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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

Parasite Zapper by Dr Clark

Dr Hulda Clark continued Raymond Royal Rife’s work, popularizing frequency therapy. According to her, all parasites have their own natural frequencies that can be used against them and eliminated.

A zapper typically comprises of a 9-volt battery and two copper handles which the user holds onto to activate its sweeping frequency, thus dismantling parasites and eliminating their threat.

What is a Zapper?

A zapper is a small electronic device designed to destroy parasites, boost immunity and promote overall health. Running on a 9-volt battery, the zapper emits low frequency waves you won’t feel and stimulate white blood cells while inducing negative ions into living tissue through your skin – killing parasites while healing delicate tissues at once by inverting their polarity; killing parasites while healing delicate tissue at once – making this unique device effective against many parasitic infections including Giardia Candida Flukes Tapworms as well as helping with Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as chronic conditions related to those chronic illnesses!

Bug zappers, also known as electric insect killers or electrical discharge insect control systems, are popular exterior appliances used by both homeowners and food handlers to attempt to eradicate mosquitoes and other flying insects that cause itchy bites as well as transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever etc. They use light sources to lure them in where they touch an electrified metal grid before being electrocuted instantly – hence its nickname due to an audible “zap!” sound it makes whenever an insect touches it.

Dr Clark’s zapper operates under the principle of resonance; it works by exposing microorganisms to their respective resonant frequency until it resonates to such an extent that they explode. Made of durable plastic with an LED bulb for illumination purposes, the device works effectively at both attracting and killing insects.

The Zapper is designed to be worn directly in front of its wearer, killing parasites by passing an electrical current through their skin and killing any parasites that remain. It provides a safe and easy way to kill worms, parasites, bacteria and viruses that cannot be eliminated with herbal detoxifying products like Oil of Oregano and Eden Extract.

The Zapper is powered by an LED light, as well as featuring a Neodymium magnet and orgone material (similar to what Terminator 2 used as its power core). Orgone energy is believed to enhance electromagnetic field strength by absorbing, channeling, and organizing energy flow within it.

How Does a Zapper Work?

Hulda Clark first realized this effect using a frequency generator. By carefully setting specific frequencies for every parasite type she encountered – an approach which often took hours per session – Hulda ultimately developed what would later become the first zapper.

The Zapper runs on a 9v battery and emits a low-frequency current through your skin, which you cannot feel. This current stimulates white blood cells that make up your immune system while also providing negative ions into the body. Parasites and diseased tissue cells have positively charged surfaces; with its reverse polarity charge capability, the Zapper reverses them so as to kill them off while encouraging healthy tissue healing.

After being drawn towards the light source, parasites and microorganisms find their way to the metal grid inside of a zapper where they are electrocuted and eliminated – often by breaking apart into smaller organisms or breaking off altogether. Furthermore, its current may even reverse virus and fungal polarity for extra effectiveness.

Hulda Clark asserts that zapping effectively destroys parasites at the molecular level. Unlike viruses and bacteria, parasites lack protective cellular walls which make them immune from electrical current and can therefore be easily zapped by electric current, leading to their death and destruction. Their positive polarity is reversed when exposed to electricity generated from zappers thereby killing and dismantling cell membranes as well. Zapping can even kill parasites hiding behind cysts or other protective structures

The Zapper can also inactivate parasites by disrupting their metabolic processes and depriving them of vital nutrients that sustain life, leading them to starve to death. The Zapper’s electric current may also cause them to release water and phosphorous molecules which dehydrates them over time.

A zapper may help clean out blood and lymphatic fluids, major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach linings, brain and central nervous system of parasites to give your immune system an instantaneous and significant boost. This will give it the support it needs. Additionally, the zapper can help to rid glandular structures like the lungs and intestines as well as the esophagus of parasites that harbor parasites; additionally, the device may even help eliminate eye parasites. depending on the severity of their infection, some may need to use the zapper daily for an extended period of time in order to see desired results. Some individuals may experience temporary (lasting less than an hour), yet adverse reactions such as dizziness or intoxication during their first few treatments with their zapper; these effects should pass quickly if you follow all instructions outlined in your zapper manual.

Why is a Zapper Effective?

Hulda Clark believes parasites to be the root cause of cancer and other illnesses, according to her claims. By eliminating parasites she asserts, symptoms subside and body returns to normal again. Muscle testing is one way of testing for parasite presence while killing them off with the Parasite Zapper device is another suggested strategy.

Most bug zappers emit ultraviolet light, killing insects when exposed. Unfortunately, however, these devices don’t necessarily eliminate all dangerous insects – in fact they may expose pets and people to UV light that can potentially be dangerous for health reasons. It is therefore crucial that your bug zapper is kept clean to minimize exposure to toxic UV light radiation and chemicals that could pose potential dangers.

A bug zapper could also expose you and your family to bacteria from dead insects it kills, according to studies. When in operation, the air around it becomes contaminated with campylobacter jejuni, staphylococci and serratia marcescens – bacteria often found on flies’ bodies – making the use of such devices potentially hazardous. For this reason, some models come equipped with trays that catch insect debris so as to minimize any health risks from their use.

Bug zappers do more than kill bugs; they also target beneficial insects like honeybees and ladybugs, potentially harming plants as well as the ecosystem as a whole. Some models come equipped with safety features like an auto shut-off switch to avoid accidental activation.

Parasite zappers differ from traditional bug zappers by emitting both UV light and carbon dioxide; this combination is more effective at repelling mosquitoes and biting gnats than just UV alone. Mosquitoes tend to prefer carbon dioxide from breath exhaled through your mouth than UV light; making this new type of zapper easier to set up and use; some models even include built-in fans to circulate airflow for optimal results. You can find parasite zappers both online and at traditional stores – be sure to read reviews before making a decision before making your purchase!

How to Use a Zapper

Hulda Clark created her parasite zapper as part of her research into how electric current affects microorganisms, and recommended it as an add-on to her herbal parasite cleansing program.

The Zapper is an electronic device powered by a small 9v battery and emits low frequency waves which pass harmlessly through skin without being felt, stimulating white blood cells while inducing negative ions to penetrate living tissue of body and kill parasites while speeding healing – healthy tissues remain positively charged during this process.

Utilizing a zapper is simple. Simply turn it on and hold it against the skin for seven minutes; some users may experience mild tingling; otherwise nothing should happen. After taking 20 minute breaks between treatments, repeat for three treatments in total to target parasites, kill viruses resulting from dying bacteria and restore natural balance to human systems.

It also works to eliminate Candida fungus and keep it from spreading to other parts of your body – essential if you’re trying to combat cancer and other serious conditions. Author of “The Cure for All Diseases”, an authoritative book on treating cancer, recommends this zapper.

Clark contends that human intestinal fluke, which she claims is responsible for cancer in all its forms, carries toxic chemicals that damage body cells. According to her theory, killing off this parasite will halt cancer cell reproduction and thus stop further reproduction.

If you are experiencing symptoms that indicate parasite infestation such as poor health, weight gain, rashes or any other indicators that suggest you might have parasites, you should begin zapping twice per day for two weeks until muscle tests reveal no indications that there are parasites present. After that period, single daily sessions should continue until muscle tests confirm a clear sign off parasites.

Zappers are generally safe to use; however, pregnant women or those with electrical implants in their body such as pacemakers should avoid using it. Furthermore, it should also not be used by individuals suffering from epilepsy or fits.