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March 8, 2024Editor

Medications For Stress

Medications for Stress

Stress is a natural response to life’s challenges, serving an essential function in motivating and alerting us when there are potential dangers or demanding situations. But prolonged stress can take an immense toll on both mental and physical health – leading to symptoms such as anxiety and depression that if left unmanaged can threaten to take over our lives. Medication for stress relief may help manage these symptoms to keep them at bay so you can focus on living a fulfilling life.

When it comes to treating stress, the first step should be a comprehensive assessment by a health care provider. This evaluation should cover your symptoms and their severity as well as any additional health conditions you may be living with. Next, your healthcare professional will select medication best tailored for your individual needs by considering factors like side effects and potential interactions between drugs.

Benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium are prescription tranquilizers used to reduce anxiety and stress. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Prozac and Lexapro, may also help relieve tension by altering how much serotonin is released in the brain. Beta blockers such as Inderal (propranolol) and Tenormin (atenolol), commonly used to treat heart conditions, can also lower stress by blocking epinephrine/norepinephrine hormones from binding with receptors on heart/arteries.

Medications for Sleep

If sleep problems are keeping you up at night, consult your physician about prescription pills. However, be wary – many sleep medications can become addictive over time; others may interact dangerously with over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements and herbs; tolerance may develop over time as you need higher and higher doses for the same effect; they’re considered controlled substances by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), so it’s essential that if taking these medicines it read and follow the Medication Guide carefully while discussing any changes or adjustments with your provider before making changes or adjustments or making adjustments or changes that involves changing dosage or increasing or decreasing them.

Orexin receptor antagonists (ORAs), which work by blocking natural chemicals that signal your brain to wake up, such as daridorexant (Quviviq), lemborexant (Dayvigo) or suvorexant (Belsomra), may help promote good night’s rest as they reduce wakeup time more effectively than shorter-acting z drugs but may cause morning grogginess if taken long-term, such as Belsomra or Dayvigo.

Lifestyle changes and non-medication therapies may help improve sleep without medication; cognitive therapy, sleep restriction and exercise may all be used as strategies for combatting insomnia. Your physician can recommend over-the-counter and herbal remedies available, while be sure to inform them about any other medical conditions or medicines (including vitamins/dietary supplements) you’re currently taking.

March 8, 2024Editor

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy After Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy has the power to change hormone levels significantly. When combined with an oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries at once), estrogen levels tend to decline rapidly and women enter surgical menopause.

Estrogen therapy (ET) is an alternative way of replacing the estrogen lost during hysterectomy or oophorectomy surgery, helping reduce menopausal symptoms while protecting against osteoporosis.

Bioidentical Hormones

Women who have undergone hysterectomy are at an increased risk for hormonal imbalance, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may help ease some symptoms associated with this change and imbalance. Hormones play an integral part in body processes and systems such as metabolism, heart rate, libido, sexual function growth moods etc. If they’re out of balance this will have serious repercussions for health issues.

Many women who undergo hysterectomy experience early menopause due to a decrease in female hormone production, often combined with antidepressant medication. Traditional medical approaches may prescribe synthetic hormone replacement therapy as well as antidepressants; bioidentical hormones provide a safer and natural option that may help restore your body’s former hormonal equilibrium.

BHRT can not only treat hormone imbalance, but can also alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and light bleeding or discharge after hysterectomy. Furthermore, BHRT may help prevent new fibroids from growing after surgery as well as reduce heavy periods.

BHRT stands out from traditional hormone therapy in that its administration occurs through pellets rather than orally or transdermally. Each pellet is tailored specifically for you and delivers hormones your body would produce naturally, making this delivery method more stable than oral medication; its benefits also reduce side effects associated with oral therapy; for instance, they won’t increase your blood’s clotting factor which could increase risk for blood clots.

As part of a hysterectomy procedure, both estrogen and progesterone levels decrease; this can lead to mood swings, memory loss and hot flashes. Luckily, both hormones can be restored through bioidentical hormone replacement therapies.

Bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to hormones produced naturally by your body, but can be made artificially using plant materials or synthesized in a laboratory. Bioidentical hormone therapy specialists at Dermatology Realm offer customized hormone treatment plans which incorporate advanced testing, nutritional needs, medications, herbs and supplements designed to restore balance within your hormone system.


