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March 8, 2024Editor

What is Core Energy Therapy?

Core energy therapy is an integrative healing approach focusing on harmony between body, emotions, mind, will/intent, and spiritual self. It combines bodywork and energy healing techniques with traditional therapeutic counseling approaches.

John Pierrakos created this practice, drawing inspiration from Wilhelm Reich’s belief that blocked inner energy could create physical manifestations. Additionally, The Pathwork provides practical spiritual wisdom originating from John Pierrakos’ wife Eva Broch.

The Theory

Core energy therapy is a holistic healing approach that unifies body, emotions, mind, will and spirit into one cohesive whole for maximum expression of your complete reality. Qualified practitioners of core energy therapy incorporate bodywork techniques combined with energy work techniques into an integrative process designed to explore and transform any limiting beliefs or patterns that impede happiness, love and connection in your life.

This healing model’s main tenet is that mind and body are intrinsically psychosomatic; therefore it follows that the body possesses its own ability to heal itself; hence the therapist should not be seen as a healer but as facilitator for that process. A secondary tenet holds that humans possess an innate capacity for creative transformation of themselves as individuals as well as contributing to greater human and cosmological evolution.

According to this theory, individuals’ limiting beliefs and patterns that they hold within their minds act as energetic blocks that prevent us from loving. The theory asserts that our physical bodies contain “core energy”, similar to what Chinese medicine considers chi, Indian spirituality prana and Reichian orgone. When this energy flows freely it promotes good health while when blocked or stagnant it decreases vitality reducing health outcomes and diminishing vitality.

Proponents of energy therapy believe that many mental disorders stem from an improper flow of energy, caused by emotional trauma or lack of awareness, which in turn may be affected by genes and environment.

Core energy therapy therapists employ physical exercises and breathing techniques, in combination with roller tools (resembling large rolling pins) to treat blockages and imbalances within the body’s muscles. This technique differs significantly from Somatic Experiencing therapies which focus more on controlling autonomic nervous systems.

Therapists typically conduct an initial client assessment during their first few sessions in order to understand where they are in their process, what resources and support systems are available, their ego strength and capacity for self reflection, physical limitations, general health conditions, family histories, current circumstances as well as any prior ones. A body reading will be performed in order to detect areas of over or under charge, asymmetry, postural distortions and freedom of movement.

The Practice

Core Energetics is a system of body-psychotherapy that integrates physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of oneself. CE proposes that internal energy blocks as well as insufficient awareness of different parts of one’s personality contribute to maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns that lead to maladaptive outcomes. A therapist practicing CE uses breathwork, postures and movement therapies to unblock energy flow throughout the body and thus help shift long-standing patterns of behavior that have persisted for some time now.

Sophia came to see a CE therapist for anxiety and fear of living on Earth, having made some progress with standard talking therapy but feeling stuck and with feet feeling stuck to the ground. With Core Energy Therapy she was able to identify patterns in her energy flow that had her stuck in survival mode and break that energy loop so her feet relaxed more naturally and she began believing she could exist on this Earth.

Long term work with a CE practitioner aims to connect you with your inner power and wisdom. Core energy therapists view each client as possessing treasures that wait to be unlocked within them – not as part of an intricate character defense network that manifests across various levels of personality.

Core energetics provides a spiritual dimension by drawing upon lectures channeled from John C. Pierrakos, a student of Wilhelm Reich and collaborator with Alexander Lowen to develop Bioenergetics. Furthermore, its foundation lies within Fritz Perl’s Gestalt therapy, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing and Carl Jung’s psychosynthesis principles.

A core belief is that our bodies serve as containers for emotion and memory, with practitioners trained to recognize these patterns of behavior in a safe therapeutic setting, helping you move through them to reconnect with the innate flow of your life force and find greater clarity and meaning for living. Furthermore, this process opens us up to an even deeper level of love and acceptance for ourselves and others alike.

The Benefits

Core energy therapy or healing aims to address all aspects of an individual. Through psychotherapy, body work, and spirituality techniques it examines how one’s energy system affects their wellbeing and looks at why love should be at the core of who we are as people – an idea supported by Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung among many other people.

