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March 8, 2024Editor

Kirk Cousins Uses Neurofeedback Device and App to Stay Focused

Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings opens up about using neurofeedback training as part of his training regime in Episode Four of Netflix’s Quarterback. He uses a remote neurofeedback app called Myndlift to train his brain to stay focused.

These tools can help people gain control over emotions, increase focus and decrease stress levels. Furthermore, they can track sleep patterns – something which has an enormous effect on athletic performance.

EEG Headset

EEG headsets have long been used for medical purposes, and have recently gained increasing traction as cognitive training devices. These devices use neural plasticity to train cognitive skills such as attention and relaxation in daily life; and also help people improve their mental performance in general. With EEG training you can improve focus, relaxation and learning capabilities. These devices work by recording electrical activity within the brain before projecting its video onto a screen in real-time – wireless or wired headsets can be worn comfortably across a variety of settings for use.

An electrode headset with multiple electrode channels can record highly detailed data, making it ideal for clinical applications and neurofeedback effects evaluation. Neurofeedback has been reported by users as helping reduce anxiety by helping focus breathing techniques; athletes also find it beneficial in training mental concentration and increasing self-efficacy – two elements necessary for task completion success.

Electroencephalography tests to measure brain electrical activity can be time consuming. Clinicians need to apply gel adhesive to multiple electrodes before placing them one by one on the scalp for proper placement. But thanks to a new device recently approved in Europe called NeuroCap by Brain Scientific, preparation times can now be reduced down to as little as five minutes! Featuring a disposable headset featuring 22 pre-gelled electrodes available in multiple sizes – EEG prep can now take as little as five minutes!

Small and portable in design, the NeuroPort is easy to use at home. Capturing brain signals within seconds and having an impressive four-hour battery life. Plus, its open-source platform makes it compatible with any Brain Computer Interface (BCI) board on the market; furthermore it works well with images, videos, games, web content mobile phones virtual reality stimulation stimuli stimuli stimuli including images videos games web content mobile phones virtual reality stimulation stimuli

EMOTIV’s EEG headband was created to deliver professional-grade brain signaling for academic and commercial applications, making it suitable for performance, wellness, cognitive assessment, BCI applications and more. Its minimalist setup and electronics have been optimized to produce clean signals regardless of environment while its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during use.

Myndlift App

Myndlift app is the leading remote neurofeedback program, providing clients with all of the same customization and personalization offered by in-office methods. Additionally, its digital assessments enable mental health practitioners to track client progress more easily while also offering better outcomes for clients. Clients can complete assessments and training sessions at home without needing an appointment – the myndlift app also includes cognitive tests such as continuous performance tasks (CPT) and Go/No-Go tests designed to assess an individual’s ability to focus attention.

Myndlift App’s qEEG Brain Mapping employs sensors to read your brain waves, then provide visual or audio feedback that teaches you how to self-regulate them. The software compares your patterns against norms and shows a color on screen that indicates how well your self-regulation skills are improving over time – the more you practice, the quicker your brain will learn how to self-regulate itself faster – making this noninvasive technique an invaluable way of treating conditions such as ADHD/ADD, epilepsy depression anxiety PTSD autism stroke recovery as well as recovery from stroke recovery after stroke recovery.

As a professional athlete, Cousins must maintain peak physical condition to compete at his best. But even experienced players can lose focus or become stressed out – which is why he uses neurofeedback; an instrument designed to train his brain into remaining focused and calm.

Kirk Cousins from Minnesota Vikings shows viewers in Episode Four of Netflix’s hit show Quarterback how he keeps his mind sharp by beginning each day with exercise before practicing mindfulness techniques that help maintain peak mental performance.

At each session, he wears a Muse smart headband which measures his brain activity and provides feedback about his focus levels. After doing some mental exercises such as digital journaling or mindfulness meditations to reduce stress and increase focus.

Dubravka Rebic has been actively engaged in mental wellness work for more than a decade. She is an ardent proponent for mental wellbeing and works to raise awareness on its importance. Dubravka dedicates considerable time researching scientific studies in order to ensure her content is as accurate and helpful as possible, in addition to writing for several online publications.

Muse Headband

The Muse headband is designed to assist users in learning relaxation through brain-sensing meditation. Using sensors that measure brainwave activity, nature sounds are combined with them to simulate wind chimes or other natural rhythms for an immersive meditation experience. Furthermore, this device offers a breathing track to pace breath for stillness and calm. You can track all this activity using its app.

