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March 8, 2024Editor

What is True Rife Therapy?

True Rife therapy is a safe and effective form of healing using sound frequencies. The machine matches healthy organs and tissues by matching their frequency; while at the same time eliminating harmful organisms while stimulating rebuilding of weak cells.

Every cell and microorganism has a specific resonance frequency, according to Rife’s theory of frequency match therapy, which claimed it could destroy specific microbes by matching up their resonance frequency to one of theirs (3-6). Nutrition 16:24 provides a soothing environment with soothing music and dim lighting during your rife session at our location.

It is a non-invasive therapy

Royal Raymond Rife invented this groundbreaking technology that utilizes frequency to attack microorganisms and promote overall wellness in the 1920s. His invention resonated at specific frequencies to kill off various organisms while increasing communication within the body to fight disease more efficiently, rebuild organs more quickly, regenerate tissue more effectively, and heal itself as needed.

This technology is non-invasive and has minimal side effects, making it a safe and effective solution to many health conditions. It is especially helpful in treating chronic illness as it targets specific pathogens while leaving beneficial ones intact; furthermore, its holistic approach encourages mind, body, and spirit working in unison to achieve wellness.

The Rife machine works by identifying the natural frequencies of bacteria, viruses and cancer cells and matching them to resonance frequencies – similar to how musical notes vibrating with their respective resonance frequencies can shatter glass windows – then matching those targets with resonance frequencies with vibrations designed to destroy those targeted cells, killing off pathogens without spreading further.

As well as targeting harmful pathogens, the Rife machine also has the power to match healthy organs and tissues within our bodies with frequencies matching their unique vibrational signatures – this stimulates rebuilding and repair as well as rejuvenation and healing, helping reduce inflammation, support weight loss, and increase energy levels. Dr Rife found that matching them stimulated regeneration while matching frequencies could result in rejuvenation that helped reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, increase energy levels and help lower stress.

Rife Therapy is revolutionizing healthcare with its holistic approach to well-being. While traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms through drugs and procedures, Rife Therapy addresses their source in order to restore optimal health. Utilizing your body’s own immune system as an asset for wellness promotion and balance.

Rife Therapy can bring many advantages, yet it is important to recognize its limitations and compare it with other modalities. PEMF Therapy, another resonance-based healing approach that utilizes electromagnetic fields to strengthen cell health and boost immunity is another resonance-based healing modality with many similarities; Rife targets pathogens while PEMF covers more conditions.

It is safe

True Rife therapy is a noninvasive, nonabrasive therapy with no ionizing radiation that provides a safe alternative to other treatments and can be applied for almost any condition. Based on sympathetic resonance principles, which cause offending pathogens to vibrate physically in response to being vibrated off, they become destroyed along with any associated toxins; additionally it restores immune systems and increases cell communication while simultaneously treating parasites, candida and fungus among others.

The Rife machine is an effective healing tool that produces electromagnetic waves thought to cause cancer cells to vibrate and self-destruct without harming healthy cells, similar to how musical notes can shatter wine glasses. Every cell and microorganism resonates at a certain frequency that can be increased until their presence becomes intolerable, yet does not harm healthy ones.

There are various Rife machines on the market, but one that stands out as particularly effective is Spooky2. This device can scan for multiple frequencies simultaneously and deliver them via plasma tube directly into your body or can even record these frequencies into water, jewelry or other media for future use at home.

Though instructions for operating a rife machine vary between machines, treatment typically entails placing your feet on electrode pads attached to the machine or holding plasma tubes attached to it and coated with gel to help them stick securely onto your skin. They’re worn for several minutes several times weekly for at least several minutes each session without experiencing any pain from radiation exposure or electrical shocks.

The Rife Machine can be combined with other natural therapies, including detoxification, herbal remedies and exercise to produce beneficial effects. It’s best used in a relaxing atmosphere with soft blankets and soothing music – we provide comfortable recliners and therapeutic music at Nutrition 16:24 for True Rife sessions!

It is effective

Rife’s original machine from the 1920s was designed to vibrate at certain frequencies that resonated naturally with various micro-organisms in order to destroy them and thus boost our body’s ability to fight disease, rebuild tissue and organs, regenerate them as necessary, restore health to these organs and systems and bring healing. His research suggested there was a threshold level below which they would all be destroyed by Rife.

Spooky2 Rife produces low-energy electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves that are inaudible, and penetrate your body and reach harmful cells and organisms that resonate at frequencies intolerable for them; ultimately causing their demise; while healthy cells resonate at higher frequencies that resonate more easily and start functioning normally again.

