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May 17, 2024Editor

What is Wave Genetics?

This article was initially an anchor piece; in February 2019 however, it was moved and completely revised into “CRISPR gene editing”.

Wave genetics suggests that DNA can be affected and controlled by electromagnetic waves such as sound or light frequencies. While much research has been conducted into this theory, its full implications remain unexplored and poorly understood.

What is wave genetics?

Wave genetics is a theory which proposes that DNA can be altered and controlled through electromagnetic waves, while these electromagnetic waves carry information which will pass down generations. Research in this area continues, yet its potential is tremendous and could revolutionize genetics research as we know it today.

This theory rests on the notion that all matter interactions occur as waves in space rather than discrete particles as we currently believe. Additionally, it proposes that DNA may be affected and controlled through sound and light frequencies; this could improve genetic engineering by enabling us to alter gene expression levels more precisely.

Researchers recently utilized linguistic-wave genetics to regenerate a dog tooth using quantum genes based on spintronic principles – marking an impressive milestone and opening up this revolutionary new field in biology. Their discovery may also prove useful in treating genetic disorders or creating new medicines.

How does wave genetics work?

DNA is more than a chemical structure; it also acts as an electromagnetic generator, emitting and receiving waves of information that can be controlled with specific frequencies of electromagnetic waves (including sound and light frequencies) such as sound genetics. Wave genetics is an evolving theory which suggests we can use these frequencies to communicate with and influence the behavior of our DNA.

This theory is founded upon the notion that all matter interactions occur as waves in space rather than discrete particles, as in our current model of matter and its interactions. Furthermore, DNA contains quantum memories which store and transmit information between generations.

Researchers used a Helium-Neon laser with two orthogonal optical modes to transfer quantum genetic information into a crude form of dog’s teeth. This information then spontaneously transformed into modulated broadband electromagnetic radiation carrying its original genetic code; its return back home could then be recorded through probe photon polarization modulation states when returning back into their resonators.

Results from this experiment were impressive, yet more research needs to be conducted in order to fully realize wave genetics‘ full potential. Wave genetics has the potential to treat genetic diseases, improve crop yields, and create novel methods of genetic engineering – however it should be remembered that wave genetics isn’t intended to replace traditional gene therapy methods; rather it provides another tool which can enhance their effectiveness by being combined with traditional therapies.

What are the potential applications of wave genetics?

This cutting-edge science theory suggests that DNA is not simply chemical in its makeup, but also an electromagnetic generator. This means the information stored within genes can be altered and controlled through specific frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Wave genetics has several applications; including treating genetic diseases and reprogramming cells – in fact, researchers have used wave genetics successfully regenerating a dog tooth!

Research was carried out using a frequency-stabilized Helium-Neon laser that produces both linear and chiral harmonic modes of light, then recorded on a photomultiplier tube and analyzed with a high-resolution spectrometer. Results show that human DNA could be transferred onto dog’s teeth using this method; an important step toward gene therapy, as it indicates how DNA molecules may be controlled externally through sound or light frequencies.

Current genetic diseases are treated by replacing mutant genes with regular ones through genome editing, but this process can be costly and difficult in large populations. According to this research team’s assessment, wave genetics might offer an effective and less expensive alternative for treating genetic conditions.

By employing both computational tools and experimental measurements, scientists were able to pinpoint the frequency of electromagnetic waves needed to alter a cell’s genetic code and cause mutations within. Once introduced into other cells, these mutations lead to mutations as well.

The team’s findings demonstrate the numerous potential applications of wave genetics, from disease prevention and drug discovery, to consumer behavior theory refinement and strengthening. Genetic data could even help predict consumer responses to specific products – which would allow marketers to better target marketing campaigns and boost product sales.

Where can I find more information about wave genetics?

Wave genetics is an alternative approach to traditional genetics that utilizes electromagnetic waves as a tool to influence and manipulate DNA. According to this theory, DNA acts not just as a chemical structure but also an electromagnetic generator emitting and receiving electromagnetic waves which carry information for future generations. Note that research on this theory continues and remains incompletely understood.

Wave genetics aims to develop a more comprehensive understanding of genome function. From this information can come new methods for editing genes which could ultimately treat genetic disorders or improve crop yields. Though much work remains, wave genetics is an exciting field with immense potential that has the power to transform how we understand DNA.

