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Peak Energy Performance Therapy

Peak Energy Performance Therapy in Lone Tree, CO specializes in coaching athletes to keep up their physical edge. Ben Freeman and Carrie Lane specialize in coaching, training and rehabilitation of youth sports players through college to professional levels.

IV therapy can take your performance results to the next level by administering key essentials for optimal health and function, such as B12 whole-complex vitamins, NAD infusions and balanced electrolyte solutions.

Improved Performance

Peak performance neurofeedback trains the brain and body to work together effectively for maximum results. This training helps relax the mind, quiet inner dialogues, increase focus and awareness; ultimately allowing your intrinsic you to flourish so fully and embrace life at its greatest potential.

Pure Bioenergy Healing helps quicken injury recovery, serving as muscle management before or after competition, sports training and yoga practices that tax muscles. It prevents injuries by improving circulation which supplies muscles with nutrients, oxygen and removes toxins; relieving muscle strains, sprains and pain relief; eliminating residual stress and fatigue by clearing immunity systems; lubricating joints ligaments and tendons for greater flexibility; relieving stage fright, writers block as well as decreasing work place stress while increasing energy and improving sleep patterns.

No matter if you are an athlete, weekend hiker, or in corporate America – our Peak Performance IV Therapy is designed to take your health and performance to new heights!

Reduced Fatigue

Fatigue can drain you of energy, motivation and productivity. Peak Energy Performance Therapy seeks to alleviate fatigue so you can perform at your best, by increasing cellular oxygen intake into cells while stimulating positive changes in mood for improved energy levels.

One primary cause of increased fatigue with ageing is that neural and muscular systems that regulate performance fatigability fail to adapt to changed task demands (Hunter, 2009). While its exact mechanism remains unknown, likely including activation and contractile function of muscle groups; furthermore, fatigability does not depend on size as both large and small muscles can experience fatigue with similar intensities of contractions.

Consideration has also been given to how an imbalance between energy availability and utilization decreases fatigue threshold, so a lower proportion of available capacity must be utilized for everyday functional tasks like walking. As deconditioning ensues, energy available for movement decreases; people may walk more slowly or not at all.

Ben is a graduate of Colorado State University and the University Of Iowa College Of Medicine Physical Therapy program and has more than two decades of experience coaching, training, and rehabbing youth, collegiate, and professional athletes at all levels. At Peak Energy Performance Therapy he equips individuals with tools necessary for faster recovery times, improved performances, and maintaining their mental and physical edge.

Reduced Pain

Peak energy performance therapy differs significantly from most physical therapy modalities by being more than an aid for healing; rather it serves as an energy-delivering therapeutic device that instantly restores electrical homeostasis of dysfunctional cells to allow them to expel toxic cell metabolites, incorporate micronutrients and produce and utilize energy more effectively.

Peak Energy Performance Therapy will go beyond treating injured tissues to identify any biomechanical contributing factors which may impede recovery and reinjury risk. Sometimes this discovery ties in with what your physician prescribed but often it requires further discussion with them, additional testing or simply watching their response to treatment in order to be verified as true findings.

Ben Freeman, PT, CMT is the owner and founder of Peak Energy Performance Therapy in Lone Tree, CO. With over two decades of coaching, performance training, rehabilitation of youth athletes from youth league to professional league, his expertise can be found throughout his practice at Peak Energy Performance Therapy. Certified functional manual therapist by Institute of Physical Art; Ben brings this wealth of knowledge with positive energy to Peak Energy Performance Therapy.

Increased Mental Focus

No matter whether you are an athlete striving to reach peak performance, or an entrepreneur trying to expand in business, mental concentration is vital to success. Neurofeedback helps you master control over emotions, calm the inner dialogue of your mind, and stay focused on what really matters – enabling the true you to emerge and maximize potential.

If you are recovering from an injury, EMDR-PEP can help strengthen your resolve and diminish any negative emotional responses such as fear, sadness, anger, or irritation that hinder recovery time. Furthermore, using this therapy increases focus and motivation during rehabilitation.

Attaining peak performance requires mental control, self-belief and strong motivation from all involved. Stress relief is also crucial in order to stay energized for extended periods, which is particularly vital for athletes who must remain physically competitive against their competitors. Peak Energy Performance Therapy offers lectures that teach skills designed to improve your performance, reduce fatigue and overcome stress and anxiety.