This process may be repeated multiple times to destroy more microorganisms. Some pathogens may require multiple frequencies to eradicate, with single frequencies scanning along with pairs targeting specific bacteria, viruses and parasites to maximize therapy efficacy and cell communication.

True Rife Therapy goes beyond simply eliminating pathogens – it also syncs up with healthy organs and tissues in order to support repair and rebuilding efforts. With millions of resonant frequencies for each cell, organ, organism or even gene in our bodies, True Rife therapy allows them to find an exact match.

At the Apathecary Natural Health Center in Clarksville, TN, they use the Spooky2 Rife machine to assist their patients in healing from various conditions. Its frequencies penetrate deep within your body to destroy harmful toxins while simultaneously stimulating your energy system for an overall feeling of well-being and balance. Vibrational Therapy may also be combined with Rife therapy in order to boost its efficacy further. To learn more about this non-invasive therapy option please call or book an appointment online with Apathecary Natural Health Center

It is convenient

A true rife machine uses sympathetic resonance to physically vibrate offending pathogens such as cancer cells, bacteria, yeast, fungus, viruses and parasites to stimulate healing in the body and normalize systems. When combined with other holistic therapies such as detoxification diets, herbal supplements, far infrared sauna and exercise programs it can produce effective results.

Dr. Rife discovered that each microorganism, such as viruses or bacteria, have a specific resonant frequency that matches and intensifies with itself, effectively eliminating them without harming healthy tissue in their vicinity. With the BCX Ultra Rife machine able to output these frequencies both as radio carrier wave output as well as audio frequency piggyback output allows these frequencies to penetrate deeply into connective tissues and cell walls for maximum effectiveness.

Nutrition 16:24 is pleased to offer another way for True Rife sessions and your journey toward healing with aroma essential oils. Working closely with Aroma Essentials, Nutrition 16:24 has designed oil blends specifically tailored for each of the 32 Body Function Programs included with your rife device.

All orders will be dispatched within 24 hours and tracking details will be emailed directly. You can purchase a rife device along with all its accessories online or by calling Nutrition 16:24 directly.

March 7, 2024Editor

High Energy Proton Therapy

Proton therapy employs proton beams to treat cancer. These beams penetrate tumors directly, doing most of their damage within them before dissipating into healthy tissues with little radiation left over in surrounding areas.

Protons offer another effective tool in cancer therapy compared to photons: precise targeting.


Accelerators used in proton therapy focus beams of protons using magnetic fields and radiofrequency energy, often including both. Common types of proton accelerators used are cyclotrons and synchrotrons.

A cyclotron employs a large single magnet to accelerate protons around a fixed radius vacuum tube where they are held. Once released from this accelerator at high energy levels, they are fed into another set of magnets known as degrader or energy selector system to reduce both their speed and energy level to meet patient treatment goals.

Protons in clinical settings are then focused using an array of quadrupole lenses that can be customized to the dimensions and shape of the patient. This produces a tight packed beam with high spatial resolution; quality of focus is verified using a detector such as PIXE (Particle Induced X-ray Emission), to produce grid images at various focal points in the beam; then its quality evaluated against an intensity distribution generated using Monte Carlo simulations using Los Alamos’ MCNPX code.

Proton therapy offers numerous advantages over photon radiation, as its much narrower range means protons deposit dose only where needed, leaving healthy tissues relatively undamaged. Furthermore, energy modifications to spread out their Bragg peak in patients allow more of their total beam’s radiation dose to reach its intended site of delivery.

Due to these reasons, precise positioning of patients is critical and should be guided by imaging methods such as X-ray and CT (in future also MRI). Any inaccuracy in positioning could result in errors of up to several millimeters between target and exit point of beam which result in errors in dose distribution.

To prevent this from occurring, ridge filters or range modulators are used to alter the beam path and stopping aperture of the proton beam, enabling therapists to select an ideal patient positioning in relation to shaping Bragg peaks more precisely. Furthermore, such devices also help ensure uniform proton dose distribution around targets.

Dose Delivery

Proton beam therapy uses protons rather than photons as its radiation source, and to determine an appropriate dose, radiation oncologists use CT scanner images of your tumor and surrounding area to develop a treatment plan that details how much radiation should be delivered in order to both destroy it and preserve healthy tissues.