Wave Life Sciences, a clinical-stage genetic medicines company dedicated to developing life-changing treatments for devastating diseases, announced a strategic collaboration with GSK plc today to advance oligonucleotide therapeutics. The initial four-year discovery collaboration brings together GSK’s unique insights in human genetics with Wave’s proprietary discovery and drug development platform called PRISM; under the agreement GSK will gain exclusive global rights for Wave’s preclinical RNA editing program called WVE-006 that uses their AIMer technology.

WVE-006, an investigational development candidate modified with PN chemistry and GalNAc conjugated, aims to address both liver and lung symptoms associated with AATD. Wave plans on filing clinical trial applications for WVE-006 by early 2023.

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, as amended. These statements relate to future events or anticipated financial performance of the Company, such as expectations regarding its development, manufacture and commercialization of oligonucleotide therapeutics under GSK partnership. Such forward-looking statements reflect current beliefs and assumptions by its management as well as risks that could cause actual results to differ materially from projected or implied ones.

May 17, 2024Editor

Brain Wave Vibration

Brain wave vibration meditation is an accessible, straightforward method that can have profound benefits on your mood, focus and memory while at the same time helping regulate stress.

Studies on clinical and preclinical models have demonstrated that WBV reduces musculoskeletal disorders while improving cognitive functions. This study investigated the effect of low frequency WBV on behavior and memory with an aged animal model following TBI; its results demonstrate how it significantly reduced neuroinflammation while simultaneously improving cognitive functioning.

1. Relaxation

While vibration therapy cannot offer a cure for certain brain disorders, it may help relieve some symptoms. For example, it could reduce Parkinson’s-related tremors. Furthermore, increasing dopamine levels could potentially decrease medication requirements; and one study also discovered it may reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Vibration exercise uses mechanical vibrations to stimulate muscles and joints. You can take part in this type of fitness by standing on a whole-body vibration machine that emits vibrations through your feet, legs, abdomen, and upper body or by using localized devices that emit them directly to one part of the body.

As well as offering an overall sense of wellbeing, vibration therapy can increase blood flow and ensure adequate oxygen and nutrient delivery to your brain – helping protect brain cells from degenerating and strengthening memory while at the same time relieving pain for some patients.

Though many types of vibration therapy exist, whole-body vibration (WBV) therapy stands out as the most promising. WBV involves physical activities which deliver mechanical vibrations at frequencies between 5-60 Hz to the entire body, creating beneficial benefits.

Researchers have discovered that WBV provides beneficial effects on neurogenesis and restores damaged neurons after traumatic brain injury (TBI) in animal models. Their study demonstrated how WBV pretreatment at 30Hz twice daily for 20 days inhibited brain edema while decreasing dead neurons without changing body weight significantly.

Studies have also demonstrated the power of vibration to increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factors like BDNF. They may also help increase insulin-like growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor production for healthy cells, as well as reduce anxiety through binaural beats or autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), an experience where certain audio triggers help relax listeners. A 2019 study demonstrated vibration could even aid anxiety reduction through binaural beats or ASMR experiences which release tension by listening to certain audio triggers that induce relaxation in listeners.

While vibration therapy offers numerous health advantages, it’s wise to consult your healthcare provider first before beginning this therapy regimen. A few things to keep in mind include any preexisting health conditions that could worsen with vibration exposure; any disc ruptures that might occur as a result; bone fractures from vibration exposure; seizure triggering; and irritation caused by coming in contact with skin-covered medical implants or devices.

2. Focus

Vibration therapy can help people to focus by encouraging the brain to integrate its left and right hemispheres, stimulating the brain stem, which converts vibrations to vital energy for communication within and between bodies. Vibrations also play a key role in communicating between bodies.

Studies involving both clinical and preclinical patients demonstrate that vibration training may be an effective therapy for treating various conditions, including Parkinson’s disease. Vibration can alleviate pain associated with this disorder by increasing dopamine production within the brain; vibration therapy also can increase body tolerance for levodopa, used to treat its symptoms.

