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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

amino neuro frequency therapy

ANF works by treating the source of your pain or symptoms directly at a cellular level to increase nerve signaling and therefore help your body heal itself.

NASA created carbonized metal discs two decades ago that allow ANF to transmit and receive electrical frequencies without chemical additives or harmful substances being present.


All body tissues, organs and viruses require a certain frequency in order to function optimally. Frequencies are produced by our nervous system and when compromised can lead to dysfunctional muscles, organs and oxidative stress. When an optimal frequency is restored by therapy using ANF discs which amplify our bodies innate frequencies – your therapist can use this technology to strengthen and restore them back into balance for quicker healing times.

Discs consist of an outer ring known as annulus fibrosus and a gel-like center called nucleus pulposus. Over time, however, some of this gel may push through cracks in the outer annulus to cause what’s known as herniation or slippage of discs – often leading to pain for spinal nerves causing discomfort – making herniation or slippage one of the primary sources of lower back discomfort. These disc changes occur naturally as we age.

As there are multiple injections and procedures available to treat herniated discs, including nonsurgical techniques like Discseel that inject healing proteins directly into tears to seal them and promote new tissue growth, there are various injection options for herniated discs. Unfortunately these injections don’t always seal all tears properly and leak back out, limiting their effectiveness.

The ANF discs emit neuro frequencies which are received by your neurons to begin self-healing and self-regulating processes in your nervous system. They improve signaling directly at the cellular level for more efficient and more effective treatments than others.

ANF therapy is a painless treatment with visible results in 5-20 minutes. ANF discs, developed by NASA and made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), contain very rare carbonized metal that carries frequencies. They’re registered medical devices & applied directly onto clean skin using body heat activation; depending on your condition they could either be applied twice weekly by your practitioner or you could receive instructions to apply them at home yourself; their lifespan typically lasts 72 hours.


Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) therapy is an innovative holistic solution for managing pain and inflammation. ANF involves wearing thin circular discs directly on your skin that are activated by body heat; once activated, they transmit neuro frequencies through electro molecules within neurons to kickstart self-healing mechanisms in your nervous system that facilitate efficient self-regulation processes and self-healing processes – without using machines or chemicals – with immediate and long lasting results.

ANF discs are constructed of special carbonized metal that has been embedded with frequencies designed to restore equilibrium and equilibrium in human bodies. ANF technology works by assessing body imbalances and selecting an individualized frequency which best addresses them; making ANF an excellent treatment choice for anyone searching for alternatives to opioids or pharmaceutical painkillers which come with negative side effects.

Your ANF therapist will perform an initial comprehensive body assessment and determine which frequency would best serve your needs, then create a tailored treatment plan tailored specifically for you. After their assessment, your ANF therapist will apply ANF discs directly onto areas of concern to begin relieving pain immediately; depending on the location and severity of your injury, treatments could require 2-3 visits every week over several weeks before inflammation and pain start subsiding.

Though ANF therapy is still fairly new, it has proven highly effective at alleviating pain and discomfort, offering safe alternatives to medication. Similar to acupuncture and other energy-based therapies such as Reiki, its methodology uses frequencies instead of needles – as we all run on frequencies; when one of those frequencies goes haywire it will affect our wellbeing significantly and lead to symptoms that interfere with everyday living.


Weak electromagnetic fields (EMF) have the capacity to safely modulate network dynamics in the brain, leading to changes in neurotransmitter activity and activity levels of neurons and neuronal networks. EMF’s can have an exceptionally beneficial effect on body processes by helping normalise what’s not functioning right and decreasing pain, inflammation and oxidative stress – an invaluable aspect of amino neuro frequency therapy which addresses issues at their source instead of simply covering symptoms temporarily with painkillers.

All functions in the human body are controlled by frequencies from the nervous system and these frequencies play an essential role in our bodies ability to self-repair and produce antioxidants. If one or more frequencies become broken or weakened it could result in dysfunctional muscles, organs, tissues or even increased oxidative stress levels.

ANF is a painless, non-invasive, holistic approach to health and wellness that uses wearable circular discs infused with various frequencies to restore homeostasis and balance in the human body. Based on DaVinci, Tesla and many others’ extensive research of oscillation in nerve pathways as key for optimal function and health; without correct oscillation in these nerve pathways optimal health issues such as disease, depression anxiety and illness often arise.

ANF therapy uses wearable circular discs which are activated by body heat to release and transmit frequencies. Each disc features a thin layer of carbonized metal which stores specific electrical frequencies that can then be released by applying them over an area being treated – these discs may remain on your skin for up to 72 hours!

When discs are applied to the skin, the nervous system recognizes and processes these frequencies before sending them back out into the body in a precise process, improving signaling directly at cellular level without the use of chemicals or machines; which allows ANF therapy to deliver such rapid results.


Amino neuro frequency therapy goes beyond pain killers that simply mask or temporarily suppress symptoms to address their source – inflammation. By targeting it directly and decreasing it there, amino neuro frequency therapy helps improve muscle, joint, and other areas surrounding it which in turn help alleviate any associated discomfort you might be feeling. This makes it highly effective at relieving discomfort.

Amino neuro frequency therapy works because it uses small discs called acupressure points strategically placed around your body that need treating. These discs are made out of PET material developed by NASA, which contains rare carbonized metal that holds frequencies (energy). This allows the therapy to work towards reducing inflammation in your body, optimizing muscle groups and organ production of hormones and antibodies production, strengthening muscles and increasing mental focus among many other objectives.

Another great aspect of this therapy is that it not only relieves your pain but also removes any toxins or free radicals in your body that could be contributing to it – this explains why so many clients and physicians notice an immediate difference in both body and pain levels after just a few treatments.

As with any treatment option, physical therapy might not eliminate all your pain immediately if it involves something serious such as ruptured muscles. Instead, it might only reduce it by 50% or more – still much better than nothing – but healing may take much longer. Working with a qualified therapist is invaluable; they will know when it’s time for deeper treatments on other areas that might be causing discomfort.