Dosimetrists use computer programs to determine exactly how many protons and at what depth into the body should be delivered using computer simulation, as well as how best to position and move the beam around during treatment – this process is known as beam simulation. After creating this plan using real proton beams created from physical simulations by physicists based on this plan; delivered via large machines called gantries that rotate during treatment so that their protons reach you at precisely the right spot over your tumors.

Treatment typically comprises daily sessions over six weeks, each lasting less than an hour and conducted by an radiation oncologist. At each session, they ensure the proton beam covers the IGTV; due to tumor movement or changes in anatomy during treatment this may prove challenging; 4D-CT scans help identify such changes so that you can compensate for them accordingly.

Radiation from protons damages DNA within tumor cells, leading to their death and thus decreasing or eliminating tumor growth. Cellular damage also kills treatment-resistant cancer stem cells; perhaps explaining why proton beam therapy may be more successful in treating certain forms of cancers than photon radiation treatments.

Numerous studies have investigated proton beam therapy versus photon radiation in treating different tumors. One such research project with 55 medically inoperable patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer found both treatments provided effective local control, while proton therapy improved lung function while decreasing risk of toxicity for this group of patients.


Proton beam therapy offers an alternative form of radiotherapy which may reduce side effects like dry cough, esophageal damage or liver and heart complications that are commonly experienced with traditional photon radiotherapy treatments. Your radiation oncologist can assess both its risks and benefits to tailor proton therapy specifically to your case.

Your health care team will use additional imaging scans, such as X-rays or CT scans, to plan proton therapy treatment. The images will allow them to mark where on your body the proton beam should be delivered and also create immobilization devices so you are in the optimal position throughout each treatment session.

The shape of a proton beam significantly impacts dose distribution at tumour sites. A uniform first scatterer produces a Gaussian beam profile at patient sites, with more energy reaching its center than its edges. Therefore, our aim should be to design a second scatterer which contours this profile and results in flat dose distribution at patient sites.

Since proton beams are more flexible than photon beams, they can be used to reach hard-to-reach spots such as brain and spine tumours more easily. Their flexibility also helps minimize radiation exposure to nearby healthy organs – an especially crucial aspect in pediatric cancer treatments where keeping doses as small as possible is paramount.

Proton beam therapy can be used to treat head and neck tumors as well as many other solid tumors, sparing delicate structures like the optic nerve while protecting surrounding healthy tissues. They have even proven successful against eye tumours – with protons penetrating deep enough to reach and treat eye tumours without harming nearby healthy tissue structures like retina.

Studies comparing proton beam therapy to standard photon radiotherapy for various cancer types, such as Glioblastoma (GBM). One such trial, known as Phase II Randomized Controlled Trial of photons and protons versus GBM, revealed that patients who received proton therapy had lower rates of recurrence and less severe long-term side effects; the difference was especially evident among those suffering from GBM – an aggressive form of brain tumour.

Side Effects

Traditional X-ray radiation goes beyond just targeting tumors, also damaging surrounding healthy tissue and vital organs with radiation exposure. While adults can typically tolerate some collateral damage caused by traditional X-ray treatment, children’s growing tissues may be severely damaged as a result. Proton beam therapy instead targets higher doses directly onto tumor sites and significantly less dose to surrounding tissues – providing faster healing with reduced side effects and side effects.

Proton therapy machines use a device known as a gantry to move around you during treatments, keeping you still. A mask (or shell) is placed over your head or body to ensure that each time you attend therapy you remain in the same position and protons hit only your tumor rather than healthy tissues nearby. Before your first treatment session begins, team members use x-rays or CT scan pictures as a baseline and laser mark the treatment area on your body using laser. Afterward, once in the treatment room they use their gantry to direct protons onto your tumor.

Proton beams’ high energy allows them to penetrate deeper than X-rays into the body, enabling them to treat more difficult-to-reach tumors like those near organs such as the brain or heart more effectively and reduce side effects associated with traditional X-ray radiation which may be more severe for pediatric patients and those suffering from head/neck cancer, lung cancer in chest areas or breast cancers close to nerves and glands.

Protons may also be used to specifically target cancer stem cells (CSC), which have proven resistant to treatment and could be responsible for treatment resistance. While photons can potentially aggravate treatment resistance by targeting CSCs through different mechanisms, protons directly damage DNA in cells to kill them and research has indicated they might even be more effective at alleviating irradiation-induced toxicity, particularly gastrointestine toxicity in patients with NSCLC.

March 7, 2024Editor

Holistic Health Practitioner NYC

Mary is an independent holistic gynecologist with practices in Hudson Valley and NYC. She offers expert bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), functional nutrition advice, and alternative therapies.