Hysterectomy may result in changes to one’s hormones that lead to symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Women undergoing complete hysterectomies that remove both ovaries (oophorectomy) may enter menopause immediately; but even those having partial or ovary-sparing surgeries may experience post-surgery hormonal shifts which affect mood, sleep quality, or vaginal health.

One option for treating these symptoms is estrogen replacement therapy (ET). ET employs synthetic estrogen to replace natural estrogen produced by the ovaries, with dosage options including pills, skin patches, rings or vaginal cream. ET may help ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats while simultaneously relieving vaginal dryness – yet it has its own set of risks associated with stroke and blood clots.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) offers an alternative to ET, by replacing hormones produced naturally in your body with plant-based versions derived from wild yam and soybean, that chemically match them. Furthermore, compounded estrogen and progestogen can be added for additional protection against the risk of womb cancer. When selecting an healthcare provider who understands bioidentical hormone therapy in detail and can tailor a tailored dosage and plan specifically tailored for you.

Herbal remedies may also be effective at correcting hormone imbalance after hysterectomy, including black cohosh and dong quai which contain phytoestrogens that mimic natural estrogen production to alleviate menopausal symptoms, while adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha can reduce stress and anxiety levels.

HRT may offer many advantages, but it’s not suitable for every woman after hysterectomy. To facilitate better hormonal balance after this procedure, women can assess their diet, exercise, and overall wellness routine in order to promote improved hormonal equilibrium after surgery. Functional medicine lab testing can be used to create a customized wellness plan tailored specifically for you that provides your body with essential nutrients it requires for healthy function – so taking these factors and personal health history into consideration can help determine which option will work best in your specific circumstance. Maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle after hysterectomy can greatly enhance quality of life after this major event!


Women suffering from painful symptoms associated with uterine fibroids often feel as if their only options are accepting the discomfort, waiting until menopause comes, or opting for surgical options such as hysterectomy – yet these procedures may have negative side effects such as loss of fertility and emotional distress, leading some to question if their womanhood has gone with it.

UFE (uterine fibroids embolisation) offers an alternative to full hysterectomy; it involves minimally-invasive procedures in which doctors insert a catheter into an artery supplying blood to the fibroids, then inject tiny embolic particles to stop their flow and gradually shrink them down over time. UFE is safe and effective treatment option for those living with uterine fibroids without impacting pregnancy rates or hormone levels in any way.

UFE procedures are significantly less invasive and recovery times shorter than traditional hysterectomy surgeries, making them a smart choice for patients who may wish to become pregnant later. Furthermore, this procedure offers another great alternative for women looking for hormone replacement therapy alternatives without starting their treatment immediately afterward.

Hormone replacement therapy refers to any set of medications designed to replace the natural hormones produced by women following hysterectomy, usually estrogen pills, gels or skin patches releasing small doses of synthetic estrogen into their bloodstreams. Women taking estrogen after surgery typically continue taking it until reaching menopause as per natural age requirements.

hormone therapy can help alleviate or completely alleviate symptoms associated with uterine fibroids; however, long-term use of estrogen increases your risk for heart disease, breast cancer and recurrence of fibroids tumors. Furthermore, estrogen may cause hot flashes and vaginal dryness for some women.

If you would like more information about UFE or alternative forms of hormone replacement therapy after hysterectomy, contact our office. We will answer any of your queries as well as arrange an appointment with Dr. Allison Ward.


Women who undergo hysterectomy can experience hormonal fluctuations that lead to early menopause, vasomotor symptoms and decreased sexual drive. While some effects will resolve during healing processes, some can persist long-term or be permanent; hormone replacement therapy can provide relief to these side effects and enhance her quality of life post surgery.

Hysterectomy is a medical procedure in which a woman’s uterus and sometimes her fallopian tubes and ovaries are surgically removed to alleviate various health conditions, including fibroids, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain and prolapse. Every year over 600,000 hysterectomies are performed; when both ovaries are removed as well, surgical menopause begins almost instantly; in these instances hormone replacement therapy may be recommended by a physician to help ease transition into menopause.