Goal of Somatic Experiencing therapy: to connect individuals to their true essence or soul through emotional, physical and spiritual issues that prevent them from living an authentic life. A key method used in Somatic Experiencing to do this is mindfulness practices such as sensory awareness training, imagery creation and movement-as-touch techniques that help regulate autonomic nervous system.

Under this form of therapy, the therapist is often trained to assess how well a body and its energy systems are operating. Body readings and character analysis help mobilize energy while challenging any energetic or muscular blocks present in the body and releasing any negative aspects such as depression, addiction, self-destructive behavior or limiting beliefs that might otherwise persist in someone. This process may change their life course forever by freeing them of negative aspects like depression, addiction or self destructive behavior while expanding horizons with life changing experiences such as liberating energy mobilising and character analysis can change yours forever!

At these sessions, therapists may ask their clients to perform breathing exercises and touch specific parts of the body in order to promote an increased flow of energy in their system and release any areas that have become blocked or stagnant. Discharge is a physical sensation which often accompanies this release and can result in feelings of euphoria, joy and love.

Known by its alternate name of body psychotherapy, this form of therapy was developed from Wilhelm Reich’s work as a psychoanalyst who studied under Sigmund Freud. Wilhelm believed that people’s inner energies had been affected by childhood trauma and emotional abuse and could therefore be altered through psychotherapeutic approaches to alter negative patterns of behavior that have formed within their psyches.

The Cost

Core energy therapy requires a four-year commitment. The first year focuses on understanding your personality and its development while exploring its interactions with physiological body systems. The second year emphasizes body reading techniques as well as Core Energetics’ theory base; finally, third and fourth years develop individuality as Core Therapists.

Core Healing is a hypnoanalytic approach to therapy that uses personality assessment and memory access to identify negative self-concepts that need healing and to delete them during this process. New, positive opposite beliefs replace any harmful ones; for instance, if someone keeps getting into unhealthy relationships we look into why this may be occurring and try to remove negative self-talk that perpetuates these dynamics; once these emotional roots have been addressed many physical conditions such as autoimmunity disorders and excess weight can have emotional roots too.

Core healing sessions typically last 2-3 hours and the hourly fees vary between therapists; some provide sliding scale payments based on your income. Many find the benefits of core energy therapy more than outweigh its associated costs; additionally, certain health insurance plans now cover it and many psychologists offer it as part of treatment options.

March 8, 2024Editor

Biohacking Science – How DIY Biologists Demonstrate Science

DIY biologists take an activist approach to science. With their hacker mentality and broadened access to genomics tools, DIY biologists democratize science for all. By merging biology and technology outside Big Pharma’s exclusive corridors and universities’ labs, DIY biologists democratize scientific inquiry.

But biohackers who stray from established regulations and safety measures risk running into trouble, entering unfamiliar fields of biology or physiology that can have dire repercussions.


Nutrigenomics is an emerging area of biohacking that utilizes an individual’s genetic profile to tailor diet and supplements accordingly. This involves identifying gene variants that affect how people process various nutrients; for instance, those who cannot metabolize folate may require higher levels of this nutrient in their diet or supplements in order to remain at peak health.

Other genetic variants could indicate how someone responds to different forms of exercise, such as fat-burning capabilities or the effectiveness of strength training. Knowing your specific reactions could allow for tailoring exercise regimens that maximize performance and achieve results more efficiently.

Biohacking that focuses on nutrition includes nutrigenetics, which helps identify foods suitable to each person based on their physiology and metabolism, identify any potential dietary deficiencies and suggest ways of remedying them; for instance, someone prone to obesity might benefit from increasing consumption of healthy fats while decreasing sugar consumption.

Biohackers are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to optimize their health and well-being, such as using wearable devices to track key health metrics or experimenting with various diets or supplements. While biohacking may pose risks, biohackers should carefully assess any potential threats before engaging in experiments or lifestyle changes.

