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March 6, 2024Editor

Biohacking Hormones With Supplements

An emerging movement to biohack your body in order to preserve strength, health, and beauty into older years is underway. While more sophisticated forms of biohacking such as gene editing or neural implantation exist, beginning now with simple lifestyle changes and targeted supplements is just as effective.

Intermittent fasting, wearable devices and optimizing sleep for longevity all play an integral part in health optimisation, but one hormone often goes unseen: sexual hormones.


Biohacking supplements can be an invaluable aid for balancing hormones. Biohacking encourages you to seek methods that can help restore control over your health and hormones, such as eating nutrient-rich foods, prioritizing sleep, engaging in adequate physical activity and managing stress levels. Furthermore, Biohacking allows for exploring various supplements available which may support the endocrine system such as amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals or botanicals.

At the core of this approach lies the notion that every woman’s hormones are unique; generic solutions won’t suffice when dealing with symptoms like heavy periods, severe PMS, bloating, acne breakouts, cysts or fibroids in her ovary, infertility and low libido. That is why biohacking for your unique physiological needs should be undertaken as an approach.

Bioidentical hormones are an excellent way to biohack your endocrine system and restore hormonal equilibrium in the body. Because they mimic natural production patterns of hormones in your cells, these bioidentical hormones are able to pass through cell sentinels to activate or deactivate certain systems for maximum health benefits.

When purchasing supplements, always select those which have been independently evaluated to verify that their contents match those listed and do not contain harmful levels of chemicals, microbes, or pesticides. Furthermore, seek products manufactured under controlled and sanitary conditions according to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices as these will make a considerable difference to both quality and efficacy of the supplement.


Diet is an essential aspect of biohacking, and certain foods can hinder hormone function. Dairy products in particular have been linked with overproduction of oestrogen which in turn causes symptoms such as bloating, acne and cramps during your menstrual cycle. There are a few strategies available to you for decreasing dairy intake: consider switching out cow’s milk for almond, rice or soy alternatives or drinking coconut water or herbal teas like nettle or chamomile instead.

Diet can also help biohack hormones by providing certain nutrients that support oestrogen levels, such as tryptophan, vitamin D and iron. Tryptophan is an essential building block of serotonin which plays an integral part in mood regulation; research has also indicated that high intakes may help decrease PMS symptoms during menstrual cycles – check out foods like turkey, chicken eggs and nuts for tryptophan.

Other dietary biohacks to consider are adding turmeric or green tea into your meals and drinking more green tea. Turmeric, an antioxidant known for increasing oestrogen production by inhibiting aromatase (an enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen) is another powerful tool in increasing estrogen production; an additional way of increasing levels is consuming foods rich in phytoestrogens like sesame, chia, and flax seeds as these contain phytoestrogens and therefore increase levels.

Biohacking hormones requires making changes to both your diet and tracking blood markers, or biomarkers, that reveal your overall health and wellbeing. Utilizing supplements, exercise programs and healthy sleeping patterns as part of biohacking may help optimize these biomarkers to give insight into your state of health.

Bioidentical hormones can be an extremely effective way of improving your hormonal balance. Because these hormones mimic your natural hormones, they will not be rejected by the sentinels protecting cells in your body.

Rejuvime Medical offers free consultations about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to residents in Baton Rouge who wish to learn about its advantages for health, independence and beauty. They will show how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can benefit you in terms of health, independence and beauty.


Sleep, physical exercise and stress management are key components of biohacking hormones. Also making sure your body receives sufficient nutrition can also aid in optimizing hormone function and health. Biohackers sometimes employ other practices like neurofeedback therapy and meditation/breathwork techniques in order to enhance cognitive performance and decrease levels of anxiety or stress.

While many biohacking practices may offer scientifically sound benefits, it’s still wise to exercise caution when undertaking them. Unsupervised hormone supplementation may have serious side effects and should only be done under medical guidance. Furthermore, extreme biohacking practices like trying to alter hormone levels without medical oversight could do more damage than good.

Recent years have seen biohacking gain prominence among social media influencers and represent an approach to wellness that involves self-experimentation tailored specifically for each person’s unique physiological make up. This DIY style of self-improvement includes anything from ice baths and zone training to fasting and nootropic supplements; all tailored towards optimizing fitness. More than simply increasing fitness levels, however, biohacking has expanded into a holistic form of wellbeing focused on hormone optimization and the prevention of chronic illness.