Hormone replacement therapy typically entails taking synthetic estrogen in pill or gel form and natural progesterone in cream or gel form; doctors will select an optimal ratio based on each patient’s unique hormonal levels and symptoms; the goal being to mimic natural hormonal production without increasing risk for breast cancer or other health concerns.

Many women may be wary of taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), even in its form as hormone replacement therapy, due to concerns that artificial or foreign substances could carry risks associated with them. They have good reason to be wary – studies indicate long-term HRT use may increase heart disease, stroke and dementia risks significantly; additionally, synthetic hormones cannot be broken down as easily by their bodies which could result in unwanted side effects such as skin reactions or digestive upset.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can be an excellent, safer alternative to HRT and produces the same effects with custom dosage and functional medicine testing. At Capital Women’s Care, the team can determine if bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is right for you by conducting functional medicine tests and gathering an extensive health history report.

March 8, 2024Editor

What is Biophoton Therapy?

Biophoton therapy draws upon the fact that all living organisms emit light. By harnessing its natural healing qualities on specific areas of the body, this therapy may offer hope to conditions once thought to be beyond healing.

An experienced Biophoton Therapy practitioner utilizes a device called the Chiren to assess your biophoton wellness. The Chiren detects any disharmonies causing symptoms, then inverts disease- or microorganism-causing lighting while simultaneously strengthening coherent light coming from healthy cells.

What is Biophoton Therapy?

BioPhoton Therapy is a natural treatment designed to boost immunity and increase circulation in the body, all without being invasive or painful. The therapy uses an electronic medical device that emits near infrared light known as photons that penetrate cells to release energy that promote healthy cell function and strengthen immunity. BioPhoton therapy has no known adverse side effects and can help treat injuries, arthritis conditions and autoimmune diseases without incurring additional medical bills or treatments.

This technique is based on the discovery that living biological cells produce electromagnetic signals called biophotons which are invisible to human eyes but contain important information about a person’s health, organ systems, and natural healing potential. This is essential in providing treatment.

Johan Boswinkel, a Dutch physicist, pioneered this therapy. He created an instrument known as Chiren to perform quantitative biophoton coherence analyses of different organs as well as identify energetic disturbances through analysis of acupuncture meridians which heavily overlap with biophoton pathways in the body. During treatment, incoherent chaotic light is inverted back into coherent pathways for use by your body along with informational remedies which neutralize any disturbance and boost its own healing energy.

Biophoton therapy can be an invaluable solution for treating injuries, arthritis and autoimmune conditions as well as chronic illnesses such as allergies, asthma, digestive issues and sleep disorders. This non-invasive and safe therapy often yields immediate pain relief after one session; making biophoton therapy a perfect alternative to pharmaceutical drugs with no negative side effects or risks compared with traditional antibiotic treatments – even for treating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and viruses! Not to mention it being all-natural and completely safe!

Biophoton Therapy is a safe and non-invasive therapy.

Biophoton Therapy can provide non-invasive relief from acute diseases or chronic health conditions without resorting to surgery or drugs. The treatment uses UV light exposure of blood samples in order to kill bacteria and viruses, boost immune responses, rejuvenate blood properties and facilitate better bodily function. Results often come quickly and with few adverse side effects.

Though not a panacea for every disease, homeopathy has proven its worth against an array of infections, allergies and degenerative illnesses such as infections and allergies. Additionally, homeopathy has proven effective against chronic fatigue syndrome, stress related disorders psychosomatic disorders as well as emotional problems in over 140 published medical studies demonstrating its safety and efficacy.

Our treatment is completely pain-free and non-invasive, taking only minutes to complete without needing needles. Performed at our clinic by specially trained Applied Biophoton Therapists, this therapy may also be combined with other forms of treatment like Acupuncture or Homeopathy for maximum effect.

Ultra Violet (UV) light has long been recognized for its effectiveness at purifying air and sterilizing water, as well as against various bacteria and viral infections, parasites and heavy metals in bloodstream. Furthermore, this procedure is safe for all ages without needing additional supplements or pills to complete it.

Work by targeting smaller bacterial and virus cells present in your blood. They absorb five times more photonic energy than healthy cells, killing diseased ones while making them antigenic so your own immune system can recognize them as foreign invaders; healthy cells remain undamaged by this treatment process.