Ethical considerations must also be kept in mind when considering biohacking. As this practice blurs the lines between therapy and enhancement, as well as raising ethical concerns over using technology to increase cognitive abilities or extend lifespans, ethics are an integral factor when considering biohacking.

Biohacking holds great potential to transform healthcare, speeding drug discovery and personalization. Thanks to bioinformatics, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), biohackers are now collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of medical and biomedical data – including gene editing technologies like CRISPR which treat genetic diseases – for personalized treatment or interventions like gene editing technologies like CRISPR which treat them. Likewise healthcare professionals can offer more targeted care while optimizing patient outcomes; biohacking has quickly become mainstream practice within healthcare, helping establish a paradigm of personalized medicine.


Biohackers who focus on optimizing mental health and performance aim to boost both. To do so, they typically aim to increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which supports new neuron growth while encouraging neuroplasticity. Nootropics may also help memory and cognitive performance; additionally, biohackers may engage in activities such as high-intensity interval training, brainwave entrainment or transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy therapy to strengthen their brains further.

Beginning in 2010, biohacking spaces began popping up across cities and towns throughout the US. These citizen science groups conduct neighborhood bioresearch in order to promote science literacy and foster innovation across genomics, biology and more. Though some biohackers known as grinders may seek to implant cutting-edge technology via kitchen cutting boards, most biohacking groups seek the democratization of science.

Neil Harbisson is an eminent example of an artist using sound-to-skull devices to convert colors into vibrations that his brain interprets as sounds. Born without color vision himself, Harbisson credits these devices with giving him access to experiencing life differently than others can.

However, some biohackers go around FDA approval by conducting their own experiments with untested substances and technologies in their own bodies without prior FDA approval. This may create risks to public health as well as an unequal playing field where those with enhanced abilities have an unfair edge over those without it.

No matter the method they employ to alter their body, biohackers must understand the scientific reasons for any lifestyle changes they make. Without an in-depth knowledge of these sciences behind biohacks, their efforts will likely not be as successful and may even cause negative side effects that damage or kill.

Biohacking may or may not be your cup of tea, but the advent of citizen science movements illustrates an increased empowerment to take control over one’s own health and well-being. But this movement raises important ethical questions regarding who should control human biology.


Sleep has long been recognized for its profound impact on everything from immune function to lifespan, so optimizing it has become a focal point for biohackers as an approach for improving overall health. They often experiment with various sleeping strategies until finding one that works for them–from trying biphasic or polyphasic schedules like biphasic or polyphasic sleep through wearing wearable devices like Oura rings all the way up to taking supplements such as Melatonin, Magnesium or Rhodiola Rosea extract supplements!

Biohackers also employ other strategies to achieve optimal functioning, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle that promotes optimal functioning. For example, biohackers strive to avoid foods high in fats, sugars, or salt that contribute to obesity or low energy levels; meditate as an effective stress-reducer and enhance mental clarity; or utilize nootropics – substances which enhance attention spans, memory recall, learning abilities etc.

While biohacking has many beneficial effects, some remain skeptical and question its efficacy. But biohacking does work for some individuals – as it involves monitoring, improving, and experimenting with your body to discover ways to do more than diet, exercise, and sleep alone.

Biohacking has taken off due to new research into longevity and innovative technologies that help us live longer, healthier lives. The community encompasses everyone from self-proclaimed biohackers like Dave Asprey (creator of Bulletproof Coffee) to everyday people looking for ways to boost productivity while feeling healthier and more energetic. As science of aging evolves further, more biohacking methods and techniques will emerge – something only expected.


Biohacking fitness is an integral aspect of biohacking as it helps individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight, increase muscle mass, and lower their risk for heart disease. Biohackers may use supplements, nutrition and exercise programs to optimize their fitness levels; tools like InsideTracker are used for tracking and analyzing their health status.

Biohackers eat diets rich in proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats for maximum performance, but biohackers also rely on pre-workout supplements to boost energy and optimize performance during workouts. Carbs before intense sessions help replenish stored glycogen supplies to avoid running out of energy during demanding training. Caffeine intake before workouts increases endurance while decreasing injury risks.