Vibration therapy offers numerous other advantages, including alleviating myofascial pain, autogenic inhibition and delayed-onset muscle soreness. Clinicians must carefully consider all potential contraindications when prescribing vibration therapy; such as unstable health conditions like spine or brain issues, uncontrolled seizures, open wounds with metal pins or plates in them, pregnancy and high blood pressure as potential risks.

Auster recommends clients relax during their vibration therapy session and wear loose clothing; even loungewear may work if possible. Some vibrating machines produce gentle sounds while others may “thud” and bounce aggressively over specific areas.

3. Memory

Vibration therapy increases blood flow to the brain and activates neurotransmitters responsible for memory. Additionally, vibration can promote hormone release that supports memory and mood improvement such as dopamine. By shaking one’s head back and forth during vibration, vibration therapy also integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain by inducing production of an “adaptogenic vitamin” that enhances connections between neurons in both hemispheres of the brain.

Clinical and pre-clinical studies62-63 have demonstrated the positive benefits of low intensity vibration therapy (5 min per day, five times each week for five weeks), including beneficial impacts on musculoskeletal functions and cognitive performance among older humans. Unfortunately, however, little information exists regarding its neurobiological mechanisms of action.

In our study, we evaluated the effect of a five week long WBV intervention on anxiety-related behavior, spatial memory and motor performance in aged rats. Furthermore, we utilized immunohistochemistry to examine hippocampal (neuro)inflammation and tissue organization using male Wistar rats 18 months old treated for five weeks with either five or 20 min daily vibration sessions of either five or 20 min duration each session for five weeks; they were then evaluated behaviorally for anxiety-related behavior, spatial memory retention as well as object discrimination memory retention as well as muscle strength via grip hanging tests performed daily on muscle strength tests conducted over five weeks of vibration exposure; brain tissue was collected and immunohistologically examined for microglia presence as well as presence of microglial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP).

Our results showed that both vibration treatments significantly reduced anxiety-related behavior in aged mice. Spatial memory was enhanced during treatment sessions of 20 minutes per day for 20 sessions; object discrimination memory remained unaffected. WBV-induced hippocampal inflammation decreased while presence of GFAP-positive microglia cells significantly increased.

Histological and morphometric analysis of hippocampal tissue showed that the C protocol significantly enhanced synaptic plasticity. This is consistent with previous results from our group showing that movement, in the form of vibratory training, increases expressions of FNDC5, an important gene involved with neural cell differentiation regulation as well as activating BDNF in the brain.

Thus, our results indicate that WBV improves memory performance in aged mice by stimulating synapses to form new connections. This improvement may be related to activation of BDNF in the hippocampus; electrophysiological recordings showed an increase in population spike amplitude values after high frequency stimulation in hippocampal slices of C-trained mice.

4. Stress Reduction

Stress can lead to everything from headaches and tense backs, all the way to mental health issues such as insomnia and anxiety. Vibration therapy has been proven effective at decreasing stress hormones in the body and thus aiding mental wellbeing by contracting and relaxing muscles several times every second, thus soothing one’s mind and relieving tension.

Vibration therapy can also assist with chronic pain management. Vibrations have been found to interfere with pain signals sent from your brain and decrease pain levels; this has been demonstrated both for humans and mice in a 2018 Dutch study.

Vibration therapy can enhance proprioception of the body. Proprioception refers to our body’s ability to understand where it is in space and is especially vital for seniors as losing this skill can lead to falls and injuries. Vibration can assist seniors by increasing muscle strength – something which plays a key role in maintaining balance and avoiding falls and injuries.

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is an exercise technique in which mechanical vibrations from a vibrating platform are transmitted directly to the body through mechanical means, providing physical benefits in clinical60 and preclinical61 studies of musculoskeletal systems, glucose metabolism, muscle healing62. WBV has proven beneficial across multiple studies of this nature.

Studies on vibration therapy‘s potential benefits for brain injuries demonstrate its efficacy by improving balance and decreasing spasticity63. This field of research has grown substantially over time.

Vibration may also help with memory, motor function and anxiety-like behaviors64; however, further studies are required on its effects at different intensities and lengths of vibration.

Vibration therapy has the ability to treat various conditions, including migraines, Parkinson’s, and fibromyalgia. Prior to commencing any new treatment – such as vibration therapy – it’s wise to consult a medical provider, such as vibration therapist. They will evaluate whether vibration therapy suits your individual needs as well as recommend frequency and duration of sessions, any precautions such as refraining if you have unstable spine/brain issues, as well as any medications being taken by you that could interact negatively.

