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March 8, 2024Editor

Scoliosis and Vibration Therapy

Studies have demonstrated that spinal vertebrae affected by scoliosis are more sensitive to whole body vibration due to sensory integration issues and reduced ligament function.

SET employs spinal weighting, whole-body vibration therapy and scoliosis traction chairs as tools to overcome proprioceptive defenses of the body and ensure that reductions achieved through other therapies will remain permanent.

Spinal Adjustments

Scoliosis often conjures images of an S or C-shaped side-to-side curve; however, our spines are three dimensional; thus it requires curves pointing both forward in the neck area (cervical lordosis) and backward in the middle (thoracic kyphosis). With scoliosis however, our spine can lose these curvatures, leading to protruding shoulder blades or spinal compression that causes low back pain.

Chiropractors use chiropractic adjustments to correct curves in the spine by applying pressure directly on its bones into its proper healthy shape and alignment. First is recentering the head using advanced mechanical adjusting instruments which gently coax it back into position; next comes Scoliosis TRACTOR therapy using an activated motorized table which activates series of traction exercises on neck, back and hips which helps relieve pressure within joints and ligaments.

Traction therapy is an effective way of helping reduce the amplitude of curves. Traction creates a pumping motion which loosens muscle and ligament attachments along with stimulating cellular activity within the spine to heal joints more naturally than bracing, surgery or watching-the-curve-progress methods.

At our center, we use an innovative combination of WBV and scoliosis balance/coordination training to retrain the unconscious parts of the brain that control posture and movement without needing conscious effort by patients. Scoliosis vibration therapy supplement these exercises by increasing muscle spindle activation frequency.

Balanced, centered posture improves secondary muscle imbalances that contribute to spinal curve progression and associated pain, thus diminishing further. This treatment has proven particularly successful at protecting against further progression during secondary periods after peak growth has passed; existing curves from progressing further or even reversed altogether! It has proven especially successful against thoracic scoliosis – the most prevalent form of scoliosis; although less helpful with regards to lumbar scoliosis but nonetheless still helpful.

Posture Re-Training

Posture is an integral component of spinal alignment and how the spine responds to gravity. Improper posture places additional stress on both muscles and spine, leading to muscle tightness, back pain and other health problems. Conversely, practicing good posture evenly distributes body weight while relieving strain from spinal joints – it may even help manage scoliosis!

Scoliosis vibration therapy sessions include posture retraining exercises designed to strengthen patients and increase balance and alignment. Exercise formats typically utilized are core training, pilates-like movements and functional whole body movements; patients are strongly advised to continue doing these outside their session in order to maximize its benefits.

Schroth Method therapists help their patients through tactile stimuli and encourage proper breathing techniques and spine elongation to activate muscles. A Schroth Method therapist may also help reduce flat back, rib prominence, and restore pelvic alignment.

Studies have demonstrated the Schroth Method is an effective means of alleviating the curve patterns and severity associated with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS), in one case correcting Cobb angles twice as effectively than traditional in-patient rehabilitation in a comparable sample of patients.

The Schroth method works in tandem with the scoliosis traction chair to utilize multiple techniques that work to correct curve patterns, including gentle spinal traction, rotation, elongation and mobilization. Additionally, weights or cantilever-like devices may be strategically applied that assist a person suffering from scoliosis to balance themselves more appropriately against gravity, thus improving posture.

The Scoliosis Traction Chair is an innovative non-invasive device that allows patients to experience the therapeutic effects of Schroth Method while sitting sedentarily. The device features exercises designed to complement spinal traction in order to promote better alignment and prevent progression of scoliotic curves; additionally it uses slow vibratory therapy which has been scientifically proven to relax ligaments and soft tissues within the spine.

Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration therapy (a.k.a. vibratory stimulation, mechanostimulation and biomechanical oscillation) offers mechanical stimulus to muscles by making the entire body vibrate. As opposed to spinal exercises which only target individual motions of the spine, vibration exercise offers an all-body solution for improving posture and balance while helping retrain automatic, subconscious parts of our brain that control how we balance and respond to gravity.

WBV requires the participant to stand or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform, with this vibration being transmitted into bones and muscles through vibration therapy, forcing them to contract and relax dozens of times per second, increasing muscle force generation while simultaneously strengthening and endurance building. WBV can be combined with physical therapy or used alone as physical training.