The headband contains frontal and temporal electrodes, the former resting on your forehead and the latter behind your ears, plus accelerometer, gyroscope, and PPG sensors to measure heart rate and movement. Bluetooth technology connects it with mobile phones; data collected is sent directly to an app; which then interprets those signals into an experience that can be played back through headphones.

Muse is a first of its kind EEG device in terms of portability and user friendliness – the combination makes it accessible for mainstream consumer use compared to similar technology found only in medical facilities and research institutions until now. Muse allows more people accessing its innovative technology which was once only easily attainable through academic institutions or medical facilities.

One study on breast cancer patients using Muse reported positive benefits including improved fatigue, quality of life and stress levels. Further investigation must take place to ascertain its efficacy across other patient populations.

Muse’s patent-pending dry sensor technology is comfortable, lightweight, and noninvasive. With 7 finely calibrated EEG sensors–2 on your forehead and 2 behind your ears–measuring brain activity in real time to provide valuable real-time feedback – Muse sensors have been engineered to withstand sweat, rain and other environmental elements without diminishing signal quality.

The Muse headband is available in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe and does not support APO/FPO and DPO locations; Brazil, China Cuba Egypt Eritrea Greenland Guam Indonesia Korea Libya Myanmar North Korea Russia South Africa Venezuela. Customers must register their Muse headband to activate this one year limited warranty that covers manufacturing or material flaws.


Kirk Cousins prioritizes proper nutrition, sleep patterns and rigorous training as he maintains peak physical condition for football, but some might find it surprising that he also utilizes brain training as part of his mental preparations for high-pressure situations.

Cousins was revealed to have used neurofeedback in episode four of Netflix’s Quarterback to enhance his focus and mood regulation. This involves streaming movies onto his mobile device while wearing a headset that monitors brain activity; should this detect distraction or irritation, the movie will pause or skip accordingly.

Electrodes, commonly referred to by their technical name “electrodes,” refer to small metal or plastic plates with conducting surfaces attached to electrical equipment, such as test instruments or sensors. Electrodes are often utilized for medical applications and come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and materials – even being as thin and small as human hair!

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that offers real-time feedback to teach individuals how to alter their brainwaves and mitigate symptoms. Neurofeedback can help train your brain for stress reduction and improved concentration and focus, making it an invaluable asset for athletes who need to make decisions quickly under pressure.

Neurofeedback provides another valuable service: it allows users to track their sleep quality. This can be an essential tool for athletes as sleep quality can have a direct impact on performance; Muse S headband features an inbuilt sleep tracker which monitors your sleeping pattern so as to optimize sleeping habits and optimize results.

Muse S is designed to measure both brainwaves and heart rate/respiration rates to help identify causes for sleep issues and offer suggestions to help you sleep more soundly, which in turn may improve both performance on-field as well as off.

March 8, 2024Editor

Magnetic Resonance Therapy Reviews

As part of your MRI procedure, you may experience discomfort or even pain while lying on the scanner table. Sedatives could also cause dizziness during your appointment.

MeRT integrates technology and neuroscience, stimulating specific areas of the brain to optimize function and rewire neural circuits for improved functionality and better neurological conditions management. MeRT holds out hope of an era without neurological restrictions limiting life experiences.

What is MeRT?

Magnetic Resonance Therapy uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images of your internal body, enabling doctors to detect tumors, injuries, and other conditions such as depression or anxiety. MeRT treatment employs similar technology to target areas of your brain that may not be working optimally and treat symptoms such as depression anxiety headaches without surgery or any pain whatsoever; you simply lie on a table while wearing a helmet containing magnets used to target specific parts of your brain.

MeRT (Magnetic E-Resonance Therapy) is an innovative treatment protocol combining technologies from repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), and EKG/ECG. MeRT pinpoints and restores disruptions to brainwave patterns to restore functioning, thus improving quality of life and functionality.

As part of the first step, we will conduct a qEEG scan on your brain in order to assess its brainwave patterns and detect any anomalies. With the information gained from your qEEG, we can craft an effective treatment strategy tailored specifically towards alleviating your symptoms.

