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March 6, 2024Editor

Peter Petrovich Gariaev

Peter Petr Petrovich Gariaev is nominated for the Nobel Prize 2021 and known for pioneering Wave Genetics. His studies on DNA holographic structure and energy have resulted in astounding healing and longevity benefits for his research subjects.

Gariaev‘s work draws upon principles of coherent physical radiations, holography and solitons, theory of physical vacuum, fractal representation of DNA as well as human verbal expression/speech.


Peter petrovich gariaev, a russian scientist who pioneered Wave genetics theory. Through this work he founded multiple companies and non-profit organizations and helped many people reverse disease while also delaying aging processes.

Gariaev‘s team employed biological quantum computers to convert DNA data into sound waves, then encoded onto DVD and played back for patients. The sound wave was thought to help cure disease and reverse effects of aging; moreover, its vibrations were believed to cause faster cell regeneration within their bodies and thus cure any ailments more efficiently than usual.

Scientific community was stunned by the astounding results of these experiments. The outcomes lead to an astounding new theory on how the genetic code operates and also revealed that human voice sounds can have significant effects on health and wellbeing of individuals.

Garyaev‘s team also discovered two previously unknown forms of memory within genetic molecules of DNA, recorded using correlation laser spectroscopy. Linguists in his team identified and compared fundamental semantic, syntactic and grammatical basics found across languages (including artificial ones such as IT languages) with those found within the genetic code encoding rules.

These discoveries were published in 1994 and formed the basis for a new branch of genetics known as wave genetics – later renamed Lingvistiko-wave genetics – which operates under the assumption that our DNA contains information about our world and ourselves, accessible via sound waves that correspond with these stored in DNA. While some may consider it unfathomable, it’s actually very possible; indeed this information is encoded into DNA itself!


The initial step of research involved conducting an in-depth examination of the gene’s molecular structure. Protein’s molecular structure determines its functions; proteins are composed of hundreds or even thousands of individual amino acids connected by hydrogen bonds that arrange themselves into large molecules that function like one giant protein molecule; choosing an optimal molecular structure will improve chances that its effects work within an organism.

Next, researchers needed a method for transmitting information between living cells and dead ones. After research revealed a certain frequency can help, researchers selected one as being optimal in that regard; specifically it was chosen to be the smallest frequency where molecular structure of proteins could still be recognized; it was recorded and analyzed with computer programs before being applied in recreating identical molecular structures in dead cells using information contained within their quantum matrix created previously.

Peter Gariaev has created a system that enables humans to return their quantum state back to that when the photo was taken through a special procedure in which they listen to the quantum matrix and simultaneously receive energy from an information-restoring applied device charged according to that matrix.

Gariaev made another important discovery through his electromagnetic generator that converted speech into signals recognized by plants, instructing them to carry out requests made of them by humans. With this device he successfully helped wheat and barley grains to survive after lethal doses of radiation exposure; later performing similar tests with hundreds of thousands of plants to demonstrate absolute reliability of results obtained.

Peter Gariaev‘s discoveries have opened the door to Wave Genetics and Linguistics; an emerging area of genetics which involves radiating information between healthy cells and organs to dead ones to facilitate amazing healing and longevity effects.


Peter Gariaev developed an innovative technique for translating human speech into signals understood by plants, instructing them on what actions to take. He used these signals to help wheat and barley survive lethal doses of radiation before using this same approach to send genetic instructions directly. With this technique he created quantum sound matrices carrying useful biological information through sound waves recorded with lasers then translated by electromagnetic generators into electromagnetic transmission to plants.

To create a matrix, the scientist randomly chooses and records frequencies within the range of khz until one that contains useful signals is found. He then records and analyses his results with statistical methods that show absolute reliability of results as well as high genetic potential in plants.

Science has taken an incredible leap forward with the wave genome theory and experiments, and its replication. Principles such as coherent physical radiations, holography and solitons as well as physical vacuum theory, fractal representation of DNA and human verbal expression/speech have all played their parts.


Gariaev assembled a team of geneticists, biologists and linguists and together they discovered the Phantom Effect. Irradiating DNA molecules with laser beams, they studied their scattering spectrum. Once exposed to light they observed intact nuclei perform oscillatory movements generating acoustic waves – when photographed these nuclei appear to “sing”.

Garianev and his team used laser beams to irradiate chromosomes of their own sperm and analyze the information stored within. Researchers recorded their experiments onto audio tape. When humans came close to such chromosomes, the DNA’s acoustic wave echoed off them as radio signals that resonated throughout their bodies like frequencies used by subatomic particles within quantum mechanics – this explains how such waves could possibly influence atoms within an experimenter’s own body!

As soon as an acoustic signal from a chromosome reaches our brains, it alters DNA structure and its functional parameters, leading to changes that either heal or damage it – this explains why some words have healing powers while others do not; prayers and curses both function on this principle.

Recording this information was possible thanks to a device developed by the research group of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow, known as Akimov generator. This device sends out a torsion field into space; Gariaev‘s sound matrix then converts this field into an audible signal with information about each chromosome being scanned.

Information transmitted this way has the capacity to alter any organism’s genetic makeup and even lead to psychosomatic symptoms in its victims.

March 6, 2024Editor

Bioresonance Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances can cause digestive issues like bloating, constipation and skin rashes in response to foods identified as threats by our immune systems.

Food sensitivity testing can help identify adverse reactions. Furthermore, this process will give insight into ways you can enhance gut health and alleviate digestive issues.

Identifying Food Intolerances

Methods exist for detecting food intolerances, but many involve invasive procedures like blood and saliva testing, or bioresonance testing – an easy alternative that uses electrodes placed on the skin connected with a machine called Bicom that detects energy wavelengths coming from your body and counteracts bad frequencies with healthy ones, creating an optimal balance. Bioresonance therapy not only detects food intolerances but can also identify allergies, conditions such as eczema and asthma.

Preparedness for a bioresonance test involves not consuming food or beverages three days before their appointment, in addition to refraining from taking antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors or gastroprotective agents seven to 21 days in advance of testing. Additionally, this non-painful procedure does not require blood samples.

Bioresonance begins by placing several strands of hair into a MARS III analytics machine for scanning. Electromagnetic waves then scan each strand individually, to identify its frequency and sensitivity to specific substances; results are then collated into an exhaustive report covering food items, non-food items, nutrition/vitamins/hormones and metals for easy client consumption.

Based on your individual results, a therapist can advise on what changes should be made to your diet. This may involve eliminating specific foods entirely or finding replacements; or simply decreasing quantities of one food. Note: it is crucial that any time food is removed from the diet it be done so with guidance from a dietician so as to prevent nutritional deficiencies from developing.

Notably, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance have become increasingly widespread due to increased knowledge about them and better diagnostic testing. Other food intolerances resulting from enzyme deficiency or transport defects are less well known but still quite prevalent; it is essential to differentiate between food intolerances and allergies because a food intolerance does not result in hypersensitive immune reactions from digestion; rather it arises due to inability of digestion systems to break down certain food items.

Identifying Food Allergies

Food intolerances are digestive disorders caused by foods not digesting correctly and may lead to headaches, fatigue, weight gain and diarrhoea; food allergies result from your immune system overreacting to certain foods – potentially life-threatening reactions that affect up to four percent of Americans according to Food Allergy Research and Resource Program research.

Food allergy tests come in all shapes and sizes. A popular one is called the prickle test, which involves puncturing your skin with a needle before testing blood samples to check for allergic reactions to certain food types. Unfortunately, however, its results can often be inaccurate and lead to false positives.

Bioresonance hair testing is a less invasive and more accurate alternative to the prickle test, using electrodes on the skin and a BICOM machine to assess energy wavelengths and counterbalance any imbalanced frequencies through frequency signals – helping your body restore its natural equilibrium while alleviating symptoms.

This type of food allergy testing can assist in the identification of food allergies by comparing your frequency of certain food items against those registered on a database, then translating that data. The result shows whether any items may be causing imbalance in your body.

Results can also help differentiate between allergies and sensitivities. Allergies involve an immediate immune reaction to certain food or substances; food sensitivities generally have delayed immune reactions that are less severe.

Many people misinterpret bioresonance testing as a means to identify your food sensitivities, leading them down a path toward unhealthy dietary restrictions that won’t make them healthier. Unfortunately, this can result in nutritional deficiency, aggravation of existing conditions and negative social ramifications. By understanding your sensitivities through bioresonance testing you can avoid eating anything that causes negative reactions in your body while enjoying those that provide benefits – creating a better quality of life while enjoying those foods good for us all.

Identifying Food Sensitivities

Food intolerance testing works on the principle that certain foods can lead to discomfort and an array of symptoms like bloating, stomach pains, constipation or skin complaints. It’s important to keep in mind that food intolerances differ significantly from food allergies – while both cause an immediate immune reaction, food intolerances typically only result in mild inflammation which typically only shows up hours or days later after eating offending items.

To identify food intolerances, the test utilizes electrodes connected to a device known as BICOM that sends pre-programmed electromagnetic signals directly into your body to check how your body responds to specific foods’ electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, hair analysis measures frequency variations within energy wavelengths that correspond with different foods as a way to detect imbalances within your system such as deficiencies and toxins.

5 Strands offers food intolerance testing services that specialize in food intolerance testing, with 200 allergens tested and tailored advice on how to improve your diet. Pinnertest specializes in identifying multiple food intolerances and sensitivities as well as offering reports with personalized guidance to follow.

Though other tests such as hydrogen breath tests, blood testing and skin prick testing can be helpful for identifying food intolerances, these methods tend to be less reliable in pinpointing which foods your body can tolerate long term. Furthermore, many individuals struggle to interpret test results accurately; it may be hard to differentiate your reaction from that of another patient.

Food intolerance testing allows you to take the guesswork out of mealtimes and identify any foods which could be contributing to health issues. For instance, if the test shows gluten intolerance, you’ll know which specific grains (like wheat, barley and rye) to avoid in order to maximize results from any FODMAP diet program and thus help decrease bloat, inflammation in your gut and restore health balance in your body.

Identifying Food Toxicity

Food intolerances differ from food allergies in that they’re caused by your body’s immune response to particular items; food intolerances are digestive conditions which may manifest themselves through various symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, distension, excess flatulence, diarrhoea, IBS symptoms such as diarrhoea or diarrhea and even headaches. Unfortunately there are no reliable tests for diagnosing food intolerances so their diagnosis usually involves following a temporary elimination-rechallenge diet under guidance of an experienced dietitian.

Bioresonance therapy provides an efficient method for identifying foods to which your body has an intolerance. During testing, a BICOM device sends pre-programmed electromagnetic waves directly into your body – measuring how your body responds when exposed to those specific to specific food types. Results provide a comprehensive view of which foods your body reacts adversely too, helping you make changes that improve overall health by way of diet changes.

Food intolerance tests can also be used to diagnose other health problems caused by food intolerances. For instance, many people suffering from IBS have food intolerances to FODMAPs which may contribute to symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, distension and diarrhea associated with IBS. Food intolerances may also arise from non-food sources like nutritional/vitamin supplements, hormones or metals.

Hair samples are placed into a MARS III bioresonance analyser which checks their energy wavelengths against registered items to help detect and counteract bad frequencies, thus helping restore balance to your body. Bioresonance analysis is an holistic form of therapy, classified as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), along with homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal remedies. However, more doctors are turning to bioresonance therapy as part of their medical practices, due to its proven efficacy and noninvasive nature. This makes bioresonance therapy an ideal option for anyone wanting to overcome food intolerances without drastically restricting their diets.

March 6, 2024Editor

What Are Alternative and Complementary Therapies?

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Since complementary and alternative medicine have not been thoroughly scientifically evaluated, you should always notify your traditional healthcare provider if you decide to experiment with any complementary remedies.

Misuse can cause severe harm, and interfere with conventional therapies.


Acupuncture is a type of traditional Chinese medicine in which needles are placed into specific points on the body – including ears (auricular acupuncture). Dating back to 100 B.C, its practice has been used either alongside traditional treatments such as physical therapy and medication or as an alternative solution for conditions like migraines, depression anxiety and infertility (including migraine headaches and anxiety) among other ailments; recent studies also indicate it could even help manage side effects associated with cancer treatment.

Contrary to conventional therapies, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices have not been subjected to extensive scientific scrutiny; consequently not all forms are safe or effective. Yet a growing body of evidence shows some complementary treatments such as acupuncture and mindfulness may be beneficial in helping individuals manage pain, stress and other symptoms effectively.

Informing traditional health care providers of any complementary therapies you are exploring is crucial, as they can assist in providing resources and information about safety and effectiveness of such methods.

Selecting a licensed acupuncturist is also crucial, as these practitioners must undergo an intensive education program and exam before receiving their license, in addition to regularly updating their knowledge base. Be certain your chosen acupuncturist understands any health conditions you have and how they could impact treatment. Some complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments such as hypnosis and meditation have been demonstrated to produce nonspecific effects that could benefit health, such as reduced blood pressure or greater relaxation. These benefits may stem from the placebo effect, in which an individual believes a treatment is working and thus feels better as a result. Other CAM treatments have demonstrated real biological effects like decreasing inflammation or improving mood.


Massage therapy is an alternative and complementary therapy that can improve overall body functioning by relieving pain, detoxifying the system, restoring flexibility and breaking down scar tissue. Furthermore, therapeutic massage can boost immunity as well as ease anxiety and stress relief – particularly helpful for people living with chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis (MS) as well as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments or palliative care services.

Researchers have discovered that massage helps lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin, providing relief from symptoms of many health conditions, including heart disease, constipation, asthma, high blood pressure and migraines. Massage can also provide great muscle tension relief; helping those experiencing chronic back pain as well as those suffering from diabetes, arthritis and depression.

As well as its use with other therapies such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, Acupuncture has also become increasingly prevalent within conventional healthcare settings – often hospices and units for people with learning disabilities or mental health conditions.

There are different forms of massage available, including effleurage, petrissage and kneading. Cupping massage involves placing heated cups over your body to increase blood flow which in turn decreases inflammation and pain levels. Meditation is another popular alternative and complementary therapy, and can be done both alone or with others to relax the mind and increase mindfulness. Meditation may also help with anxiety reduction and insomnia prevention as well as increase medication effectiveness. NCCIH defines whole systems complementary and alternative medicine (WSCAM) as “complete systems of theory and practice that have developed independently or alongside allopathic (conventional) medicines,” including TCM (including acupuncture, tui na, qi gong and Chinese herbs), Ayurved medicine, classical homeopathy and indigenous healing systems.


Aromatherapy involves inhaling or applying essential oils extracted from flowers and other plants–known as aromatherapy essential oils–through your nose or skin, inhaling or applying their scent through skin contact to relax, stimulate or calm you. They may even help alleviate symptoms like stress and insomnia; studies show lavender’s scent in particular reduces activation of your “fight-or-flight” response and its physical symptoms such as sweaty palms or racing heart rates.

Complementary therapies are used in addition to standard cancer treatments to help improve your wellbeing and manage its side effects, including massage therapy, meditation, biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, reiki and music therapy. You might also try acupuncture, herbal medicines and dietary supplements.

Some complementary therapies have been researched scientifically; others have not. Therefore, it’s advisable to discuss any new complementary therapies with a healthcare provider as they can provide reliable sources of information regarding safety and effectiveness of complementary approaches.

Some complementary therapies encourage individuals to assume greater responsibility for their own health, which may be beneficial if it means following advice and taking measures to remain healthy. But this approach can also overlook environmental, social, and cultural influences that impact wellbeing; furthermore some alternative and complementary therapies may interfere with or worsen certain medical conditions or offer false hope of cures.


Though a person may appear to be doing nothing more than breathing deeply and repeating words or sounds, their brain is actually working hard. Multiple research studies have demonstrated that those who meditate regularly experience changes to both brain structure and function, including denser grey matter, increased focus and concentration abilities, reduced depression risk factors (PTSD), reduced symptoms of anxiety as well as lower blood pressure/heart rate as well as less buildup in their arteries.

Meditation has its origins in ancient philosophies and world religions, yet anyone can practice it. Meditation’s aim is to promote an inner state of calmness, balance and peace – qualities which can reduce stress while improving emotional health and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, practicing it can equip you with skills for managing it when stressful events arise in daily life.

Complementary therapies tend to take a holistic approach, in that they view your body as one system, where everything you do, such as eating or experiencing stress, impacts its overall health and wellness. They promote feelings of well-being, pleasure and positivity – examples include traditional Chinese medicine (which encompasses acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines and Tui na massage), Ayurveda Medicine, classical homeopathy or Indigenous Healing systems.

Whenever considering complementary therapies, always discuss them with your healthcare provider first. They can give insight into its safety and efficacy as well as whether or not it would suit you best. Also be sure to inform them of any complementary practices you are currently engaging in so they have a full picture of your health status.


Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that uses mental and emotional techniques to help treat medical conditions, such as cancer. While hypnotherapy won’t cure your cancer, it may reduce symptoms or side effects from treatment and provide some relief.

People use hypnosis for many different purposes, including stress and pain relief, weight loss and to overcome phobias and addictions. Furthermore, it has even been used as part of cancer treatments to address depression and anxiety symptoms.

Different approaches to hypnotherapy involve individuals settling down comfortably and relaxing their body from its feet up in order to induce a deep state of relaxation, often called “trance.” While in this state they might focus on breathing in and out or focus on something that makes them feel safe or contented; their mind might even wander off somewhere it feels safe or happy. Once in this trance state the individual may focus on breathing in and out or focus on their mind wandering to safe or happy places while the therapist provides suggestions designed to assist with their condition – relaxing during treatments or visualising how treatment will impact upon their bodies or simply counting from 1-5 when desired to break out of this state of trance when needed or instructed them on when to come out of this state by counting from 1-5 or counting 1-5 when wanted out!

Many may view hypnosis as something unwitting or unwanted, yet it is important to remember that you can never be coerced into saying anything that violates your moral code or ethical code. You have every right to refuse therapist suggestions and snap out of a trance at any time if necessary; any attempt by another to coerce you into participating would constitute a breach of ethics and they could face legal ramifications. It is best to consult your traditional healthcare provider prior to engaging any complementary therapies and ensure there is reliable scientific data regarding them before engaging any complementary therapies yourself.

March 6, 2024Editor

Healy Remote Healing

Healy is a patent and FDA cleared class 2 medical device for pain relief. Additionally, Healy contains non-medical frequencies to balance your bioenergetic field and activate your natural self-healing ability.

Healy can scan both your aura and chakras – the energy centers in your body – with over 10 million frequency programs to select from.

How it works

Healy uses microcurrents to send low-intensity, low-frequency electrical impulses through microcurrents to stimulate cells for maximum energy production. Its frequency programs also promote your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms by strengthening cell membrane voltage, protein synthesis and ATP production – ultimately aiding its inherent self-healing ability.

Healy is an amazing pocket device capable of selecting, over any distance using quantum entanglement, from 144,000 frequencies and 140 different programs – no two sessions ever duplicated! Healy can scan your aura, revealing imbalances in bioenergetic fields. Resonant frequencies may then be sent out to restore vitality and wellbeing restoring vitality and vitality in return.

Healy is the only frequency device that performs a complete body analysis using energetic kinesiology (binary yes/no questioning) to see which frequencies will best suit your energy field. While other devices simply run preprogrammed frequency programs without giving any insight as to why those particular frequencies might work for you, Healy gives insight into what frequencies it finds, why they think they may be appropriate and allows you to adjust them until stopping and moving onto another program.

As part of your session, the Healy sends frequencies designed to stimulate cell membranes and mitochondria to increase energy production within those cells, while simultaneously emitting neutralizing frequencies intended to neutralize negative energy fields such as those emitted by Wi-Fi networks or cell phones.

Healy provides programs to clear emotional blockages that may be impacting physical health and well-being, including fear, anger or sadness. With specific programs targeted towards areas like immunity, lungs or digestion. As well as beauty and sleep programs. There are even programs dedicated to supporting relationships and family life balance as well as career progression and releasing negativity for enhanced personal development – making Healy an incredible piece of technology only just starting to realize its full potential to promote holistic wellbeing.


As humans we are fields of energy, with our bioenergetic field acting as the blueprint for physical body. Healy uses frequencies to harmonise this energy field, helping it balance and heal itself. Drawing upon an extensive library of 144,000 individual frequencies categorized into nearly 120 programs designed to complement our wellness journey by tapping into natural healing abilities; frequencies resonate on many levels including physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – Healy can discern which frequencies best suit you using its clairvoyant powers, selecting just the appropriate one from its vast catalog.

The Healy introduces customized frequencies into your bioenergetic field, which then harmonizes with them and reorganises cellular processes. Through an amazing process of entrainment, cells throughout your body synchronise with these frequencies, releasing blockages and activating our natural healing abilities – something we all possess within us!

Frequencies from Healy may be transmitted either locally through wrist electrodes and headset, for more targeted issues or pain, or remotely (distant healing) across the quantum field of energy using quantum entanglement to heal you from anywhere around the globe – no two sessions ever are alike due to Healy selecting frequencies based on each person’s bioenergetic field!

Healy works to relieve chronic joint and muscle pain, balance your mind/emotional/spiritual wellbeing and even assist in relieving issues like insomnia, addictions, depression and anxiety. Furthermore, it can align you with your Human Blueprint for success on its highest and best timeline.

The Healy device is a wellness and energy-based device not tested or approved by Health Canada to assist with diagnosing, treating, mitigating or preventing disease or abnormal physical states, nor should it replace professional advice or therapy for such purposes. Many individuals utilize its benefits in helping them feel more energised and balanced while living a fuller life; its IMF frequencies should not be treated as cures for illness or disease.


The Healy is an innovative wearable device that analyzes frequencies and vibrations to balance your bioenergetic field and activate your body’s natural healing capacities. With over 120 programs and 144,000 frequencies to address wellness in all aspects of life – such as sleep, pain management, meridians, chakras, spiritual energy balance, bioenergetic balance and much more, The Healy offers holistic wellness in all forms.

This handheld device fits easily in your palm, is FDA cleared for relieving back and arthritis pain, muscle soreness and migraine as well as supporting treatment of depression anxiety and associated sleep disorders. At its core lies regenerating at cellular level to bring balance back into your body – the Healy promotes homeostasis for your own good!

Healy’s system is grounded in the theory of cell membrane potential, which suggests that dis-ease occurs when your electric potential dips below normal. Vibration analysis and frequency detection allow this device to pinpoint such drop-off, with microcurrent frequencies used to restore your bioenergetic field back to optimal health and vitality.

Healy uses quantum sensor technology to select and apply individual frequencies that will most benefit a client at that particular time. Each program may contain up to 400 frequencies; from these ranges it will select 10-20 frequencies as necessary based on what the sensor identifies as needing attention within your bioenergetic field at that moment in time.

Healy uses modern technology to transmit frequencies remotely and enable distant individuals, such as friends or family, to experience its healing benefits just as if they were present physically. This remote capability, called Healy resonance, gives your friends and family access to Healy healing effects just like being physically there themselves.

Healy features two applications – Pink for IMF programs and Blue for quantum entanglement- to scan your bioenergetic field and send positive messages through quantum entanglement to help harmonize and uplift the body. However, Healy should not be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease, abnormal physical state or symptoms and is no replacement for professional healthcare advice or diagnosis from healthcare professionals; neither should it constitute any warranty of any sort.


Healy is an Android or iPhone controlled microcurrent frequency device that uses customized microcurrent frequency programs to harmonize your bioenergetic field for various areas of life. Based on quantum technology, Healy helps balance chakras, auras and meridians. We use Healy for energy healing, emotional blockage relief as well as vibration rebalancing; with 10 million frequencies it contains 10 million possibilities that could assist you with physical, spiritual or emotional challenges you might be experiencing.

The Healy can connect to both pink and blue Apps on your smartphone; however, simultaneously connecting is not possible due to Bluetooth connection issues; when an analysis begins minimizing HealAdvisor Analyse App will cause its connection with Healy to break and analysis will stop.

If your Healy only emits one or two frequencies during a program, this indicates that its electrodes/cables may have come loose or are unconnected, and will need to be reconnected. If too far from its transmitter during a session, it will cease transmitting. You can test if all cables and electrodes are functioning as planned by connecting Healy directly to a phone running its app while showing on-screen how many hertz it produces (Hz).

If the battery needs charging or is connected to an unstable power source, a green flashing light may indicate this situation. If this occurs please reach out to Healy Support Team immediately for help.

Are I suitable for Healy Frequency Therapy?

In general, Healy frequency therapy should be safe to use by most people. There may be exceptions such as having implanted pacemakers or defibrillators that would impede its operation – in these instances consult your healthcare provider first if in doubt about its suitability for you and any specific treatments or medical plans you are following.

Your body is composed of trillions of cells. Each cell consists of molecules composed of molecules made up of atoms made up of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons – waves of energy which create coherent frequencies for all your cells to work correctly; when frequencies that don’t align don’t come through clearly it causes issues and disease symptoms – but Healy’s frequency therapy therapy restores them back to their healthy functioning state and allows the body to return back into balance with itself.

March 6, 2024Editor

Spooky2 Reddit

What is spooky2?

Spooky2 is an innovative frequency therapy system that utilizes Rife’s mortal oscillator rates as well as other healing frequencies to create electromagnetic fields of various frequencies, then applied directly to the body through tools such as the Spooky Pulse, Plasma Tubes, and Spooky Boost. Furthermore, its remote system enables users to apply frequencies remotely using quantum entanglement. Many have testimonies about successfully using Spooky2 to address health issues without prescription drugs!

Spooky2 offers a selection of generators to meet various needs, such as generator x, tens and kits, plasma tubes, DNA remote and the spooky boost. With its program tab in software making preset programs simple to apply with waveform adjustments and multiplier adjustments making healing or killing possible while being safe due to over 59K frequency database availability for customization of frequency programs by users.

Who is spooky2?

Spooky2 is the latest and most sophisticated Rife system on the market developed since 2013, designed by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers and software developers. However, its origins date back to 1984 when its founder combined his formal engineering disciplines to design an experimental spark-discharge treatment machine that outshone all others on the market.

John White has dedicated over 25 years of his professional life to researching scalar resonance healing and PEMF solutions. After experiencing firsthand the tragic deaths of loved ones close to him, his passion lies in finding health solutions which can benefit as many people as possible. With degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics and Computer Science under his belt.

This week on SAMA, we interview Sebastien Mercier who has used Rife and Spooky2 to diagnose and treat his Lyme Disease for 4 years; now completely symptom-free provided he participates in healing sessions twice each week. We discuss the basics of Spooky2, which allows remote control of as many as 126 generators at one time thanks to quantum entanglement; plus it offers over 50k frequency applications including imprinting into water and DNA stimulation.