Scoliosis research published in 2017 indicates that adding vibration therapy to Schroth-based physiotherapy improves its results and slows progression, possibly due to how vibration stimulates more effectively than usual physiotherapy the part of the brain that controls balance and posture.

Another significant discovery of this study was that vibration therapy can be utilized for longer duration than typical short physiotherapy sessions, leading to greater compliance and creating more effective home-based scoliosis treatment plans.

This study compared the effects of sinusoidal axial cyclic vibration with various frequencies on healthy and three types of scoliotic lumbar spines, finding that those with scoliosis deformed more readily when vibrational loading frequencies approached their resonant frequency – this was evident by peak-to-peak displacements of predicted dynamic responses for deformed spines that deviated closer towards resonance than their resonance frequency; also noted was greater vibration amplitude along Y axes, with least vibration along Z axes.

The authors of this study determined that an at-home scoliosis specific exercise program (SSE) with a vibrating platform, when combined with Cheneau bracing and Schroth physiotherapy, effectively counteracted progression of scoliosis measured by Cobb angle in girls with AIS. This was because WBV assisted in improving lumbar spine rotation while increasing muscle tone.

Spinal Traction Chair

The spinal trapction chair is designed to gently and gradually decrease scoliosis curves in a controlled and gradual fashion. A special motorized table equipped with straps pull (not push) the scoliotic spine into a mirror-image configuration in both planes; simultaneously de-rotating and uncoiling it on an axial plane while performing exercises to support this corrected spine position; with Whole-Body Vibration adding further benefits.

Step Five in our in-clinic intensive care program involves stabilization exercises designed to reinforce the improved balance and posture created by previous steps. These exercises utilize various specialized techniques, including strategically applied weights and cantilever-like devices (lever arms) that target type 1 muscle fibers essential for balance and posture. This method rehabilitates automatic, subconscious parts of your brain that deal with posture more effectively than exercises that require conscious effort; also helping these improved postural positions stay put longer.

One exercise includes taking a large step forward with one leg and shifting weight onto it by bending at the knee and reaching for something behind you with your opposite arm – this twists your body, encouraging a more natural spinal curve while keeping muscles from tightening or contracting too tightly.

Another exercise involves standing up and raising both arms straight above your head, enabling the chiropractor to examine how the spine and shoulders move together; this provides crucial information when diagnosing scoliosis as well as determining the most appropriate treatment plan.

Studies have demonstrated the power of vibration therapy to relax tense muscles and nerves, an integral part of treating scoliosis. Vibration causes bones of the spine and back muscles to lengthen and expand in response to vibration, relieving pressure from spinal disc curvatures caused by curves of scoliosis. Furthermore, vibration also stimulates your body’s natural stretching ability so you can lengthen these muscles to improve posture while alleviating pain in back, neck, or legs.

March 8, 2024Editor

What is Frequency Therapy?

Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) therapy is a low-energy approach that uses frequencies to alter pain, function and structure in order to create change in pain, function, structure and other aspects. FSM has been successfully used to treat many conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, back and neck injuries, shingles rash, kidney stones as well as many others.

FSM utilizes microcurrent, which is measured in millionths of an amp and produced by your own cells – providing noninvasive therapy solutions.

It is a non-invasive therapy

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) uses a unique device to deliver healing currents to the body non-invasively and painlessly. It’s a non-invasive, painless technique that boosts cellular energy production while stimulating tissue repair. With its combination of frequencies it has also been shown to decrease pain levels and speed recovery. Currents used are extremely mild – only one millionth of an ampere is produced – just as cells in your own body produce currents!

FSM therapy works to reset communication links between the brain, brain stem and spinal cord that regulate and perceive pain signals, while simultaneously increasing ATP production – the main energy source for all cell functions and processes – and increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream to allow quicker tissue healing. FSM can also improve circulation while decreasing pain in joints and muscles.

FSM can be used to treat various conditions, such as migraines and headaches, joint pain, back pain, arthritis and asthma attacks. Furthermore, it can ease breathing by decreasing inflammation in the lungs, alleviate anxiety and depression as well as improve sleep by using frequencies in FSM to “reset” or reset your brain – and reverse any imbalances causing such symptoms.

FSM can be an invaluable addition to physical therapy sessions. Its key strength lies in treating hard-to-reach areas of the body that cannot be addressed through massage or other manual techniques; using its soft connective tissues like muscle and fascia that may be holding on to scar tissue or mineral deposits contributing to pain and dysfunction, FSM is used as an add-on treatment method.

