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Holistic Practitioner Directory

Holistic health practitioners are becoming increasingly popular, as patients increasingly demand more from their healthcare professionals than just prescription pills. Holistic practitioners rely on knowledge from naturopathy, herbal medicine, meditation and relaxation techniques to help heal their patients holistically.

Doctors take into account both lifestyle and medical history of their patients when diagnosing physical symptoms and treating them accordingly.

Holistic Health Practitioners

Holistic health practitioners are doctors that work collaboratively with their patients to offer holistic healing. This may involve offering medical services like nutrition, exercise and emotional counseling; using clinically proven alternative therapies like acupuncture massage therapy and herbal remedies; as well as working to help make lifestyle changes to prevent disease or illness.

A good holistic health practitioner will ask about your diet, sleeping patterns, daily mood and spiritual state as well as who you spend most of your time with. With that information in hand they will develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to you including yoga, meditation, acupuncture or massage techniques as necessary.

Locating a holistic health practitioner is easily done through search engines or word of mouth recommendations from friends or family members. While certain professionals specialize in treating specific conditions like arthritis or cancer, others provide more general care services – the ideal ones being those with experience across multiple medical specializations and excellent listener abilities.

Lifelong learners, they possess exceptional verbal communication skills and pay careful attention to patients’ needs, often being able to connect on a deeper level and understand their concerns.

Holistic health practitioners differ from conventional physicians by emphasizing holistic healthcare rather than simply treating symptoms. Holistic practitioners believe that mind, body and spirit are inextricably interlinked; thus they believe conventional medications should only ever be seen as one solution to patient problems.

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Holistic Treatments

An holistic approach to treatment involves addressing the roots of addiction. Individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing as well as lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits are considered when developing treatment plans; often contributing factors of substance abuse. By addressing underlying issues people can more successfully maintain their recovery.

Holistic approaches to therapy are also less intimidating than other forms of therapy, since practitioners of holistic practices will take time to listen to and ensure their patients feel comfortable during sessions. They’ll also discuss available treatment options such as acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal supplements or meditation that have been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and boost concentration.

Holistic treatments may also be more cost effective than traditional medicine, being both less invasive and non-surgical, without needing surgery or prescription medications for treatment. Acupuncture and yoga have proven highly successful at alleviating various ailments.

One of the chief advantages of holistic treatments is their emphasis on prevention. Holistic approaches may also assist patients in managing symptoms and sleeping better; supporting healthy eating and regular exercise; encouraging patients to make positive life changes; and inspiring individuals to feel empowered in their recovery and avoid relapse.

Mind body connection is at the core of holistic treatment. An individual’s thoughts and beliefs can impact both their emotional and physical health, even having an effect on immunity. A holistic practitioner will assess overall wellness for his patient before recommending therapies such as spiritual or mental health therapy as part of holistic treatments.

An holistic approach to mental health care takes a more comprehensive view of trauma or anxiety’s effect on an individual, for instance someone suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder may experience physical pain and trembling as well as difficulty trusting that the world is safe. A holistic therapist will acknowledge these aspects and assist the individual in finding ways of healing themselves.

Working with a Primary Physician

At their core, primary care physicians specialize in comprehensive first contact and ongoing management for any sign, symptom or health concern regardless of organ system involvement. They promote healthy lifestyle choices while providing disease prevention, maintenance and counseling as well as patient education services to their clients. Furthermore, primary care doctors collaborate with various specialists to assist their clients navigate through healthcare systems successfully while also cultivating long-term relationships with clients.

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is a family physician and founder of Stress Free Mom MD who appreciates the variety of work in this field. She relishes “loving the challenge of different cases [of patients].” Her experience ranges from urgent care, locums tenens work, as well as coaching other physicians to shape their careers and avoid burnout.

An experienced PCP can be an invaluable asset to holistic practitioners, as they understand a patient’s medical history and build up trusting relationships with them. This allows them to be more perceptive about client needs while being proactive about catching issues early enough so as not to become bigger issues down the road.

Additionally, people should visit their PCP regularly in addition to working with an acclaimed holistic practitioner. PCPs can identify early symptoms of illness while offering guidance and support to ensure patients pursue complementary therapies alongside conventional medicines.

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Long Term Health

Long term health services (LTHS) include medical and non-medical assistance that assists people living with chronic or long-term illness to manage their conditions in home settings, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Medicare covers this care as do most health plans. Unfortunately, studies conducted recently reveal that too many patients still find inaccurate or incomplete directory listings within their health plans; no single party is accountable for ensuring its accuracy – an issue made even more frustrating by no single responsibility being shared between clinicians, practices and health plans for updating such directories accurately. A new paper by AMA and CAQH provides solutions while outlining shared responsibilities among clinicians practices, practices and health plans regarding directory accuracy responsibilities in its entirety.