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Med Bed Quantum Healing Near Me

Med Bed technology has long been kept under wraps from humanity. Using limited artificial intelligence, this system scans and corrects for body imperfections.

Tachyon particles and plasma energy are used to ensure this happens, similar to how planets use this same energy in space to prevent collisions with each other.


PEMF therapy falls under the holistic medical spectrum as part of Energy Medicine. It has various applications including relieving pain, increasing electrolytes and ions levels and aiding natural healing processes within your body. Furthermore, its magnetic energy helps stimulate cellular metabolism while decreasing inflammation – all effects produced by Pulsed PEMF therapy which is safe, noninvasive and drug free way to improve health.

PEMF devices resemble the magnetic field and low frequencies of Earth without reaching temperatures or heating effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). As such, PEMF devices are safer for your body than most common electronic devices in everyday use. PEMFs help recharge cell batteries while stimulating cellular activity for decreased chronic pain relief and improved circulation. PEMFs may also help decrease blood pressure while balancing electrolytes within your blood.

As reported in the International Journal of Neuroscience, it has been discovered that living cells possess a remarkable capacity to recharge themselves similar to batteries; they just require certain conditions in their cellular environments in order to achieve this feat. Scientists have discovered that very weak electromagnetic fields have the power to assist living cells’ natural recharge process – leading to reduced pain levels and enhanced function.

Researchers have revealed that healthy cells possess an internal electrical potential of around 90 millivolts. When this drops below 50 millivolts, signs of cell weakness begin to emerge and may eventually progress into ageing, illness and cancer.

PEMF therapy has been demonstrated to increase electrical conductivity of cells and thus may reverse aging effects by returning energy levels back to their original levels. Furthermore, PEMF may induce apoptosis, an essential feature of cell repair process due to increased production of ATP energy stores within cells.

Studies have also demonstrated the efficacy of PEMF therapy for tumor tissue, leading to decreased tumor size and inhibiting angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels form around a tumor. This treatment may prove especially helpful for people suffering from tumors in their brain, breast, or prostate gland.

Far Infrared

The Biomat is a medical-grade light therapy device with an electronic control panel that converts electricity into Far Infrared Rays (FIR). FIR Rays are invisible wavelengths of sunlight which penetrate deeply to gently warm from within, producing negative ions, which help restore vitality in our bodies while increasing blood circulation, relieving pain, raising energy levels and lowering blood pressure – as well as reverse the effects of aging and improve sleep quality. The device offers many health benefits: including improving blood circulation, relieving pain relief as well as producing negative ions which produce negative ions which help bring balance back into our lives – plus negative ions created from within our bodies! The Biomat has many health benefits: enhanced blood circulation, reduced pain relief; increased energy levels; produced negative ions produced from within; positive ions produced in nature which produce negative ions which produce negative charged particles which penetrate deeply to warm us from within; produced negative ions which create natural energizers from within; increased energy levels; decreased blood pressure; reverses effects of aging effects while improving sleep quality.

Far infrared heat is well known for its anti-ageing effects; however, it may also help improve bone health. This is because stimulating blood circulation promotes oxygen delivery to bones which makes them stronger and less susceptible to fractures and osteoporosis. Furthermore, it promotes cell regeneration and boosts immunity systems, aiding healing broken bones by speeding healing time and strengthening immune systems.

According to a study published in Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, exposure to far infrared radiation increases calcium levels within cells, helping prevent osteoporosis. Furthermore, exposure has also been proven to accelerate healing processes by encouraging collagen production, leading to decreased swelling and pain reduction, as well as increase cell proliferation as well as new cell formation.

FIR rays are natural components of sunlight and were first identified by scientist William Herschel in 1800, when he determined that sunlight emits both visible rays as well as invisible ones known as infrareds. William Herschel observed this fact and concluded that infrareds have several health benefits such as speeding wound healing, strengthening the immune system, improving mood and relieving inflammation/pain while increasing energy levels and aiding detoxification processes.

Interested in finding out more about med bed quantum healing near me? Feel free to get in touch. We can give more details and even allow you to experience a session in our med bed, providing the ideal way for you to discover all that this incredible technology can do for you. Additionally, we can provide Tesla Plasma units which run thousands of frequencies into your body.


Microcurrent can help clients looking to firm skin and define features without downtime or discomfort, making it the perfect noninvasive, no downtime solution. Furthermore, its FDA-approved Bodicurrent technology has undergone clinical testing as a preventative treatment, meeting international safety standards.

Microcurrent mimics weak, bioelectric injury currents to promote cell repair and growth. This increases muscle contraction while helping rebalance cell ions. Furthermore, it promotes protein synthesis at wound sites to aid collagen fiber organization; decrease edema; promote vascularization; and increases cellular metabolism (Vanhaesebroeck 2006).

Microcurrent therapy offers an ideal alternative to other invasive skin treatments that cause irreparable harm, such as chemical peels, microneedling or dermaplaning which often leave scars that take weeks to recover from. Such procedures can be costly and may require multiple sessions before any noticeable improvements in fine lines and wrinkles are seen – yet one microcurrent session alone can reduce fine lines and improve complexion significantly!

Microcurrent treatment can benefit most clients, including younger individuals looking to avoid signs of aging and older clients looking to reverse them. However, microcurrent is not advised for individuals with epilepsy, pacemakers, or who are pregnant.

Microcurrent has been proven to increase exercise adaptation, accelerate recovery and induce morphological changes in skeletal muscles (Kwon et al. 2017). Furthermore, its combination with exercise has also been used to decrease pain, aches and swelling (Goldsobel et al. 2019) while alleviating sinus and rotator cuff tear-related pain (Ud-Din et al. 2013).

Microcurrent therapy can be an extremely powerful treatment for all skin types. However, darker complexions will particularly benefit as it evens out tone and reduces discoloration. Microcurrent can also boost energy levels, ease fatigue and increase circulation – and many at-home devices now combine microcurrent with other technologies like HIFU, radiofrequency and LED light therapy so clients can achieve their results more quickly than ever before!


Sound has long been utilized as a healing modality, offering detoxification, pain relief, cell re-balancing and deep relaxation benefits. MBET’s technology amplifies vibrational frequencies produced by QEWB with built-in full spectrum frequency speakers to create an incredible journey into sound healing.

Quantum med beds not only offer physical healing, but they can also facilitate mental telepathy and energy healing properties. Some models come equipped with harmonic egg technology which stimulates both conscious and subconscious minds through songs with harmonic tones; other med-beds feature holographic MRI capabilities which enable accurate live scans that quickly diagnose illnesses.

Furthermore, these devices can repair “incurable” wounds that would normally remain unhealable and life-threatening, such as pressure sores on buttocks and hips, diabetic ulcers in feet and legs and VA Hospital system claims totaling billions of dollars saved due to natural healing technologies like Med-beds. They allow pressure sores on buttocks and hips and diabetic ulcers in feet and legs to heal faster, saving insurers billions. They even reverse hereditary markers which cause diseases – making med-beds an indispensable addition in modern natural medicine!