Tri-Life Health licensed physical therapists Jeanne Scheele and Pat Alomar use FSM in their plans of care for their patients, finding it helpful in relieving inflammation and pain associated with various clinical conditions like fibromyalgia, back and neck injuries, arthritis, IBD/IBS as well as softening scar tissue.

FSM therapy can be an invaluable addition to your treatment plan for chronic pain or injury. To find out if FSM could be beneficial to you, schedule a consultation appointment with one of our qualified healthcare providers.

It is safe

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) therapy is an excellent noninvasive solution to many ailments, making it suitable for almost any part of the body. A physical therapist inputs specific frequencies into a programmable microcurrent device; then these frequencies are sent out through specific areas on the body in order to entrain tissues back to their optimal resonant frequency, relieving tension and encouraging healing.

As part of your treatment, you may experience slight tingling and the sensation that your muscles are moving in ways they hadn’t before. This is because frequencies working on a cellular level to improve communication and nerve signalling in the affected area; microcurrent also stimulates new cell production to speed healing processes more quickly while reaching deep, skeletal muscles which other manual therapies such as massage cannot.

Chronic pain sufferers frequently report that receiving therapy helped alleviate their symptoms, as the frequencies help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and ease muscle tension. Furthermore, they may help ease respiratory ailments or asthma symptoms as well as raise oxygen levels which helps prevent flare-ups of symptoms.

FSM therapy not only relieves pain, but can also aid gastrointestinal conditions such as acid reflux and IBS, increase range of motion and improve sleep quality – it has even been shown to enhance other treatments like acupuncture and massage!

FSM can be safely used for treating many health issues, and may provide an effective alternative to medications and surgery. However, certain conditions do not make for suitable FSM use; such as acute infections and newly sustained strains or sprains (within six weeks).

FSM can not only treat pain and other symptoms, but can also provide a means to relieve stress and anxiety. Furthermore, FSM helps balance energy centres known as chakras in your body – for instance the 417Hz frequency from Solfeggio scale has been suggested to be beneficial in harmonizing sacral chakra.

It is effective

Frequency specific microcurrent, or FSM, is an emerging treatment system which employs frequencies and microamperage current to alleviate symptoms and promote health. It works by restoring appropriate vibrational patterns to cells while simultaneously increasing production of ATP energy sources that fuel all cellular reactions – as well as helping decrease pain while increasing range of motion.

Microcurrent therapy employs extremely gentle frequencies; microcurrent is a tiny electric current measuring one millionth of an ampere that works much less powerfully than your body’s natural cell current. Microcurrent can be safely used on all skin types and provides effective relief for chronic pain or difficulty moving joints.

Frequency specific microcurrent not only facilitates healing, but it can also reduce toxicity and balance chakras. The frequencies utilized are part of the Solfeggio frequency scale which has long been linked with healing power; such as 417Hz known to restore harmony to sacral chakra and 432Hz considered sacred tone of peace and love.

FSM therapy can be particularly useful in relieving nerve, muscle and joint pain as well as inflammation and dissolving scar tissue. FSM has also proven itself effective at helping patients suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia, shingles and inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, FSM has also shown itself beneficial at improving heart function by lowering blood pressure as well as eliminating toxins associated with kidney stones while simultaneously relieving pain from this painful condition.

Many physical therapists are now offering this technique as part of their client treatment plans. A skilled practitioner typically uses a small device that emits high-frequency pulsating electrical current that penetrates deeply into muscles and cells for effective muscle relaxation and healing. It can also be combined with other therapies, including acupuncture or massage therapy treatments for optimal results.

Though its precise effects remain to be established, clinical trials and research suggest that FSM frequencies resonate with biologic tissue to alter its structure and function; scars often soften over time while trigger points become easier to manage with FSM using appropriate frequencies.

It is affordable

Frequency therapy is an innovative healing approach that has recently experienced explosive growth, employing electromagnetic frequencies to facilitate natural healing and balance the body’s energy centers. It has proven successful for treating stress relief and chakra healing among many other conditions; frequency therapy devices like tuning forks and solfeggio frequencies may even be used to treat cancer and other serious medical conditions.