May 17, 2024Editor

How to Define Energy Medicine

Energy medicine employs techniques to harness and balance the energetic fields surrounding human bodies, which often defy traditional physical, chemical or physiological explanations.

Touch therapies, movement modalities and healing practices such as magnet therapy, acupuncture and light therapy all rely on an understanding of how changes to life force impact health and facilitate healing.


From ancient times on, people have believed in a powerful energy source that vitalizes all living things, be they plants or animals. Commonly referred to as Chi, Prana, Ki, Qi, Pneuma Ohm Mana Ether Vril Biocosmic Energy or more this vital life force exists within and all around each individual and is thought to cause illness when disturbed; energy healing seeks to restore equilibrium within this energetic system in order to promote physical and emotional well being.

Some practitioners claim to be able to detect or sense this energy with their hands or bodies, using techniques like massage and manipulation of these energies or employing sound healing and chakra balancing as methods to stimulate them. Some therapies also employ magnets and monochromatic light rays – unlike traditional medical treatments which utilize drugs or surgery.

Although their scientific veracity remains unverifiable, energy therapies are increasingly being employed as complementary treatments in hospitals and medical centers. Acupuncture has proven especially helpful in relieving pain as well as treating other symptoms.

Energy medicine refers to a range of alternative health techniques, from touch therapies and movement modalities, spiritual healing and homeopathy. Some practices address subtle forms of energy within our biofield while others focus on external environments or auras.

Energy medicine has seen rapid advancement due to a wide variety of doctors and researchers, including Lynne McTaggart’s research on the reality of the Field; Dr Bruce Lipton’s revolutionary shift away from genetic determinism paradigm; Joe Dispenza’s, Greg Baden’s, and Nassim Haramein’s contributions on intention as powerful drivers have all played key roles.

Energy medicine combines quantum physics and consciousness as the basis of modern medical practice, creating a strong basis for modern medical practice. Also referred to as Pro-Consciousness Medicine, it provides a holistic approach that harnesses body’s own energy systems for healing purposes, helping individuals thrive during this challenging era.


Energy medicine encompasses many practices, such as acupuncture, acupressure, healing touch therapy, therapeutic touch and Reiki. Collectively known as putative energy medicine (PEM), these practices aim to balance disturbances in a patient’s biofield – the energy field surrounding their physical body that plays an integral part in human health – through continuous flow; its continuous movement being thought responsible for healing as well as disease prevention while blocked or stagnant energy can cause pain or illness.

Traditional cultures around the world hold onto the belief that an energy vitalizes and heals all living organisms, with traditional healers using this force as part of healing practices. Commonly known as chi, prana, qi, mana odyle elan vital or life force energy it is considered part of a larger biocosmic force which pervades all space.

Acupuncture, ancient energy medicines like Acupressure and modern energy practices such as Reiki are founded on the idea that humans possess an electromagnetic field surrounding their physical bodies that can be affected by various environmental factors, including stress. Practitioners of PEM claim to be able to feel this energy with their hands, as well as manipulate it through meditation, intention or vibrational therapy.

Physics researchers have discovered that all living organisms produce biophotons – light particles with laser-like coherence that send messages between cells – as a means of transmitting information about their state or regulating component functions. These biophotons could potentially carry information about cell states or functions.

Energy medicine has long been the subject of debate. But as hard science validates some ancient energy approaches and scientific breakthroughs open new avenues in wellness, old divisions are dissolving and new ground is being found. Perhaps the next step should be the integration of various approaches; such a blend will likely prove more powerful than either approach alone and create synergistic effects that surpass any single practice’s limitations – ushering in an exciting era in medicine where new frontiers await discovery!


Wellness practices like acupuncture, chakra balancing, reiki and qigong that focus on healing the body’s energetic field have become popular over time. While Western medicine typically concentrates on materialistic aspects such as bones and muscles, ancient healing traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Shamanism focus on an alternative concept: that human bodies possess an energetic field which profoundly impacts overall function – an imbalance may exist within this energy flow leading to persistent or elusive physical problems that ultimately manifest as illness or pain in these systems.

