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Turn a glass of water into natural remedy

What Can Energy Medicine Do For You?

energy medicine practitioner

Energy medicine practitioners believe that subtle energy fields surrounding the body can be used therapeutically. Energy practitioners may follow one particular tradition or work independently.

At an energy healing session, the practitioner will lay their hands over or near a patient’s body, or “charge up” water that the person drinks from a bottle provided by them.

What is Energy Medicine?

Many healing traditions recognize the significance of energy within our bodies. Practitioners seek to promote its free flow throughout their surroundings – which is known as the human biofield – while others focus on rebalancing areas where energy has been blocked or unbalanced, leading to health and wellness benefits.

Healthcare practitioners are increasingly turning to energy therapies in their practice, believing that physical wellbeing relies on an invisible network of interdependent energy systems such as meridians used in acupuncture, chakras and aura. When illness presents itself physically it often first shows itself energetically first – often signalling imbalanced systems needing rebalancing.

Holistic wellness is an exhilarating field with immense potential to transform our understanding of health and wellness, so it is vital that holistic practitioners familiarise themselves with its principles and practices – an ancient yet rapidly developing science.

Traditional medicine emphasizes anatomy and physiology for its teachings; energy therapy relies on physics. According to this philosophy, energy fields purported to exist inside and around our bodies (known as human biofield) drive our cellular and bodily processes; disturbances to this energy may result in illness.

Energy medicine uses various techniques, some involving touch, to promote the flow of energy in our bodies. These may include acupuncture (including acupressure and therapeutic touch), medical qigong and Reiki.

At Thrive Wellness Center, we offer non-invasive energy medicine treatments. Our founder and Chief Medical Officer Filiz Bakir, AP, DOM is an energy medicine practitioner trained by Donna Eden – one of the world’s foremost advocates for this rapidly emerging area of healing. She can see your energies with an uncanny ability that clairvoyants do and is adept at using energy testing to identify specific imbalances within each individual’s energy system that need correcting. Furthermore, Filiz teaches her clients basic self-care techniques so that their energies stay balanced over time.

How is Energy Medicine Helpful?

Energy healing techniques can be highly effective at correcting disturbances in the human energy field, helping reduce symptoms of stress and pain as well as prevent disease and promote wellness. Such practices include Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Healing Sprayers among many others that work towards balancing body energy while increasing Qi – our life force energy.

Energy medicine practitioners believe that the body is much more than muscles and bones; its energetic field affects overall health and wellbeing, being affected by emotions, mental states and even environmental influences. Energy practitioners use various techniques to manipulate this field so as to heal physical as well as emotional ailments.

Some individuals may question the effectiveness of energy medicine; however, these techniques have been practiced for millennia. Furthermore, modern scientific research supports that our energy fields can be affected by various factors, including disease and illness.

Energy therapy can provide relief for pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression while improving sleep patterns. Furthermore, energy healing may lower risk of heart disease and cancer by decreasing stress levels – this is accomplished by stimulating meridians which allow qi (energy) to flow throughout your body.

Due to environmental influences such as pollution and electromagnetic radiation, our energy fields are susceptible to disruption from outside sources; as such it’s crucial that practitioners trained in various forms of energy medicine practices be sought out.

Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS) is an organization that offers beginner to advanced courses for energy medicine. Janna Moll, who founded EMS in 1994, no longer lives among us physically but her legacy lives on with the team of highly qualified instructors and practitioners who continue her legacy today. Janna is considered an expert in her field having published “The Biological Roots of Energy Medicine“. EMS offers courses such as energy healing certifications for beginners as well as advanced practitioners; holistic nutrition; Reiki; yoga; and acupressure are also among its offerings.

What are the Benefits of Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine can help you feel better in your body, have greater clarity and focus, strengthen immunity or live more consciously in tune with nature’s rhythms – it all adds up.

Energy healers provide a deep, gentle and non-invasive means of balancing your energies for maximum health, joy and vitality. Additionally, they may assist you in clearing away blocks in your energetic field that might be impeding the creation of what you truly desire.

Energy healing modalities have developed over time, such as therapeutic touch, healing touch and Reiki. All three techniques involve using one’s hands to assess and balance out energy fields within the body – unlike traditional medicine which primarily considers each part as separate units; energy healing sessions treat people holistically by considering both mental and emotional wellbeing as part of overall well-being.

China, Hinduism, Tibetanism and Polynesian culture have long held that physical wellbeing depends on an invisible network of interdependent energy systems that support it. Any manifestations of illness in either body or mind may actually reflect imbalances within these energy networks that govern health.

Energy medicine draws upon ancient knowledge to work directly with the body’s energy systems for wellness. An Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner has been specially trained to monitor these energy systems, perform energy testing and teach you a daily routine for keeping yourself in harmony and in flow.

Energy healing sessions can provide light into dark corners of your being and identify any emotions that have become stuck and unreleased, facilitating healing and release to enable you to create what it is that you truly desire. A session with an energy healer may complement other forms of therapy or treatment for more serious health conditions as well as act as stand alone therapy treatment.

Janna Moll (deceased 2016) established Energy Medicine Specialists as a training institute, offering beginner to advanced coursework on various energy healing modalities. Today EMS continues with a team of highly-qualified instructors and practitioners committed to excellence in energy medicine.

What are the Risks of Energy Medicine?

Energy healing, when administered by trained professionals, is generally considered safe. This complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment has long been recognized for its ability to relieve stress, promote balance, and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Energy healing may help relieve anxiety, chronic pain and digestive disorders while simultaneously mitigating side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiation therapies.

Energy medicine is founded on the idea that all living things, from rocks to humans, contain an invisible form of energy at their core. When our energy patterns become disturbed due to illness or disease, energy medicine may help balance them to facilitate healing processes.

Energy medicine encompasses various therapies such as acupuncture, Reiki, Healing Touch and massage therapy. Each form works to manipulate the body’s biofield by clearing away blockages, rebalancing energy flows and improving flow. Acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate acupressure points and restore equilibrium within its energy field, while Healing Touch uses intention and meditation to produce sub ELF vibrational fields which entrain with your biofield to shift imbalances within it.

There is also a form of energy healing known as Qigong that combines physical exercises, breath regulation and mindfulness meditation into one holistic healing practice. Qigong has been demonstrated to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rates while simultaneously increasing vitality.

Energy healing practitioners must uphold high ethical standards when practicing energy healing, not using this practice as a replacement for conventional medical care. If you are suffering from an acute or serious medical condition, seek traditional treatment from an authorized healthcare provider.

Jill Leigh is an internationally recognized Energy Healer, educator, and author of “The Power of the Heart: A Guide to Grounded Presence.” Her passion for helping both practitioners and self-healers achieve grounded presence inspired her to develop practical tools and techniques which have become part of her own practice.