Frequency healing works on the principle that every cell, tissue and organ possess its own electromagnetic frequency that may become disrupted or out-of-balance due to illness and disease. As an alternative therapy approach to invasive treatments like surgery and pharmaceutical drugs, frequency healing provides an alternative safe means of relieving pain while improving overall health.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a noninvasive treatment that uses electrical current to deliver specific frequencies into the body. This low amp current is safe for all body areas and used to stimulate cells in tissues to produce more ATP, the primary fuel used by all cellular reactions and recovery processes. FSM frequencies have been mapped against thousands of health conditions; many clients report improvements within five sessions of FSM treatment.

Sound frequency healing has also proven highly successful, as it activates the vagus nerve to trigger your body’s rest, digest, and restore mode, or parasympathetic nervous system. This process reduces muscle tension while improving circulation and encouraging healthy energy flow throughout the body.

Sound frequency therapy is both cost-effective and straightforward to administer at home, making it the ideal treatment solution for busy individuals who may otherwise struggle to access traditional therapy services. Instead of needing expensive equipment and training programs for traditional therapies such as aromatherapy or physical therapy, this alternative therapy uses everyday items like tuning forks or your voice for treatment purposes – making it more accessible than ever for busy people who want an easy solution that has potential to treat chronic pain, anxiety or depression.

March 8, 2024Editor

What is the Scio Device?

The SCIO quantum biofeedback machine uses quantum biofeedback technology to scan your body’s electrical energy fields and balance them, in a completely pain-free and non-invasive procedure similar to acupuncture but with reduced discomfort.

The system quickly scans over 8000 reactivity items in three minutes and produces a report detailing any imbalances which are detrimental to your health – including toxins, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hereditary issues and emotional influences.

It is a stress-reduction device

SCIO is a high-tech complementary health device that assists practitioners in finding energetic imbalances within the body. Acting much like a virus scan on a computer, SCIO searches for viruses, nutritional deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies and food sensitivities as well as abnormalities that indicate needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities of biological resonance – something not easily available with traditional tests such as blood tests or X-rays.

The SCIO operates on the theory that stress disrupts our cells’ natural electromagnetic frequencies. Such stressors include viruses, bacteria, fungi, traumas, nutrient deficiencies, allergies and hereditary conditions – any of which may contribute to chronic pain, disease and an overall sense of unwellness. The device works by measuring electric patterns worn out from stress and correcting them using electric impulses.

An SCIO session involves wearing head and limb straps connected to twelve electrode channels on a computer, connecting to 12 electrode channels in their body. The computer then reads signals from electrodes inside your body and analyzes them; providing a list of your most significant imbalances ranked from least significant to most serious; with results used to create an individualized program tailored specifically for you.

This device identifies and categorizes over 12,000 substances that pose risks to human health, and divides them into groups such as food extracts, toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus metals chemicals minerals vitamins hormones emotional states biorhythms spiritual energies chakras. Furthermore it can detect excesses and deficiencies and suggest changes to diet or lifestyle accordingly; additionally it can identify and address causes of stress such as improper biochemistry poor detoxification over-stimulation of nervous system overstimulation of nervous system stimulation and cell toxity – thus providing solutions.

During testing, the SCIO will vibrate thousands of foods, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one hundredth of a second before measuring how your body responds. By identifying imbalances in subtle energy fields and helping reduce stress-induced ailments and diseases.

It is a therapy device

SCIO is an active therapy device designed for non-invasive body analysis and energy balancing that uses bioresonance and biofeedback fields, employing mathematical calculations and high-end graphics to collect biofeedback results. This safe, painless non-invasive device uses your brain’s memory and perception capabilities to detect problems within your body which could lead to disease such as allergies, toxins infections or chronic pain and correct them immediately.

This device was created to address the innermost causes of improper functioning and is the only one of its kind that can detect energetic imbalances and restore equilibrium to an individual’s entire body system. Communicating through electromagnetic waves with their unconscious mind of their client, this process allows individuals to make changes at cellular level which in turn may reduce pain levels significantly, transform compulsive behavior to non-compulsive, and help create lasting health in its place.

At each session, clients are connected to the SCIO through head, ankle and wrist electrodes and it begins scanning their entire body at biological speed (1/100th of a second), gathering information about more than fifty-five parameters simultaneously. Once collected, this data is processed and analyzed to identify any resonant vibrations within their bodies which it then uses to create an alternate pulse that their bodies respond to thus leading to changes from an unhealthy to healthy state for that client.

