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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Spooky2 Software

Spooky2 is one of the world’s most versatile Rife frequency systems, featuring user-friendly software designed to run preset programs easily while also permitting adjustments of waveforms and multipliers.

Frequencies have the power to kill pathogens or heal the body. It’s essential that we recognize the distinctions between healing and killing frequencies before choosing one to employ.

Frequency database

Spooky2 software features over 59,000 frequencies that you can easily select or create your own program from, making it simple and straightforward for use and understanding. Waveforms and multipliers can also be adjusted for customized programs to ensure a tailored program experience for you. Whether suffering from specific conditions or simply seeking to enhance health, Spooky2 frequency therapy systems provide relief and can assist in finding just the right frequency to treat or alleviate symptoms.

To efficiently search Spooky2 database, it is imperative that your search terms are entered precisely. Otherwise, the software won’t recognize them and won’t provide accurate results – for instance if you search “fever,” you won’t be able to locate the program you need.

Spooky2 Database includes several categories such as ALT, BIO, BP, DNA, CRIF, EVGA and MW. ALT includes programs based on Ayurvedic knowledge and practice as well as solfeggios and planetary frequencies; while CRIF houses Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s original frequencies. Furthermore EVGA contains frequencies which have been tested for effectiveness while MW contains drugs supplements or molecules important to human health.

Spooky2 Rife machines also include an advanced signal processor called the Boost 2.0 that can significantly increase Contact Mode power, with dedicated outputs for each generator and pass-through connections between Out 1 and Out 2. In addition, this signal processor includes a high-quality silver coil for hands-free contact treatment – making the Boost 2.0 an essential accessory of this Rife machine.

Spooky2 Rife systems are generally easy to set up, though taking some time to learn to navigate their software may require. A basic setup requires either an ethernet connection between generator xm or generator x, your computer, and spooky2 software; with its five-step overview for selecting your generator and accessories as well as learning about Rifing; more powerful generator x units offer wider frequency ranges as well as running biofeedback scans in seven minutes with boost ports to connect external accessories.

Biofeedback scanning

The Spooky2 system has been proven to offer numerous advantages. Its intuitive software enables easy navigation and enables customization of frequency programs for healing or killing purposes. Frequency programs can also be used to imprint frequencies into water and DNA, which can have profound effects on human bodies. Frequency programs may also help treat ailments and improve overall health – potentially eliminating the need for prescription drugs altogether. This system is compatible with both an xm generator and spooky pulse, as well as accessories like plasma tubes and a spooky boost. Furthermore, quantum entanglement can apply frequencies from one generator to another remotely located system and cause effects in real time.

Spooky2‘s generator X (GX) boasts several cutting-edge features that make it one of the premier Rife systems available today. Capable of detecting and amplifying electrical signals up to 40 MHz, making it suitable for virtually all forms of scanning applications; with an internal sample digitizer designed specifically for biological specimens; along with 30 user presets that operate autonomously – making the GX one of the best Rife solutions around!

The GX can do more than detect electromagnetic fields; it also measures changes in skin conductivity and heart rate, and can identify which frequencies cause strong stress reactions known as hits. Biofeedback scans that previously took an hour can now be completed in six minutes with the GX.

GX software offers multiple biofeedback scans to find the optimal frequencies for you, including Personal Scan (which identifies frequencies which cause stronger stress responses), Optimise and Grade Program Scans (which target more specific frequencies), as well as Baseline mode that filters out electrical noises or Wi-Fi signals that might interfere with biofeedback scans.

The Spooky2 system is an effective tool that can address a range of health issues and illnesses. Its biofeedback scanning capabilities offer diagnostic feedback scans based on how frequencies interact with the body – revolutionizing health diagnosis. Furthermore, this powerful device can even be used to detect cancer and predict its effectiveness during various treatments.


Spooky2 is an innovative frequency therapy system with a comprehensive selection of tools and accessories to address various health conditions and ailments. It’s an efficient way of cleansing the body and restoring cellular harmony. At frequencies such as 528 hertz and 7.83 hertz, frequencies such as imprinting water with frequency patterns like 528 hertz or 7.83 hertz allow you to imprint water molecules, use cold lasers for relieving pain relief, run biofeedback scans and customize biofeedback programs and track your progress. Spooky2 offers over 59,700 frequencies to choose from and provides multiple waveforms and multipliers to promote optimal healing. However, keep in mind that certain frequencies can trigger herxheimers syndrome; therefore it is recommended to begin slowly by increasing duration gradually over time. Furthermore, staying hydrated is key in order to avoid inflammation and herxheimers syndrome.

If you are new to rifing, it’s essential that you understand how it works. At its core is a fundamental concept: each cell in our bodies has an associated resonance frequency which can become disturbed due to illness or other external stimuli; such external stimulation includes electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Spooky2 uses EMFs as part of its energy balance system rebalancing service; users can customize frequency programs as well as signal amplitudes within this software program.

The Spooky2 portable GeneratorX Pro Essential Kit features a PEMF coil, two pairs of TENS pads, two bags of hand cylinders and a cold laser twin. In addition, there is also a sample digitizer and five replacement slides included with this package. Furthermore, GX Pro generator offers more advanced functionality with its wider frequency range and full biofeedback scan in seven minutes compared to traditional XM generators.

Use of the Spooky2 generator can also provide homeopathic relief, making it an excellent solution for children and pets alike. Safe to use over long periods, the device offers several benefits including increased sleep quality and energy levels as well as decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Use of the Spooky2 portable GeneratorX Pro can be straightforward, yet proper maintenance and care of this device is key for optimal performance and longevity. Cleaning and inspecting are required on a regular basis in order to make sure they’re functioning as they should; you should also keep any hand cylinders and TENS pads used during contact-mode treatments in good condition.


Spooky2 is the world’s most advanced Rife system, enabling users to generate and run frequencies for treating various health conditions. With its large database of frequencies and biofeedback scanning feature, you’re sure to find just the right frequencies to address them quickly and effectively. Compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems as well as various hardware accessories including TENS pads, scalar remotes and cold laser twins;

Spooky2 software is at the center of this versatile Rife system, capable of controlling up to 126 generators simultaneously and independently. It offers various features, such as custom frequency lists and an intuitive graphical user interface which make navigation simple. John will discuss how you can select an ideal frequency generator and accessories to suit your specific needs while discussing how transmission modes may vary for different frequencies.

The spooky2 xm5 generator is an upgraded version of the MHS-2300A that is specifically designed to transmit scalar waves. Furthermore, its built-in waveform multiplier can boost signal quality up to 25 Mhz for enhanced reach across frequencies and more effective health issues treatment.

Spooky2 stands out from its competition by offering remote treatments, or “Spooky action at a distance.” This function enables a user to apply healing frequencies remotely by accessing DNA samples of those being treated, making this device especially helpful for people living in remote locations or having limited access to healthcare professionals.

Spooky2 Central’s USB Filter Cable was specifically created to reduce high frequency electrical noise generated by most Rife plasma systems, which may result in data errors with USB controlled generators. It features double shielding and thick gauge copper wires wrapped around a ferrite core to reduce electrical interference with USB controlled generators, maintaining signal integrity by plugging directly into either of your boost’s MN/BN ports while plugging directly in.

Spooky2 Scalar Harmonizer is an essential companion to Spooky2. Utilizing three distinct forms of scalar transmission, this device delivers healing frequencies for body and mind through musical tones and meditative beats to help heal both. Furthermore, its soothing tones may provide soothing musical tones or meditative beats to assist with insomnia or other sleep issues, and increase focus and concentration levels for improved focus and concentration.