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What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

People turn to shamanic healing when they seek greater nourishment, safety, aliveness and connection in their lives. They want a lasting transformation beyond any “quick fix”.

Shamans perform soul retrievals, energy extractions and spirit de-possessions to cleanse away low vibrating energies that cause illness, dis-ease, imbalance or disconnection in their patients or clients’ bodies and relationships. Furthermore, they can cut cords between codependent relationships for healing purposes.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance in shamanism refers to the practice of connecting and receiving guidance from our spirit guides, who assist us in navigating life’s obstacles with ideas, inspirations, downloads and synchronicity that appear as gut instincts or “downloads.” They may protect against negative thought patterns and people, ease difficult situations more smoothly and even connect us with our soul’s purpose – all benefits which help guide spiritual practice.

For us to have an authentic connection with our spiritual guides, it is necessary to build healthy relationships within ourselves. Shamanic energy medicine offers ways of doing just this through body/mind/spirit modalities like meditation, Reiki, mindfulness practices, intuitive counseling, and breathing techniques.

Many of these practices can also help uncover and remove any intrusive energies such as negative ancestors, entities, disincarnate souls or unfinished business that might be interfering with someone’s health on physical, emotional or spiritual levels. A shaman can identify and eliminate these intrusive forces, helping individuals restore health on all fronts.

Shamanic practitioners work on all levels of energy, from physical to subtle – including those comprising mind and emotions. Shamans recognize that at the root of all illness lies energy imbalance; therefore they use various modalities, techniques and breathwork techniques to realign an individual’s energies on all levels – often visualising energy blocks or imbalances directly before them.

Shamans are well-renowned for their abilities to heal on all levels, yet more importantly they serve Spirit. By acknowledging its existence all around, a shaman serves all living beings on Earth by advocating on their behalf to bring balance back into the universe.

Shamans typically understand different spiritual worlds, including the natural middle realm filled with plants and animals as well as mythical beings and spirits residing in the upper realm. On a shamanic journey, practitioners might journey to any of these realms in search of information that will aid with healing.

Psychopomp Work

Psychopomp sessions provide shamans with a way to assist deceased souls transition from Earth into their new home on the other side. Spirits that remain behind can become stuck and cause symptoms in living people such as nightmares, hauntings, sensory events or illness.

Souls may become trapped in the lower vibrational plane known as the middle world or this earth place for various reasons, including prolonged grief and unfinished family business that requires mediation. When these spirits feel lost and trapped, shaman-psychopomps help guide them toward their destination which usually involves Light.

Shamans perform an extremely important task; it is their responsibility to assist all souls on this planet – whether long or short lived – as part of their preparations for birth, death and the afterlife.

Psychopomps don’t just help souls who have already died; psychopomps also travel to assist the helping spirits of those yet to pass, informing them about a doorway for them to pass over into another dimension. After communicating with these spirits and discovering any obstacles preventing their passage onwards – such as unfinished business or healing that needs to take place – psychopomps will also travel backwards and assist their deceased family members as they make arrangements to move them onto other planes of existence.

Psychopomps play an integral part in helping soul parts that have crossed over to the Other Side return to their owners on Earth, such as living people. Since these soul parts contain power or life force that may help with healing purposes, shamans work tirelessly to return them so they may be put back to good use in healing processes.

A shaman may use ancestral healing to release patterns that prevent souls from progressing forward in their evolution, such as forgiving deceased parents or grandparents for wrongs they committed against children, breaking unhealthy family contracts and concluding unfinished family business. This work can be immensely powerful when combined with soul retrieval or energetic clearings.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic therapy which promotes the harmonious flow of invisible energies within and around the physical body, targeting root causes of dis-ease while breaking negative cycles. Energy healers work directly with people’s energy systems by clearing and transforming what is known as their “Luminous Energy Field”, this field which informs their bodies, souls, minds, and emotions – much like how a magnet organizes iron filings onto glass.

Shamanism recognizes human beings as energetic beings. An energy medicine practitioner uses techniques such as clearing and transmuting one’s Luminous Energy Field in order to bring healing for body, soul and mind.

Energy healing sessions often do not involve direct physical contact; energy healers work at an extremely subtle level, providing healing without physical touch. Sessions may contain sensations like tingling, coolness or heat sensations, twitching, pressure rushes or rushes depending on your intention for energy medicine healing and using techniques which best support you at this time.

An energy healing session is like giving yourself a massage for your energy body, providing comfort by relieving pain and discomfort while freeing blocked emotions or untangling emotional knots. An energy healing session may also help reconnect you to parts of yourself that need feeling, since emotions play such an integral part of our spiritual evolution.

There are various modalities of energy healing and shamanic energy medicine. Each practitioner draws upon their individual training and experience in order to provide you with an experience tailored to you.

Transformational work that provides an awakening to one’s true essence and purpose. A powerful healing foundation essential for manifesting joyous fulfillment in daily life. Backed by a global network of practitioners and students. Join us on this life-altering journey of learning and practice!


Shamans use spiritual energy to heal on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Their work addresses root causes of problems while offering advice on how best to move forward – often providing the missing piece when traditional talk therapy fails to address those core issues.

Shamanic healing involves tapping into the luminous energy field (LEF). This aura-like field surrounds your physical body and provides information to molecules, cells and genes within. A shaman uses his craft to upgrade this supply of information so as to facilitate creating new patterns and ways of being that are nourishing.

At each session, you remain fully clothed and will either sit or lie down comfortably. Johanna uses Reiki – a gentle form of energy healing – to scan the chakras & energy centers in your body with her hands before employing sacred medicine tools such as drum & rattle, pure quartz crystal or Palo Santo (plant medicine) to bring balance to your subtle anatomy or energy field.

Sometimes shamans detect areas of darkness, hardness or sharpness within their client’s LEF which could be related to toxic build-up of beliefs inherited from others or cords attached by past relationships. They perform soul retrievals or extractions in order to remove lower vibrating energies that cause illness, dis-ease, imbalance and disconnect between individuals.

Lorraine is a certified Reiki practitioner and graduate of both Four Winds Society and Light Body School. She blends ancient shamanistic practices with modern energetic healing techniques for clarity, comfort, and peace. Lorraine strongly believes in reclaiming our health and happiness by abandoning outdated beliefs which lead to disease, suffering, and war, in favor of an approach which embraces balance and energy for greater wellbeing and balance within ourselves and with one another. Lorraine provides private sessions tailored specifically to individual’s needs.