Scanning can identify substances that cause stress to the body’s systems, such as toxins, viruses, fungus, bacteria, chemicals, hormones, food extracts, homeopathics, geopathics, chakras organs etc. Additionally the machine checks for cellular function, emotional balance blood circulation energy levels organs muscles organs chakras organs as well as whether or not your body is properly hydrated oxygenated and acidified.

After reviewing test results, the therapist will suggest bioenergetic therapies and programs designed to restore balance in your body. These will depend on who it’s recommended for, but may include nutritional supplements, acupuncture, light therapy or massage in order to decrease electrostress and promote healing processes within. All these interventions aim at decreasing electrostress while stimulating self-healing mechanisms within you body.

It is a diagnostic device

The Quantum Scio is a groundbreaking device that utilizes quantum technology to scan your body at an energetic level and restore balance by eliminating any imbalance that could be contributing to illness. It can detect illness before symptoms appear and correct them before disease progresses further; furthermore, this device can pinpoint its root cause while offering tailored therapy plans designed to address it.

It is the only device capable of scanning both emotional and physical imbalances simultaneously, clearing blockages from energy flow in the body while healing traumas, improving mood and sense of well-being, clearing oxidation stress – one of the leading causes of serious illness around today – and clearing any blockages to the flow of oxydation stress that has built up within it.

Quantum scio is a painless and non-invasive device that connects to the head via a band and transmits electromagnetic signals into the body to scan it comprehensively. A typical reading takes three minutes and provides a general assessment of one’s health status – showing any energetic imbalances such as nutritional deficiencies, cell inflammation or electromagnetic field disturbances; pinpointing areas of stress such as muscle-skeletal structures, endocrine systems or nervous systems where there may be imbalance.

Scio can identify imbalances as well as detect any toxins present in the body, helping practitioners determine appropriate treatments. Furthermore, this device can offer advice regarding diet and supplement recommendations; however it must be noted that information obtained via SCIO does not replace professional medical advice from licensed providers.

The SCIO is a computerized diagnostic device capable of measuring the bio-energetic properties of human bodies using 12 channels. The data it gathers is then organized and prioritized for easy viewing of which parts require attention. Based on research showing that stress disrupts electromagnetic frequencies in which body cells resonate; by returning these frequencies back to their natural states, stress may be alleviated.

It is a wellness device

SCIO is an advanced energetic medicine device that deducts and reduces stress charges on all aspects of our health – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and even environmental. Based on quantum physics and cognitive neuroscience research (brain science), SCIO can improve all aspects of well-being by detecting and alleviating subtle charges of stress that contribute to disease, illness or unhappiness.

The system connects you to it using head, wrist and ankle straps that send resonance pulses between it and your body. These pulses are measured by SCIO software which then sorts and prioritizes information according to highest stress reaction. Once this information has been organized into meaningful categories for treatment purposes, electrical impulses are then used by the device to restore proper functioning within your body – often producing dramatic transformations like going from pain relief to no pain at all; malignancies to benign; compulsive anxiety-free behaviour to balance in your wellbeing!

As part of testing, the SCIO analyzes thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, foods, substances, toxins, hormone levels, diseases, bacteria, modes, fungi and viruses and compares their figures against what should be the “norm”. Based on this comparison it feeds back frequencies which neutralize or reverse destructive wave patterns as well as release blockages that prevent energy flow between your internal systems.

This device also works to identify and reduce oxidation stress, the primary cause of serious illness. In addition, it addresses stress in the heart chakra, reduces emotional strain, stimulates repair processes, eliminates pathogens, and provides detoxification.

The SCIO draws upon decades of research in bio-energetic and bio-response medicine for its technology. It measures the body electric as a trivector rather than traditional point and probe devices like Voll Meters, Vega or Mora do; measuring sixteen electrical parameters along with tri-vector resonance frequencies from substances which compare with your body gives an incredible depth of analysis, healing applications and stress reduction applications without needing an outside practitioner for testing purposes.

March 8, 2024Editor

Holistic Health Practitioner

Holistic health practitioners focus on treating the whole person – their mental and spiritual states alike – taking into account factors like diet, fresh air and water, sleep quality and physical exercise as factors determining health.

They may suggest massage therapy, acupuncture or mindfulness meditation to manage pain effectively and have extensive training in holistic healthcare.


Holistic health is a holistic form of healing that addresses mind, body and spirit in equal measures. It aims to promote overall wellness through healthy lifestyle choices and natural remedies; holistic practitioners can assist those suffering mental and physical illnesses by targeting root causes of problems like bad eating habits, sleep deprivation or stress; they can offer advice regarding diet, exercise and meditation or use alternative healing techniques such as massage therapy, acupuncture or herbal remedies as part of holistic healthcare treatments.

