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Biofeedback Scanning With the Spooky2 MicroGen

spooky2 microgen

Prior to beginning, please read through both biofeedback scanning tutorials in the Spooky2 User’s Guide.

The ScanBuilder tool makes it easy to create biofeedback presets to run on generators, including both full body scanning and targeted scanning for specific issues like cancer.

You can set a threshold value to help streamline biofeedback scan data processing time.

1. Biofeedback scanning

Biofeedback scanning enables you to understand where the issues in your body lie by comparing your energy field against hundreds of vitamins, hormones, foods and other substances – much like an allergy test but using frequencies rather than needle pricks – and providing an energetic snapshot of what may be going on within physical, spiritual and emotional systems.

Biofeedback technicians use this tool to identify what’s not functioning as intended and determine treatment options available to them. Biofeedback helps alleviate stress in your body by showing what’s not working and helping you relax while focusing on restoring equilibrium and finding balance again.

The HeaWea MicroGen can be used without needing a PC and is small enough to fit easily in your pocket or hang on its supplied lanyard. Featuring advanced protection to avoid excessive current passing through your body when short circuited, as well as user-friendly operation that requires no prior knowledge of Spooky2. Simply connect all necessary cables, open software and arrange frequency sets in sequence to run them all chained together.

As part of this course, you will gain knowledge on how to develop and customize your own programs, use hand cylinders for frequency imprinting crystals and treating conditions such as inflammation and arthritis; use MicroGen in various configurations for treating conditions like increased ATP levels; as well as biofeedback.

3. Sleep

Sleep is a natural, reversible and recurrent state in which external stimuli have diminished responsiveness to each other, marked by changes to brain activity, hormone levels, muscle relaxation and other physiological systems. Sleep stands in stark contrast with wakefulness which has an enhanced potential to detect external stimuli.

Spooky2 can help your body transition into sleep or a state of relaxation that may help reduce stress. While distinguishing the various sleep stages can be somewhat arbitrary, their classification provides useful insights into basic features of sleep physiology.

4. Stress reduction

HeaWea’s MicroGen device is a portable frequency therapy device designed to help you feel like yourself again and recover quickly. With its easy setup and power level selection feature, this portable frequency therapy device lets you experiment with various frequencies and durations while treating PEMF, arthritis treatment, natural healing processes like cell energy generation or natural healing in general, effective increasing ATP and decreasing pain while offering Rife machine set zapping viruses bacteria flukes as well as low power FSM sets to remedy over time.

This training session is tailored for anyone wanting to use Spooky2 and HeaWea MicroGen in autonomous mode, including frequency transfers, prereglages (preset), repetitions, settings adjustments and biofeedback. In addition, students will learn how to import BFB scan results into MicroGen and operate remotely using it.