Men’s hormones play an essential role in physical fitness, mental clarity and overall health – it is therefore imperative that they function optimally. Biohacking hormones is an effective way to increase performance and reach goals that may previously have seemed out of reach such as building muscle mass, improving digestion or increasing energy levels – this involves getting enough restful sleep, eating nutrient-rich food sources as well as avoiding toxic chemicals in our daily lives as part of this strategy.

As men look for ways to live a more satisfying and balanced lives, biohacking offers one effective way they can take control of their wellbeing and make an impactful difference in quality of life. By optimizing hormones through diet, exercise, and rest strategies, men can enjoy better health for years.


An effective sleep biohack involves getting enough quality rest. Adequate rest helps regulate hormones, improve overall health, stamina, cognitive energy, sexual performance and longevity – among many other advantages. Sleep optimization practices such as using a tracking device or optimizing sleeping environments with soundproof walls as well as healthy hygiene measures such as avoiding caffeine before bed and keeping a consistent schedule are key components to optimizing quality restful slumber.

Biohacks that can boost fertility, mood and cognitive performance include increasing oxytocin levels by engaging in heart-opening activities such as hugging people or pets, listening to music, doing yoga or meditating. Women can also boost fertility and reproductive health with pelvic floor exercises and menstrual symptoms relief products like FloLiving’s period biohacks that provide end-to-end support during menstruation cycles such as these products from FloLiving’s period biohacks which offer comprehensive solutions for achieving hormonal equilibrium during menstruation cycles.

Biohacking can be an exciting journey, but it must be approached carefully and with full awareness of potential risks. Unsupervised hormone supplementation, for instance, may have serious side effects. Furthermore, certain extreme biohacking practices such as intermittent fasting or supplement stacks may not work for all people. At the core of it all lies biohacking‘s core philosophy – to tailor life and healthcare according to each person’s own genes, biology, chemistry and needs while optimizing them accordingly for maximum effect; biohacking allows individuals to do just this.

March 6, 2024Editor

Benefits of Remote Energy Healing

Distance energy healing uses quantum physics principles and works without being limited by time or space constraints. It relies on creating an energetic bond between healer and client for successful results.

Mindplay plays an integral part in energy healing methods, impacting their practical application and healing process through intention setting, mindfulness practice promotion and creating an interdependent practitioner-client relationship.


Remote energy healing differs from traditional healing in that it does not rely on physical contact for success; practitioners use various techniques to establish an energetic bond with clients and direct healing energies as needed. By tapping into universal life force energy, practitioners facilitate healing anywhere on Earth despite distance or proximity – an extraordinary practice which testifies to how interdependent all beings truly are.

Energy healing techniques vary, yet all tend to begin with a belief in life force energy and promote balance and self-healing. Practitioners also often employ meditation, visualization and mindfulness techniques in their healing experience both for themselves and their clients; drawing upon inner wisdom or intuition when assessing an imbalance and selecting an effective healing technique.

During a session, clients lie back in a comfortable position as the healer channels healing energy towards them. As this energy moves through their body, clients may experience tingling sensations or general feelings of well-being; depending on individual needs some clients require multiple sessions for long-lasting transformations to take effect.

Practitioners channel healing energy towards clients by visualizing an image of them and envisioning healing energy pervading their being. Furthermore, they call upon spirit guides or angels for assistance when channeling this healing energy to others.

Alternatively, if the client is not present, practitioners can use an object like a photograph as an intermediary and direct energy directly towards it. Crystals possessing inherent healing properties can also serve as excellent proxies as healers can infuse the crystal with healing energy before channeling it towards whomever or whatever needs healing most directly.

Healers should utilize energy protection techniques during sessions to avoid depleting their own reserves. They could visualize an energetic shield surrounding themselves or simply close their eyes and imagine a field of light that absorbs any negative energies, filtering out anything draining. Furthermore, they regularly assess their own emotional receptivity to healing energy, making necessary adjustments as necessary.


Energy healing sessions can be done both physically and remotely, providing people from around the world access to this effective form of treatment. Sessions offer many advantages including reduced stress levels, increased vitality and an overall sense of well-being; plus they may help ease physical discomfort caused by chronic conditions.