Based on their chosen area of specialty, holistic health practitioners may require additional specialized training. Some programs are offered at certificate level while others require graduate degrees; for instance, those interested in becoming naturopathic doctors or acupuncturists typically must complete master’s or doctoral degree programs that typically take several years to finish.

Holistic health practitioners specialize in various fields, such as massage therapy, nutrition, herbal medicine and energy healing. Some even possess traditional medical backgrounds – for instance a massage therapist trained in Swedish and deep tissue techniques can offer clients an integrated approach to healing; many practitioners are also certified in other practices like yoga, Pilates or Feldenkrais Movement Re-Patterning.

Aspiring holistic nurses could pursue another rewarding career path by becoming holistic nurses. Like registered nurses, holistic nurses perform similar duties such as assessing patients, conducting tests and diagnosing conditions – but unlike registered nurses they utilize natural treatment methods that focus on emotional and spiritual healing as part of treatment strategies.

Holistic health nurses can work in any setting that other nurses might, including hospitals and private practices. Additionally, holistic nurses collaborate with other health care professionals to design treatment plans tailored specifically for each patient. Furthermore, holistic nurses may earn additional credentials for specific treatment techniques; for instance, those aspiring to become board-certified holistic nutritionists can obtain certification through an established credentialing organization and demonstrate they meet certain educational and practice requirements.


Holistic health practitioners take an alternative approach to medical treatment than conventional physicians do, employing various therapies such as meditation, yoga, massage and herbal remedies in order to address all aspects of patient wellbeing. They encourage lifestyle changes within patients such as diet changes, physical activities and relationships – which all make up integral parts of holistic wellbeing.

Individuals seeking careers in holistic medicine require extensive education. Some programs offer diploma levels while others may require a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, some holistic medicine programs specialize in particular disciplines like acupuncture or naturopathic medicine while others provide more general degrees. Degree programs often come equipped with third-party accreditation and may include certification in healing methods like Reiki and craniosacral therapy.

Human bodies possess an incredible capacity for self-healing; unfortunately, many individuals suppress this natural healing power by turning solely to pharmaceuticals and traditional treatments for health problems. Holistic health practitioners recognize how interdependent the mind, body, and spirit are and focus on restoring balance between them all while teaching patients stress reduction techniques to maintain positive mental states.

Most practitioners work in private practice or for large corporations. Either way, they must obtain a license from their home state in which they wish to practice holistic healing techniques and pass an exam to become licensed in that state. Some states, like New York, may specify specific disciplines as prerequisites for licensure while other may allow practitioners to get licensed through both academic and clinical education methods.

As more people seek holistic approaches to treating pain and illness, demand for holistic health practitioners has skyrocketed. With an ageing population also driving this trend, some of the highest-paying jobs for holistic health practitioners can be found in Santa Cruz, Sunnyvale and Livermore; where salaries typically surpass national averages. To learn more about these opportunities visit ZipRecruiter today.


Holistic health practitioners can work in various environments. Some work within hospitals; others can be hired by private practices or healthcare providers; they are even available for hire at spas and wellness centers; some even choose to operate their own practice which allows them to charge higher fees for their services.

Salary estimates for holistic nurses vary based on factors like their location of employment, experience and other considerations. While the national average salary stands at around $139,000, this can fluctuate greatly from state to state and even be as much as $216,000 due to California’s higher cost of living.

Holistic nurses are advanced practice registered nurses who take a holistic approach to patient care. Florence Nightingale popularized this philosophy, which emphasizes balancing emotional, spiritual, mental health needs with physical care in an attempt to create overall better wellbeing for their patients and enhance overall quality of life. This can help patients feel better and increase overall quality of life.

Holistic health practitioners need not only traditional medical training but should possess an in-depth knowledge of both body and mind. They must have the ability to detect root causes of illness while providing solutions that address all aspects of patient condition – which will ultimately allow them to treat patients more efficiently while improving quality of life.