Biohacking practitioners seek to enhance their overall mental wellbeing through holistic practices like meditation and stress management, using these approaches as well as lifestyle modifications or dietary supplements in order to manage life’s daily stresses.

Some biohackers have extended the limits of what science can achieve through experiments like full-body microbiome transplants and telomerase gene therapy, both of which have drawn widespread scrutiny and been deemed unsafe by scientists. Most biohackers instead prefer smaller enhancements with known safety risks that pose minimal dangers.

As with any wellness practice, biohacking carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before making any drastic lifestyle changes, be sure to conduct adequate research first. Seek medical advice prior to adopting new biohacks such as implantable devices or genetically modified foods; though small self-experiments are fine. Too much tinkering without an established plan or monitoring system could pose significant health risks.

March 8, 2024Editor

Natural Healer Review – Melissa Crowhurst

Natural Healer stands out among 8 competitors by offering certification courses in energy & natural healing. Their company’s headquarters can be found in Australia.

This physical hard copy book complements Melissa Crowhurst of Natural Healer(tm)’s online course “Walking the Path of an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher”. A digital version is also provided to enrolled students.

Reiki Master

Reiki is an amazing form of energy healing that can be applied to yourself, loved ones, pets, plants and situations to reduce stress, relax and improve overall health. This course will cover the fundamentals of Reiki healing as well as how to perform self-healing sessions as well as using Reiki for others and animals.

This course is ideal for both newcomers to the world of yoga as well as experienced practitioners looking to expand their knowledge. As it’s an online, self-paced course, you can work at your own pace and complete it as soon or slowly as you choose.

Once the course is completed, you will receive a stunning Reiki Master certificate via email and have lifetime access to its materials and Melissa will continue adding more helpful information in due time.

This course provides everything necessary for becoming a Reiki Master, including an in-depth manual with step-by-step teachings, plus Usui Reiki 1 and 2 certification. Ultimately, its goal is to empower, ground and love its participants – so join now and become part of something amazing!

Melissa is the Founder and lead instructor of Natural Healer, an online learning institution offering energy & natural healing training that is easy for beginners. She holds Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014) and Practitioner certification, Accredited Training Provider status through IAOT accreditation, Certified Meditation Teacher status as well as Massage Therapist status. Melissa also is an inspiring business coach, author, podcaster, blogger speaker whose mission it is to offer people easy ways to heal themselves and their loved ones through simple actions that anyone can take immediately.

She has created an online course series that is simple, effective and affordable. Students have reported her courses are engaging and clear. Her ‘loving energy’ healing approach has assisted many in healing themselves of past health issues or creating more balanced lifestyles.

Meditation Teacher

Melissa has been practicing meditation since the early 2000s and has developed many effective techniques. Additionally, she has mastered Reiki and massage healing arts – she refers to this style as loving energy healing – creating her own style of healing called loving energy healing. In this course, you will discover the many benefits meditation can bring for the body, mind, and spirit.

The first lecture provides you with an introduction to meditation and how to get started, including being fully present while you meditate, how to prepare your body for meditation, and providing some helpful suggestions as to where and how to keep your mind calm while entering a meditative state.

Meditation can help reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep – so why not give it a try? In this course you’ll discover some basic meditation techniques you can use on yourself or with clients; also how you can integrate these practices into everyday life for maximum benefit from this incredible practice!

Natural Healer is an online learning platform that offers easy-to-follow, self-paced certification courses in energy & natural healing, such as Reiki distance healing and crystal healing. Operating as B2C for customers globally, Natural Healer operates courses in multiple languages as well as accepting payment through PayPal or credit cards for course purchases; its products include books, crystals and distance healing certificates from Reiki. Plus it offers customer support services and course bundles. Rated 18/100 on Tracxn and currently the #1 out of 8 competitors

Massage Therapist

Melissa is the Founder and Lead Instructor of Natural Healer – an accredited school by both the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and International Natural Healers Association (INHA), Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). Additionally, Melissa holds certification as both Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014) and Practitioner, Accredited Training Provider for Massage Association of Australia (MAA), CPE provider as well as President of Natural Healers Society (NHS), Certified Meditation Teacher as well as Massage Therapist.