Holistic medicine emphasizes treating the whole body, rather than individual parts. This form of care has the ability to facilitate faster healing times compared to more conventional approaches.


Naturopathy, also referred to as “The Nature Cure,” is an alternative medical system which harnesses nature’s healing power for therapeutic benefit. Naturopaths believe in using natural remedies over synthetic medications or invasive procedures in order to address disease at its source, restore equilibrium in the body’s systems and help people take responsibility for their own wellness.

Naturopaths (NDs) are highly trained professionals that use various forms of natural therapies and counseling. Furthermore, they possess skills in evaluating dietary, lifestyle, emotional and environmental influences on health that could negatively impact wellbeing; additionally they have the knowledge needed to diagnose and treat numerous illnesses.

Naturopaths take an integrative and natural approach to healthcare. They employ natural treatments like botanical/herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications, vitamin/mineral supplements and more in their approach. On your initial appointment with them they will evaluate your health history and symptoms and suggest the most suitable course of treatment based on iridology, tongue diagnosis or physical manipulation to pinpoint what may be causing any discomfort for the individual patient.

Some individuals turn to naturopaths as a last resort after trying other natural approaches and conventional treatments without success. Perhaps they’ve grown tired of prescription drugs or are concerned about long-term side effects from conventional treatments; often times these individuals have seen multiple doctors and tried various supplements without seeing improvement in their condition.

Naturopathic doctors are trained to recognize the causes of illness and advise patients on making lifestyle choices to prevent further illness, as well as provide supportive therapies or enhance more aggressive treatments such as surgery. Furthermore, they provide counseling and education on living a healthier life.

Naturopaths believe that humans are part of nature and the universe, and that health can be achieved by harmonizing with our environments by eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and getting adequate rest. Naturopaths believe that this same vital force that comprised both spaces runs through everyone and that disconnecting from it causes illness.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves manipulating soft tissues to relieve stress and pain. Massage has been an ancient healing art for millennia; today, its practice can help treat many medical conditions while also improving quality of life and wellness. Massage therapists specialize in various techniques – including stroking, kneading, rocking and tapping – which range from light pressure to deep. They’re trained in communicating with their clients regarding preferred pressure settings as well as other preferences that might exist for each massage session.

Holistic health practices often employ massage therapy as part of their overall treatment plans for their patients. Practitioners dig deeply into each person’s history in order to identify any contributing elements, then combine various therapies together in order to address all symptoms instead of simply masking symptoms without getting to their source. This method often produces better outcomes than traditional medicine which only masks symptoms rather than treating the source.

Holistic practitioners also provide patients with education on how to take proper care of themselves in order to prevent disease, encouraging them to eat healthily, exercise regularly and rest properly, while engaging in healthy relationships for optimal wellness. By doing this, holistic practitioners hope that patients may avoid many diseases and illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Holistic practitioners are licensed professionals who offer alternative forms of medicine, including acupuncture, yoga instruction and mindfulness coaching as ways to treat chronic illnesses such as asthma and heart disease. Furthermore, holistic practitioners may improve conventional treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

Massage therapy offers many advantages, ranging from relieving anxiety to improving pulmonary function in young asthmatic patients. Massage can also ease psycho-emotional distress in people living with chronic inflammatory bowel disease as well as increasing weight gain and motor development for preterm infants. People living with cancer also can reap its rewards by receiving massage sessions that decrease neuropathic pain while simultaneously strengthening immune responses through increasing levels of the cytokine IL-10 that increases during massage therapy sessions – and prolong remission time! According to one study conducted during massage, patients stay longer in remission longer!

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is a collaborative effort in which a health professional, typically registered dietitians, works closely with an individual to assess their current diet and identify where changes need to be made. They then provide educational materials and support services in order to facilitate these changes over time. It involves the client themselves as well as family members being part of this collaborative approach to improve dietary intake.

Nutritional counseling’s aim is to instil healthy eating habits that lead to lasting improvements in an individual’s health and well-being. Changes may include increasing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins consumption each day while simultaneously decreasing processed sugars and refined carbs consumption. A nutrition counselor works closely with individuals to set realistic goals for desired dietary changes before helping them create strategies to accomplish those goals.

Nutritional counseling goes beyond discussing food intake; they may also advise clients on appropriate supplements designed to boost health. These supplements could include vitamins, minerals, herbs or amino acids – these may even be tailored specifically for conditions or symptoms; for instance probiotics could help treat digestive disorders while amino acids help ease muscle tension and stress relief.