Our expert team will then use the results of your qEEG to craft an individual treatment plan, including using rTMS to stimulate targeted areas of your brain, improve neural communication and promote neuroplasticity, as well as MeRT which has shown great promise in treating root causes for traumatic brain injury, PTSD and major depressive disorder.

MeRT can also be used to maximize brain performance for athletes, professionals, and anyone seeking peak cognitive abilities. By expertly tweaking neural circuits and optimizing brain functionality, MeRT can unlock untapped potential in both mental and physical performance.

MeRT therapy is generally safe for most adults, including pregnant women. However, certain medical issues may prevent treatment with cortical MeRT such as seizures history and pacemakers; titanium shunts/stents; epidural cortical stimulators; epidural cortical stimulators, epidural cortical stimulators (epiDCSs); epidural cortical stimulators, epidural cortical stimulators (ECS), epidural cortical stimulators with epidural cortical stimulators capabilities; epidural cortical stimulators; epidural cortical stimulators (ECS); epidural cortical stimulators (ECS); or cochlear implant (VCD/ VDC). Contact our office for more information or an initial consultation appointment –

How Does MeRT Work?

MeRT uses similar magnet technology to produce radio waves that create images of internal body areas. MeRT employs this same noninvasive, safe, drug-free treatment to address depression, anxiety and pain issues by targeting certain parts of the brain. MeRT’s proven effectiveness provides hope to many patients.

MeRT is an innovative form of neuromodulation, combining technologies of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS, an FDA cleared therapy) with quantitative electroencephalogram/electrocardiogram resonance therapy (qEEG/EKG). The latter helps identify each patient’s individual brain pattern and state of dysregulation before creating an individualized rTMS protocol to encourage healthy communication within their mind and improve functionality.

MeRT stands in stark contrast to TMS, which delivers stimulation to only one area at one fixed frequency. Instead, MeRT pinpoints areas in which brain communication has broken down and supports those areas accordingly – thus significantly improving symptoms in those suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Depression or TBI/Concussion.

MeRT represents a revolutionary step forward in brain health and neuroscience research, yet its full potential is yet to be unlocked. Many patients are already seeing impressive results with MeRT’s use, such as increased focus, better sleep patterns, and an overall increase in sense of wellbeing. With MeRT as your side, neurological disorders will no longer limit living a fulfilling life!

MeRT may not be covered by your health insurance, but we do provide convenient financing through Care Credit. Simply visit their website and apply for a medical credit card – approval will come quickly and easily. In addition, MeRT accepts various prepaid healthcare cards such as HSAs and FSAs for payment purposes. Contact us now to discover how MeRT can enhance your quality of life – our team would be more than happy to answer any of your queries!

What Are the Benefits of MeRT?

Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes an extremely powerful magnet, radio waves, and computer technology to produce detailed images of your internal body. It is widely used to diagnose and treat conditions like brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, strokes, cancer and other diseases as well as plan procedures such as brain surgeries or heart surgeries.

MRI scanning is generally safe for most people, including pregnant women and children. You will likely lie on a table that moves your head or body into different positions while lying still. MRI machines produce loud humming noises that may cause discomfort; medication can be taken to alleviate them while headphones may also help block out noise and allow healthcare providers to communicate during scans.

Functional MRI (fMRI) is a type of MRI which measures brain activity in specific areas. This information is useful in diagnosing and treating various conditions, including depression, headaches and fibromyalgia – helping your physician develop the most appropriate treatments.

MeRT integrates technologies like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS, an FDA cleared therapy) with quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG), to provide tailored treatments for each individual patient. MeRT’s purpose is to encourage healthy brain communication patterns; with the information gleaned through these tests, your therapist will tailor an rTMS therapy protocol designed to stimulate specific areas of brain activity.

Magnet Resonance Therapy can do more than relieve pain, increase energy levels and promote sleep; it can also boost athletic performance by speeding healing from sports injuries and rehabbing chronic joint issues. Furthermore, magnetic resonance therapy improves mental acuity, concentration and memory – aiding to overcome anxiety and depression.

Sports injuries, whether professional or grassroots, can be both frustrating and debilitating. Magnetic resonance therapy (MRT) has proven itself as an effective method of speeding up the natural healing process following sports injury by stimulating cell proliferation and signalling processes; MRT may also prevent further injuries and help improve muscle function.

What Are the Side Effects of MeRT?