Loving Energy Healing is her own signature approach to healing, and she strongly advocates for continuing education in the healing arts for all professionals. Recently, her hospice care experience as an LNA and Massage Therapist provided new insights into understanding mind/body health concepts as well as pain experience/perspectives/experiences as well as what quality of life means for each person as they progress through human existence.

She provides clients with integrated techniques for postural assessment, relief of Myofascial patterns of dysfunction and pain, meditation and Reiki to create a holistic approach for meeting their wellbeing goals. She lives with husband Rory, sons Holden & Noah as well as numerous pets in Seacoast area of New Hampshire – she enjoys hiking and meditation and the beauty of nature around her! All courses include lifetime access, priority support as well as exclusive discounts on other Natural Healer classes, crystals and books – plus other bonuses!

Spiritual Healer

Natural Healer is an online platform offering certification courses on energy & natural healing, including crystal healing, chakra healing and reiki distance healing. They also sell books, crystals and course bundles. Based in Melbourne Australia and targeting B2C EdTech users – its competitors currently comprise 8 companies.

Melissa is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014), Massage Therapist (DMA), Licensed Esthetician, Certified Meditation Teacher, Author and passionate business coach who believes strongly in love and light as a source of healing for both herself and others. She enjoys creating easy ways for people to heal themselves and others through natural means such as massage and Reiki healing sessions as well as creating simple solutions through podcasts, blogs and speaking events.

She has taught loving energy techniques to over 99,000 students around the globe and now brings these powerful courses online so more can benefit. All of her courses are accredited by American Association of Drugless Practitioners and International Natural Healers Association as well as Massage Association of Australia and Complementary Therapists Accredited Association – giving graduates lifetime access, priority support and bonus materials!

March 8, 2024Editor

Rife Therapy Florida – Hormone Imbalance

The Rife machine emits frequencies that resonate with specific pathogens, producing destructive resonance without harming healthy tissue. It may also help relieve chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Men can experience fatigue and decreases in sexual drive as they age. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may restore natural hormone levels to help restore vitality and increase feelings of well-being.

Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone is an essential male hormone, playing an influential role in sexual function, mood, cognition, muscle mass and bone density – as well as fat accumulation. Low testosterone (androgen deficiency or hypogonadism) becomes increasingly prevalent as men age, often associated with decreased energy levels, muscle weakness and weakness as well as beard/body hair growth loss and sleep disturbances (especially obstructive sleep apnea).

Testosterone exists in blood in two forms; bound and unbound forms. Free testosterone has androgenic actions and makes up 2-3% of total plasma testosterone; any remaining amount is bound to albumin or sex hormone binding globulin and cannot be measured directly. Diagnosing testosterone deficiency may be difficult because its clinical presentation can vary widely and laboratory results differ widely; however, when total plasma testosterone drops significantly combined with clinical symptoms it provides strong support for diagnosis; measurement of free or bioavailable testosterone by using an accurate assay can provide further clarity if necessary.

If a specific cause can be identified as being responsible for low testosterone, treatment can focus on treating that specific issue directly. Otherwise, replacement therapy with testosterone (often done using patches applied directly to the skin or long-acting injections of gel or pellets) will likely be prescribed.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is an extremely frustrating experience for men that impacts their lives in profound ways. It could be indicative of an underlying health issue such as blocked blood vessels or nerve damage from diabetes; or depression, anxiety and stress.

Speak to your doctor about erectile dysfunction. Your physician will want to know about any recent surgery, health conditions and diet and lifestyle issues as well as your relationship status – having your partner present may provide another perspective when discussing symptoms and relationship concerns.

Most patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) find relief with oral PDE-5 inhibitors; however, if that fails there are various other options such as vacuum devices or penile implants available. Psychotherapy may also prove useful; it teaches techniques for relieving performance anxiety and improving intimacy; psychotherapy also can assist in adapting to new situations like having an erection that doesn’t last as long. Your physician will make sure no medication you are currently taking could be contributing to erectile dysfunction.


