his or her specific issues and getting back on track, including herbs, homeopathic preparations, flower essences and dietary supplements. Some practitioners can even incorporate concepts from ancient healing traditions, esoteric psychology or New Age thinking into their work with clients.

What are the Benefits of Quantum Radionic Therapy?

Radionics is a complementary alternative treatment method that utilizes non-invasive complementary techniques to balance energy. This allows our natural healing energy to access healing frequencies. Energy transmitted using carriers like homeopathic globules, water patches or magnets are used. Furthermore, its effects are felt immediately from one person to the next as distance does not play any factor.

Quantum radionic therapy offers many benefits to its practitioners, such as harmonizing, balancing, and cleansing energies in order to release any karmic limitations or stagnant energies that are holding us back from moving forward with life. Furthermore, this therapy helps align chakras, balance emotions and beliefs and restore a sense of lightness and personal fulfilment for greater health and personal fulfilment.

An hour long remote session typically entails receiving healing frequencies remotely or face-to-face (at an additional charge for travel costs).

Once a therapist has identified imbalances within a patient’s energetic blueprint, healing frequencies are sent via “broadcasting.” They use an instrument called the Broadcaster to call up information specific to that client from control fields (dimensions 7 and 8 according to Heim and Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields) before analyzing it further.

Therapists can then imprint a holographic template of an individual onto a resonant carrier such as homeopathic globules, tinctures, water or patches; using this information they can administer corrective frequencies remotely at any distance – acting like antennae for healing energy to travel from their source through them into the energy fields.

Quantum Radionic Therapy is an extremely effective technique capable of treating all areas of the body, from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments. Furthermore, this powerful therapy utilizes principles from Quantum Physics that transcend space-time limitations allowing its practitioners to treat those not present for sessions as their energy blueprint is available to the therapist.

What is the Cost of Quantum Radionic Therapy?

Quantum radionics utilizes high vibrational energies that transmit information over distance. It can be used to charge objects and people for healing, manifestation, psychic seduction and protection – however it’s essential that you work with an experienced practitioner who has studied and practiced quantum radionics extensively for some time now. There are various types of quantum radionic devices; each designed for specific uses; some more powerful than others and others more affordable; therefore it is crucial that you do extensive research prior to making any purchases.

Radionic devices that are available for sale work by amplifying a person’s innate psychic abilities and intent, increasing internal development, improving skills and even healing certain diseases. Furthermore, these radionic devices may help individuals cope with personal difficulties as well as attain business or economic goals.

These tools are capable of detecting diseases before they manifest physically in a body, as well as balancing people, groups of people, animals, plants and microorganisms – in addition to increasing the rate of materialization of desires formulated in one’s mind and the results of visualizations and objectives.

Quantum radionics is known for its variable costs; however, most practitioners charge a flat rate based on experience, training and treatment type provided.

As an example, practitioners who specialize in treating skin conditions will likely charge a higher fee than those addressing spiritual and emotional matters; the former requires additional time and attention in order to properly address such complex matters.

Quantum radionics is an innovative solution that can be used to address a range of health and wellness concerns, from minor conditions to chronic illnesses. While radionics shouldn’t replace medical treatment altogether, it can serve as an adjunct method that balances energy fields to restore flow of vitality in the body.