Many schools now provide holistic health courses designed to give students a broad overview of alternative medicine, complementary and integrative healthcare, herbal therapy and biomedical science. These programs may also serve as continuing education opportunities. Many courses offered online and local workshops and webinars. Students may also opt to register for workshops and webinars that require registration. Some events are free while others require payment of registration fees. Benefits of earning a holistic health degree include increased career options and the capacity to provide more comprehensive patient care. CIHAS is an accredited alternative holistic school offering courses such as Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbal Practitioner and Life Coach – available throughout Northern California and the USA. Classes can be found throughout CIHAS’ campuses.


Holistic health is an emerging field that is fast-becoming mainstream. Practitioners in this arena may hold licenses in multiple fields and practice complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). While some practitioners focus on spiritual wellbeing, others prioritize physical well-being; massage therapy and acupuncture may also be utilized; in addition, some providers provide nutritional or psychological counseling as part of this profession.

People today are increasingly turning away from conventional medicines and medical technology for alternative forms of healing, creating an unprecedented demand for holistic health practitioners. Although there are no set qualifications required to enter this career field, some states and organizations do require licensing requirements before entering this profession. Some practitioners choose integrated health centers or spas for employment; others establish private practices. The average salary for holistic health practitioners in California stands at $168,010; to make more money try working in cities which pay above average salaries such as Chicago.

Holistic health practitioners use evidence-based therapies like meditation and yoga to treat the whole person and promote overall wellness. Their treatments take into account emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing of their patients while taking medications as well as prescribing diet changes, exercise plans, natural remedies for chronic illnesses into consideration. A holistic practitioner may also incorporate evidence-based alternative therapies such as meditation into treatment plans as necessary.

Holistic healers differ from Western medicine in believing that the body possesses inherent capabilities for self-healing and renewal, helping patients tap into internal resources to promote balance and harmony across all aspects of their life. Holistic practitioners recognize how mental, emotional and spiritual health are interdependent – they teach their patients ways to manage stress effectively while keeping emotional equilibrium intact while expanding psychological outlook.

Some holistic health practitioners are now receiving insurance reimbursement for their services, an increasingly common practice as healthcare increasingly transitions toward integrative care. Piper Gibson of Aria Wellness in Las Cruces, New Mexico reported an increasing demand for holistic medicine due to its proven record in providing better results than conventional therapies and alleviating pain and inflammation more quickly than other options. Traditional healthcare providers are starting to recognize holistic treatments’ worth as complementary care approaches; potentially leading them to collaborate with holistic practitioners more directly in future.

March 8, 2024Editor

Spooky2 User Guide

Spooky2 offers a selection of custom frequencies that can help treat various symptoms and illnesses. Users have reported significant health benefits associated with its use, including enhanced sleep quality and decreased chronic pain symptoms.

Click Utils > Install Spookyl-XM xx bit Drivers and choose any ungrayed-out Install Spookyl-XM xx bit Drivers command; an installer will launch to guide you through the driver installation process.

Frequency Sets

Spooky2 offers several customization features to make it easy to tailor its frequencies to any condition or issue, and also has pre-loaded sets for specific ailments. Many users have reported health benefits from using Spooky2 alongside traditional treatments and remedies.

No matter if it’s for cancer treatment or to optimize system performance and efficiency; there is an appropriate spooky2 frequency set available just for you! Simply click on the – Button in the Settings window to discover all available frequency sets.

Each frequency set consists of multiple frequencies repeated in an organized pattern for maximum penetration and strength of effect. Furthermore, many sets include harmonics which amp up their effect to further maximize each frequency’s potential impact.

Frequency sets are one of the cornerstones of Spooky2 that sets it apart from similar systems. They allow for customization of individual frequencies to address specific diseases or symptoms, with many featuring Holland 11th Harmonic effects that have proven highly effective against viruses and pathogens.

Spooky2‘s preset collections can be used in both Contact and Remote Mode. Grouped by category and editable to select appropriate frequencies, each collection contains its own title, description, and list of programs; to create new sets simply add frequencies to this list and enter their descriptions into the field provided; after adding one you should also choose a title and program to apply in each cycle cycle of Spooky2.

When finished, this sequence can be saved as a custom database or preset and selected, it will apply all programs contained within to both Out 1 and Out 2 of the generator to complete a full session.

Once a sequence has been completed, an RA chart will display its findings. The cyan line represents running average, while red indicates stress reactions.

Under the Settings menu, you can easily set and modify the sensitivity and refresh rate for RA charts, making them faster to scan during treatment sessions.