One key difference between traditional medicine and holistic medicine is their approach: traditional medical practices focus on treating symptoms while holistic practitioners strive to uncover and treat the root causes of disease rather than simply mask them with drugs or medication. This may require exploring all aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in an individual in order to identify any hidden issues behind a condition.

Sage Wellness in New York City offers holistic women’s care that incorporates acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, health coaching and more. Their practitioners specialize in gynecology, fertility and hormone therapy and have all of the traditional procedures like pap smears, breast exams, STI testing and menopause management under control – not to mention providing truly comprehensive treatment plans with their team of acupuncturists, nutritionists and health coaches on staff for an even better experience.

Lifestyle Changes

Holistic practitioners treat the whole person, taking into account all aspects of health and wellbeing. For instance, they might look at mental and emotional factors that exacerbate conditions; such an approach may yield better results as it eliminates root-causes of issues more efficiently than traditional approaches do. A holistic doctor might advise eating more fiber to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome symptoms; additionally they might recommend practicing stress reduction techniques.

Holistic approaches are founded on the notion that all aspects of our lives, both mental and physical, are interdependent on one another. This concept applies equally to humans as it does to planet Earth itself – each system constantly interacts with another in such ways as air, water, soil and plants interacting together – when one system becomes out of balance it can affect others leading to illness – similar to when our minds and bodies become imbalanced which in turn affects other aspects of life – thus necessitating treatment methods tailored specifically towards individual needs of individual patients by holistic practitioners using different treatment approaches tailored specifically according to each patient.

These treatment methods tend to be natural and include diet changes, exercise, herbal remedies and acupuncture. Medication should only ever be used as a last resort and is usually only prescribed when absolutely necessary; natural therapies are much safer and more effective at managing chronic illnesses than conventional pharmaceutical solutions.

Holistic healing philosophies are grounded in ancient traditions and have been rigorously tested over time. When seeking holistic health professionals, it’s essential that they believe in these principles and have been trained in holistic health practices. Furthermore, these professionals must also stay abreast of recent research developments and incorporate lifestyle change strategies into their practices.

As more patients seek alternative approaches to healthcare, many are seeking alternatives over conventional medical approaches. Unfortunately, conventional medicines do not always provide long-term solutions for various health conditions and they come with side effects; moreover many people seek ways to feel healthier without using chemicals and drugs.

March 7, 2024Editor

Reverse Aging GIF – How to Change the Duration of an Animated GIF

This online tool makes it easy to change the duration of an animated GIF. Just enter its new length, and all existing frame delays will automatically adjust accordingly – useful if you’re trying to maintain the same length while increasing frame delay or decreasing overall file size.

March 7, 2024Editor

Wave Genetics and Peter Gariaev

Dr Gariaev’s discoveries and wave genetics research open up an entire host of technologies that could change our world significantly, such as remote healing, organ regeneration and quantum computing.

Lingvistiko-Wave Genetics is founded upon principles of laser physics, holography and quantum nonlocality. This field examines replicas of DNA molecules transmitted via quantum resonance transmission channels.

What is Wave Genetics?

Wave genetics is a bio-energy healing technique using quantum entanglement to repair and update our bodies’ energetic blueprint. Due to stress, illness and other factors, it may become corrupted over time; using laser beam technology, corrupted information can be extracted and replaced with healthy youthful information from photographs or DNA samples; distance healing using scalar waves is also possible using this technology developed by Dr. Peter Gariaev who conducted several experiments demonstrating its capacity for organ regeneration.

According to Gariaev, the human genome is an electromagnetic generator which emits and receives information. This data is encoded as electromagnetic waves which can be altered and transmitted using specific frequencies; experiments have proven this theory through showing DNA regeneration when exposed to healthy frequencies from another person’s electromagnetic waves.

Gariaev holds that humans possess an inbuilt capacity for self-healing that can be activated through energy frequencies designed to activate DNA’s informational codes. He developed the QSB Wave device as a means to transmit these frequencies throughout the body; Gariaev claims this technology can heal any organ–including pancreas regeneration in animal tests.

Russian scientists A G Gurwitsch and A A Lubishchev proposed in the 1920s and 30s that our DNA operates not only at physical, material levels but also quantum (waves/fields) levels, with our genes capable of transmitting genetic data/information via electromagnetic and acoustic waves.

They postulated that our genetic blueprint exists on a continuum and contains all of the information needed for physical reality creation, meaning our true potential depends on how we choose to utilize our genetic material. This was an astounding realization and challenges our traditional understandings of what being human entails.

How does Wave Genetics work?

Wave genetics is an emerging theory that proposes that DNA can be altered and controlled by electromagnetic waves such as sound or light frequencies. Furthermore, scientists around the world are investigating this topic further and developing research tools relating to this theory.

Scientists have recently discovered that certain frequencies can influence the structure and function of DNA. This discovery could have significant implications for medicine, agriculture and biotechnology – perhaps using this technology to treat genetic disorders, boost crop yields or develop new methods of genetic engineering.

The central idea behind this theory is that the genome is more than a chemical structure; it also functions like an electromagnetic generator, emitting and receiving waves of information which influence gene expression and pass down through subsequent generations. Scientists have found that certain frequencies can create cellular resonance which activate genes and increase cell activity – an effect which has been used successfully against several diseases including cancer.

Studies conducted by scientists have also discovered that certain frequencies can heal the body and reverse ageing – this discovery opening up new avenues of application for wave genetics.

One application of lasers involves healing damaged tissues. Researchers recently conducted experiments exposing rats to healing wave information; the results were impressive: while rats in the control group received lethal doses of poison that destroy the pancreas (an endocrine gland responsible for producing insulin and controlling blood sugar levels), rats exposed to healing wave information managed to regenerate missing pancreatic organs!

This experiment proves that it is possible to communicate with our DNA and change its code, though frequency needs to be optimized in order for this to take effect – which explains why not everyone can successfully connect with their own genetic material, while some individuals seem more successful than others at doing so.

What are the benefits of Wave Genetics?

Wave genetics offers many potential benefits to society, such as non-surgical organ regeneration, the connection between language and DNA, and spiritual body. According to waves genetics theory, DNA contains mysterious structures which survive after death and that genetic information can travel over long distances quickly – this new approach to DNA may have an impactful role in medicine, agriculture and biotechnology allowing us to cure genetic disorders more quickly, improve crop yields faster, or develop innovative forms of genetic engineering.

Scientists have recently made groundbreaking discoveries regarding DNA’s responsiveness to electromagnetic, acoustic, and scalar waves. These waves can travel via bloodstream to individuals from one individual to the next and be altered by consciousness as well. As a result of this research, a new field called “wave genome” has arisen which asserts that our genetic material encoded into DNA is holographic in nature, capable of programming with electromagnetic or acoustic waves for manipulation by conscious entities such as ourselves.

Wave genetics has successfully used wave propagation to regenerate damaged pancreases in mice, offering hope of prolonging lives without surgery. This groundbreaking achievement opens up a whole new realm of possibility in medical science, potentially leading to new anti-ageing medications in development.

Researchers have also observed that stress, illness and other factors can wreak havoc on an energetic blueprint of the body, leading to its corruption. Wave genetics uses quantum entanglement to repair this corruption and restore its original, healthy state – this process may be hastened with certain frequencies such as those generated by tuning forks.

Researchers have also demonstrated their abilities to transfer the holographic information of an infant onto an elderly or sick individual, helping them redevelop and heal themselves. This illustrates our living in an informational universe with accessible holographic data for everyone – information can be accessed by modulating specific frequency patterns onto laser beams which then affect DNA frequencies and information directly – similar to what spiritual teachers have known for centuries – our bodies can be controlled by our thoughts, words and feelings.

What are the drawbacks of Wave Genetics?

Wave genetics remains controversial among scientists; however, its theories continue to be researched and may eventually prove true. Some scientists believe wave genetics could help treat genetic disorders, increase crop yields and create novel forms of genetic engineering.

This video presents groundbreaking experiments involving the transfer of DNA information between organisms. These studies suggest that genetic information exists as electromagnetic fields that can be instantly transmitted over long distances. Furthermore, this technology could potentially be used to regenerate damaged organs as well as explore links between DNA, language and consciousness.

Gariaev’s research shows that the remaining two percent of our DNA, known as Linguistic-Wave Genetics (LWG), does not consist solely of chemical letters but instead, comprises an intricate network of holograms forming our genome continuum. He refers to this system as Linguistic-Wave Genetics as this pseudo intelligent system programs the spatial-temporal organization of organisms much in the same way a computer or robot would program its behavior.

Genomes contain not only holograms but also vast quantities of information in the form of frequencies, which are taken up by our bodies and used to influence its functions. Once processed by cells in our bodies, this knowledge can then be passed down from generation to generation.

Gariaev’s experiments indicate that his theory may be valid; his research also demonstrated how sound and light frequencies can impact our DNA.