Autogenous vaccination therapy works by strengthening and activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to bring about a supercharged immune response, improved oxygenation, and overall balance across your system. Furthermore, this therapy increases tolerance towards radiation therapy or chemotherapy treatments and increases tolerance towards radiation/chemotherapy treatments.

Biophoton Therapy is a natural therapy.

Biophoton Therapy employs light to promote natural healing within your body and revitalize cells, stimulating its natural healing processes and revitalizing them. This treatment can be utilized to address conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and allergic reactions while simultaneously clearing away heavy metals such as lead and mercury from your system.

Biophoton therapy does not interfere with the normal functioning of our cells and does not result in side effects, unlike chemical medicines. Based on scientific research into light-emitting cells that contribute to health and vitality, it mimics their light emitting properties to restore equilibrium for optimal cell functioning.

Biophotons are tiny units of electromagnetic energy produced by all living things, used to communicate and coordinate hundreds of chemical reactions in every cell of our bodies. Plants, animals and humans produce biophotons; however humans typically don’t produce enough for optimal health due to certain medical conditions (diabetes or depression) which reduce their output of biophotons. Biophoton Therapy may help overcome such imbalances and increase biophoton emission rates resulting in overall improvements to both health and well-being.

Biophoton therapy is painless and comfortable; patients often fall asleep during their session. A certified biophoton technician uses crystal hand rods or foot plates to detect how energy flows within your meridians; if they detect areas with stagnant or chaotic energy flow, an expert biophoton technician will use acupressure point movements that reestablish energy flow by moving your meridians through various acupressure point sequences to restore equilibrium.

At each session, half a pint (0.5) of blood will be taken from your arm and fed through a device which exposes it to UV light, creating vasodilation of blood and increasing circulation. UV light kills bacteria and viruses present in your blood stream while strengthening immunity more efficiently; additionally photons activate collagen production for healthy skin and joints.

Biophoton Therapy is a non-invasive therapy.

Biophoton Therapy is a non-invasive, natural and safe therapy that supports the body in healing itself. It has been successfully employed for treating various health conditions including migraines, rheumatism and gynaecological problems among others. Treatment sessions take only minutes per session – convenient as each visit only needs to take place once.

An innovative team of researchers at the University of So Paulo led by Professor Vanderlei Bagnato of the Institute of Physics of SAPSo Carlos have come up with a novel technique for preventing transmission of disease during organ transplantation. Their method involves irradiating lung tissue for transplant with red light at wavelength 660 nanometers until photodynamic oxidation takes place and eliminates all microorganisms present.

Researchers conducted experiments on rejected lung transplants using biophotonic decontamination technology and discovered that viral and bacterial loads had significantly been reduced, along with any toxins produced by microorganisms that produced them. According to Marcelo Cypel, this represents an important advancement in organ transplantation as it reduces antiviral drugs and antibiotic use for more successful organ transplantations outcomes.

Recent years have witnessed an alarming increase in immune-related illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune conditions and HIV/AIDS, giving rise to renewed interest in BioPhoton Therapy or BPT, which involves exposing blood to ultraviolet (UV) light rays in order to stimulate and destroy pathogens like viruses, bacteria or fungi that threaten our wellbeing.

Since its introduction in the 1940s, BPT has become a world-wide therapy, serving to safely, non-invasively and effectively treat various medical conditions. Unlike ozone therapies that only target harmful microorganisms such as candida albicans, UV light treatments like BPT allow beneficial bacteria such as probiotics to remain. BPT may even be considered an “autogenous vaccine”, with over one million treatments worldwide having taken place so far.

Biophoton Therapy utilizes an instrument called the Chiren to measure coherence of energy in different organ systems and identify energetic disturbances, before providing informational remedies that neutralize chaotic energies while strengthening coherent energies for clients undergoing Biophoton Therapy, thus aiding their body’s ability to heal itself while offering hope during difficult times.

March 8, 2024Editor

How to Know If You Are a Natural Healer

Healers often feel called to serve others. To do their part, they may go the extra mile by helping friends or buying them coffee, or feeding stray cats.

Emotionally-sensitive people tend to be highly attuned and sensitive, feeling both the emotional and physical pain of others. Furthermore, these people possess an intuitive grasp of energy – an ability they tap into all day long.