At each session, your healer will assess your energy via off body touch or biofield dowsing to assess and balance it. She/he then may move through various areas of the energetic system to clear, balance and re-energise your energies.

At an energy healing session, you will likely experience feelings of lightness, warmth and/or tingling in your hands and feet as a result of cosmic energy moving through your etheric and pranic bodies. This cleansing and balancing process removes any negative energy stored within your energy field as well as improving energy flow across meridians.

Energy healing has many tangible advantages that are visible in everyday life for individuals and families alike. Many have reported feeling an improved sense of balance, clarity, and overall wellness after participating in group remote energy healing sessions. Although each energy healer employs different techniques for creating these effects remotely, all involve sending and receiving energies at distance.

Healing practitioners are trained in various methods of energetic protection and communication that may prove useful when working with sensitive clients. Healers learn to visualize a shield of white light around themselves to filter any negative energy that may enter during sessions; additionally they regularly assess their own energy levels and emotional wellbeing.

Rachel Bolton offers two remote energy healing packages designed for humans and animals alike. With years of experience behind her, Rachel Bolton’s method has had profound results for both groups – people as well as animals alike have witnessed remarkable transformation.


Energy healing is a profound, life-altering practice that can provide lasting relief from physical and emotional ailments. Based on principles of energy and intention, healing practitioners tap into the life force energy to channel it toward their clients – circumventing physical proximity limitations altogether.

Setting clear intentions is the cornerstone of successful energy healing. A sincere intention can accelerate healing processes and foster transformational change; setting such an intention helps tap into the highest vibrational energy.

To set an effective intention, it is useful to identify both your desired outcome and areas that need healing. It is also essential to realize that energy healing is not meant as a cure but instead acts as an agent of transformation. Finally, having a support network in place like friends, therapists or coaches is crucial.

Distance healing does not impose limits on time or distance, as sessions can be held from any location in the world. This allows sessions to take place when it best suits both healer and client alike regardless of time zones – making long-term healing and self-discovery much simpler for individuals to commit themselves to.

Distance healing offers many advantages to both physical and emotional issues. It can help clear negative energy that attracts similar vibrations – leading to unwanted outcomes or unhealthy relationships – as well as address imbalances in chakras or energetic bodies.


Energy healing sessions can take place either in-person or remotely. Either way, clients must first discuss any issues they are dealing with with their practitioner and then use specific skills and modalities from them in order to assist with the client’s process of change. After working through this unique form of healing they should feel relaxed yet empowered as they move through it with clarity.

Depending on the circumstances, sessions may take place either in a quiet space at home or over the phone. Clients should close their eyes, relax their body, and clear their mind prior to beginning therapy sessions. When using a phone it is essential that it remains off or placed on mute mode; alternatively they can lay down during therapy if desired.

During a session, energy is channeled through an object which symbolizes the person receiving healing. From there, this healing energy is released by a healer and directed towards their client to aid their holistic health and healing on all levels. These sessions can benefit anyone, from children to elders. This form of treatment may help with specific issues or simply balance energy flow within an auric field.

Many people use distant healing sessions as preventive medicine. They’ll typically schedule one or two sessions with an energy healer once or twice every month to make sure their energy is healthy, or get specific sessions for specific issues as they arise.

Distance healing may seem ineffective at first glance, but quantum physics demonstrates its effectiveness by showing us all are connected and that time and space are simply illusions. This principle serves as the basis for distance healing – much like hearing an emotionally stirring song on the radio can bring comfort or cause you to shed tears even though they’re miles apart from each other.

Distance healing may come more naturally to certain people than others; however, it can still be learned and developed over time. Jeffrey Rosenberg writes in his book, Mindvalley Quest that it is easy to unconsciously match the moods or energies of those around us and it is crucial that when this occurs we recognize it immediately.

March 6, 2024Editor

Bioresonance Scanning Reviews

Bioresonance scans offer comprehensive insights into your health and wellbeing. It reveals imbalances in your energetic systems, food sensitivities and hormonal issues as well as any possible matches with toxic elements resonating in the environment – as well as energy matches with toxic toxins resonating in the environment that might need attention.

As vibratory medicine (sometimes referred to as electrodermal screening or vibratory medicine), this noninvasive technique detects communication breakdowns among your cells and then uses electromagnetic frequencies to match and harmonize discordant patterns, encouraging your body’s natural process of healing.