Andropause, commonly referred to as male menopause, is a hormonal change that happens with age in some males and is marked by reduced testosterone levels that may result in symptoms such as depression, low libido, and muscle loss. Andropause may be due to natural physiological aging changes or testicular/hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction.

Women in Rife often struggle with hormone imbalances that result in diminished sense of well-being, chronic fatigue and low libido. Bioidentical hormone therapy can restore their bodies’ natural levels of hormone production to restore energy, well-being and sexuality.

Melanotan 2, also known as CJC-1295, is an experimental compound designed to provide libido-enhancing effects without tanning the skin. It works by mimicking the effects of somatostatin hormone, which inhibits natural growth hormone production and Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide which stimulates pituitary gland within body in release natural growth hormone. Furthermore, Ipamorelin can improve joint, muscle, and tendon health and strength by suppressing its effects of somatostatin hormone.


Men in Rife who suffer from hormone imbalance often exhibit symptoms including decreased energy, erectile dysfunction, and depression. These conditions can be successfully addressed with bioidentical hormone therapy; indeed, starting early is key in order to feel better more quickly.

Andropause (also referred to as Male Menopause) occurs when men’s testosterone levels begin to decline with normal aging or testicular dysfunction, usually by age 60. Most men experience hypogonadism – low testosterone levels.

Women typically reach menopause between 45 to 55, though some can enter menopause much sooner than this – this condition is known as premature menopause.

PT-141, a synthetic version of Melanotan 2, has been found to have libido-boosting effects and promote melanogenesis without tanning, while CJC-1295 heightens natural steroid production, often serving as precursors to other growth hormone-releasing peptides like sermorelin or Ipamorelin; both can increase growth hormone release while suppressing somatostatin.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is a chemical substance used to stimulate physical and intellectual development in children. Additionally, it aids the regulation of fluid balance, sugar and fat metabolism as well as treating conditions that inhibit growth in children such as kidney disease or Prader-Willi syndrome. Growth hormone can also be administered to adults to enhance muscle mass gain and body fat change as well as increase cholesterol and bone density levels.

At first, your child may grow two to three times faster when on growth hormone treatment compared to what would have happened without therapy; this phenomenon is called catch-up growth and should eventually subside. Since growth hormone can influence how insulin is used by the body, growth hormone should not be administered to people with diabetes or certain pituitary tumors.

Many athletes and bodybuilders use synthetic growth hormone to gain muscle mass. When combined with chemicals such as diuretics, its use may cause dangerous side effects; quitting can be difficult for adults whose self-image depends on being large and muscular; counseling services may assist users. Unfortunately, however, some are unable to stop taking this drug regardless of its adverse impact on health and wellbeing.


Sermorelin, an FDA-approved peptide approved to stimulate pituitary gland production of growth hormone, is an emerging treatment option for men experiencing age-related hormone deficiency. Studies have demonstrated its significant advantages including muscle growth, fat loss and improved sleep quality.

Peptides have been shown to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, and create a more positive outlook on life. Furthermore, peptides strengthen immunity systems, improve sleep patterns, promote healthier skin and hair growth and can even promote greater happiness overall. Peptides are typically administered via injection.

Though peptide is relatively safe, it should be remembered that it does not replace human growth hormone. Therefore, some adverse side effects may arise such as reactions at the injection site and mild hormonal fluctuations; to minimise these side effects, regular cleaning and rotation of injection sites is advised.