Magnetic resonance scanning uses powerful magnets and radio waves to produce images of your internal organs, which doctors can use to locate tumors or injuries. Magnetic resonance therapy utilizes these same magnetic fields to target specific areas of your brain in order to treat depression, anxiety and headaches without pain or side effects – and after treatment you can go back to enjoying life normally!

MRI environments present unique safety risks to patients who have implanted medical devices or external devices. Exposure can cause heating of implanted devices or their surrounding tissues, and interfere with electrically active medical devices; in such instances, either their function could become impaired or an MR scan inaccurate.

MeRT is an innovative therapy that harnesses neuroscience and technology to optimize brain health and transform lives. Combining diagnostic qEEG analysis with therapeutic repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), MeRT gives hope to those living with neurological conditions while opening doors towards a future where neurological conditions do not restrict our potential to enjoy life fully.

An initial consultation with a MeRT specialist is the first step to discovering whether you qualify for this innovative therapy. A qEEG provides data that pinpoints irregular patterns and dysfunction in the brain, making it essential for pinpointing which areas need stimulation during rTMS and also helping our specialists determine how many sessions will be necessary to alleviate symptoms.

MeRT involves lying on a table while wearing a helmet equipped with small magnets to create an electromagnetic field in certain parts of your brain that exhibit irregular patterns, creating an electromagnetic pulse which acts like an electroshock treatment – you’ll hear an audible “knock-knock noise,” similar to when your muscles twitch; Sessions for TMS therapy tend to last only minutes so you’ll quickly be back to regular activities upon finishing them.

MeRT’s qEEG and rTMS components have been shown to be safe and effective in various studies involving autism, concussion and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MeRT has also been successfully used on children experiencing various emotional challenges while currently being investigated as an effective method for post-traumatic brain injury recovery.

March 8, 2024Editor

Hunter 4025 NLS

Hunter 4025 is a non-invasive diagnostic device that employs light wave resonance technology to scan the body and identify abnormal conditions at different levels – from tissue, cells and DNA helix level, through to tumor sites or hereditary diseases. The machine can even reveal their origin.

Users often share stories about how the Hunter has helped them on their wellness journeys. This holistic health analysis machine is essential for anyone wanting to take control of their own wellbeing.

It is a non-invasive diagnostic device

Hunter 4025 NLS differs from traditional methods in that it does not cause pain and does not necessitate physical examination; rather, it employs light wave resonance of biological objects to detect any abnormal conditions within organs and tissues of the body – this information can then be used for treatment; additionally, this device identifies and describes potential causes as well as future dynamics of health processes – its accuracy being up to 85%.

Metapathia GR Hunter is an analog-free computerized human body health analyzer featuring world class software capable of reading and decoding electromagnetic waves released by cells, organs and bacteria within your body. Analysis involves measuring frequency wavelengths emitted and characterizing magnetic vortices within organisms for further study.

It enables us to detect any pathology, infection or condition within the body by tracking changes in wave characteristics of tissues, cells or even chromosomes. Once measured, results of measurements can then be used for diagnosis or homeopathic medications – making this century’s information technology one of the greatest achievements of modern natural science.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics’ hardware-software system allows electromagnetic radiation amplitudes to be selectively chosen, isolated, decoded and displayed on a screen for analysis and display. The system can identify degrees of imbalance within tissues, cells, chromosomes or organs while offering treatments accordingly.

The Hunter 4025 can detect intestinal parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as assess your body’s aura – an electrical field around you which contains vital information – while providing blood group identification and nutritional guidance. Ideal for use in clinics, sanatorium resorts, fitness centers or SPAs or scientific research facilities.

It is a device for the development of medicines

As healthcare continues to advance, technological innovations continue to revolutionize health assessment and diagnostic tools. One such example of this trend is Meta Hunter non-linear system (NLS) technology, which utilizes quantum physics principles to detect subtle vibrational frequencies within a person’s body and identify any potential health issues prior to becoming symptoms and help improve overall wellbeing and overall health.

This system allows for non-invasive testing without needles, radiation or any other invasive methods. It provides valuable insight into an individual’s physical, emotional and energetic state that can be used to develop tailored holistic treatment plans for holistic healthcare plans. Many practitioners are now adopting this technology into their practices.