Energy medicine operates under the belief that health is determined by a balance and flow of vital life force through pathways known as meridians, or energy channels. When this energy becomes blocked or out of balance, illness results. Energy healing practices aim to rectify imbalances by restoring free flow through meridians.

Energy healing may seem complex in theory, yet its practices are relatively simple in practice. Energy medicine uses electromagnetic frequencies, wavelengths and vibrations to positively influence human biofields – and many forms of energy medicine utilize actual electromagnetic pulses (lasers or magnetic pulses) in treating patients.

However, putative EM techniques exist as well, in which practitioners generate an electromagnetic field with their hands to aid healing of their patients. Studies have revealed that practitioners’ hands emitting this electromagnetic field can be detected using special measuring devices and its frequency measured between 0.3-30Hz by an acupuncturist for example.

This electromagnetic frequency may alter mechanical vibrations within cells’ membranes and cytoskeletons as well as within the human biofield, returning them to a healthy harmonic pitch and creating relaxation and well-being in addition to helping with recovery from injury or illness – the basis for therapies like therapeutic touch or qigong. Furthermore, EM generated by hands of therapists may stimulate endogenous opioids and enkephalins (neurotransmitters that promote anti-inflammatory effects) for release as neurotransmitters for release as neurotransmitters from endogenous sources – further aiding recovery from injury or illness as well as relaxing muscles and helping restore vitality within.


Many are familiar with energy healing practices like acupuncture, chakra balancing and Reiki as complementary therapies to Western medicine. These practices stem from Eastern belief that our bodies possess vital energy which enables it to heal itself; though studies are limited some evidence suggests these techniques can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation which in turn improves quality of life while relieving stress and fatigue, leading to improved immunity system function.

Energy medicine utilizes techniques such as therapeutic touch, reiki and cranial sacral therapy to restore balance and harmony to the human biofield, an energy field surrounding our bodies that may become impaired due to physical illness, emotional trauma or environmental pollutants such as pollution or poor diet. Energy medicine practices like therapeutic touch, reiki or cranio sacral therapy aim at reestablishing energy flow throughout our bodies by using methods like therapeutic touch or Reiki treatment or even Cranial sacral therapy – in effect helping restore their flow throughout us all.

Energy is at the core of modern physics and chemistry. Scientists have demonstrated that all matter exists within an intricate web of interdependent energy patterns; even humans possess such patterns of their own; the traditional anatomical model of bones and blood has given way to the belief that our bodies comprise an intricate system of connected energy sources.

Energy healers believe that all illness stems from imbalances in one’s energy or biofield, leading to disruption in its natural flow that supports healthy biological processes – ultimately leading to disease and aging.

Contrary to pharmaceuticals, which alter chemical signals within the body, electromagnetic fields control every aspect of living systems – making EM both more effective and safe with less risk for side effects.

No matter its scientific validity, energy therapy has gained acceptance within the wellness world. Practitioners of acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, healing touch and Reiki will likely come across clients suffering from various health issues; energy therapy can serve as an invaluable aid in treating them as long as patients continue seeing their physician and follow treatment plans; energy therapy is a powerful way of improving both mind and body quality of life.

May 17, 2024Editor

Hulda Clark – Zapper Amazon

Hulda Clark, an alternative health practitioner, claimed her zapper device could cure many diseases. It’s a simple electronic device which produces low-voltage pulses of current. It contains a 555 timer IC as well as two copper handles or electrodes which the user holds onto during use; additionally it can be easily assembled at home cheaply.

Parasite Killer

Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for All Cancers” asserts that all diseases are caused by parasites – particularly intestinal flukes and liver parasites (fasciolopsis buskii). Her zapper can cure them; strict detoxification procedures also help.

