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What is Rife Light Therapy?

rife light therapy

Rife machines operate under the assumption that diseased and unhealthy cells emit electromagnetic frequencies detectable through electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, making Rife machines effective tools for targeting and eliminating those cells while leaving healthy ones intact. The device identifies and destroys only unhealthy ones without harming healthy ones in its wake.

This machine uses plasma ray tubes to penetrate the body, enabling its frequencies to penetrate deeper levels of your organism and positively influence all aspects of health.

Resonant Frequency Treatment

Resonant frequency treatment is a noninvasive technique using frequencies to promote healing. It rebalances your body by using specific frequencies; resonance and frequency play a part, with specific frequencies targeting particular diseases or issues. Resonant frequency therapy was invented by American scientist Royal Raymond Rife who conducted extensive microscopy experiments on bacteria, viruses, and other organisms to identify their resonant frequencies that can then be used against harmful pathogens while sparing healthy cells from harm.

His experiments demonstrated how Lyme disease viruses possess specific frequencies which, when transmitted, create structural stress on them and cause them to die off. Another way these resonant frequencies can be seen in action is when opera singers use their voices to shatter crystal glasses; similarly, such frequencies may help kill parasites, fungus, and other pathogens responsible for sickness.

A RIFE machine is a non-invasive device that utilizes frequencies to both eliminate pathogens and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike devices which use pads or electrodes to broadcast frequencies, plasma ray tubes allow more deep penetration without skin contact electrode limitations allowing easy treatment of deep tissues and organs.

Many RIFE machines claim to emulate the work of Royal Rife, though its effectiveness remains controversial. Although some machines on the market today claim they mimic his original device, many only mirror a small portion of his research; those that truly mimic Rife use multiple frequencies and wavelengths that target specific diseases or symptoms effectively.

The BCX Ultra RIFE machine is one of the most sophisticated models on the market, capable of treating almost every symptom or condition imaginable. It works by scanning for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, amoeba and parasites; additionally it can target specific areas on your body and may prove particularly helpful when treating chronic or recurrent issues such as Lyme disease caused by ticks from Ixodes species.


Royal Raymond Rife reportedly had a 100% cure rate with cancer and other infectious diseases in the 1930s using resonance and frequency to treat them successfully. Resonance works by tapping into microorganisms’ unique frequencies to destroy them while also rebalancing your cells in this process.

All matter, including our bodies, has its own resonance frequency that is specific to every organ and group of cells within it. Unfortunately, this frequency can become disrupted by exposure to toxins, electromagnetic pollution (eSmog), geopathic stressors, viruses, bacteria or parasites which could ultimately have detrimental consequences on health.

Use a Rife Machine to identify and isolate harmful organisms to effectively eliminate them without surgery or chemotherapy. Rife machines generate electromagnetic waves that resonate with microorganism resonant frequencies, causing their vibrational frequencies to resonate back causing sympathetic resonance which works by disrupting inner cell structure of microorganisms thereby disrupting them and killing them off.

Rife machines can help the body rid itself of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections to restore natural balance in the body. Such infections may be the source of chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome – however rife machines can treat such illnesses by targeting their harmful bacteria’s resonant frequencies with targeted frequencies of radiation treatment.

Contrary to alternative medicine techniques, using a rife machine does not involve handheld electrodes or foot pads for transmitting electromagnetic waves into the body – hence no physical contact between therapist and patient when using such machines. Rife light therapy has seen increasing adoption worldwide as more people realize modern medicine cannot always provide answers. Instead, some of the most effective solutions come from alternative practices like RLT. Rife therapy, as a noninvasive form of acupuncture, is generally safe and effective. To make sure it’s the best fit for you, consult with your physician beforehand so they can outline its pros and cons.

Electromagnetic Frequency Treatment

Royal Raymond Rife first created the Rife machine or frequency device (informally referred to as Rife machine or frequency device) as an early 20th-century scientist who believed most health issues stemmed from bacteria and that specific frequencies could target and eradicate it.

The Rife machine works by scanning for frequencies specific to harmful microorganisms, then broadcasting those frequencies directly into the body in order to target them. When these targeted frequencies reach unhealthy organisms they resonate strongly enough that they vaporize – much like an opera singer singing her notes that resonate with glass – leaving only dead cells behind which the immune system then removes.

People use the Rife machine for treating various illnesses, such as chronic pain, viral infections and cancer. Unfortunately, studies have not proven that Rife machines actually cure disease or eliminate its underlying causes; rather they help the body’s energy systems rebalance in order to boost cell function and support tissue repair.

At Health Fusion Clinic, we use a True Rife frequency research instrument (commonly referred to as a Rife machine) to administer pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, or PEMF for short. PEMF therapy works to stimulate or excite dysfunctional cells to restore energy while flushing away toxins, increasing circulation, and stimulating cell activity – helping you re-energize and purge any stored toxins out of the system. PEMF helps with circulation problems as well as increase cell activity for increased cell activity and improved sleep.

Our True Rife machine stands out from other PEMF devices on the market by using gas plasma ray tubes to broadcast frequencies at much higher and wider ranges than most devices; this allows frequencies to penetrate deeper into tissues for maximum saturation and penetration, unlike other PEMF devices which often only cover skin surface without fully penetrating tissues.

This device does not involve direct electrode-client contact; rather, practitioners select programs from a computer, and it delivers frequencies through an electromagnetic coil to deliver Rife frequency therapy sessions in comfort and relaxation. Clients usually lay comfortably on an Amethyst Biomat while we administer Rife frequency therapy using this coil.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Contrary to more invasive forms of treatment such as surgery, non-invasive approaches don’t compromise healthy cells or tissue by breaking them apart; rather, frequencies are used to rebalance cells for pain relief and healing without subjecting your body to unnecessary strain or stress. Non-invasive procedures also take less time, making them ideal for busy lifestyles or schedules.

Red light therapy is a type of radio frequency (RF) treatment which utilizes low-level red and near-infrared energy to promote skin rejuvenation, reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and enhance muscle recovery. It works by stimulating mitochondria within cells to produce more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), thus increasing cell energy and speeding cellular renewal.

Royal Raymond Rife invented the RIFE machine to identify and destroy cancerous or diseased cells with electromagnetic waves. His invention resembled compound microscopes, which magnify thousands of times. Rife claimed his machine could kill bacteria, parasites, viruses and cancer by matching their natural resonant frequency against that of offending organism. Unfortunately, however, American Cancer Society refuted Rife’s claims, asserting that low energy electromagnetic waves used by Rife did not actually eliminate bacteria.

True Rife not only pinpoints harmful microorganisms, but can also match healthy organs and tissues within your body to stimulate their restoration and healing. He discovered that healthy cells possess specific resonant frequencies; matching these can awaken sleeping or dormant cells to begin functioning again.

After using the TrueRife machine, many individuals experience detoxification reactions. These responses are common and represent how its frequencies begin to attack pathogens within your body and remove them through your bowels, urinary tract and skin – it is therefore vital that ample water be consumed prior and following each session for best results.

Though this form of treatment offers many advantages, it may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant women, those living with cancer or epilepsy or pacemakers and individuals suffering chronic infections or blood conditions should consult their physician to decide if this type of therapy would be right for them. If you’re considering using a rife machine yourself, make sure it meets all the necessary requirements before doing so.