Utilizing computers and special programs, the system delivers information regarding an individual’s state of health to a medical provider who then decodes it into an accurate diagnosis with specific recommendations for treatment. It is also capable of measuring effectiveness of various treatments such as phytotherapy or crystal therapy as well as providing other useful data, such as where tumors and hereditary diseases originated or their causes of appearance.

This device marks a substantial leap forward in the development of NLS systems, allowing it to independently detect hereditary diseases and tumors at genetic level, passing through each structure of nidus on histological, cytological, and chromosome levels. Furthermore, its software includes an innovative 3-D spiral scanning method and provides hundreds of virtual images.

One key advantage of the NLS bio is its ability to detect imbalances in energy fields. For instance, Mark underwent a scan and discovered his high stress levels; as a result, he implemented meditation and relaxation techniques into his daily routine, improving both his emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing. Furthermore, it identified imbalances within his cardiovascular system as well as arterial plaque that could potentially lead to heart disease without treatment.

Non-invasive technology like this is easy to transport and use, making it the perfect addition to any wellness program. It can identify hidden issues that might otherwise go undetected, making it especially helpful for individuals who take an active approach towards their own healthcare.

It is a device for physical examinations

An ultrasound examination device that scans organs of the body – such as bones and the genital system – non-invasively. It provides doctors with powerful diagnostic capabilities, helping them pinpoint disease causes and create effective therapies. Furthermore, ultrasounds can detect toxic substances and viruses present within our bodies.

Hunter 4025 provides faster and safer physical exams compared to traditional methods, featuring painless noninvasive testing that displays results on a computer screen. It can detect up to 1432 organs and tissues within the human body for anomalies to surface quickly. Plus, its use requires no electricity or voltage so its results can easily be understood by physicians.

Hunter 4025 uses quantum and biological theories to scan the internal structures of your body, while also applying traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and Western medical pathology theories. It then presents its findings via Western medical pathology images. Furthermore, this system can help identify disease causes as well as predict their progression; additionally it can assist in treating chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and hepatitis.

Metapathia-GR Hunter software offers multidimensional virtual scanning that can automatically pinpoint tumor and hereditary diseases and determine their causes at genomic level, through histological and cytological preparations, chromosomes, and eventually down to fragments of DNA molecules – this breakthrough in NLS systems goes far beyond anything ever thought possible in the past.

During a bioresonance test, the scanner produces a series of curve graphs that represent organ activity. This data is processed by NLS bioresonance hardware and converted into virtual models of each organ which appear on computer screens with colored indicators for its abnormality level. Furthermore, special software detects bacteria, fungus and parasites present within your body.

The Hunter 4025 nls analyzer is an effective way to enhance patient health. It reduces doctor consultation time and hospital visits for various physical tests; additionally it can decrease invasive and painful procedures like blood draws, x-rays and MRIs.

It is a device for therapy

The device is an invaluable asset in medicine. It allows physicians to detect and treat diseases both energetic and physical simultaneously through electromagnetic waves emitted by the body that travel to a computer system for analysis, then translated into diagnoses and recommendations by experts such as physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, dietitians, acupuncturists and holistic health practitioners as well as massage therapists, medical spas, wellness and fitness centers, cosmetic salons and even pharmacists.

This NLS device operates under the principle that living organisms emit electric vibrations that can be altered by external influences and lead to disease manifestation. When this happens, symptoms manifest themselves and with it manifest diseases as symptoms; Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS device can find these frequencies, determine their source, and predict future development of disorders.

Contrary to previous versions, the new software is simple and user-friendly. The interface has been fully revamped, providing more accurate detection of tumor locations as well as early identification of oncological diseases.

This latest iteration of the NLS device draws upon research results, making it even more powerful and accurate than before. It can scan the body to identify abnormalities; identify causes for any diseases; suggest treatment plans; provide valuable assistance for doctors who utilize natural remedies; as well as make an invaluable asset in practice settings like hospitals and naturopaths.

NLS devices feature multidimensional scanning that enables automatic localization and investigation of tumor or hereditary diseases nidus at genome level, including through histological/cytological sections, chromosome sets and fragments of DNA molecules.

This device can also assist in diagnosing autoimmune diseases, cancer and infectious diseases as well as determine their severity. Furthermore, it can predict how disorders will develop over time and recommend preventative actions to halt their progression.