1. You are empathetic

Your natural empathy makes you sensitive to what others are feeling, enabling you to understand their suffering on an instinctual level and offer comfort and aid to those experiencing physical or emotional discomfort. Your empathy fuels a strong desire to ease suffering by providing physical or emotional comfort when necessary.

People feel safe confiding in you about their personal struggles, knowing that you understand and won’t judge their struggles. Witnessing other lives can be both inspiring and fulfilling experience.

Empathy can make you highly attuned to the emotions and experiences of animals and other living things, including plants. While this can be helpful when surrounding yourself with sad people, as you may take on their emotions and confusion directly into yourself. But while empathy may sometimes be burdensome to manage, you have immense power to heal both yourself and other beings – including plants! You must learn to manage it to optimize its potential.

Your empathic nature draws you towards holistic practices and ways of life, including collecting healing gemstones and attending holistic retreats regularly. Intuitively speaking, this indicates a keen interest in spiritual, energetic realms as well as vivid dreams containing messages from other dimensions or totem animals – this all forms part of becoming a healer; using intuition as your inner guide on this journey.

2. You are sensitive to energy

Healers tend to be highly aware of emotions and energies surrounding them, which can both be beneficial and problematic depending on how it’s used. Their hyperawareness makes them vulnerable to external and environmental energies; for this reason it’s crucial that healers carefully manage their surroundings in crowded places.

Many healers are also empaths, meaning they can sense others’ energies deeply and respond appropriately during healing sessions. While empathic abilities are valuable tools in therapy sessions, it’s also important to establish energetic boundaries so you don’t take on emotions that don’t belong to you.

Some healers possess psychic abilities and can pick up on the energy of their clients or patients from a distance – known as “laying on hands.” It forms part of some healing techniques.

Healers tend to experience vivid dreams that serve as a link between realms. Within their dreams may appear animals representing totems offering guidance or insight in their spiritual journey. Healers may also find great comfort in music, visual art or other forms of expression as an outlet. Nature provides another powerful means of centering themselves. Therefore it’s crucial for healers to take regular time alone for rejuvenation as this allows them to tap into intuitive powers and increase intuition.

3. You are attracted to animals

Animals that appear drawn to you, whether they follow you around or simply feel at ease around you, is another good indication that you may be an excellent natural healer. Animal empathy resembles empathic empathy and many empaths find comfort from animals. Animals may also gravitate toward certain healers more due to how pure their healing approaches are.

As one becomes more spiritual, their energy becomes increasingly pure. Therefore, healing becomes easier to perform, drawing animals toward them for treatment.

As people become more spiritual, the closer they tend to connect with their spirit and higher powers; therefore, some healers tend to be in tune with both dimensions more readily than others.

Are You Fascinated by Energy Healing Methods? If this describes you, then it may be an indicator that you possess natural healing skills. Attracted to techniques like muscle testing, aura reading, chakra balancing and releasing trapped emotions? All these techniques relate to energy fields within the body so they should allow you to understand and feel these different energy healing techniques more clearly – however it would never be ethical or comfortable for others if forced upon them!

4. You are intuitive

Healers possess an intuitive ability to quickly grasp information about people and places around them. You often possess the gift of reading people’s energies to identify motivations, desires and whatever might be being held onto – this comes in handy when working with clients or simply being around people in general. But using your intuition too much may leave you exhausted so it is also essential to use it yourself regularly in order to recharge.

People tend to open up about their problems with you and trust that you understand what they’re experiencing and will help them feel better. Unfortunately, however, helping others can often mean neglecting yourself in order to care for others; this can quickly lead to emotional burnout if left unaddressed.

Healers must undergo many trials that help prepare them for their role as healers, such as childhood trauma, relationship drama or near-death experiences. Overcoming such hardships provides you with greater insight into the larger picture and its interdependencies; furthermore it allows you to connect with God/Goddess/All That Is/Life force energy which ultimately brings healing energy into the planet.

5. You have a special way with people

Healers have an intuitive sense for helping others. They enjoy providing comfort to friends or strangers alike when their problems need someone to talk to or someone just needs someone to listen. Their lives have a mission of healing others in some way or another.