The zapper uses a low-voltage circuit to send pulses of electricity at specific frequencies directly into the body. These frequencies resonate with bacteria, viruses and parasites on our surfaces – much like when an opera singer hits high notes that cause glassware to shatter – killing any microorganisms present. It is inexpensive and straightforward to build from a kit or book provided instructions by its creator; effective against head lice, fleas, ticks, bedbugs as well as hookworms (hookworms) protozoas (single cell organisms such as amoebas). Furthermore, this device also kills any associated fungus present – as an opera singer would hit high notes that would shatter glasses by hitting high notes; resonance kills any microorganisms present – similar effects causing glass shattering on glass to shatter in similar fashion; resonance kills microorganisms in similar fashion causing glass shattering; similar effect is used against bedbugs/ flea/ tick/bedbugs/hookworms/protozoas/protozoas/protozoas/protozoas/amoebas/amp/non treated/treated/ or amoebas/amycos/fungus/ helminths/hookworms/ protozoas/protozoas is destroyed/killed as well. The device kills microorganisms as effectively with it’s kill off as its resonance kills. The device also kills/helminth/prozoas/ helminth/prozoas helmin/ protozoas etc). Finally when using their also kill fungi so worms is killed). Finally / protozoass etc as amoas etc. The device also kills that. / protozoas ( hookworms etc! Also destroys or protozoas organisms.

Immune System Booster

Hulda Clark proposed that an electronic device she called the “Zapper” could treat various illnesses by eliminating parasites and stimulating immune function. She believed all parasites emit electromagnetic radiation at specific frequencies; such a device could generate these frequencies and turn up immune activity as needed. She further proposed nutritional interventions as ways to increase one’s resistance against disease-causing parasites.

The Zapper is an electronic device that generates positive offset square waves of direct current from a 9V battery (stepped down to approximately 4.5 V), and transmits them through copper electrodes held by users. Its programming prevents it from ever switching into negative polarity which could prove hazardous; and current pulses at approximately 20,000 times per second for optimal use.

As soon as a zapper is switched on, white blood cells begin an all-out assault against parasites and diseased tissue. It appears to kill parasites by altering their polarity while healing diseased tissues with positive charges, and killing off any remaining parasites through reversed polarity killing techniques. Healthy tissues remain positively charged.

Some individuals experience dizziness, nausea, headache and foul intestinal gas during their first few zapping sessions due to killing lots of parasites and releasing toxins into their body which must then be flushed out through drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day as recommended by health practitioners.

The Zapper has also been noted as being useful for treating cancer, AIDS, candida and other yeast infections, eye floaters, genital herpes, fatigue, arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain management depression as well as mental disorders like fibromyalgia allergies rheumatoid arthritis autoimmune disease lymph nodes snake bites tumors multiple sclerosis etc.


Clark advocated zapping parasites, particularly fasciolopsis buskii liver flukes that she believed caused most cancers. Her claims were supported by resonance (the same principle opera singers employ to shatter glasses), as all bacteria, viruses, and parasites have unique frequencies which, when activated at positive offset frequencies kill all simultaneously. She further advised drinking eight-10 cups of water daily as part of a detoxification regime in order to flush toxic matter from one’s system.

The Clark Zapper is an electrical device believed to kill parasites and other micro-organisms with frequencies similar to those produced by our natural immune systems, often used alongside parasite cleanse protocols and an anti-parasite diet. Before beginning this therapy it’s recommended consulting a healthcare professional, especially if any existing health conditions exist, as some individuals may experience detoxification reactions lasting only several days; should any severe reactions appear or persist seek medical advice immediately.

Weight Loss

Hulda Clark was an unconventional alternative medicine practitioner who made headlines for her alleged cure of various conditions through a parasite cleanse protocol and zapper device involving parasite cleanses and environmental toxins, such as cancer or AIDS. Clark advocated the use of an electrical frequency device called a “zapper”, to kill parasites.

Her claims have not been supported by scientific research and have been disproved by independent studies. A zapper is a small electronic device that generates low-voltage pulses of electromagnetic energy transmitted via copper handles or electrodes to be held by users or placed on different parts of their bodies to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Clark’s device works on the principle of resonance; just as an opera singer hits a high note that causes glassware to shatter, his device uses vibrations that resonate with parasite cellular structures to kill them off. Furthermore, this device can also detoxify livers and lymphatic systems; you can purchase or self-assemble one online or from his book with detailed instructions; additionally it is recommended that users follow a parasite cleansing diet while using his device.

May 17, 2024Editor

Alternative Therapy Caguas

Alternative Therapy is the only facility in Puerto Rico offering an exclusive acute unit dedicated to mental health. Patients find emotional stability while benefiting from holistic alternative therapies, one-to-one sessions with daily therapeutic staff members and a personalized food program that caters to all nutritional requirements.