March 8, 2024Editor

Bioresonance Bio-Energetics Bio-Energetics Bio-Energetics Bio-Energetics Bio-Energetics Bio-Energetic

Bioresonance machines like Sensitiv Imago allow us to test for food intolerances and allergies as well as health problems. By helping harmonise your body’s frequencies by detecting and correcting bad frequency patterns, bioresonance machines help restore balance within your system and harmonize its frequencies.

Covid sufferers are being offered unproven remedies at private clinics, including acupuncture, homeopathy and bioresonance therapy.

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is an innovative noninvasive method that uses electromagnetic frequencies to balance your bioresonance. This helps restore internal equilibrium and enhances natural healing processes in your body; making bioresonance an invaluable approach towards holistic wellness.

Electrodermal testing (also referred to as electrodermal testing, bio-energetic therapy (BIT), vibrational medicine or electromagnetic medicine) operates on the belief that various biological frequencies can be used to identify imbalances and restore health. This noninvasive and natural treatment has proven highly successful at treating various conditions.

Alternative medicine (AOM) has long been utilized as an adjunct treatment to more serious ailments, including cancer and autoimmune disorders; however, many practitioners and celebrities such as Noel Edmonds crediting this natural, noninvasive method with helping him survive prostate cancer. AOM may help rebalance your body and may provide an opportunity for lasting wellness benefits.

This technology is founded in quantum physics and uses electromagnetic waves (hertz). This device can analyse your body’s bioenergetic systems, identify imbalances and treat them, as well as stimulate tissue regeneration capabilities and boost immunity.

A bioenergetic scan provides insight into your bioenergetic system’s performance, such as minor stressors, chronic weaknesses of systems, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and energetic matches to toxins resonating with you. A bioresonance test can detect numerous physical, emotional and mental conditions including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, depression gastrointestinal issues thyroid problems as well as more.

An amp coil device used in a session aims to restore your body to its ideal energy frequency, which may have been compromised due to exposure to heavy metals or other toxins, high levels of stress, poor diet or lifestyle choices, environmental pollution or pollution-induced stress. By employing pulsed electromagnetic fields that remove interference signals and help detoxify your system.

Bioresonance therapy is an all-natural alternative to drugs and invasive procedures; however, healthcare insurance providers do not cover it due to how it competes with pharmaceutical industry revenue streams. Bioresonance is still relatively new within medical circles as an approach that is holistic in nature and non-invasive in practice.

How can Bioresonance help me?

Bioresonance Therapy has long been recognized for its ability to assist with various conditions and may be combined with more traditional forms of treatment for maximum effectiveness. As it provides noninvasive pain relief, and natural solutions, Bioresonance therapy stands as an excellent noninvasive choice to offer relief and holistic solutions.

Alternative treatments work on the theory that damaged cells or organs produce altered electromagnetic waves, which are then detected by a machine and read out wavelengths that identify specific diseases. Once detected, this device can adjust energy frequencies back into their original states so as to promote natural healing of the body.

Individuals each possess their own distinct frequency profile that can be affected by various elements such as toxins, EMF pollution (eSmog), geopathic stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites or heavy metals. Once detected by the Bioresonance machine these unhealthy frequencies can be cancelled out by sending out an inverse oscillation pattern to counteract that frequency and help rid yourself of toxin while also rebalancing electromagnetic fields in your body.

Bioresonance therapy can also provide emotional stability and mental clarity by harmonizing energy fields within our bodies, making this practice especially helpful for those suffering from anxiety, depression or addictions such as alcohol or drugs.

Food intolerances, stomach pain, urogenital disorders, fatigue and insomnia may all benefit from this form of therapy; however, this approach cannot detect or treat more serious psychological trauma as this requires deeper healing and understanding.

Bioresonance has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective in many cases through scientific testing and patient testimonials, making it an increasingly popular treatment option in complementary medicine and one we encourage you to explore further. If you would like more information about this groundbreaking technology and its possible applications for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we would be more than happy to provide further info and arrange your own session with one of our qualified practitioners!

What happens during a Bioresonance session?

Bioresonance therapy (also referred to as electrodermal testing, bio-energetic medicine or vibrational medicine) is an innovative technique used for diagnosing and curing various illnesses. Using electromagnetic frequencies, Bioresonance Therapy harmonizes bioresonance within your body restoring balance which promotes rapid healing through self-healing processes.

Bio-resonance therapy makes use of electromagnetic waves (hertz) produced by your body and the BICOM optima device that detects them, to “read” these energy wavelengths. Once detected, this machine amplifies healthy frequencies while canceling out potentially disease-causing ones; helping eliminate disease-causing molecules while supporting your innate healing processes and supporting overall wellness.

The BICOM device contains over 2000 different programs that address a range of conditions and health issues, from chronic disease to major allergies like hay fever or digestive concerns like reflux, food intolerances, IBS cystitis peptic ulcers asthma or even chronic fatigue syndrome. Furthermore, its programs may help relieve stress insomnia depression.

A Bioresonance Machine, commonly referred to as BICOM, takes place in a relaxing setting with clients holding two copper hand rods while their feet rest on a footplate connected to it. As part of each session, BICOM amplifies harmonious frequencies while inverting disharmonious ones emitted by toxins – these frequencies will then be sent back through hand rods and footplate back into their bodies via hand rods and foot plate, eliminating them and helping the body rebalance itself – helping the body heal itself over time.

People searching for alternative treatments or ways to achieve optimal health and wellbeing often turn to the BICOM bioresonance treatment as part of a comprehensive healthcare plan. A holistic practitioner may suggest combining other natural therapies, like acupuncture or homeopathy, along with bioresonance treatment from BICOM bioresonance devices like this device.

Bioresonance therapy has become an increasingly popular tool among high profile individuals for treating various ailments ranging from autoimmune conditions to cancer. Gwyneth Paltrow used the BICOM device to help treat her Lyme disease, while TV presenter Noel Edmonds credits it as saving his life after prostate cancer surgery by relieving chemotherapy-related side effects.

What can I expect after a Bioresonance session?

Bioresonance therapy amplifies harmonious frequencies back into your body, restoring communication between healthy cells and organs. It’s noninvasive, with no known side effects, making it suitable for people of all ages – particularly useful in rebalancing digestive systems, aiding detoxification processes, alleviating food and environmental allergies, treating urogenital conditions like cystitis, prostatitis, hepatitis, rheumatism as well as respiratory conditions like bronchitis asthma as well as eliminating heavy metal poisoning among other conditions.

Geopathic stress resulting from digital devices, mobile phone masts and airport security checks disrupting normal communication between cells causing diseases or health issues to surface; by inverting disruptive frequencies of toxic stressors such as geopathic stress. Once again your cells can communicate freely restoring equilibrium to your body’s system while supporting natural self-healing capabilities of your own body.

Your therapist will assess your entire physical condition, not just symptoms you present with, to identify what’s causing imbalance in your energetic system and offer personalized advice based on Bicom device readings.

Your therapist may suggest herbal or homeopathic medicines that will assist your recovery. Based on bioresonance test results and symptoms assessment, as well as other factors, they will recommend which are most suitable. They can then issue you a prescription which your pharmacy will process and supply.

Bioresonance therapy falls under alternative medicine and as such isn’t covered by state health insurance plans, although certain private insurers offer partial coverage – please check directly with your provider to ascertain its rates and reimbursement options for such therapy treatments.

March 8, 2024Editor

How to Reverse Aging in Men With Exercise

Men who regularly engage in physical exercise reap multiple health advantages, including reduced risks for heart disease, blood pressure issues, diabetes and other aging-related ailments.

At-home spit tests and smoothies promise to reveal your biological age, yet determining it can be challenging. Now for the first time ever, a small clinical trial has proven that it may be possible to slow down epigenetic clock.


Exercise can be the single most effective way to reverse aging. Studies show that engaging in regular physical activity helps slow the natural age-related decline of strength, muscle mass and heart function while helping prevent many of the chronic illnesses associated with older men such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Men with muscles that have become soft and weak have an increased risk of falling and injuring themselves, with muscle loss often resulting in fat accumulation and raised cholesterol levels. Furthermore, as men age their heart rates and breathing slow down more readily leading to cardiovascular conditions as well as decreased bone density making them more prone to fractures as testosterone levels drop leading to less sexual vigor and decreased libido.

Natural aging processes can be reduced through eating healthily, getting enough restful sleep, and exercising regularly. Some individuals even manage to turn back time; one multimillionaire software entrepreneur, Bryan Johnson, spends millions and employs 30 doctors just to monitor his own body daily – exercising, eating organic food and drinks, trying to get enough restful sleep as well as taking two dozen different supplements and pills on an ongoing basis is among his daily rituals.