Healers tend to absorb an enormous amount of energy from their surroundings, making them extremely sensitive. This makes healers particularly susceptible to large crowds or spaces filled with electromagnetic radiation; so it is crucial for healers to take time for themselves in solitude in order to refuel their healing abilities.

Find yourself more comfortable outdoors surrounded by trees, mountains or water? Healers can draw upon healing energies present both outside as well as within. Therefore it is crucial for healers to spend time outdoors connecting with nature as well as their own energy sources.

Noticing how people you don’t know well often open up to you with personal details? They must intuitively trust that you will keep their secrets private while at the same time benefitting from your natural healing energy. That is why people open up to you about their problems – talking through them is therapeutic!

6. You have a vision for your life

Healers often sense they were created for something much greater than themselves, whether that means suffering through deep sadness or unrest, or sensing an urge to assist people physically, emotionally and spiritually. If this describes your experiences then chances are the Universe has been grooming you all your life to fulfill this important role as a natural healer.

Healing healers tend to gravitate towards crystals and gemstones known for their curative powers. Healers also feel an affinity with animals, often communing with them on an intuitive level – this often manifests into vivid dreams where their spirit animal relays messages or guides them on their journey.

Healers provide essential mental and emotional support, as well as providing a safe zone, to those they come in contact with. Healers tend to be very private people with strong bonds with both children and animals alike. Their unique way with people makes it easy for people to open up to them about personal secrets or reveal personal information with them, while their empathy makes people feel at home in their surroundings. Healers can also serve as an incredible source of motivation and support for other healers by understanding first-hand the pain experienced when caring for others’ conditions because they themselves have lived through it themselves.

March 8, 2024Editor

What is the Rife Spooky2 Machine?

The RIFe SPOOky2 machine is an electromagnetic wave generator which generates low-energy electromagnetic waves, similar to radio waves but undetectable by humans. When transmitted into the body via its frequency generator, these frequencies can help destroy harmful cells and microorganisms.

Royal Raymond Rife created this machine, known as Rife Frequencies Machine, for healing and disease prevention purposes. Based on quantum entanglement and Rife frequencies, its operation provides relief.

It’s easy to use

The Rife machine is an effective and simple healing tool. It uses low-energy electromagnetic fields that are imperceptible to humans to produce electromagnetic waves which pass through our bodies and attack harmful microorganisms such as cancer cells. Originally invented by Royal Raymond Rife – a scientist who first identified mortal oscillator rates – his discovery led him to create this device which is now readily available for home use.

The Spooky2 Machine employs the same basic principle as its Rife counterpart but with added advanced features. It runs off an AC current running through an AC plasma Phanotron tube constructed with durable and stable borosilicate glass material to enhance durability and stability over the original Rife plasma tubes. Furthermore, this device creates an additional line on its spectral output that emits frequencies used to destroy parasitic organisms while also being beneficial in skin healing and energy balancing therapies.

Spooky2 features a PEMF coil, which is an electromagnetic field generator activated using alternating electric current. When activated, its electromagnetic field interacts with body tissue and may produce slight heating effects; unlike its plasma tube counterpart, this technology has greater precision for treating various health concerns.

Both the plasma tube and PEMF coil can be combined with other accessories from Spooky2 to create various treatments, from colloidal silver production to killing mold and insect pests with Clark zappers. Spooky2 also serves remote mode energy balancing purposes as well as DNA sample scanning services.

The GeneratorX Pro (GX) is the ultimate spooky2 device, boasting some of the most advanced features. It can quickly identify all harmful microorganisms with pinpoint accuracy; using its Spooky2 Sample Digitizer it can even scan biological samples such as saliva, blood or urine to pinpoint pathogen frequencies within minutes!

It’s affordable

Royal Raymond Rife invented an effective means of weakening or eliminating pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances within their constituent chemicals, in an early 20th-century invention known as Rife Machines. He used them to treat diseases including cancer but had to keep this secret from the public eye. Since then, many scientists and doctors have created their own versions of Rife machines; Spooky2 with Spooky Central is currently considered the most advanced and adaptable Rife system on the market.

Spooky2 systems in remote mode offer an effective means to flush viruses, bacteria, parasites, Candida and fungus from your body completely. This is made possible thanks to muscle testing which targets specific pathogens. Furthermore, knowing how to properly use this device to ensure no healthy cells are damaged should also be known – simply follow instructions in book and ensure correct frequencies are used when operating device.