Victory Men’s Health offers physician-directed individual evaluations and hormone replacement therapy in order to restore youth while alleviating symptoms associated with andropause, menopause and aging. In order to get optimal results it’s crucial that both hormones work in unison to achieve maximum benefits – not replacing testosterone therapy! To reach optimal results with our treatments it is vitally important that both testosterone and hormone deficiency be addressed simultaneously for maximum effects. In order to do this we offer both testosterone replacement therapy as well as hormone replacement therapy to address deficiencies in both cases simultaneously for maximum efficacy! Victory Men’s Health is proud to offer physician-directed evaluations combined with hormone treatments designed to restore youth while minimizing symptoms associated with andropause, menopause and aging symptoms associated with andropause, menopause, menopause as well as provide treatment plans designed to restore youthfulness as well as minimize associated with andropause/menopause/aging symptoms associated with andropause/menopause/aging symptoms associated with andropause/menopause/aging symptoms associated with andropause/menopause/ageing related conditions/ symptoms related aging- related symptoms associated with andropause/menopause/menopause/menopause/menopause/ageing related symptoms such as both gender transition/aging syndrome etc. Victory Men’s Health provides physician directed individual evaluation and the use of hormones/enopause/menopause/ageing symptoms associated with andropause/menopause/aging/aging conditions associated with both and/menopause/menopause/menopause/menopause/menopause/menopause/ageing symptoms/aging issues/aging symptoms through use of men/ageing or age related conditions/ageing associated /meno/meno/meno/meno/men/or male hormone related treatments! Victory Men’s Health offers physician directed individual evaluation as needed use needed /w when necessary in order to restore youth or reduce associated with symptoms associated with such.


Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide and ghrelin mimetic that acts like the natural ghrelin hormone in the body to stimulate growth hormone secretion by binding to its receptor and suppressing somatostatin release inhibition, making ipamorelin one of the best peptides for stimulating pituitary gland release of higher amounts of growth hormone.

As one of the mildest peptides available for increasing growth hormone production, Somatotropin-Releasing Hormone (SRT) therapy offers minimal side effects and is an ideal choice for individuals suffering from hypothalamic-pituitary disease that interferes with pituitary gland production of growth hormone. Somatotrophin Releasing Hormone Therapy may also be used in combination with SRT.

Ipamorelin can be taken either via injection or sublingual tablets. For optimal results, take it before bed when growth hormone levels peak in your body.

Ipamorelin stands apart from other growth hormone-releasing peptides by not increasing appetite; rather, it promotes muscle growth and enhances metabolic function within the body. Studies have demonstrated its impact on decreasing the impact of aging muscles, improving sleep quality and strengthening immune systems – not to mention helping you lose weight faster while improving athletic performance.

March 8, 2024Editor

Dr Clark’s Zapper

When you feel hopeless and exhausted, fighting back against illness may seem impossible. That is where Dr. Hulda Clark’s invention of zappers comes into play – these small electronic devices emit frequencies which kill parasites, bacteria and other pathogens to restore your wellbeing.

What is a Zapper?

A zapper is an electrical device designed to kill flying insects by producing a high-voltage electric field between two wires. Also referred to as an insect killer or electrocutor, bug zappers have become popular with homeowners and food handlers as they eliminate mosquitoes that spread West Nile virus, Lyme disease, yellow fever, malaria and encephalitis. They work by drawing insects towards them with light sources before electrocuting them when they contact its wire grid grid grid grid grid; its name comes from this sound when an insect dies.

Hulda Clark, an alternative health practitioner with a highly controversial practice, created the Zapper as part of her controversial antiparasite therapy approach to curing various diseases by eliminating parasites and toxins from the body. The device consists of a low-voltage pulse generator circuit producing dual polarity square waves at 30kHz that travel between copper handle and electrode that the user holds onto during treatment, and an oscilloscope for measuring output which should ideally feature 100% positive offset with 50% duty cycle for optimal effectiveness.

The best bug zappers are enclosed in plastic or metal cages to protect both people and other animals from touching the high-voltage grid, as well as contain light sources emitting both visible and ultraviolet light. Flying insects such as mosquitoes are drawn to light because their natural behavior responds positively phototaxis; that means they move towards or away from it depending on intensity or direction of illumination. When attracted by light in a bug zapper’s light source they become vulnerable to electrocution when touching its wire grid grid.

Bug zappers should be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up of insect parts on their wire grid, which could impede their efficiency and be potentially hazardous in sterile environments such as hospitals. Insect parts could spread bacteria and viruses that cause illness; those using bug zappers in these types of environments should install fans for airflow purposes to minimize contamination risks.

How Does a Zapper Work?