Business Insider recently took an in-depth look at three men who claim to be experts at keeping their biological ages young. All three consume plant-based diets and exercise vigorously while spending a considerable sum to achieve younger bodies and longer lives.

The Dallas Bed Rest and Training Study revealed that 20-year-olds who participated in six months of endurance training experienced profound improvements in their physiologic characteristics that are comparable to someone twice their age (age 50) at age 20. This included lower resting heart rates and enhanced abilities to deliver oxygen-rich blood to organs such as the brain. Furthermore, researchers concluded that every hour spent exercising can add approximately two extra years of life expectancy, making regular physical activity worth its while for life extension purposes.


As people age, their muscle mass gradually diminishes as disease and age-related medications such as steroids, cortisone and hormones worsen the process. This reduction limits their body’s response to metabolic stressors.

Researchers have discovered that eating healthily can reverse these adverse effects of high stress environments. A diet rich in proteins while low in fats and carbs will provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals; yogurt, eggs, fish, poultry, nuts, beans seeds whole grains should all provide excellent protein sources while fruits and vegetables should also be eaten as often as possible.

Avoid fast food and processed food that contains unhealthy fats and sodium for optimal aging results in men. A balanced diet can be one of the best ways to delay and reverse symptoms associated with ageing.

A small clinical study in California has provided encouraging evidence that it may be possible for men’s biological age to be reversed, although more trials with larger numbers of volunteers must take place before any definitive results can be drawn. Volunteers were given growth hormone and two diabetes medications which caused their biological ages to drop by 2.5 years while simultaneously rejuvenating immune systems and rejuvenating body systems.

Studies have proven the power of exercise as a potent anti-ageing measure. With age comes reduced muscle elasticity and strength, which can lead to joint issues. Exercise helps lower risk for osteoporosis while improving circulation; additionally it increases blood flow to the brain for mental wellbeing and memory health benefits.

Vitamin C can also provide powerful anti-ageing protection. As a natural antioxidant, it protects cells against free radical damage as well as increasing collagen production for younger-looking skin.

Exercise can also play an essential role in combatting the signs of aging for men. Regular physical activity can boost metabolism and bone density, decreasing fracture risk while improving mood, libido and sleep quality.


Most men would rather feel younger as they age; however, until recently it was widely believed that biological clock could not be stopped.

But now medical discoveries have unlocked ways to slow and reverse some effects of aging. Supplements have proven their worth, such as CJC/ipamorelin peptides and prescription metformin which have both shown success at slowing the thymic atrophy process that contributes to further slowing aging processes.

Anti-aging supplements should only be taken as part of an overall anti-ageing regime, however. While eating healthily and exercising are key components, so too are avoiding too much sugar consumption and getting adequate rest. It is best to consult your physician prior to beginning any new supplement regimen as some could potentially be harmful or cause side effects.

Biohackers and longevity experts may offer more radical approaches to defying aging; many claim to have done just that. Their daily regimen entails tracking every aspect of their bodies – body fat percentage, glucose levels and bowel movements included – taking hundreds of vitamins and supplements, going in for regular blood tests and body scans, using creams, laser therapy sessions or electromagnetic pulse therapy treatments, all to reverse aging processes as they age.

While these individuals are quite healthy, it should be remembered that their bodies still experience significant wear and tear over time compared with average people. One recent study discovered that even men over 80 have lung capacity comparable to an 18 year old!

When purchasing supplements, always look for third-party certification or seal of approval from organizations such as NSF International, USP, ConsumerLab or Banned Substances Control Group. This indicates the product has been independently analyzed to ensure its contents match what’s listed on its label and meet good manufacturing practices; alternatively it’s best to avoid supplements that make claims about curing or preventing disease.


Even though most accept that aging is inevitable, one man is fighting hard against its inevitable progression by subjecting his body to an intensive daily regimen in an effort to reverse the ageing process.

Poor sleep can have a major negative impact on health and wellbeing for men. Men who struggle with sleeping may not get enough rest at night, have difficulty falling asleep quickly or wake up feeling exhausted the following day; this problem will only grow worse without proper intervention from professionals.

Depression can drastically impair sleep quality in men. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness may prompt them to forgo meals or not consume sufficient nutrition, leading to them abandon activities they usually enjoy and eventually becoming depressed enough that they no longer wish to sleep at all.