The generatorX Pro (GX Pro) is an impressive new entry into the Rife community that boasts many advanced features. Capable of running up to 40 MHz with any waveform and dual outputs, this advanced generator can also perform other functions besides Rife frequency cleansing such as frequency analysis or frequency cleansing. Fully compatible with Spooky2 software for controlling it from a computer but can also operate standalone without one.

This accessory is ideal for plasma tube Rife systems. It allows DNA samples to be conveniently stored on small pieces of woven paper sticky tape that can easily be labeled and torn off for labeling and storage, keeping DNA fresher for longer than standard clips, while making handling easier.

This superior BNC cable comes equipped with double shielding and thick gauge copper wires to effectively block electrical noise from sensitive electronics while protecting signal integrity. Ideal for plasma tube Rife systems, this high quality BNC can connect two link cables securely together for wider and more powerful scalar fields.

It’s safe

Always consult a medical provider prior to beginning any new treatments, but rife machine technology can assist in promoting wellness and supporting natural healing processes in the body. Rife machines emit low-energy electromagnetic waves similar to radio frequencies which penetrate the body, targeting areas with microorganisms located there and eliminating them through specific frequencies emitted by Rife Spooky2 machines, safe and effective ways of cleansing oneself of these toxins.

Royal Raymond Rife was an outstanding scientist who revolutionized microbiology by uncovering that micro-organisms could be killed using frequencies. According to him, all diseases had their own specific frequency that resonated within our bodies, enabling him to destroy these organisms without harming healthy tissue. Through thousands of experiments he demonstrated that cancer often stemmed from viruses; by attacking and eliminating them he often managed to cure his patients of their cancerous illness.

In the early 1930s, he developed the Rife Machine which produced electrical impulses to destroy harmful cells. He used a microscope to observe this process and even claimed he could cure many patients’ cancer. Unfortunately, medical establishment had no part in supporting him and suppressed his work.

The Spooky 2 is the world’s most advanced and powerful rife machine, created by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, and software developers since 2013. Using multiple generatorX units to produce electromagnetic fields which are then transmitted into the body using electrical pads placed on feet or hands; their wide frequency range is then filtered out through human skin to minimize interference with healthy tissues.

The Spooky 2 can also be programmed to deliver frequencies that target specific diseases or conditions, such as viruses, bacteria, molds, parasites, Candida, and fungus. When used properly it is capable of completely clearing out pathogens from your body by sending appropriate frequencies directly to their source – like viruses and bacteria!

It’s effective

Rife machines use audio frequencies to destroy harmful microorganisms in the body, purportedly curing everything from asthma to cancer; yet critics caution of their risks. Still, many users report success using this device: one New Zealand woman suffering from fibromyalgia reported it having reduced symptoms significantly while another with rheumatoid arthritis claims it helped regulate her immune system regulation; finally it can also be used to treat chronic pain conditions.

The Spooky2 Rife Machine is an improved version of the original Royal Raymond Rife frequency generator. Utilizing a computer for programming frequency settings and scanning for disease-specific frequencies, as well as offering USB interface for remote operation via an application running both Windows and macOS platforms with access to its database of all known Rife frequencies and accessing them more quickly when conducting biofeedback scans. Furthermore, GeneratorX connects directly with this machine making biofeedback scans simpler to conduct.

Numerous individuals have reported positive experiences using spooky2 rife machines, particularly those living with chronic Lyme disease and cancer patients who use it as an adjunctive therapy alongside conventional treatments, reporting reduced symptoms and enhanced quality of life as a result of its use.

More research needs to be conducted on Rife machine therapy to confirm its efficacy; however, early signs suggest its usefulness for overall wellness and improving the body’s natural healing processes. Before trying this or any other treatment method, consult with a healthcare provider.

Rife machines use electromagnetic waves that penetrate cells and disrupt their DNA, leading to their death and thus helping destroy cancerous tumors. Furthermore, this device can help detoxify the body by eliminating toxins from bloodstream. Although Rife machines may be used at home or clinic, for the best results it is advisable to hire an accredited practitioner.