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What is Remote Healing?

What is Remote Healing?

Remote healing is an energy therapy technique that uses vibrational frequencies to promote wellbeing, regardless of distance or time between healer and client. Dating back millennia, remote healing draws inspiration from human compassion–like feeling love from faraway friends or relatives even though we may never meet face to face again.

Rachel Bolton provides distance healing sessions for humans and animals alike, creating positive change across all aspects of the physical being. She offers tiered packages designed to heal specific aspects of an animal or human’s being or all facets at once.

During a healing session, healer and receiver are connected by an invisible bridge of positive vibrations which bridges across walls and space. The healer uses energy from the universe to transmit frequency shifts that have profound impacts on an individual’s physical being and overall wellness. Sessions usually last around 30-45 minutes and can be conducted remotely over email or Whatsapp – for maximum effects it is advised that recipients remain still during this period – some individuals report experiencing sensations like airflow through their head or pressure in palms and toes during this process.

How Does Remote Healing Work?

At a healing session, energy is channeled across physical spaces in order to promote well-being, no matter the distance between healer and client. This approach relies on quantum entanglement, where each point in space and time is interconnected regardless of distance; furthermore it operates under the belief that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only altered in frequency which is affected by our intentions and feelings of love and compassion.

Studies have demonstrated that those receiving remote healing experience greater relaxation and lower levels of discomfort compared to those who don’t, with remote healing also having potential to change DNA as well as promote emotional and spiritual development.

An remote healing session typically lasts an hour and involves using various healing modalities remotely. Clients should lie comfortably on a comfortable surface during this process.

The initial portion of a session involves clearing and balancing any energetic imbalances within an individual’s energy system, typically done via chakras, to promote balance and vitality as well as help release emotional blockages, reduce stress levels and anxiety, and induce deep relaxation.