1. The AO Scanner By Solex

The AO Scanner is a noninvasive bioresonance scanning device that communicates with your body via subtle energy and bio frequencies, helping you identify any imbalance in chakras, meridians, organs and tissues with just a handheld device. Inspired by Tesla, Einstein, Marie Curie and other world-renowned scientists this technology employs methods derived from peer reviewed studies, independent analyses and real world experience in order to restore physical and energetic balance within you.

Alpha-Omega stands for “Alpha-Omega”, the vibrational frequency that binds all life in existence; often referred to as heartbeat or biophotonic light. Each cell in your body emits vibrational energy that affects how you feel – low levels can leave you drained of energy while high ones may leave you overstimulated; when levels are “just right”, though, balance, focus and energy return as natural ingredients for wellbeing.

Bioresonance scanning can detect numerous imbalances that cannot be picked up with traditional lab tests due to being subclinical in nature or too complex for analysis. A good bioresonance scan will quickly and effectively isolate the source of any issue for healing purposes.

There are various bioresonance scans available, with your choice depending on what symptoms are bothering you. The Full Scan is by far the most comprehensive option and analyzes hair and saliva samples for energetic system performance issues, hormonal/nutritional imbalances, resonating toxins, as well as food/environmental sensitivities.

Conducting a full scan is one of the first steps toward reaching optimal health, and selecting an experienced wellness practitioner who uses cutting-edge technology such as the AO Scan is key. A qualified practitioner will be able to walk you through your results of the AO Scan and explain them fully; from there they can tailor a wellness plan tailored specifically to you in terms of diet, supplements, therapeutic techniques or any other form of support that will aid your healing journey.

2. The Biophotonic Scanner

The Biophotonic scanner is an ingenious way of discovering your body’s antioxidant levels. Simply hold your hand under a 100% safe blue light for 30 seconds, and the scanner will give you your Skin Carotenoids Score (SCS). Carotenoids give fruits and vegetables their distinctive red, orange, and yellow colors; high levels can reduce eye problems like macular degeneration.

A scan will also uncover any toxins, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and nutritional imbalances within your body as well as detect viruses or parasites that could pose risks. Your results of the scan will provide guidance on which supplements to take to correct imbalances and restore balance to your system. Increasing numbers of clinical trials demonstrate how rebalancing electromagnetic fields through sound and light waves can increase energy and health significantly.

Antoinette has used her Biophotonic scanner with great success for years and finds it to be an incredibly useful way of understanding how best to support energy fields of clients, for instance when they come with food intolerances she takes into consideration their organ’s energetic state, environmental sensitivity needs, nutritional requirements as well as any hormonal imbalances and any parasites or toxins present within their bodies as a way of diagnosing issues with ease.

Many imbalances that contribute to poor health can be connected in unexpected ways, and an analysis of your scan can uncover these connections. A Biophotonic scanner then isolates discordant frequencies and sends electromagnetic impulses that match and harmonize them – in turn encouraging rapid healing by the body itself. This therapy, known as bioresonance therapy, has long been practiced across Europe with roots in functional medicine seeking to balance life force energy within the body by using electronic measurement technology in tandem with Chinese medicine – including its incorporation by means of biophotonic scanners at its forefront – helping users heal faster than ever.

3. The Quantum Scanner

This full-body bioresonance scanner uses quantum physics principles to assess your overall health without invasive testing or blood draws. It reads cell communication patterns to detect unhealthy or ineffective ones and send electromagnetic impulses that harmonize discordant frequencies allowing your body to heal itself naturally.

The QXCI can analyze the overall health of your system, taking measurements such as vitamin levels, amino acids, food substances, natural sugars, bacteria, molds, viruses, hormones and more. It compares these figures against its database of “normal” values and reports on any imbalances it finds.

Stress analysis provides a useful means of diagnosing physical strain on body systems as well as pinpointing any food sensitivities or chemical allergies, with results used to tailor a tailored health and wellness plan.

Electrodermal screening, similar to bioresonance scanning, helps identify unstable acupuncture points in the body and assist practitioners with creating homeopathic remedies to rebalance them. Both Asyra’s Balance system and the Hunter Metapathia device offer this service, although some might consider them more as diagnostic tools rather than actual treatments.

At each session, a patient wears sensors connected to the device and placed around his/her body, with electrodes strategically placed for measuring energy wavelengths. A computer then analyzes this data in order to identify any imbalances present within their system.

Bioresonance scans reveal hidden links between your body’s disorders that may go overlooked by other diagnostic tools, like MRI or EEG. When discordant frequencies have been identified, electromagnetic signals at specific ranges are sent out to match and harmonize them – helping restore your health more rapidly than ever. To learn more about the advantages of bioresonance scanning book a discovery call with CBH Energetics; our holistic practitioners specialize in homeopathic bioresonance therapy to answer any further queries that you have.

4. The Bioenergetic Scanner

Bioresonance scanners measure energy balance within an individual’s body and help identify emotional stress, toxins and any potential health concerns that might exist. With its ability to pinpoint problems at their roots quickly and effectively, these bioresonance scanners have become popular tools among psychologists, holistic health practitioners, chiropractors and individuals alike.

Electroacupuncture-inspired technology uses a handheld device with six points of contact to scan the whole body for bioresonance frequencies that resonate with its unique physiology. SCENAR, PEMF and global scaling with proprietary biosignals assist the body’s natural self-restoring processes for maximum effectiveness.

This scan measures the frequency of all bodily organs and systems within the human body-field and highlights areas that must be addressed to ensure optimal wellness. Furthermore, it detects blockages along energy pathways related to symptoms like weight gain, belly bloat or digestive complaints.

An experienced therapist can use the results of an NES bioenergetic scan to guide clients toward optimal wellness. They may recommend diet or supplements tailored specifically to address findings of the scan; infoceuticals (specially encoded liquid tinctures designed to remove and resolve energetic blockages caused by EMFs, shocks, traumas, toxins and emotions) might also be suggested as a course of treatment.

As soon as underlying imbalances are addressed, it is remarkable how rapidly and effectively the body can return to optimal health. With NES bioenergetic scanning technology isolating discordant frequencies and sending electromagnetic impulses at exactly the right range to match and harmonize them – helping the body naturally heal itself.

Antoinette, a clinical psychologist and certified NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, has found this non-invasive, painless and highly accurate bioresonance scanning technique invaluable when working with her clients. She uses it to help them understand why they’re experiencing certain symptoms like food intolerances, hormonal imbalances or body toxicity and develop tailored treatment plans tailored just to each client. Treatment can involve clearing away toxins or balancing hormones to address root causes of imbalances.

March 6, 2024Editor

What Is Energy Therapy Meaning?

Energy therapy is a noninvasive treatment designed to promote physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Based on the belief that an energy field envelops and penetrates all body systems, this therapy also fosters positive emotions and thoughts while encouraging good feelings and thoughts.

Energy psychology encompasses numerous approaches, such as tapping techniques and thought field therapy. Thought field therapy utilizes tapping with difficult or traumatic memories for therapeutic effect and may be administered either by a therapist or self-administered.


Reiki is a form of energy healing in which hands are placed upon or just above a person’s body in various positions, sometimes just inches above. A session may cause sensations of tingling, “spaciness”, or sudden warmth to spread through various parts of their body. Reiki may even help with cancer treatments as some studies support its effectiveness.

Energy therapy practitioners believe in the existence of the universal life energy, which they claim flows throughout our bodies and can be balanced to promote overall wellness. This energy – said to exist in all living organisms including plants and animals – can be harnessed for physical, emotional, and mental ailments healing. No credible scientific studies have confirmed its presence; however some researchers are exploring whether energy therapies could help alleviate depression and other ailments.

Energy therapy techniques have proven effective at treating everything from posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety, to body tapping and emotional freedom technique. Some practitioners of energy therapy believe that all people can be healers; though differing opinions exist regarding what qualifications may be needed in this capacity.

Energy therapy‘s benefits can be hard to measure since most methods haven’t been scientifically investigated. Most evidence supporting energy therapies comes from clinical trials or anecdotal reports; some experts, however, argue that well-designed studies must also be conducted to validate these treatments’ efficacy.

Many of the most widely practiced energy healing therapies draw inspiration from traditional Asian practices. Acupuncture is considered an ancient energy therapy while Jin Shin Jyutsu employs similar principles to balance an individual’s bodily energies.

Before trying energy therapy, individuals should consult their therapist or doctor in order to find the most appropriate method. It is especially important for those suffering from mental illnesses to consult their psychiatrist prior to engaging in any energy therapies – this applies particularly when seeking to hypnotize people easily or dealing with PTSD/dissociative disorder symptoms.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient healing art that utilizes physical touch to balance and harmonize energy within the body, similar to acupuncture but without needles. Used for pain relief and stress reduction in daily living, it’s easily learned and applied by everyone from babies sucking their thumbs to politicians clutching hands close together as an aid, to walkers making fists to guide themselves safely – these movements and gestures all can be considered forms of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which practitioners use in helping their patients rebalance energy flow by manipulating touch points on various body locations within a given area – all forms of Jin Shin Jyutsu!

Jin shi jyutsu uses its fingers as jumper cables to unblock and balance vital life energy (qi or chi), similar to how acupuncture does, on pathways similar to those used by acupuncture. Along these pathways are 26 “safety energy locks” located on each side of your body – when these locks become locked you could experience symptoms like pain or dysfunction; when these safety energy locks are locked off manually adjusting these safety energy locks in specified sequences can allow qi to flow freely and heal your body!

At each session, clients remain fully clothed while the practitioner applies light touch to various acupoints located along arms, legs and torso of body – usually located along arms, legs and torso – often relieving tension headaches in just an hour-long session. They also work on ears lobes, head massage and muscle tension in feet and back area to provide additional benefits.

Beth Lendrum is a holistic healer combining her 35-year experience in natural health with advanced training in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and massage therapy. Certified by both the Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute and Acupressure Institute as a classical homeopath, naturopath and doula. Based in El Dorado Hills California with her practice located there, her passion lies in helping others discover their innate ability to heal themselves using simple self-care practices.

Biofield cleansing

Energy healing employs techniques designed to balance the body’s life force. It stems from the belief that vital energy flows throughout and around our bodies, with imbalances being at the source of illness. Energy healing therapy should be seen as complementary rather than substitute therapy and should be combined with traditional medical treatments as a comprehensive plan.

Energy therapies often draw their inspiration from ancient Asian healing traditions that date back thousands of years. According to this practice, practitioners believe the human energy field (commonly referred to as an aura) extends 3-6 inches from physical body and its flow can become disrupted due to injury, illness or emotional stress. Some practitioners use techniques from these ancient traditions while others draw on modern scientific theories for treating energy therapy issues.

Energy fields can be affected by various external influences, including diet, stress levels, emotions and lifestyle choices. When this energy becomes disrupted, it may lead to health issues like anxiety, low self-esteem and depression – symptoms which energy healing may help address. When this happens to an individual suffering from these issues, energy healing provides them with tools for finding balance and taking back control over their lives.

Energy healing modalities such as acupuncture involve applying pressure using needles at specific points on the body to stimulate specific points. Acupuncture is sometimes known as Chinese massage and operates under the principle that there are channels through which energy flows; alternative healing approaches include Reiki, Acupressure, Therapeutic Touch (TT) and Therapeutic touch (TT).

Belief reprogramming is an energy healing technique designed to help individuals overcome negative beliefs they hold about themselves or about others, and to remove any limiting decisions which may be holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Smudging rituals are another effective form of energy healing, where practitioners use plants such as sage or palo santo to clear away negative energies in a room or person. Their smoke reacts chemically with human energy fields to remove any negative vibrations.

Energy healing modalities have not been scientifically tested, yet anecdotal evidence points towards their efficacy for many conditions, including insomnia, asthma and anxiety.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly referred to as tapping, is an easy and powerful stress management technique that has been found to effectively decrease anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder among both children and adults alike. Research shows it to reduce stress-induced heart rates, cortisol levels and increase happiness while simultaneously improving immune system function – as well as reduce cravings for sugary and other unhealthy foods.

Proponents of tapping argue that it activates meridian points on the body to send signals to parts of your brain responsible for stress and negative emotions, which they believe restore balance to disrupted energy patterns, thus diminishing negative feelings associated with your issue. It is a safe, noninvasive form of emotional healing often combined with other therapies.

Though EFT’s psychological advantages have been thoroughly documented, research into its physiological improvements remains relatively new. A recent study demonstrated that EFT can lead to significant reductions in anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Results of this research were comparable to cognitive therapy sessions, exposure therapy programs or taking Topiramate medications.

Researchers found that EFT reduces the intensity of traumatic memories and their accompanying psychological stress responses by soothing the amygdala – the central stress center in the brain – as well as cortisol production – an indicator of stress hormone production which may contribute to depression or anxiety. EFT tapping results can last several hours before needing further therapy intervention; its combination with psychotherapy has proven particularly useful.

This study’s findings echoe those of prior research demonstrating the efficacy and safety of Clinical EFT as an anxiety, depression, phobias and posttraumatic stress disorder treatment. After EFT sessions physiological markers like heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol all decreased while RHR and BP increased. Happiness and immune system function also saw improvements. Interestingly enough, similar improvements occurred regardless of which trainer taught EFT; further supporting that these improvements aren’t attributable to specific individual trainers alone.

Studies of Clinical EFT for PTSD patients have also demonstrated its other advantages: recovery timeframes are short; anxiety and depression symptoms improve simultaneously, and physical and psychological improvements remain lasting over extended periods. A high proportion of participants achieve successful results, with dropout rates seldom surpassing 10%.

March 6, 2024Editor

Fusion Energy Medicine

Fusion energy is the source of power for our solar system and scientists all around the world are working on replicating it here on Earth for an endless source of renewable energy.

Fusion produces medical isotopes essential to radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging; now its is being repurposed to shrink tumors.

The US must remain focused on its global role as a clean energy leader, while avoiding militarization of fusion research for military applications. An External Independent Review could assist this effort.

Theoretical Background

Fusion energy refers to the process by which two or more nuclei fuse together to release vast amounts of energy. Scientists have been exploring methods of creating fusion reactors that generate more than they consume — known as Q>1 reactors.

Many fusion experiments employ enormous magnets to contain the fast-moving particles produced during fusion reactions, with high temperature superconductors being used as powerful magnets that can contain these rapidly moving particles with low dissipation rates and carry massive current without much dissipation – this ensures nearly all energy passes through them is transformed into electricity thereby making Q>1.

One of the main obstacles to commercial fusion lies in finding materials capable of withstanding the immense heat and pressure produced by fusion reactors. Such materials must withstand high temperatures, fast neutrons, long periods without degrading or leaking and long periods without degrading or leaking. For many years it was believed that only exotic materials could survive such conditions in structural parts for such reactors; but recently researchers made significant strides forward when they discovered special low-activation steels such as body centred cubic silicon carbide composite ceramics could survive for over five years in such conditions – an enormous leap forward for technology.

Attaining fusion ignition, or reaching the point when nuclear fusion reactions start producing more energy than they consume, requires high power density and pressure – measured in watts per square metre and atmospheres, respectively – so as soon as the reaction starts producing energy more rapidly it will start producing it too. The higher these two parameters are the quicker reactions start producing energy again.

Physics researchers are researching new strategies to achieve fusion. Some are exploring particle accelerators that can add or subtract neutrons from naturally occurring stable isotopes such as molybdenum-98 and 100; others use lasers instead of fission reactors to crack uranium atoms.

These alternative methods have far higher odds of producing Q>1, yet will require much more effort and resources to scale up and build large facilities. They could provide patients with fast access to medical radioisotope production closer to hospital hubs than with international fission reactors – something conventional reactors cannot.


Fusion energy could produce an endless source of clean, carbon-free power. The process uses hydrogen and other atoms as fuel to generate heat that releases helium as by-product, then using that gas to generate electricity – like what powers our Sun and other stars. Scientists have long pursued this goal; most recently in December researchers at the National Ignition Facility achieved what’s called “fusion ignition,” or more energy was released than went into their system, an essential step toward creating sustainable fusion power plants.

To achieve fusion, scientists use electric and magnetic fields to manipulate a plasma, which is a high-energy gas containing both positive and negative electrical charges. By colliding ions with positive charges into those with negative charges via electric fields, scientists can overcome repulsive electrostatic forces to achieve nuclear fission, unleashing immense amounts of energy.

Fusion requires high temperatures in plasma, but reaching this goal can be a challenging feat. To raise this threshold, scientists use lasers and magnets to heat it. Monitoring for signs of fusion requires instruments withstanding extreme heat such as neutron counters or particle trackers able to withstand these high pressure environments.

These devices measure the amount of helium released from plasma to help scientists evaluate whether the reaction has been successful. Furthermore, it’s critical that scientists find ways to improve energy transfer from lasers to fuel capsules as the fusion reaction requires deuterium and tritium that must be extracted from existing fission reactors or created in the lab – currently between 10%-30% of energy from lasers is transferred directly into canisters with fuel.

Livermore scientists are searching for materials that will work well when exposed to the fusion plasma, such as parts of canisters and fuel capsules that come into direct contact with it. Fusion reactions generate helium that causes materials to degrade; scientists aim to find something resistant against this effect.


Billions of dollars and decades of work have produced astonishing results that demonstrate thermonuclear fusion’s existence. This reaction powers our sun and stars, and recently was replicated in a lab, an important step toward energy production that scientists hope will lead to production.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility used 192 lasers and temperatures hundreds of times hotter than the center of the Sun to generate conditions conducive to some small amount of fusion occurring, creating conditions for it to occur and producing a burst of neutrons and hydrogen plasma – one of its most successful attempts ever and serving as “proof of concept that fusion can produce net energy,” according to Department of Energy Undersecretary for Nuclear Security Jill Hruby. Furthermore, it marked an accomplishment of sorts in meeting both mission goals of modernizing nuclear weapons while supporting research into energy production – something this lab mission as part of modernizing nuclear weapon production as well as supporting research into both national defense as well as energy production through supporting national defense research lab missions as a part of modernizing nuclear weapons modernization while supporting research programs focused on both national defense fusion research as part of modernizing nuclear weapon modernization efforts and supporting research by supporting national defense projects; modernizing nuclear weapon modernization as well as supporting research related to both national defense projects was achieved through successful efforts from Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s mission: Modernizing nuclear weapon research for both national defense research purposes as part of supporting national defense and energy production research programs through support programs of which she said it marked another significant accomplishment of which lab’s mission; this event marked its mission towards support research through supporting both national defense and energy production fusion research supports by supporting both national defence as well as energy production research projects alongside supporting national energy production with regards national defense research which support as part of mission alongside supporting national fusion research programs such as part.

Scientists credit this success to improvements in target design, predictive modeling with machine learning and cognitive simulation, advances in laser capabilities and other adjustments. They remain hopeful that further fine-tuning can increase ignition rates and thus power generation.

Fusion energy represents an attractive renewable and carbon-free source that could meet global energy demands, yet will require significant public funds in order to overcome technical challenges and commercialize the technology.

Fusion energy breakthrough may spur interest in new technologies, yet many experts estimate it will take several years before this type of energy becomes viable and affordable for everyday use. Meanwhile, other clean energy sources are emerging to address climate concerns while meeting increasing power needs.

Private fusion companies must earn the trust of potential investors, energy policy makers and other stakeholders by being open and honest about their progress. This is essential given that unlike publicly funded programs, private companies must raise their own capital to remain solvent; to do this they must demonstrate value in the market while fulfilling on promises; for this to occur they must share results openly and submit them for peer review.


Fusion energy healing practitioners claim to harness the collective power of multiple generations and dimensions for holistic healing effects. Practitioners utilize techniques like massage, breathing exercises and visualisation in order to transfer this energy through themselves into their patient. Although fusion energy healing lacks scientific backing, anecdotal evidence shows it may help alleviate various mental health conditions.

Fusion reactors use electric current to heat fuel, creating an electromagnetic field to confine plasma, which then fuses together creating hot ionised gas containing neutrons while also producing large amounts of electricity during this process.

Electricity from nuclear reactors can be harnessed for use at power stations or other purposes, while neutrons produced during fusion reactions may also be harvested as useful energy in nuclear reactors.

Fusion energy is an environmental friendly source of power that may offer an affordable alternative to fossil fuels. But first there are a few hurdles that need to be cleared away before this becomes reality; firstly researchers must devise a means of producing large amounts of fusion energy which requires significant resources and time investment from both researchers and stakeholders alike.

One challenge lies in finding ways to maintain continuous fusion reactions rather than intermittent ones, which will require significant efforts in improving plasma confinement systems.

Open communication about fusion research cannot be stressed enough; however, private fusion companies must strike a balance between openness and the pursuit of specific parts of technology that must remain proprietary. Public disclosure will lead to unintended misinterpretation of results as well as open opportunities for malicious actors; over time though, companies that refuse to disclose progress incur non-negligible costs which prevent them making progress necessary for survival; therefore it’s crucial that companies adhere to rigorous scientific standards in partnership with wider physics communities.