Before using a bug zapper, it’s important to know exactly which insects you’re trying to kill. Certain kinds of insects respond to phototaxis – meaning they either gravitate toward or away from light sources – meaning bug zappers use light-based lures and wire grid traps to lure in flying bugs for capture. They tend to work best between dusk and dawn when many flying insects are active.

Since their first invention was patented in 1934, bug zappers have remained relatively unchanged in terms of design. Their basic architecture consists of an exterior housing designed to keep people and animals away from its electrified grids inside. This may take the form of a lantern-like lantern housing, cylindrical casing or large rectangular cube made of plastic or electrically grounded metal; and can even feature protective mesh covering to shield against children or larger animals who try to stick their hands inside the device.

At the core of every bug zapper is a light source emitting both visible and ultraviolet (UV) light, with UV lights particularly attractive to insects due to their resemblance of natural flower patterns seen in their environment. When bugs fly towards this light source they attempt to enter small gaps within its wire grid – only to be instantly destroyed upon touching its surfaces!

Depending on the type of bug zapper, its UV light may also emit an attractant that lures specific insects to it. For instance, mosquito zappers often include lures that mimic human breath and sweat chemicals to attract mosquitoes while Octenol matches chemicals found in mosquito salivary glands to attract these pesky pests.

Some zappers come equipped with fans that help trap insects as they fall to the ground, helping prevent them from becoming health risks for people or animals by eliminating the chance that decaying body parts spread disease through airborne debris. It is wise to avoid placing bug zappers near areas where people congregate for extended periods, food preparation areas or anywhere that requires long periods of concentration, since electrically stunned insects could contaminate these spaces through airborne contaminants that become airborne after being electrocuted and become airborne again after landing on solid ground surfaces.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Zapper?

The current of a zapper gently stimulates bloodstream, helping clear out all diseased tissues and cells to restore balance and heal. Furthermore, its current appears to reverse positive charges on parasites, bacteria, fungus in blood and lymph fluid so white blood cells can digest them and flush them from your system.

Some have reported that zapping can help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions like asthma, arthritis and fatigue. Full recovery may take some time; the zapper should be used alongside other methods. Pregnancy should be avoided and pacemakers should not be worn while using this device; drinking plenty of water post session is also vitally important.

A zapper can be purchased in many health stores and online. The device consists of two rods that can be held in either palm of hand for easier use or placed against the body to release low-frequency electromagnetic currents that penetrate and kill parasites, bacteria and fungus in your body. There are a number of models available ranging from small boxes worn next to skin to larger devices with hand grips; some zappers contain pre-programmed frequencies from Dr. Clark’s works while others allow users to select programs themselves.

The Zapper can be set to operate across a wide spectrum of frequencies from 10Hz-1 MillionHz; each frequency corresponds with specific types of parasites, bacteria or fungus that it targets. Users can set it as either a fixed frequency or allow it to scan across the entire spectrum to check for organisms at each output level; additionally it can warn users if their batteries become low.

The zapper has proven itself effective at eliminating most types of parasites, bacteria and fungus; including various viruses like AIDS, herpes and influenza. Furthermore, some individuals have reported relief from asthma, allergies or arthritis by using it regularly.

How Much Does a Zapper Cost?

Price-wise, bug zappers range between $25 and $100 in terms of quality; on average. More expensive models tend to have better assembly, higher light wattage output and greater voltage capability – yet tend to use more electricity; therefore if your electricity costs are sky high this should be taken into consideration when making your decision.

Zappers can not only keep insects out of your home, but they’re also great at deterring them from outdoor areas like gardens, pools and patios. Just bear in mind that they might not be as effective at repelling flies and mosquitoes than other forms of insecticide.

Many people believe that bug zappers can help treat health conditions such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and depression by emitting low-level pulses of electromagnetic frequencies into their bodies. It is thought these frequencies kill parasites and pathogens while encouraging good bacteria in your system to flourish.

Experts, particularly entomologists, dispute this claim by noting it takes many zappers to reduce an insect population in any one location and even then might increase overall bug populations in an area. Still, consumers vouch for their zappers and say it makes them feel invigorated after using one; others simply enjoy seeing bugs die right in front of their eyes!