If you want to add new frequencies to your frequency sets, selecting from the Presets tab’s Waveform list is an effective way of doing so. Custom waveforms can also be created and integrated with your system. There are various standard and nonstandard waveforms available such as square and sine waves as well as Rife System waveforms as well as H-Bomb, Colloidal Silver, and Square Harmonic options that may also work for you.

To create a custom waveform, use the Edit Waveform button in the Presets tab and follow the steps outlined on its dialog to do so. When finished, your own waveform will appear among its own list in Presets tab.

CancerTool allows users to customize their setup preferences using this dialog, by clicking the Set… button. These preferences will then be stored in the Spooky2 directory and applied across all sessions performed using Spooky2.

Once your setup is complete, click Finish and launch CancerTool by double-clicking its desktop icon. CancerTool has two types of scans available to you – full system and cancer scans – each of which have tutorials available within this manual.

Once your rig is up and running, select the Presets tab to ensure everything is connected properly. Entering in your DDS generator names into the Generators field near the top will enable Spooky2 to locate it more quickly during subsequent launches.

Make sure the Conditions List is set up properly; if any problems arise, try restarting the software and checking all connections again.

Keep your frequency generation system safe by taking the appropriate steps to protect it. Make sure it remains out of reach of children or anyone who could misuse it; and ensure that pregnant or driving individuals don’t use frequency generation systems near cardiac pacemakers or internal defibrillators. Drink plenty of water and adjust future Spooky2 session times accordingly.

Custom Databases

Spooky2 uses the default database file spooky_db.csv which can be found in the Spooky2 folder on your computer (usually C:UsersyournameDocumentsSpooky2). However, you can create your own custom database simply by creating an empty.csv file with any name that you choose (using any tool). This can then be used to store frequency sets that have been created or whole frequencies such as those for healing programs or energy grids.

Under the Presets tab you can browse and load preset collections that come standard with Spooky2 as well as your personal collection of user-created programs. In addition, accessing the Program Editor enables you to design and modify custom frequency programs is available as well.

To add a new program to your database, press the Add button. You can select an individual program either by clicking its name directly or browsing your computer for suitable csv files; these newly added programs will appear at the top of Presets tab as soon as they’re uploaded.

There are 15 sub-databases of the main frequency set database, comprising over 42,000 frequencies and regularly updated. To search for specific items, scroll through the available items list and mark those you would like included or deselect all at once using the “-” button.

Changing an already saved database requires using Spooky2‘s Refresh Database command under its Database menu, or clicking directly on its file in Presets tab to open up a dialog titled “Refresh Database.” From here you can navigate your filesystem until finding and opening your desired database file.

The Default Settings tab gives an overview of your current setup using information gleaned from the Setup Wizard. Once configured, these values can be used for automatic calibration of all generators connected to Spooky2. If you change any default settings while working in Spooky2, these will be restored upon restart. Alternatively, use the Clear button to clear away existing settings or you may select “Defaults and Clear to clear them all at once”. In contrast, Errors tab records any error messages recorded by Spooky2 over time until it can be closed by clicking Close button or exit button.

Channel Control Panel

The Channel Control Panel provides you with access to multiple channels’ shared controls that allow you to manage their options. This includes configuring various configuration options. This may include:

The Preset Menu allows you to switch between Simple View and Program Presets Menu, change font size from 8pt to 16pt, and set whether tool tips should appear or not.

Under Advanced, you can set the maximum number of entries allowed per channel (defaulting to zero). You can also configure an expiration timer for comment entries so that once it has passed any new ones won’t be accepted and existing ones closed; this feature can be especially helpful if your site requires moderated comments.

Your channel entries have their default statuses set automatically and a category preselected, depending on which Category Groups you have defined. Furthermore, here you can set out 1 (output 1) voltage factor settings as well as frequency multiplier/gate threshold threshold settings (useful for higher harmonic frequencies than Spooky Central generates), voltage factor settings for Out 2 output of generator as well as threshold frequency gates threshold settings to ensure your highest frequency does not surpass your limit set in Spooky Central.

Finally, this tab provides options to customize the number of frequencies to hit in a carrier sweep and the amplitude and width of modulation signals used by Spectrums. Furthermore, there is also a switch button which toggles output between modulation sweeps and carrier sweeps, and vice versa.

This tab provides information that is essential for system administration and error tracking, such as generator counts at startup (GC) and when Spooky2 has sent a command out and is waiting on its response (RE). These numbers increase accordingly.

This tab houses all of the settings that determine how the program operates, enabling you to configure key features like: