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Zapper Reviews – Dr Hulda Clark

Dr Hulda Clark claims to have discovered an effective cure for all diseases. According to her, cancer is caused by parasites which can be eliminated with a frequency generator known as the Zapper.

A zapper produces low-frequency square waves that allegedly cause parasites to vibrate, including low frequency square waves that emanate from its 9V battery and circuit board, along with two copper handles held by your hands for use.

What is a zapper?

A zapper is a small electronic device that uses electric current to kill mosquitoes, flies, bees and wasps as well as other flying insects. This natural pest control solution has been around for decades backed by scientific research and widely adopted among those seeking an organic approach in their home and garden.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s claims of curing AIDS, cancer, herpes and other diseases by employing parasite zappers is intriguing. Her theories revolve around her belief that most chronic illness is caused by parasites, pollutants or mycotoxins in food supply – thus her zappers which pass an electric current through the body would rid it of these harmful substances.

The zapper itself is a small box with a transparent lid, allowing the user to see any bugs inside. Inside this lid lies a UV fluorescent bulb emitting visible and invisible ultraviolet light – something many flying insects find extremely appealing – drawing them towards it where they come into contact with a high-voltage grid and are immediately killed off by it.

Most bug zappers feature several additional features designed to increase their effectiveness, such as neodymium magnets that increase energy from orgone material in the device and Mobius coils that organize and focus energy fields that can kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Dr. Clark found that many zappers produce frequencies between 10Hz and 500KHz that were most effective for killing parasites, unlike the ineffective 2.4 GHz frequencies used by traditional bug zappers, which do not eradicate such pathogens effectively.

Although many zappers are straightforward, others require more complex controls and settings. The AutoZap 5 Zapper features innovative technology which enables it to “hook in” more effectively to the body than its counterparts, boasting higher output voltage, lower current consumption, and a more consistent waveform compared to others zappers – meaning it is safer and more effective for use on sensitive areas, such as throat and genital regions.

How does it work?

Dr Hulda Clark reduced chronic disease (and some acute diseases like colds) to parasites, pollutants and mycotoxins. Her precise diagnostic testing method – the Syncrometer – could detect them with less than 5% false positive/false negative results. She developed her zapper frequency treatment to target parasites; its effectiveness has saved lives! She went to great lengths to make these treatments affordable as well as offering information on how you could do the treatment yourself so it would reach more people than ever.

The zapper utilizes signal generators based on the 555 timer IC to emit harmless, almost imperceptible square waves with positive offset frequencies that differ drastically from human body’s natural frequencies, known to reduce harmful organisms populations. Furthermore, each setting of this zapper can be programmed for different diseases or pathogens to maximize effectiveness of treatment.

These electrical devices, called “zappers”, use 9V electrical impulses to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites using frequencies originally developed by Dr Raymond Rife in the 1930s as well as those employed by Dr Hulda Clark whose work was later suppressed.

The Armand is unique among available zappers in that it does not require a diagnosis before use or any programming expertise to get going. Instead, it features presets for food zapping and body zapping as well as the full spectrum of frequencies developed by Dr Clark – frequencies proven effective against harmful organisms.

Many people report experiencing increased energy after regular use of a zapper, believed to be caused by its ability to eliminate toxins and harmful organisms that sap vitality from the body. Furthermore, using it regularly could alleviate digestive issues like bloating and gas as well as helping balance emotional states by targeting parasitic organisms that contribute to stress or depression.

Does it work for me?

Dr Clark’s research indicates that parasites are at the core of virtually all chronic illnesses. She further asserts that heavy metal toxicity, as well as heavy metal poisoning from pesticides such as DDT, are at the root cause of most disease; and believes zapping can help rid oneself of them. She developed an efficient method for killing parasites using her zapper in combination with her syncrometer (a testing device capable of detecting parasites, bacteria, viruses and more).

Usage of a zapper regularly can help to promote your health; however, results will depend on individual conditions. To make the most out of using your zapper effectively and receive maximum benefit from using it with a healthy lifestyle and diet; including eating lots of fruits and vegetables while drinking plenty of water as well as avoiding sugary and processed foods while exercising regularly.

The Zapper uses special copper handholds to deliver low-voltage electricity into your body via low frequency current. This current passes through tissue and blood vessels of your body and strikes parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful organisms located therein – eventually causing them to burst and die off. According to Dr Clark’s explanations, it should not be harmful but may produce temporary detoxifying symptoms, including dizziness, nausea, bloating or fatigue as part of its detoxifying effects.

Although no scientific evidence backs Dr. Hulda Clark’s claims, many who have tried her device have experienced positive results. Some individuals have noticed increased energy levels after using her device while others have seen their digestive problems (gas and bloating) decrease significantly.

Serious users of zappers should follow Dr. Hulda Clarks liver cleanse program as it will remove toxins from your body and allow you to reap all the benefits offered by their device.

The AutoZap 5 is an upgraded version of Dr Clark’s original zapper design, made of high quality materials with an advanced design. This innovative device supports up to 30kHz frequencies while offering wide spectrum parasite specific frequencies; moreover it comes with presets for food and body zapping with continuous running time of one hour per charge!

Is it safe?

Dr. Hulda Clark is an eminent naturopathic doctor and alternative medicine practitioner known for creating the Zapper device. This electric current device uses reverse polarity static field technology to kill parasites and bacteria through electrical discharge; effectively treating AIDS, herpes, obesity and many other serious medical issues.

The Zapper is an easy and noninvasive medical device that adds support to your health and wellness regimen. Not intended to replace medical treatments, the zapper should only be used with advice from licensed physician. However, using one has been reported to reduce chronic stress while improving overall health and well-being; some users report sleeping better after using it!

Clark’s research on parasites and toxins remains valid nearly 20 years after her death, although some of her claims have been disproven by scientific advancement (genetic food allergies, anaerobic metabolism/mitochondrial dysfunction, bioengineered creatures such as Borrelia, unsafe cookware). Still, Clark made alternative cancer treatment accessible through frequency therapy as well as herbal remedies.

Clark stated in her book The Cure For All Diseases that all diseases were caused by toxins and parasites and could only be effectively cured by ridding oneself of these substances from one’s body. Her treatment method consisted of both phytotherapeutic and orthomolecular measures including her Zapper and Syncrometer to eliminate parasites from one’s system; according to her theory behind it all, all parasites resonate at specific frequencies that when played back can cause them to burst – thus serving as her Zapper designed.

A zapper is an electronic battery-powered device that creates low voltage, dual polarity square waves at a constant frequency. It consists of two copper handles or electrodes which the user holds in their hands or places on various parts of their body when activating it. A typical 9V battery powers it along with an NPN transistor and resistors and capacitors for control purposes.