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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Spooky2 Software Update

Spooky2 is an innovative frequency-based healing device with tremendous potential, offering people a way to improve their health and wellbeing, with particular focus on hydration to avoid herxheimers disease.

Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10. Works also fine on Macs equipped with Intel processors like the MacBook Pro, iMac Core Duo or Mini.

What’s new?

Spooky2 is at the core of our powerful and versatile Rife system, capable of managing up to 126 generators simultaneously and independently. John provides an overview of its use as well as its functions.

DNA databases have recently been updated with mutations of disease-causing pathogens that have occurred over the last 10 years; prior to this update a 10 year limit existed for considering genomic sequences for inclusion into databases; new versions of DNA and MW presets now include sequences dating back to 1976 in order to cover all mutations that may exist at that point.

DNA database version 20240104 contains new Morgellons and Lyme presets and works best when run with Spooky2 main program version 20200501 or later.


Spooky2 software is free and contains the world’s largest frequency database, making it ideal for healing, entrainment and detoxification purposes. It offers several transmission modes – plasma, contact, remote PEMF and cold laser transmission modes as well as its built-in generator feature – with user-friendly controls allowing users to set up rife machines easily while selecting programs and presets.

This new version brings with it some handy new features and fixes for some bugs. A tool allowing users to choose which samples Spooky uses for its running average biofeedback data helps significantly reduce program sizes of DNA programs and presets without compromising effectiveness, as well as offering more precise poll time estimation and tolerance of repetition frequencies.

Numerous presets have been added to the DNA database, specifically those targeting pathogens associated with Morgellons disease. The programs contained within them target specific DNA sequences involved with Morgellons, depending on how many basepairs there are in a sequence; their purpose is to help the immune system fight pathogens more efficiently while healing body.

Newport Presets, which include frequencies derived from dowsing, can help cleanse cellular energy while clearing away negative energies from your surroundings. In the Spooky2 software update you’ll also gain access to stronger Schumann frequencies for added cleansing power.

Presets are organized setups that automatically load frequency programs into the generator when selected. Presets can be found listed in the left column of spooky2 software window with letter designations; Detox-JW for instance is an easy shell preset containing all required programs preloaded into its storage space.

When choosing a preset, it’s essential that the generator is turned on and connected to its appropriate transmission device. Furthermore, keep in mind that any programs included within a preset are intended only as experimental trials – they should never replace medical advice from qualified professionals or act as replacement treatments or diagnoses for individual cases.

Main database

Spooky2 provides access to the world’s largest frequency database for pathogens of all types. Downloading the software free of charge enables you to access this resource and see whether your pathogen is included. Minimal hardware requirements exist – any machine capable of running Windows will work perfectly well for running Spooky2.

The DNA Database and presets have been updated with the most up-to-date genome sequences, including extinct pathogen strains that were previously missing from this version of the database. Furthermore, MW database has also been expanded to include earlier sequences which had previously been excluded due to date limitations of 10 years.

Additionally, in addition to these new features, there have been various bug fixes and enhancements. One notable change is being able to select which samples Spooky2 uses when computing biofeedback running averages; this allows users to reduce DNA programs or preset sizes without losing effectiveness.

Prior to now, only the first sample from a producer poll would be used in calculating running averages; now both samples can be selected to calculate this average. Furthermore, the RA Window option has been modified so as to use only 20 values before and 10 values after for more accurate running average calculations when using GeneratorX (Pro) hit detection for CancerTool, LymeTool or Morgellons Graded Utility. Grading scan data files now have suffix “_Grade” making them easier to distinguish from standard outputs; additionally the ability to read only one variable during BFB scans can significantly reduce USB traffic and therefore help reduce traffic during BFB scans.

MicroGen database

The Spooky2 software update includes both the main database and full installer for MicroGen, the revolutionary HeaWea portable contact-mode generator. MicroGen can be programmed as both a powerful Rife machine as well as Blood Purifier/Zapper modes of operation – giving you all of the power of multiple devices at your fingertips in one package!

Spooky2 version 20220421 boasts many improvements and modifications. Most notably, program loading code has been optimized to make loading faster when working with large databases; this represents a major advance. Also notable is that running average now only uses 20 values prior to the current value versus 10 values before and 10 values after it in earlier versions; this makes hit detection faster – particularly noticeable for GeneratorX (Pro) biofeedback programs like BFBTool, CancerTool, LymeTool or Morgellons and Lyme Graded Utility programs like BFBTool CancerTool LymeTool or Morgellons Graded Utility programs like BFBTool, CancerTool or Morgellons Graded Utility programs like BFBTool, CancerTool or Morgellons and Lyme Graded Utility programs like BFBTool, CancerTool or Morgellons and Lyme Graded Utility which use 10 values prior to and 10 values before and 10 values after current value as was used earlier allowing faster hit detection; Another change involves only using 20 values before and then current value rather than 10 values before last value as was used previously allowing faster hit detection from GeneratorX Pro biofeedback programs like BFBTool CancerTool LymeTool Morgellons LymeGraded Utility programs like BFBTool CancerTool LymeTool Morgellons Lyme Graded Utility).

Additionally, the HeaWea MicroGen software now offers both low and high-power modes. The lower-power mode utilizes frequencies to balance your energy field for short sessions above your neck and head; its full potential can then be unlocked with higher-power mode use for extended healing sessions or deeper body work.

Both modes offer an extensive selection of programs to address all areas of human health. Furthermore, the frequency database features over 1,000 frequencies with resolution up to 0.000001 Hz.

* Our files available here have been developed in a secure, sandboxed environment that is fully isolated from the internet. Each software, database and PDF document has been independently tested for viruses and malware by multiple organizations such as Windows 10, Bit Defender and McAfee for safety and protection.

Spooky2 requires at least 1GB of memory (RAM), so please disable your antivirus software prior to running the download of Spooky2. Once downloaded, double click on the installer file and follow its prompts during installation – first selecting your language choice, followed by unpacking all files, then being asked if you want test mode or launch directly after setup completes.