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What Is Radiesthesia Meaning?

Radiesthesia is the mental or physical ability to perceive energy fields. Practitioners claim they can detect auras around people or use pendulums as compasses to locate underground water or mineral resources.

Dowsing or divination, commonly referred to as “dowsing”, is used for finding people, illnesses, minerals and water sources. Dowsing also plays an integral role in Psionic Medicine and Radionics.


Radiesthesia combines Latin radius (ray), with Greek aisthesis (sensitivity). All objects and living beings emit radiation that creates vibrational fields known as biofield or energetic fields that can be felt. Vibrations created can be detected using divining rods, pendulum, dowsing twig, tensor, pulsor and Lecher antenna; vibrations may even be felt with our hands! A sample from an object must also be collected for resonance tests similar to blood, tissue or urine samples required for medical tests.

Radiesthesia was practiced by early civilizations to discover water sources and healthy places to reside (dowsing). Furthermore, its use proved invaluable in finding underground resources like metals. With today’s surge in holistic-integrative medicine interest comes opportunities for radiesthesia to resurface and become widely practiced again.

Physical Radiesthesia relies on using a dowsing rod to search for water, minerals, energy sources and other natural phenomena – often known as “dowsing” in English and the United States – similar to how people practice psychic “dowsing.” Physical radiesthesia differs from psychic “dowsing”, using calibrated instruments for more accurate measurements without depending on personal psychic powers that could potentially result in autosuggestion by its practitioner.

Mental radiesthesia employs mental techniques to explore subtle phenomena like energy flows and their far-reaching impacts. Experienced dowsers using exclusively mental techniques achieve extraordinary results that cannot yet be scientifically explained.

Mental radiesthesia can help identify potential causative factors behind imbalances that lead to disease and illness in a person’s body, but this should not be seen as medical advice; any therapy or remedy identified through mental radiesthesia must be prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner. Radiesthesia can also detect emotional blocks which prevent one from making decisions clearly or answering queries effectively.


Physical Radiesthesia, more commonly referred to as Dowsing, involves waving a rod or pendulum over the ground to detect electromagnetic fields and locate underground springs, metals and water sources. Sometimes it may also help in treating illness by suggesting which foods or remedies might help. However, this should never replace medical advice; human errors must always be considered when interpreting results from this technique.

Radiesthesia dates back millennia, with evidence found in ancient Egyptian and Chinese artwork of people holding dowsing rods or pendulums to search for water, mineral deposits and suitable places to live (houses). Furthermore, this practice was also employed during World War I to detect unexploded shells; now its study by scientists around the globe.

Physical radiesthesia utilizes a pendulum to detect vibrations in people and objects. The data then provides a representation of their energy, which can then be compared with that of an individual to detect any energy imbalances or disturbances within the body, similar to how modern medicine uses EKG machines and electroencephalography machines for diagnosis purposes.

Before initiating a physical radiesthesia session, practitioners must first clear their minds of distraction. Furthermore, they should have clear goals in mind such as finding the location of a spring or discovering what may be triggering an allergic reaction in food – otherwise the results could be altered by thoughts and emotions of individuals involved.

There are various theories as to the workings of radiesthesia; some contend it combines psychic ability with physics while others view it as divination. No matter its exact workings, practitioners agree that it can be a powerful tool used to help improve health and well-being. Our introductory course provides a thorough introduction to major concepts related to radiesthesia as well as hands-on exercises with standard pendulums.


One of the key aspects of radiesthesia is its ability to detect and measure vibrational resonance. All bodies emit electromagnetic radiation (also called vibrational energy). A radiesthete can feel the resonance of these vibrations to locate objects of their search.

Pendulums, divining rods or dowsing twigs can all help in this regard, with pendulums being particularly effective at pinpointing underground water sources or treasure. Ancient Egyptians used this technique as early as 4000 BCE for locating precious metals and stones buried underground. Dowsing also plays an integral part in healing techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, as well as Feng Shui when selecting houses or locations – its most notable application being finding geopathic stress zones which influence our environment – an essential tool in finding geopathic stress zones which influence our homes or locations as well. Dowsing has also long been used by Feng Shui practitioners when selecting houses or locations according to Feng Shui principles when selecting houses or locations using its many tools such as pendulums or divining rods or dowsing twigs used with pendulums or divining rods used with divining rods or dowsing twigs often used by ancient Egyptians starting 4000 BCE! Dowsing has long been used successfully used when searching underground water deposits or treasures! Dowsing has also become essential in many healing methods including acupuncture, acupressure homeopathy healing methods while most famous application being geopathic stress zones so it’s used frequently when selecting houses/locations/locations using Feng Shui for selecting houses/locations etc…

Teleradiesthesia, or remote vibration perception, allows dowsers to access vibrational information in distant places via psychic telephone lines that transmit vibrations over long distances.

Dowsers use dowsing to answer questions about people, places and things at great distances. A dowser does not need to visit the exact place to retrieve information; all he needs is a map and some sense. Once done, they can tell their intended recipient all about what was found.

Radionics, an alternative therapy modality combining radiesthesia with other sensory abilities and psycho-activated codes and symbols, combines radioesthesia with other sensory abilities and psycho-activated codes and symbols in an attempt to treat illness through energy healing and communication systems. Dowsing technique combined with various psycho-activated tools and instruments make up this powerful energy healing and communication system which has long been controversial since its origination centuries ago by Pythagoreans and other Greek philosophers but later forgotten or misunderstood is now slowly being rediscovery by modern science.


Dowsing or radiesthesia has been around for millennia. As an ancient technique of sensing energy fields around life forms and specific places, the method enables individuals to sense energy fields around life forms as well as energies emitted there. Mental practitioners claim they can feel or sense colored auras around people while physical radiesthetists utilize diving rods or pendulums as compasses for underground water or mineral sources – many practitioners of alternative medicine utilize these abilities for discovery purposes as well.

Radiesthesia is often derided due to its unexplainable success stories, yet is nonetheless an empirical science which can be learned with training and discipline. Radiesthesia works on the assumption that everything vibrates – both humans and non-living objects alike. Every vibration produces resonance data which can be decoded using specially calibrated instruments; ultimately this information travels through universal polarity of plus and minus, the basis of physical reality itself.

Dowsing was traditionally known as water divining, but Abbe Bouly, a French Jesuit priest and pioneer in radiesthesia, coined a new term in 1930 referring to its discovery as both spiritual and intellectual endeavor.

Physical radioaesthesia requires an individual to hold a divining rod or piece of wood in their hands and move it across the ground in search of any trembling movements that indicate water sources. A trained radiesthetist is then able to locate these sources and assess whether they contain drinkable water that is drinkable, salty water that contains minerals or even coal or gold resources which may have high value.

Dowsing, also referred to as “the language of the universe”, allows one to communicate with all living and nonliving entities alike. Dowsing can also help identify causes for certain health problems like allergies. Once found, radiesthetists can use their expertise and knowledge of dowsing techniques to treat and restore balance to the body.