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Magnetic Resonance Therapy for Autism

magnetic e resonance therapy for autism

Autism treatment that has shown marked improvements in communication, mood and independence. Guided by sophisticated diagnostics and imaging systems for guidance. Safe for use alongside other therapies.

Neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that electrical signals of children with autism differ significantly from those found in typical children, making rTMS an effective means of altering these abnormal patterns and optimizing brain communication.

MeRT is a non-invasive drug-free treatment

MeRT is an innovative breakthrough treatment for autism that uses magnetic resonance therapy (MRT) to help children learn faster and communicate more efficiently. MeRT’s non-invasive and drug-free solution involves applying small electrodes on the patient’s head in order to produce magnetic pulses which balance brain activity while opening new pathways within their brain allowing your child to process information more easily.

MeRT therapy can be used to treat various conditions, including ADHD, OCD and depression; however, it’s often not covered by insurance and may not be readily available in your location. There are other solutions, however; one is Care Credit which offers financial help with medical expenses.

Recent research indicates that repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can help improve communication skills and decrease repetitive behaviors common among children with autism spectrum disorders. Furthermore, it has proven helpful in improving sleep patterns, learning capabilities and touch, smell and taste sensitivity – providing a safe alternative to medication that may have serious side effects. MeRT provides safe yet effective support that has become the standard therapy choice among parents of autistic children.

This groundbreaking therapy employs FDA-cleared equipment to stimulate the brain using magnetic fields. The process is quick, painless, and noninvasive – typically lasting 45 minutes to an hour per session. A neuro technician places a magnetic coil over your head before administering gentle magnetic impulses every six to eight seconds throughout each minute session – not painful or uncomfortable at all; most patients actually enjoy its sensation.

Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of MeRT therapy for autism symptoms, including improving sleep patterns and eye contact behaviors. 50% of patients with autism saw their CARS score improve by 30% or more – an impressive feat that will surely enhance your child’s interactions with others and contribute to an enhanced quality of life.

MeRT’s qEEG technology measures electrical signals in the brain and compares them with healthy individuals to detect abnormalities associated with autism spectrum disorder. We then use this data to develop personalized treatment plans tailored specifically for your child; our treatment protocols combine diagnostic tools, scientific analysis, and personalized protocols designed to maximize brain function.

It is tailored to your child’s brain

Autism is a complex disorder that impacts every child differently, from mild to severe levels, impacting communication skills, social abilities and sensory processing as well as mood and behavioral changes leading to anxiety. There are effective treatments available such as MeRT which combines noninvasive stimulation of brain activity with sophisticated diagnostics in an innovative program for autism treatment.

MeRT (Magnetic Field Rehabilitation Therapy) is an innovative new therapy using magnetic fields to restore brain function. Combining FDA-cleared TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy with qEEG and EKG provides a personalized plan tailored specifically for your child based on his or her unique symptoms of autism, targeting specific parts of their brain that cause symptoms. A recent internal double-blind randomized controlled trial found that 66% of children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders saw improvements in both verbal and nonverbal communication while treatment also improved eye contact regulation and emotional regulation.

At first, you must obtain an qEEG and EKG from your doctor. Following this evaluation, a physician’s assistant will create a personalized MeRT treatment plan either in-clinic or online. Once this is done, sessions can begin; each 30-minute session includes sitting comfortably while being applied magnetic coil by neuro-technician; this creates low frequency magnetic fields which induce electric impulses into targeted brain areas that open new pathways and help your child better process and perceive their environment.

Parents of children with autism have many effective non-invasive therapies available as options, including Neurofeedback. Studies have demonstrated its efficacy at helping their child understand emotions better and engage more fully in social activities while simultaneously decreasing anxiety and depression levels. What’s great is it’s completely drug-free and safe – making this therapy an attractive alternative to antipsychotic medications which may have serious side effects; not to mention cheaper than other treatments available!

It is safe

People living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently struggle with coexisting mental health issues like depression and anxiety, often manifesting itself in various forms such as difficulty relating to others, difficulty talking about feelings or communicating needs effectively, repetitive patterns of behavior (hand flapping, toe walking) or unusual play – often related to brain function – can have devastating impacts on daily lives of individuals living with ASD.

MeRT is an FDA-cleared, drug-free therapy using electromagnetic stimulation to balance and stimulate the brain. The process is painless and precisely tailored for each individual using sophisticated diagnostic tests such as qEEG and EKG to identify which areas need the most focus in each session. MeRT therapy has proven itself effective against various conditions including PTSD, ADHD, OCD as well as Autism symptoms.

Studies published in 2022 demonstrated significant gains for children with ASD who received MeRT, such as increased social skills and quality of life, as well as reduced sleep troubles and reduced medications taken to alleviate symptoms. This is an exciting development for these kids!

Recent research suggests that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) may help children with ASD experience improvement in various symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Published in Psychiatry & Human Development, the researchers report that after receiving rTMS therapy they experienced better quality of life, decreased difficulty socializing with people, less disruption during sleep cycles and fewer sleep disruptions – suggesting this as a possible therapeutic approach but more research needs to be conducted before making definitive claims about treatment effectiveness.

MeRT treatment is safe and has been successfully used to address numerous conditions, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, TBI, dementia, Parkinsons disease, ADHD and autism. Dr Erik Won of Wave Neuroscience–the parent company of MeRT technology–discussed this groundbreaking therapy in a recent podcast; listeners can listen here.

MeRT is a noninvasive, drug-free treatment using magnetic resonance imaging to target specific regions of the brain. Using magnet stimulation therapy on certain areas affected by specific conditions, MeRT offers targeted stimulation using personalized magnetic stimulation according to each patient’s qEEG and EKG results and ultimately seeks to enhance brain stability and synchronization for superior developmental outcomes.

It is effective

Autism is a neuro behavioral condition that interferes with how your brain perceives and interprets its surroundings, impacting speech, learning and socialization. Early signs may begin appearing as early as infancy ranging from mild to severe symptoms; treatment options for autism focus on alleviating these issues as well as increasing daily functioning.

MeRT is an FDA-cleared treatment using magnetic stimulation to balance and stimulate brain activity, making this drug-free solution suitable for adults as well as children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. MeRT’s noninvasive nature means it’s suitable for both adults and children with this disorder – including helping some reduce or eliminate their medication requirements, unlike with many other therapies.

MeRT treatment begins with a noninvasive qEEG test that measures electrical activity in the brain to identify abnormal patterns. Once collected, this data is then analyzed and utilized in designing personalized TMS therapy sessions that last 30 minutes each.

Researchers have recently demonstrated that TMS therapy for autism can significantly enhance executive functions and decrease stimulus-bound behaviors while also decreasing arousal and increasing sociability – results which become even more notable when combined with neurofeedback treatment. This new approach to treating autism provides hope for future studies and treatments.

Autism remains incurable and manifests differently for each individual affected, making treatment difficult to come by. Recent research, however, has demonstrated how MeRT therapy may significantly alleviate symptoms while also decreasing medication requirements.

MeRT targets specific regions of the brain in order to reset and retrain its wave patterns, providing safe and noninvasive treatment options that can be combined with other therapies – giving hope and providing relief for many families living with autism.

MeRT begins with an intensive assessment that includes qEEG, EKG and electroencephalograph (EEG) testing to help pinpoint areas and patterns requiring treatment. Once our clinicians know where there’s work to be done, they use rTMS– a painless brain stimulation technique using magnetic pulses– a breakthrough treatment which could change lives for children suffering from Autism or other conditions.