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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

The Institute of Energy Medicine

The world around you consists of invisible subtle energies that shape physical reality – including you! These can be measured and altered using energy healing protocols.

Traditional cultures worldwide have long believed in the power of energy to support life and health, often called chi, prana, mana or orgone and even etheric energy.


No matter your level of experience in energy healing or massage therapy, there are various certification options available. From weekend courses to two or three years of study depending on which modalities interest you most. Energy healers typically choose one form of alternative therapy like Reiki training, Qi Gong practice or Polarity therapy as their specialty area.

Energy healing is an innovative form of holistic therapy which works by harmonizing body, mind, emotions and spirit in a holistic approach to wellness. It complements traditional forms of medicine while offering relief to many sick individuals who had not found relief through traditional means alone. Many people who struggle with illnesses that had failed to find relief have discovered that getting their energies flowing freely was key in finding relief from discomfort.

Energy medicine rests on the belief that all living beings possess an energetic field or aura surrounding them, which acts as the source of health and well-being. If this field becomes disturbed or damaged it can lead to illness; luckily, its healing is possible thanks to energy medicine.

Energy healing is an ancient art that teaches students how to use energy for self-healing and for healing others. This course covers techniques for sensing and shifting subtle energies found within chakras, meridians, acupressure points and triple warmer. Furthermore, students will learn to measure its effects.

This curriculum draws heavily from Donna Eden and other teachers, and incorporates elements of Eastern and Western approaches to energy work such as acupressure, light touch techniques and being able to sense energy. Students receiving training in energy work receive a detailed illustrated manual as a guide during practice as well as support via live webinars, email or phone calls.

Institute of Energy Medicine is an international nonprofit organization offering therapeutic practices that celebrate the connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit. Their experts specialize in training coaches, clinicians, practitioners and specialists and they have strong ties with Akamai University – an internationally accredited institution of higher learning.

Courses offered

Energy healing techniques have long been employed by different cultures as an aid to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. More hospitals now provide them as complementary care options alongside conventional treatments. Energy medicine is founded on the idea that healing occurs via an energy field called the biofield that surrounds and supports our physical bodies, with energy therapy serving to restore equilibrium to this field. Qigong, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Healing and Breathwork are among the many modalities utilized for holistic medicine. They aim to release blockages and rebalance chakras – the body’s power centers – as well as increase mental clarity, improve mood and boost immunity.

No matter your motivations for learning how to utilize energy healing techniques for personal or professional growth, there are various courses available that can assist. Some programs provide certificates in holistic health and wellness or alternative medicine while others specialize in specific energy healing modalities – these programs generally involve hands-on experience that can be completed either online or in classroom environments.

Energy Medicine and Intuition Medicine Diploma. This 12 module program offers intermediate to advanced students an in-depth exploration of energy sensing tools, expanded intuitive development techniques, and the science of Intuition Medicine(r). Furthermore, this holistic medical approach incorporates ancient medicine, shamanic healing practices, indigenous healing traditions into modern holistic medical approaches for body, mind, and spirit care.

This course teaches students how to evaluate and transform the subtle energetic systems in their bodies such as auras, meridians and chakras. Students will also explore recurrent personal cycles and discover ways to bring healing energy into these cycles. Students will also gain experience creating nurturing and caring environments during energy healing sessions with clients by clearing auras and clearing away areas of blocked or stagnant energy as well as teaching clients how to maintain balanced energies between healing sessions.


As global health and well-being become more priority than ever, holistic, natural, alternative medicine has seen an enormous surge in interest. This surge has given birth to an industry of wellness coaches, nutritional consultants and energy healers; IEMI provides education professionals in this space while offering certification in multiple healing modalities.

IEMI offers workshops, seminars, and talks that are open to the public and address topics like crystal and energy healing modalities. Furthermore, they have an intensive two-year certificate course dedicated to energy medicine.

IEMI maintains a zero-tolerance policy against COVID-19 transmission and requires all participants to engage in social distancing practices and wear face coverings during activities. For this reason, they reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes if the class doesn’t fill with three students on single day classes and four for multi day classes – these students will either receive a refund or can reschedule another course; only those who successfully complete IEMI training will receive their Teaching Certificate from IEMI.


Energy medicine provides an all-inclusive approach to healing body, mind and spirit. Energy medicine focuses on the biofield – which encompasses our subtle energy field surrounding us all – including electrical activity of nervous systems, hearts, meridians, biophotons (energy field particles), chakras and immune/lymphatic systems. Energy medicine may include practices like acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology qi gong as complementary forms of alternative medicine.

An energy healing session involves manipulating the participant’s energy fields through techniques such as tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting and connecting energy points on the skin; tracing or swirling hands along energy pathways; surrounding an area with healing energies and engaging in other forms of energetic communication. Some practitioners may also utilize imagery or storytelling as part of the healing process.

The qualitative thematic analysis identified six major themes among seers’ notes: Practitioner Experience,” Participant Experience,” Space and Other Beings (“refers to qualities of physical space used during energy medicine session, as well as nonphysical beings supporting it”) and Healing Process.” Future studies investigating mechanisms underlying energy medicine could benefit from including seer perceptions into their outcome measures.